Peltola continues mythology of Alaska’s oil as a ‘gap’ fuel, challenged on her carbon credit conflict


Rep. Mary Peltola appeared before the Alaska Legislature today to make her first formal speech to the joint session. It was short and sweet, a chance to create a photo opportunity for her files, get some complimentary stories out of the press, and make friends in the Legislature.

She started her remarks praising the House and Senate on their bipartisanship and said that the “Alaska Model” is something she is asked about in Washington, D.C., as she considers the Alaska Legislature a model for the nation, and others she speaks with do too.

That may have seemed odd to lawmakers such as Sen. Mike Shower, Sen. Shelley Hughes and Sen. Rob Myers, who were excluded from the majority caucus that includes hardline leftists such as Sen. Forrest Dunbar and Sen. Loki Tobin in the Senate. The Senate has excluded the conservative members, and accepted the leftists, creating a Democrat-controlled Senate, excluding most of the Mat-Su and some of Fairbanks-North Pole.

Peltola asked the Legislature to pass a resolution in favor of the Willow Project, the oil project for the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska that is teetering on possible approval by the Biden Administration. She said that although some Alaskans don’t want it to be approved, there is wide “social license” consensus in the communities of northern Alaska that it’s a good project.

Peltola repeated the Biden Administration’s newest terminology for Alaska’s oil: “Gap oil,” which she and the Biden Administration describe as the bridge to a renewable energy future. None of the legislators challenged her on her view of Alaska’s largest industry and tax base. She didn’t touch on how Alaska will pay for government after she and the Biden Administration shut down oil.

At the end of Peltola’s remarks, Rep. Jamie Allard of Eagle River asked Peltola to give her thoughts about the carbon credits and carbon sequestration, which is major legislation coming from Gov. Mike Dunleavy. Peltola said she knows little about carbon trading but is interested in new things that can bring more revenue to state government. Her husband Gene Peltola, who was sitting in the gallery during her remarks, is part of a company that could stand to make millions of dollars from the sale of carbon credits in Alaska.

Later, in speaking to reporters, Peltola said she was scheduled to sit down and speak with the governor about his carbon legislation. In mid-2022, Gene Peltola and his new company colleagues had a meeting with the Dunleavy Administration to talk about how they could get a piece of the action, if carbon credits became a traded commodity in Alaska.

Journalist says Peltola called Capitol Police on her as congresswoman tried to walk toward a chauffeured SUV

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  1. Peltola is poised and ready to become an elite, privileged, and ultra wealthy Democrat. Husband Gene wants to become the new Paul Pelosi with insider info to make millions on Wall Street.

  2. So her husband Buzzy Peltola is incorporating to be a carbon trader, but Ms. Peltola “knows little about” carbon trading? She should ask Buzzy, he might help clarify this for her as he is already using political connections to pursue Carbon Trading. Is there some sort of “liar” workshop attended by politicians? (they’re SO good at it)

  3. Gap oil? This woman is a complete dimwit, blindly following the Biden principle of ……..
    “Ruining America.” Alaska’s lifeblood IS oil.
    Democrats love putting the most stupid people into power. Biden. Fetterman. Peltola. AOC. Omar. Adam Schiff. Why do the Democrats do this?

      • Coming from Lucinda, the IQ’s of the Dems still doesn’t get above room temperature. And that’s in a cold room. Good try Einstein.

          • If I were you, I’d have that lingering infestation of toxic slime and rot looked at and dealt with ASAP.
            You might also want to do something about the mildew.

        • Joe Biden. Fetterman. Between the two of them you might be able to get a barely coherent sentence, along the line of Cat in the Hat grade. Joe needs a full-time drool attendant and Fetterman needs an EMT by his side 24/7. Great job, Democrats. Your creds are off the charts.

    • If you have questions for Mary, don’t bother calling her DC office. [As you know, there is no Alaska office with local staff available to offer any answers.] The nitwits she hired as her DC staff do not appear to know anything about any topic that concerns Alaskans. They, particularly Lauren, will tell you they will call you back with answers to your questions, but this will NEVER happen. EVER.

      So, the next election when we will un-elect her cannot come soon enough. Sadly by that time, both she and her grifting husband will have caused a lot of trouble for us and created a lot of wealth for themselves.

  4. I like Gap fuel, it’s the substance that literally fills that Gap or Canyon and enables society to exist and not freeze and or starve to it’s death. Petrochemicals have provided man with an array of products that have greatly increased both the quality of ones life and the length of that life.

    Like Vlad Lenin of the previous century, Mary and the Democrat Elites want to abandon a system that works quite well and replace it with their theoretical nonsense of what they think will work. The Oil Industry is the new Kulak. Lenin’s destruction of the agricultural system centered around the Kulak resulted in the deaths of untold millions. Perhaps that is the end game for those advocating these idiotic changes. I don’t know, but what’s the difference?

    I note that Mary flew into Juneau to deliver her less than enlightened remarks on a Boeing Jet, powered by two CFM56-7B jet engines, which, being extremely fuel efficient have allowed her and her misguided greenie friends the ability to promote their self serving and silly agenda.

  5. It sounds like Rep. Peltola is smoking the crack pipe and blowing it up our backsides! She’s caught on to the rhetoric that supposedly shuts down our questions and is on track to become a swamp creature extraordinaire!

