Murkowski re-introduces abortion-for-all legislation


Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska joined with Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA), and Susan Collins (R-ME) in reintroducing abortion legislation that would reinstate abortion as it was regulated under Roe v. Wade, which was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court because it was unconstitutional.

The bill is called the Reproductive Freedom for All Act and is the same bill the four introduced last August, but which gained no traction in the Senate before the midterm elections, as many senators did not want to run with a vote on abortion on their scorecard.

“This would undo the damage of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade after almost 50 yearsand would enshrine in federal law the fundamental right to reproductive freedom,” the press release from Murkowski’s office said, exactly the words she used in August, when first introducing the bill.

“Following the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs, we’ve seen significant erosion of women’s reproductive rights in numerous states across the country—changes that have taken away rights and regressed access to women’s healthcare by decades. Now, it’s up to Congress to help restore and protect women’s reproductive rights. I’m proud to reintroduce bipartisan legislation with my colleagues to continue the access to contraception provided in Griswold and to make permanent the protections provided through Roe and Casey,” Murkowski said. “Unless we enshrine reproductive healthcare autonomy into law, we risk a future where generations of women will grow up with fewer rights than their mothers.”

Jim Minnery, executive director of Alaska Family Council, differs from the senator on the subject of the rights of unborn Americans: “Murkowski’s relentless pursuit of and fascination with ending the lives of as many weak and defenseless preborn babies as possible is nothing short of barbaric. Every other human right she professes to care about is meaningless if the right to life, clearly spelled out in our Federal and State constitutions, is dismissed as a ‘choice.’ Her priorities are sad to watch unfold and damaging to our cultural psyche.”

Murkowski, who was recently reelected to a six-year term, reflects the views of many Americans in the current era, according to an ongoing survey by Gallup, which shows that the support for some level of abortion right has remained fairly steady since the 1990s:


  1. It’s also interesting how she refers to the Court correcting an original Constitutionally incorrect ruling as “damage”.

    Proud of yourself Porcaro? This is the predictable result of your RVC baby in action?

  2. Almighty God, help us to overcome this evil.

    Lord, I try not to ask for much, but a well placed lightning strike could really help your children out here.

    • Sigh. This again.

      A long time ago I dated the daughter of a Presbyterian minister. In his office he had a picture hanging on the wall. It showed two men in a sinking boat.

      The caption read, pray to God, but row to shore. My Catholic Church has the Iron Rule. Don’t do for others what they should do for themselves.

      What is the relevance? Simple.

      Instead of asking God to fix this, get off your backside and work on fixing it yourself.

      • AND, talk to God and ask for his help, particularly when there is little earthly means by which one can fix or accomplish some particular thing in the absence of the Lord’s help.

        In other words: Pray to God as if the whole matter rested upon him, and work toward that end as if the whole matter rested upon myself.

        Saul persecutes, and sees to it that Christians are imprisoned, and some executed. God takes his sight for time and adapts his, now Paul’s mission to God’s purpose. Might I have had the power to change Saul’s direction and purpose? Might God do what is necessary to set Lisa Murkowski straight as to his purpose? Since she also is one of God’s children, although God forsaken in my eyes, I will amend my prayer.

        • Seriously, if God was gonna give princess a road to Damascus moment, he’d have done it by now.

          Stop asking God to save you. Ask him for the courage to save yourself.

          • Its not for me to know what God is going to do or when. Perhaps the lightning bell will toll for me.

            Uncertain why it would be considered wise to take advice on religion or anything pertaining to it, or to God for that matter, by one who who writes under the moniker ‘Avenger’.

      • You have your own Catholic Church? With an Iron rule?
        Catholic Social Services are mainstream enablers, last I checked.
        It was Catholic “brothers” who gave us Brother Francis Shelter & the explosion of young, able body do nothings that swarm all over town.
        PS: I’m Catholic too.

        • I can only go by what I was taught by the Benedictines.

          Within the Church there are many factions with unique philosophies from Opus Dea to the Jesuits.

          Regardless of internal bickering, it doesn’t change the point. Don’t look to God to do what you can do for yourself.

          In this case, throw out crappy politicians instead of praying God to smite them.

        • Also: we are called to help our brothers genuinely in need. That’s Christianity 101. Love one another as I have loved you.

          Brother Francis shelter isn’t what turned Anchorage into a 3rd world hellhole. Not even Beans Cafe.

          It’s been the steady leftward lurch by the political leaders of Anchorage. As little as 8 years ago downtown was a much nicer, safer place.

