Journalist says Peltola called Capitol Police on her as congresswoman tried to walk toward a chauffeured SUV


Activist Laura Loomer, who also refers to herself as an investigative journalist, reported on Twitter that Alaska Rep. Mary Peltola called Capitol Police on her, while Loomer tried to ask her why Peltola would not call out Speaker Kevin McCarthy for “defrauding the Native American community.”

“BREAKING: Democrat, Native American Rep. @MaryPeltola just called Capitol Police on me for simply asking her if she thinks @SpeakerMcCarthy and his family should be investigated for defrauding the Native American community!” Loomer reported.

Video shows how the encounter went down. As Rep. Peltola was protectively led by her husband Gene down the hallway of the Cannon Office Building, where her office is located, and out to a waiting chauffeured vehicle, Loomer can be heard asking her questions, to which she smiled and ignored. Gene Peltola, dressed in a matching long gray jacket, kept a firm grasp on Mary Peltola’s arm and pulled her down the hallway, while two Capitol Police ran interference with the persistent Loomer.

Loomer is a former associate of Project Veritas, which is a group that specializes in getting the truth on tape with political figures. She ran for Congress for Florida’s 21st congressional district in the 2020, losing to Democrat Lois Frankel.

Gene Peltola, former Alaska regional director for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, left the BIA in July and set up Peltola Solutions LLC, through which he is said to be working on a new approach to the Ambler Road project to access a state mining district. It appears Gene Peltola is working as an unregistered lobbyist, while his wife is serving in Congress.

The video shows the encounter between Loomis and the Peltola’s:


    • Gene is gonna be crying in his beer and Mary will be working on a sixth last name by the end of the year, bet ya? Make it a good one, Mary!

  1. Alaska deserves better than Mary Peltola who, like George Santos of New York, ran for office with a fraudulent resume showing four years of academic work she not complete and at a school where she was not enrolled for the required length of time. Unless she started one up this morning, she has no office in Alaska. Nobody in her one and only Washington, DC office will return calls from Alaskans. And her husband appears to be running a scam.

    Remember all of this when we get to vote her out in two years.

      • And our freshman congress person with 5 last names and has been in DC twice since winning election is any better? Thank God proxy voting is now over. What field did she earn her degree in? Grifting?

    • you are correct. Not the first time the capitol police have escorted her out. The republicans had her escorted out of a congressional hearing. Loomer is correct on her comments regarding McCarthy and his family. Perhaps this is why Peltola did not support him for speaker even though MRAK was chastising her for not voting for McCarthy. As far as Peltola starting an investigation, McCarthy family got into the SBA program in 1998 and were done in 2007. They continued to work with another contractor until 2018 but not directly receiving the government contracts. So what exactly should she be investigating? How does this help bipartisanship beating a dead horse that has probably already been investigated?

      • “…….Not the first time the capitol police have escorted her out. The republicans had her escorted out of a congressional hearing. Loomer is correct on her comments regarding McCarthy……”
        So do you approve of the Correct Kook or not? IE, does it fit YOUR agenda?

      • Hey Leo..
        I agree. No need to investigate… because, now-a-days, fraud gets a pass. Seems to me, the more privilege, the greater the overall tolerance for deceptive practices. Is this really the best pathway to inclusiveness?

  2. “……..It appears Gene Peltola is working as an unregistered lobbyist, while his wife is serving in Congress.”
    Keep your eyes on computer repair shops and strip joint dancers……….

  3. <>

    I’m gonna have to say no on this.

    Bipartisanship? Please. Peltola will be the very last one on that ship. She’ll be a 100% Biden voter until she leaves office in January 2025.

  4. Jokes on you! You all suck up there so bad it hurts. Now you’re stuck with a Democratic drone who’s being groomed for the Senate by the Obama people. You’ll never get her out.

    Down here in Loomer’s District, Republicans knew she was a nutter and didn’t lift a finger to help her out. Lois Frankel beat her like a rented mule, and rightly so.

    Palin would have at least been forced to do the work because of the spotlight on her by the Propaganda Ministry. But Peltola is protected, so there’s not going to be any oversight of her.

    Too bad. So sad. Not everyone can live in Florida and have a well-run government.

  5. Ol’ mary got herself picked out for the job in public service. Now she can’t have ‘just anyone’ ask her questions?! This is laughable! Better grow some ovaries mary, ’cause a lot of people out there are going to be asking you questions for the next couple of years.

  6. Interesting husband, is it possible that he supports mining in Alaska? Something that could bring real jobs to the bush?

    • She was a lobbyist for the Donlin mine about a decade ago. Despite that, bringing real jobs to the Bush isn’t the name of the game. As we’ve seen with Zulkosky and McCormick, it’s no longer possible to be elected to her old state House seat without being beholden to YKHC. The healthcare and nonprofit sectors have led the way in being very aggressive about picking winners and losers. In this environment, “winners” are those who make a living by virtue-signaling their pronouns for eight hours a day in Zoom meetings. “Losers” include those engaged in hard, real work. The former drives the economy, while the latter doesn’t. If you don’t subscribe to such “logic”, you’re part of the problem. Get it yet? The people who depend on this scenario for their very existence have far too much influence over the vote. Rural Alaska doesn’t play the same politics as the rest of the state.

  7. Peltola’s response
    “No, I don’t want to investigate Kevin McCarthy for fraud, because I’m a bigger fraud, and I sort of like all this attention that I and George Santos are getting.”

  8. Seems nobody has asked who paid for the chauffeured limo? In Washington only a few months and already has it figured out.

  9. What’s the big surprise? She’s not investigating him because she doesn’t want to be investigated. It sounds to me that as soon as it looked like she was in, he was out of his job at the BIA, and started himself a business just like all the other hacks that go out easy from the democrat party so they can get theirs. Sad state of affairs we have in America anymore.

  10. Having no idea of who Laura Loomer is, I googled her name and found a book with her name as author published recently (she’s in her twenties apparently, so she probably hasn’t been on this earth probably long enough to accumulate much wisdom or practical experience to develop much in-depth knowledge … ). She titled this particular tome something like a brag that she is the most banned person.

    Like some extremists it appears, she is so far off one way, that she could probably support even extremists on the other way, views meeting each other coming and going. So it was an amusing thought, though, with her theory that one of the CURRENT Republicans in the news lately might be a Democratic ‘plant’ for all the havoc and quite obvious amoral lies he is bringing to the national stage from the East coast (and I am not thinking of the Florida governor!)

    It was no doubt a wise move for Mrs Peltola to ask for assistance to stay away from a pre-identified trouble-maker.

  11. When the elected representatives cannot face the people without their jackboots they are no longer of the people, they hide in fear. Tells us much about the status of a nation. ✌️

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