Peltola urges pizza workers in Alaska to unionize so she can have a slice


Fish. Family. Freedom. And Pizza. Rep. Mary Peltola took to Twitter to urge pizza workers in Alaska to start a union “real fast,” because she has a hankering for some union-made pizza.

It’s one of myriad similar union-heavy messages from Alaska’s union-backed congressional representative. She urged Starbucks baristas to unionize. She’s pushed the screen actors strike. She wanted a railroad strike.

“Someone in an Alaskan pizzeria start a union real fast,’ she wrote, “because I’m ABSOLUTELY trying to eat a slice from a union shop.”

In November, Peltola wrote, “When workers unionize, they win. That’s why it’s critical unions have political leaders who will work with them, not against them, and expand the rights of union workers nationwide.”

She has not stopped ever since. In fact, unionizing is her most consistent message, although her staff is not unionized.

“A worker’s biggest strength is their ability to withhold their labor — to strike. To stand in the way of that undermines their ability to fight for better conditions, better pay, & better lives for themselves and their families. It’s time we are allies to workers, not obstacles,” she wrote in December.

“If we want to better the lives of Alaskans statewide, we need to bring good-paying, union jobs to communities across the state. Let’s get people the jobs, and pay, they deserve,” she wrote in July.

Now that a pizzeria in Brooklyn, New York has made the news for requesting a union vote, Peltola wants Alaska to follow suit.

It may cost Alaskans more, however, to share a pizza with Peltola.

Currently, a line cook at Moose’s Tooth in Anchorage starts at $16 an hour. No experience is needed, and it comes with an array of benefits, such as a 401(k) matching retirement plan, health and dental insurance, vision insurance employee discount on food, paid time off, and an energetic working environment. A sous chef at the Bear Tooth Grill, a sister establishment, gets paid $22 to $27 an hour. No degree is required, but two years of restaurant experience is requested.

The average cost of a pizza nationally is $17.81, but in Alaska, that same pizza is going for $21.74, a 22% increase in cost for Alaskans over their fellow pizza eaters in the Lower 48.


    • Then we have to get rid of rigged choice voting first. As long as that is still in place we are stuck with Peltola and Murkowski. If you haven’t signed the ballot initiative petition yet then make sure you do.

      • As you know, we are working on this. Make sure to encouraged everyone you know to find and sign the rigged choice voting books at the AK State Fair.

      • If all of Nick Begich’s voters had put their egos aside and ranked Palin second, Palin would be in Congress. It’s not RCV, it’s the utter failure of conservatives in Alaska to teach their voters how to effectively use it.

        • Are you serious? You are actually defending RCV? Without it, either Palin or Begich would be in congress right now! It tips the scales in favor of the most radical candidate. The Dems and RINOS now this, which is why they support it. Why do you think it is being funded and pushed by dark money in all 50 states?

          Sign the petition and end RCV!

  1. Im sorry but doesn’t she realize most Pizza places are privately owned?

    Not only that prices would keep going up! Unions destroy America!

    • So we need unionozation? Why? Peltola will get a kickback if it happens. How much has her wealth increased since her being in office? Check it out.

  2. A dedicated union man goes to a brothel. He asks if the girls are unionized. The madam says no. He leaves. He goes to brothel after brothel, always getting the answer that the girls are no unionized.
    Finally, he ends up at a brothel where the girls are unionized.
    He looks the girls over, and selects a cute little thing, but the madam steps in and replaces her with an old hag, warts on now, grey haired, overweight, and generally not attractive at all.
    When the dedicated union guy complains and says he wanted the other prostitute, the madam told him too bad, the old woman had seniority.

  3. Let’s hope all ingredients on the pizza also come from union shops and while we are at it union uniforms, vehicles, and ovens. Pizza cooked with a union label on the bottom so you know that an experienced pizza chef trained and certified make the pizza according to union guide lines.

    • Ironically, the pizza box will be made in China by slave labor. And the person cooking will be retained even if they make a bad pie and can’t show up to work on time.

      • Dang! We love the one with the bullseye that can be upcycled for target shooting. Please “say it ain’t so”!!! 😭😭

  4. Don’t like making pizza as a non-unionized worker? Then go get a union job. Peltola can afford to pay more for pizza now that she’s on the grift, but the rest of us, not so much.

    • I wonder if the cafeterias in the House Office buildings are unionized? (I am pretty sure they are not.)

  5. If it’s as crappy as Union made beer is, then that’s a big no thank you from me.
    Who thinks that this nonsense about unionizing pizza shops? Good Lord!

