Sullivan named vice chair of Senate Western Caucus


U.S. Senate Western Caucus Chair Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyo.) announced that Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan will serve as the vice chair of the Senate Western Caucus in the 118th Congress.

“Senator Sullivan knows the west and issues unique to the states we represent, which is why I am honored to have him join me in leading the Senate Western Caucus,” said Sen. Lummis. “The Senate Western Caucus focuses on everything from natural resources and energy to broadband and economic development, which is why there is a need for a vice chair to help champion our priorities. From energy to timber, rural health care to economic development, Senator Sullivan has established himself as a leader on issues that greatly impact western states, and I’m thrilled to work alongside him to defend the western way of life.”

“It’s an honor to serve alongside Senator Lummis as the new vice chair of the Senate Western Caucus in the 118th Congress,” said Sen. Sullivan. “Since my time as Alaska’s attorney general, I’ve recognized that Alaskans face many of the same challenges and share many of the same priorities as Americans in other western states. We all want to be able to access our federal lands, grow our economy with opportunities for upcoming generations, and elevate the voices of our indigenous communities, which are conveniently ignored by this administration. But we face a federal administration, beholden to far-left radical environmental groups, trying to shut us down at every turn and centralize authority with bureaucrats in D.C. Alaska is ground zero for this battle, having endured 43 executive orders and actions targeting our great state by the Biden administration. I look forward to working with Chair Lummis and my fellow caucus members to fight back against the unlawful actions of the Biden administration and to stand up for our constituents’ right to have an economy and responsibly develop our resources.”

Prior to serving in the U.S. Senate, Sullivan was commissioner of the Alaska Department of Natural Resources where he managed one of the largest portfolios of oil, gas, minerals, renewable energy, timber, land and water in the world. During his tenure, he developed numerous strategies that spurred responsible resource development, energy security and a dramatic increase in good-paying jobs across several critical sectors in the Alaska economy. He also developed a comprehensive plan to streamline and reform the state’s regulatory and permitting process. He was also the Alaska Attorney General.


  1. Someone please tell me how broadband and economic development tie in. And still don’t understand how high speed internet can benefit anyone except for convenience purposes. What is the end goal? Anyone anywhere can have satellite internet for 100 dollars a month so why invest trillions. And economic development is impossible under the present administration who cannot even stop foreign countries from ruining our fisheries.

  2. Whew…. Speaking from a little experience, this is fairly meaningless. Call me when the good Senator forces the FBI to terminate all the political actors in their ranks pretending to be unbiased law enforcement officers. Or when it becomes a felony to create more lethal coronaviruses in a laboratory or to fund those that do that work. Something like that.

  3. I could create a bio of all my achievements – but what would give me trust would be the failures.

    Give me your failures, the things you idealized and want another go at.

    Tell me how that has given you more drive to strive.

    Anyone with privileges are actually transparent.

    Just stop.

    I don’t want a leader that gets wrapped up in a pretty bow, telling me to live in a beautiful house that he puts his own kids in the basement for.

    I see you.

    I love your best effort, but just stop with the dressing and address what is within the curtains.

    Senator, you will be all that you want to be, if you quit hiding behind beautifully adorned window dressing.

    Until then, you are just another stool sitting in a seat, that was not made for you and which you can never fill.

    Do the work.

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