          When you have a political body who subsidizes homelessness and open degeneracy, you’ll get more of it.

    • North; The human life form is not that special, we share the same biological functions as noble animals, if people have souls animals certainly do 😉

      • It is very clear that those of certain political persuasions nowadays do consider themselves, and other (putative) humans, to be animals.
        I, on the other hand, do not.

    • What a wonderful religion, seeking to use prayer to produce magic to strike someone down. Thankfully, its all gibberish nonsense.

  3. What ‘damage’ was done by Dobbs v Jackson? Could someone tell me? The only thing that changed was the legality of abortion was rightfully returned to the individual states. If the subject of the decision was anything other than abortion, I’d guess 90% of us would be cheering. But somehow, on abortion, we should ignore the Constitution and allow the feds to rule over individual states?
    If you are an ardent abortion supporter, then shift your focus from the feds to your own state legislation. That’s it!

  4. Lisa the Catholic. On the offensive. Bringing the fight. I wonder what Archbishop Bellisario thinks about this? We know how Archbishop Cordileone dealt with Nancy Pelosi.

    • Reggie: ArchBishop Bellisario will do NOTHING. When Father Robert Whitney refused her communion because of her pro abortion platform , he was transferred to Soldotna by Bellisario as a punishment. No one would comment. Not Bellesario nor Murkowski.
      The Catechism of the Catholic church says that since the first century the church has affirmed that every procured abortion is a moral evil. Biden, Pelosi, Murkowski , Catholics who believe in abortion should quit telling people they are devout Catholics.. I have no problem with anyone not Catholic in their abortion views.. in my opinion, abortion is a sign of a civilization that has lost its spiritual and moral compass and is doomed . These are all hypocrites. However, it is for God to judge them/. Oh yes and then when the Archbishop of San Francisco refused Pelosi communion, she went to Rome and received it from the Pope. Go figure.

      • Thank you, Marge. Spot on.
        “…….Go figure……..”
        Looks like a complete failure in leadership to me, religious, political, and in every other way. The shepherds are wolves, and their wool cloaks fool nobody anymore.

      • Of course “it is for Yahweh to judge them.” Indeed, He will judge us all. In the meantime, we are compelled to provide law and order to protect ourselves… including those least able to protect themselves. America’s holocaust against humans trying to escape their mother’s wombs continues unabated. We all have their blood on our hands. See 2Chron7:14.

    • Bellisario is, sadly, A-OK with Murkowski. Her cousin runs the Alaska Catholic Bishop’s Conference, for heavens’ sake! Well-placed back-scratchers are all over Alaska political and Chancery offices. I sincerely hope the Murkowskis and Gores repent of their wanton devotion to the slaughter of the innocents before they stand before the Lord for their particular judgments.

  5. What is about killing a fetus that pertains to reproduction, or to “reproductive freedom”?
    The last time I checked, THE SCIENCE was clear that the process of reproduction involves the birth of a live offspring, not the purposeful creation of a dead one.
    Again with the disingenuous and twisted Orwellian language from the radical left.

    • “Science” indeed.
      There’s a lot of money to be had through abortion access. A LOT of money. Unborn babies are worth more dead than alive, to those who would accept money to end their lives and then more money to sell their body parts. God, have mercy on us!

        • Maureen
          If you confine your points to what lisa just proposed: Why do you think there is a need for a federal law protecting abortion? Why would abortion somehow be above any subject regulated by each state? Take the term ‘abortion’ out and replace it with ‘alcohol’. I think every one of us would agree that each state does (and should) make their own laws regarding alcohol purchases and consumption. So why not abortion? The citizens of one state may ban it at the same time a state next door removes all restrictions. Whether you OR I agree with the local laws, shouldn’t those laws be left to each locality?

          And before you stab me in the eye with a pencil, please try to understand that people like myself honestly see abortion as the taking of a human life. That’s why we are so strident about it.

        • Oh Maureen, nobody makes more money killing babies than Planned Parenthood, and they in turn pay Ms. Murkowski to shill for them. Any money being made by Women’s Care Centers is coming from people who donate to them to help women keep their babies, or offer them up for adoption. Please remove your head from your backside; it isn’t an attractive look.

    • The first thing the father of all lies does to persuade us it’s okay to murder human babies before they can escape their mother’s wombs is he deceives us into using dehumanizing labels such as “fetus.”

  6. Because murky doesn’t Trust the citizens of each State to decide this issue. Surprised? Don’t be. She never has believed in the serfs having a say.

