Peltola comes out in favor of bankers union


Bankers’ hours are not short enough for some, including Alaska’s only member of the House of Representatives. Rep. Mary Peltola came out in favor of a bankers’ union, in support of workers in the Wells Fargo branch in Bethel Alaska who have voted to join a union.

The average Wells Fargo worker in America makes $85,000 a year, with a $7,000 bonus.

But for Peltola, who has worked to organize everyone from baristas to Barbie, organizing white collar workers is the next thing: “Worker power doesn’t stop where the road system ends. I’m excited to see workers standing together in my hometown of Bethel,” Peltola said on X/Twitter.

In the past year, she has called non-union workers “scabs.”

The demand driving the unionization of the Bethel Wells Fargo workers appears to be all about money in the pocket, not in the bank vault. A teller in Bethel makes between $32,000 and $41,000 a year, and a new account representative makes as much as $44,000 a year. Nationwide, banks are starting to close branches, as more people do banking online.

In 2023, Wells Fargo shut over 300 bank branches, more than double the number closed by Chase and Bank of America. If the bank decides to close the Bethel branch, Bethel is also served by First National Bank of Alaska.

Peltola is supported by Big Labor and embedded her campaign headquarters in Juneau inside the public employee union offices.


  1. I’ve been listening to experts on the banking industry. It started 2 years ago when the former FDIC CFO resigned saying, “I see what the Democrats are doing”. The increased credit avail to consumers is to entrap. The elites have a plan in place. “The Great Taking” publication is out. Anyone whether a business owner or individual having one loan on anything, will have all their assets repossessed at some point in time. Extreme greed ! The Federal Reserve has their lists of banks close to implosion. Any bank with derivatives will be paid first, before individual depositors. So ask your bank about this. Credit Unions are safer but not totally. When the Federal Reserve crisis happened in 1933 they chose which banks to close and which ones to keep open. Any deposits made to these closed banks are not refunded.

  2. All this means is soon Wells Fargo will be closing branches in rural Alaska. All the others financial institutions have: AlaskaUSACU/now Global left Barrow sometime ago. WF doesn’t do home loans anymore. Pretty soon the banks will close in favor of no-cost on-line banks.

  3. At the rate Wells Fargo steals from the customers they should be renamed “Mafia Gangsters Union”.
    They target the elderly preferably native elders who dont have the proficiency in math and financial management skills.
    Wells Fargo reps attended the AFN convention years ago and was encouraging elders (especially the ones belonging the large corporate dividend recipients) to use Wells Fargo.
    They would setup a direct deposit acct for them and then issue a free credit card tied to their checking acct.
    Everytime they wrote an check with insufficient funds it would automatically be covered by the credit card as a cash withdrawal on their credit card acct without notification so they would just keep writing checks using the 25% interest cash withdrawal fees and incur tons of late payment fees if not paid on time.

    They stole well over $30,000 over a period of 6 yrs from an elderly friend who used to work as a camp cook in Deadhorse after she retired at 74 and when she became unable to handle her own finances at 82 then I stepped in as a state appointed manager to help pay her utilities and bills.
    It wasnt until then I discovered a $17,000 credit card debt on a card she had never ever used but had well over 25K in her checking acct at that time. She had no clue how that credit card balance acrued since she had only used her checkbook for purchases.
    She had thought a family member had taken her card and used it for shopping without her knowledge but when I investigated the bank and card statements it was all interest and fees over the years from overdrawn checks from time to time between direct deposits.

    They are nothing but low life thieves of the worst kind because of who they were targeting AND they knew exactly what they were doing! I would piss on the managers desk if I ever had to enter their facility.

  4. Peltola does not work under autonomy. She has been given specific instructions and follows them to a T. She’s award winning in that way.

    • And a smart phone. That’s how I do all my banking today. Sometimes I get a check in the mail. I take a picture of it front and rear and make a remote deposit right from the comfort of my home.

  5. The Bible states repeatedly that loaning to poor people with the expectation of return, or interest is wholly unacceptable. It also states that debt not repaid within seven years should be unequivocally canceled.

    So where’s your hit piece on Wells Fargo for doing exactly that, as well as engaging in fraudulent lending practices under US law? What about 30 year mortgages? What’s your stance on student loan cancellation? I’d wager my house that isn’t cancellation after seven years as set out in Deuteronomy.

    You’ve got time to throw together an old lady rant disguised as pseudo-journalism when a woman of color starts advocating for people in her hometown, but when banks are violating Biblical principles on a daily basis you’re suddenly not such a thumper of the supposedly good book.

  6. Oh my god, she is standing up for the working class people. I know in the MAGA world us lowly peasants should be grateful for what the wealthy are willing to trickle down on us. UNIONIZE!

    • You think the political class cares for the working class? bless your heart. A more logical thought on the issue could be that unions butter her tribes (DEMS not ancestorial) bread.

  7. Interesting. Most of my decisions come out of mere analysis not excitement. People are different I guess. Excitement? Time to make a decision! ???

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