  6. The “M&G Road Show” … profiting off the backs of Alaska and Alaskans. Hour-by-Hour, Day-by-Day, proving themselves to be nothing less than true narcissists, providing no real political leadership, providing no significant measure of benefit to Alaskans and Alaska, clearly emblematic of toxicity.
    Therefore, the sooner we rid her of this posting, the better off we’ll be. Just like cutting out the cancer from the patient.

  7. If mary feels that we need to stop using oil and by default, all petroleum products, she needs to lead by example. What are you going to give up mary? Gasoline for your snow machines and cars? Maybe jet fuel for your private rides to and from D.C.? Maybe that nice warm fleece lining? Or all your plastic containers? What do you suggest we replace them with? Show us the way, mary! Or do you mean just us citizens need to give up all these things because all of ‘your people’ are to important?

      • I still remember when natural gas peeped up near the North Slope drillers. As the permafrost melts, this will continue to happen and it’s not easy to cap. Do we not care enough for the caribou if we must drill to save the land for them?

    • Reminds me of a joke I read in a Don Suber piece:
      “What did Socialists read by before candles?”

      Answer: “Electricity”

  8. Unbelievable how many Representatives are being elected that are inept, illogical, incompetent, or just plain criminal. The US congress is starting to look like a real live clown show.

    • A gap has begun between petrochemicals and renewables. It is what it is. We Alaskans had best figure out how to handle this gap, in personal use & commerce, rather than debate/quibble whether it exists or not.

      • WOW! Jim, that is the most delusional statement that I have yet to read in this forum!
        If you think that an utterly corrupt, senile, demented, compromised husk of a Chinese and WEF puppet is “normal”, then you live in a different reality than mine.

  9. Before we can even consider this “gap” idea, we must consider how fragile our electricity is. Until we have the technology and infrastructure to ensure that we will not loose power every weather event, underground natural gas seems a lot more dependable for heat for the future. If you are smart, you would have a gas heating backup system that requires no electricity, besides your range. Nobody needs to freeze in the winter or huddle around their decorative fireplace while they burn the furniture and wait for the electricity so they can get flooded by bursting water lines when they can’t start the portable generator, or run out of fuel. Natural gas is your friend unless you live off the grid have cordwood stacked in a dry place. Electricity is still but a convenience when you look at reality. We live in Alaska, after all, so this woman must be smoking something.

    • A gap has begun between petrochemicals and renewables. It is what it is. We Alaskans had best figure out how to handle this gap, in personal use & commerce, rather than debate/quibble whether it exists or not.

      • Delusional once again, Jim.
        Our civilization is dependent on hydrocarbons, a.k.a. fossil fuels. Once there is an insufficient quantity of of those fuels, our technological civilization will fall, as it is already beginning to do. And you naive believers in the Myth of Progress will wail and gnash your teeth to utterly no avail.

  10. How is it these corrupt Parasites just continue to get into power positions, this women is doing exactly what her intentions were from the start, she and her hubby want their peice of the action in the fleecing of the working class tax payers. This is exactly why government should never be aloud to get this big, these people are totally immoral and corrupt as hell!

  11. Oil is a resource we are fortunate to have. It is very clean, plentiful for all our needs for lifetimes. Aside from building more infrastructure it is the only resource we have to sustain American and Alaskan economies and ways of life. Since she is incapable of understanding ? securing, defending US Constitutional rights of Alaskans and Americans she should not accept a stipend from our funds under the circumstances. We should pray for relief from her misplaced limitations. She is unwilling to secure and defend any US Constitutional rights which is her only responsibility for us.

  12. One Peltola, two Peltola, who’s gonna grab that money?! Whether it’s carbon credits or kickbacks the Peltola’s (plural) are on first looking for third.
    So much for altruism.

  13. It only took a New York minute for Petola to change out of her centrist campaign costume to reveal her true colors. She’s a kool aid sipping progressive radical hell bent on destroying the economy, our society and the environment. The world cannot possibly produce even 10% of the rare earths that is required to make all the electric vehicles they have planned. The issue is never the issue as Satin’s disciple Saul alynski opined

  14. It only took a New York minute for Peltola to change out of her centrist campaign costume to reveal her true colors. She’s a KoolAid sipping progressive radical hell bent on destroying the economy, our society and the environment. The world cannot possibly produce even 10% of the rare earths that are required to make all the electric vehicles they have planned. The issue is never the issue as Satan’s disciple Saul Alinsky opined.

  15. I don’t know of too many people who get to DC and come out clean. There was a congressman elected about a decade or so ago who said that if he found himself giving in to the corruption he would quit. He is still there, as most all of the well-meaning people who think that they can change the system. They start out meaning well, but soon give in to the required compromises and slowly sink into the swamp themselves. The national government is just too far away.

  16. The problem with people who are talking “gap fuel” is they think they know how big the gap is, when in reality, they have zero idea. Oh… someone said the miracle breakthrough is right around the corner, and we will have vast amounts of free renewable energy any day now. Might have been someone on their deathbed, not sure. But, they actually believe it.
    News flash, petroleum is not just a fuel, and even if it were, any guestimate on how much we will need to make it across the guess is at best wild speculation.

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