  7. Be sure to join us for Catholic mass next Sunday. Many baptisms are on the schedule, and the welcoming of new babies unto this world.

    • Lisa quit going to mass, Frankie. Instead, she counts all of those dead babies as votes for herself in RCV. Such a pathetic Catholic.

      • Nancy, why didnt we get a VIP invite to Dunleavy’s Inaugural Ball.? Is it because of that no-good Catholic daughter, again?

        • No, Frankie. I think it was because John Binkley was the Master of Ceremonies. Sarah Palin didn’t get an invite either.

          • You should have let me choose John Binkley for US Senate, Nancy. I told you back in 2002 that this would be nothing but trouble for the Murkowskis’. Here we are now in 2023 and you still can’t even get an invite by the ladies to your beloved Republican coffees.

          • Actually, Frankie, you should have chosen Sarah Palin for US Senate. You would have been re-elected as Governor, Binkley would be back in college working on his degree, and Lisa would finally be passing a bar exam without having to cheat. And we would still have the Learjet to travel on.

  8. I think we have plenty enough “reproductive freedom”, hence the need for this bill. But let’s name it for what it really means:

    How about the
    destruction, wrecking,
    demolition, dismantling,
    demolishment, smashing,
    crushing, disintegrating,
    elimination, ruin, death, end, ending, extirpation, disintegration,
    wipeout, abolishing,
    extinguishing, annihilation,
    extinction, obliteration,
    extermination, eradication,
    decimation, termination, bane, butchery, wiping out, taking out… freedom for all bill.

  9. I see Princess Lisa is once again displaying her trademark angry/scowling “Salmon just pulled from a dipnet” face. She’s even wearing the appropriate color this time, too..
    Please, somebody throw her back! She is not a keeper.

  10. She hates kids. Alot of “adults ” hate kids. So they kill as many as they can. The rest they abuse, use, warp, twist and depress by numerous means through government, schools, social media, etc. Is it any wonder the big revival is coming through Asbury University, Kentucky. God is reaching out to the young. “Come unto Me. I will exercise the true love on your behalf.” The young of America are owed this.

  11. Murkowski she never suffered, so natually she and collegues are going to be a little primative and
    ignorant. A protected little princess, to a dutiful college debutant, to an honored girlfriend and wife cause what single man going dishonor a fmr bankers and fmr u.s senators daughter- Mmm? Women o.k by killing a pregnancy only to think it a right either are demonic or blind. Which i think lisa is blind cause she hasn’t suffered much. Which alienation of her from akgop won’t do either good. She’d be most helped if encounter after encounter alaskan prolife leaders and citizerns casually and proudly shared with the senator children and grandchildren baby pictures along with stories relating it back to the womb. Remember the grandfather “brag” wallet- a wallet that can carry his children or grandchilden photos to remember and share. These women are just ignorant because of circumstances. Maybe enough nice casual encounters she has with alaskans her eyes maybe opened to see a pregnancy is a baby and
    that baby is the continued legacy/history of preceded grandparents and great
    grandparents, etc. Maybe our little princess
    can see abortion disrupts, hinders, and kills alaskan family generations.

  12. This is ALL Murkowski is about. Killing babies and pushing the same sex marriage crap. In my opinion, she is the worst thing to ever happen to Alaska. Shame on you Lisa! Maybe actually DO something for our state rather than against it! But you won’t. You are a swamp creature!!!!! God’s punishment awaits you…

  13. She is just following through with the orders that she is given and the money she received from Planned Parenthood.
    For those that don’t know, RCV was created for her benefit, as it was the only way she would get re-elected.

  14. The imprudent, uncivil molech/baal modern day worshippers are just like they have always been. They are frisky, frantic and licentious and folish in their youth. They used to go to their temples in the evenings clean up, have a few snacks fermented grapes, catch a few tunes and check each other out and get into the moment. Therefore, they had a ritual of Always killing their first born because they had no idea of parentage. So they’d kill their first born and then pair off for family arrangements. First borns killed in agony by the sword; now it’s cutterage. Same result. This is immoral and uncivil and wrong because it gives a bad result. The murderous death of first born in families is a bad ritual. It should not be a law in this nation or we will lose our republic. This proposed law is an ignorant abuse of family and God’s gift of procreation within a family and tribe. Just teach kids that marriage is for life and selecting a wife should be done when fully grown and personalities set. Teach them they will be parents and to get ready for it and what their role is in a family and as a mother or father. No surprises. No cutterage of infants in the womb. Teach them to respect themselves and others practically speaking. We will have better families that way. It takes effort. Let’s keep the republic and the faith. They go together.