  6. Alaska has the third highest percentage of Union workers in the US. There will be some clear Peltola planks different from Nick Begich’s platform in the next election. Will conservatives figure out how RCV works in time to save the Party?

    • That is only because Alaska has a grossly bloated percentage of governmental workers (sic), Frank, most of whom, contrary to logic and justice, are unionized.

      • Alaska has low taxes and a high standard of living, we are much better off than most Lower 48 States. Maybe there should be bloated union workers everywhere.

        • Alaska has MASSIVE taxes.
          Just because they are levied against the oil and mining companies does not mean they do not exist. In fact, if it were not for the taxes levied against the resource companies, the high standard of living we enjoy would not exist, and most AK cities would make Appalachia hillbilly havens look like paradise.

        • I seem to recall. Frank, that for those Alaskans living in incorporated Boroughs, which are the majority of residents, property taxes, sales tax, etc. fall about in the middle, or about 25th in the USA. Hardly low. Of course, for the minority who live in unincorporated areas, they do enjoy low taxes or in some cases NO taxes! Those areas are usually infested with Democrats.

    • Frank, Union membership in productive industries has fallen, it’s only Government Workers that have increased Union Membership tallys.
      I worked Union and believe that Unions indeed offer superior training for tradesmen, however it is competition that drives markets and the retention of skilled labor, not vapid politicians from the welfare Plantation.

      At some point , we as a society have to realize that most of our political leaders are incapable of producing anything and have no understanding of how society and markets actually work.

      • I agree, we need less government regulation and let the workers collectively work out wage and working conditions with corporations.

      • Howdy Robert. The only thing that matters to a Politician is getting Elected. After that maybe 1 or 2 Pet Projects, and 1 or 2 Top Contributors. When Unions Endorse a Candidate they supply that Candidate with large donations and thousands of guarnteed votes. Makes for Legislators like Merrick, Geisel, Stedman , Stuets, Wilson, and many others getting Elected Their Pet Project is SECURING the Permanent Fund for Government Emoyees, and Favorite Contractors. Uniparty=Socialism..

  7. Unions=socialism=Communism=Peltola

    America is built on capitalism. This makes our current representative, Peltola, incompatible with our system. She needs to be flushed like the turd she is.

  8. I used to be anti-union…until I was forced to join a union for a job. The benefits package was great, the pay was great and while I didn’t like some of the union’s activities, I surely had it far better than non-union shops. So I’m glad to see others unionize. I know people hate paying union wages, but if workers elect to unionize, they should be allowed to.

    • I had exactly the opposite experience every time I worked a closed shop. Every time. Pay was lower, benefits package was so-so, and the dues were more than I get in return.
      So… your anecdotal proof is negated by my anecdotal proof.

    • Yes if it was not for unions we would have rich people and poor people!! There would be no middle class families. The people that complain about the unions only wish they could be union!!!

      • I do not wish I could join a union.
        Will never work in a closed shop again. That is a dealbreaker for me.
        Maybe at one time unions cared about their members, but that was decades ago. Now, it is all about the union, screw the dues paying members and the companies that employ them.

      • Sorry, but “been there, done that” and found (at least government union) to be another layer of bureaucrats taking a nice chunk of my meager pay, while being uninterested in actually helping when somebody has an actual grievance. Seniority dominated everything and initiative was unappreciated. Left the minute the ink on the Janus decision was dry and haven’t looked back.
        Andrew you are very mistaken when you think that there would be no middle class without unions. A middle class of merchants and white collar workers has always existed and to claim that unions created them is incorrect. Did unions make sense early on with long, dangerous hours and conditions and company stores? Sure, however these days, they have turned into a racket of using union dues to support the political class they like.

    • I’m sure all the recently unionized writers for tech mags and social blogs (going out of business rapidly) agree.

      They unionized, the businesses folded.

      I wonder how Mary will feel if UPS goes on strike and her daily packages stop arriving.

  9. Sparta Pizza on Dimond was the best pizza joint in Anchorage and they just closed after roughly 25 years and it wasn’t because they were too profitable. If Peltola’s too stupid to understand the vagaries associated w/ the suggestions she makes; she should stop making such stupid suggestions.

    The public has a right to believe that public figures are not spouting nonsensical dreck. When that’s all you’ve got you should be silent.

    • Sparta Pizza is owned and operated by Milanos Pizza.

      They are one in the same. Literally have the same menu and the same people work there, just different names.

      Milano’s is off of 36th just east of Spenard.

  10. She, like most of her kind, have the “eyes of a zealot”. I personally could care less about private unions but am very against public sector unions. I’ve said it more than once. Look at the snow removal in Town vs the Valley. One is a public union/employees the other is a private contract company. Hmmm, which works better and quicker? As for pizza workers unionizing? She is again showing her completely wonderful grasp of “the real world”.