  15. Lisa Murkowski INSISTS upon this being taken care of via CENTRALIZED POWER. She reckons that her and her friends can, and will, shove abortion down the ignorant peasant’s throats.

    She is actively working to exhibit another fine argument for wide scale decentralization being the ONLY answer.

  16. Not all men fear God. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. What is wisdom? Wisdom is proved by its works. What gives the best results in the long run. God makes the foolish one wise.

  17. I suppose if you have no conscience and you aren’t in danger of dying from being aborted, you can support just about anything. She has proved she has no conscience since she routinely ignores her constituents whom she is duty bound to serve, and she whitewashes over any possible punishment in her afterlife by supporting the murder of babies.

    Because I am a Catholic, and I actually take it seriously, I have to pray for her, and what I pray for her is that she remembers her catechism and repents in time to save her imperiled soul before she has no choice any more. Whether I think that will happen or not is immaterial; God knows, and He will respect her choice in the end.

  18. Murdering Murkowski, brought to you by Soros evil dark money.
    She is evil incarnate, and she keeps adding to her coven- welcome aboard Mary

    • Molly; You demand your freedoms, don’t deny others their freedoms. Besides, pro choice is not pro abortion 😉

      • Correct. ‘Pro Choice’ is a code name for pro abortion. It just has a better sound for the P.R. people to sell to the public.

      • Freedom to murder says the handle who comfortably sits atop of mountain range of infant corpses since 1973. The 20th century mustached men combined have a lower death total then the one you causally subscribe to. Are you feckless or just evil?

        • There is no such thing as pro choice in this argument; if you choose life it becomes a non issue. So your view is correct it made the term meaningless such as the truth anti choice

      • The ‘freedom’ to kill a fetus and/or a child?
        The radical left IS a death cult. Their absolute love and worship of abortion is proof of that. The next logical step for them is coerced killing, a.k.a. euthanasia, which is already happening in Canada.
        Will you still be applauding when the radical left death cultists start building the “delousing showers” for “undesirables”?

      • We the taxpaying citizens of the USA should not have any of our tax dollars paying for these murders. Plain and simply put, the ABORTION industry is not the same thing as bing pro CHOICE nor is there any CHOICE presented at PLANNED PARENTHOOD except abortion. This is not choice, choice is having it, adopting it, or abortion. Planned paernthood is in the murder and sell the baby to scientific research. This is mass murder and our tax dollars should NEVER BE USED to pay for it. You want an abortion, you pay for it. Get real, Lisa wants murder.

      • Pro choice is pro murder. Call it what it is. What is the choice? Wasn’t the real choice already made when sex was had? The choice to kill your baby is no choice at all, it is just plain murder. Period. And if it isn’t murder, then you aren’t pregnant.

  19. I agree with the Masked Avenger on making adjustments to work within the confines of RCV until it can be dissolved. I think seeing the religious pissing match going on in this thread shows how RCV, and those that foisted it on a gullible and apathetic public, works so well against us. Instead of making said adjustments, ranking your two choices, some in here bowed their necks and didn’t rank anyone other than their first choice. THAT’S how Peltola won. If we can’t rally enough troops to vote RCV into an early grave, we’d better play that hand that’s been dealt. As for 3rd Generation Alaskan’s comment on “pro choice is not pro abortion”, that’s like saying that Planned Parenthood actually plans parenthood instead of what it really is: a resource for contraceptives and abortion referrals.

  20. Apparently Lisa is having a problem with reading comprehension. Dobbs threw the entire mess back to the state legislatures, not the state courts to deal with. Whatever she gets passed will quickly get struck down by precisely the same logic. But Lisa gets her gold star from the pro-aborts for trying. Cheers –

    • Sorry Alex, but you are partially wrong.

      Yes, the Dobbs decision sent the decision making process on abortion’s legality back to the states.

      But you are wrong in thinking that if this passes both the House and Senate and is signed into law, SCOTUS will overturn it by the same logic.

      Federal laws supersede state laws and this bill would make a federal law allowing abortions. SCOTUS stated that because there was no federal legislation establishing Roe as federal law, abortion was the jurisdiction of the states.

  21. Lisa is like an open wound, an old white progressive whose damage just keeps going and going. Let’s end her career by getting rid off rank choice voting, better known as the incumbent protection scheme.

  22. I do believe in abortions at any time just as the left does. With one caveat, you can abort anyone that does anything against humanity without trial at any age. It’s just a late term abortion and everyone knows abortions aren’t bad.

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