  11. Wow! Nice photo. Is she related to Adam “shifty’ Schiff?
    It is nice to know there will always be private owned mom and pop owned and operated pizza joints that wont be unionized. At least Customers will have a say in the union crap as long as there is a choice where to spend dollars.
    When that choice goes away so will my appetite for “union pizza”…doesnt sound like a very appetizing ingredient anyway.

  12. I hoping AKGOP don’t shoot itself in its foot again when she comes up for re-election. hopefully it learns how to play the new RCV, so its voters don’t cancel one another’s candidates. Last election the Democrats played on one candidate for U.S House like the AKGOP played in one Gubnatorial candidate. Both won. So I am guessing if Democrats play again on one (Peltola) AKGOP should play on one (Nicholas Begich) unless that woman (Palin) re-enters then someone has to drop out. I guessing someone should had dropped out in 2022, more likely it should had been Begich with Begich supporters voting all on Palin. Unless Democrats play two candidates. Palin isn’t any better than Peltola. I’d think someone like Micchiche or Dunleavy (cause their type appeals to more moderate democrats) would make a good double type if one year Democrats ran a double race forcing Republicans run a double race, if the goal is to split the votes four ways on four equal and weak candidates.

    • Your explanation shows that you don’t understand how RCV works. The beauty of the system is that there is no such thing as a “spoiler”; regardless of whether you’d prefer Begich or Palin, rank the other one second! Your vote therefore counts for the winning Republican, regardless of which one ends up on top.
      Conservative politicians, pundits and media (such as this site) need to spend the next year and a half explaining this to their voters instead of whining about it the way they have been doing ever since it was passed.

  13. Us conservatives need to start our own union and demand 500 dollars an hour and 3 months vacation plus free health care. Let’s quit raising the bar every political season and change the game. She has no business supporting unions she is supposed to help Alaska and make it better not worse. I will only buy non union pizza or make it myself.

  14. Pizza workers? Your little spy operation is slow.
    They are going to issue a warrant for Putin. It’s all over crunch cake, but hey, stay cracked out.

      • I really don’t care, do you? There’s a motto!
        I can breathe when I stop laughing. It’s gone swish over your dense head. You live up to your name. That’s for sure. Slow boy.

        • Oh boy, you really bested me there!
          Your highly-honed rhetorical skills and obvious erudition have left me completely in the dust. Woe is me!

  15. Hmm I can see it now. $300 pizza. Only those that are politicians can afford. And according to work rules may one pizza per hour.

  16. Interesting time for Peltola to be trying to get “pizza” workers to unionize when the move “Sound of Freedom” has just come out. Is it possible that Mary wants to push more than just “pizza” up here?

  17. Her and Gene are just on one long vacation to Washington. Gladhanding and sucking up to whatever ideology will give them the best kick backs.

  18. Once a City employee in Fairbanks (80s), 28 of us voted for representation be APEA. I was one of the nine that voted against it, but within three months, it was difficult to find any of the nineteen willing to confess their error. We paid our monthly tithe for — quite literally –absolutely nothing. I refused the payroll deduction, which REALLY pissed off the payroll lady (oh well!). I mailed her a check once a month because the alternative was that they’d fire me. That’s thuggery.

    My future advancement was largely on my own merit and, eventually, a contractor I was working with decided I would be worth 20% more to him than the City was paying me. Bye bye! The sky was the limit after that.

    Met Mark Janus a few years ago. Truly nice fellow; mild-mannered and interesting to listen to him speak. I highly recommend supporting his visit with your attendance to one of the APF sponsored events happening….yikes! Now!

  19. Government can’t actually dictate minimum wage. Minimum wage = $0 an hour. That’s what these people are going to earn. Who is going to fork over union wage level money for freaking pizza? We like pizza. But we don’t have to have it from any restaurant. I will not pay bespoke prices for mass market garbage. Pizza joints can all become make-your-own pizza joints. We’re already checking ourselves out in stores. Or we can have just have pizza parties at each others’ homes. That’s not a ‘thing’ because it hasn’t needed to be. But when you price people out of your market with union wages, people change behavior.

  20. She has as much business sense as AOC.

    Unions do make some good (not perfect) sense in the trades, those skilled workers that actually drive the economy.

    Unskilled or semi-skilled? Nope. Sorry. Go learn a trade if you want to prosper.

  21. Doesn’t she know that Pizza is the word for Human Trafficking and child exploitation? Is she advocating for something other than Pizza Shop owners? I wonder.

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