Graphite One receives $37.5 million grant from Department of Defense for work near Nome


The Graphite One Project, an owner-operated, year-round truck-and-shovel operation situated near Nome, has just received a major grant from the Department of Defense, which wants to source graphite materials from the U.S., rather than overseas.

The $37.5 million grant from the Department of Defense comes through the Manufacturing Capability Expansion and Investment Prioritization Office of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Industrial Base Policy. This domestic supply is crucial for the production of large-capacity batteries used in various defense applications, the Defense Department said.

The agreement, which falls under the Defense Production Act Title III authorities, will enable Graphite One to establish an advanced graphite supply chain solution centered around the company’s Graphite Creek resource.

Graphite One plans to mine graphite from Graphite Creek and ship it to Washington State for processing.

One of the key aspects of Graphite One’s supply chain strategy is the establishment of a recycling facility for reclamation of graphite and other battery materials, fostering a circular economy approach, the Defense Department wrote in a press release on Monday.

Graphite One will now expedite its feasibility study by a full year for removal of 4 million tons annually of graphite from its site. It must still go through permitting by other federal agencies.

“This investment to increase domestic capabilities for graphite exemplifies Industrial Base Policy’s commitment to building a resilient industrial base to meet current and future national defense requirements,” said Dr. Laura Taylor-Kale, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Industrial Base Policy. “The agreement with Graphite One (Alaska) advances the Defense Department’s strategy for minerals and materials related to large-capacity batteries.”

Anthony Huston, founder and CEO of Graphite One Inc., said, “Graphite One is honored to receive this award from the Department of Defense, and we look forward to commencing the accelerated Feasibility Study program immediately. This Department of Defense grant underscores our confidence in our strategy to build a 100% U.S.-based advanced graphite supply chain — from mining to refining to recycling. The U.S. simply cannot maintain a 21st Century tech-driven economy without Critical Minerals like graphite.”

The grant from the Department of Defense will not only support Graphite One’s ambitious plans but also solidify the company’s position as a key player in the domestic graphite industry.


  1. Is this a Canadian Company based in Vancouver, Canada? Just curious.

    As of August 18, 2022 • TSX-V : GPH • OTCQX : GPHOF

  2. A very important asset made in Alaska for America’s defense structure.
    However there are some giant hurdles that may completely stall out the project or completely terminate it altogether.
    The key words are it must still go through permitting by other federal agencies.
    Since Grandpa Sniffy Bidenized the way things are done in America if it doesnt meet the idiotic criteria He demands of all federal agency funded projects it may not be feasible at all.

    The DOD is becoming more important by the hour as the power hungry nations around the globe are gearing up in response to Bidens weak knees wobbling and babbling nonsense yelling at the microphone shaking his fist while attempting to put enough words together to totally confuse everyone.

    The whole world is watching as Americans choose a fool for the leader of a s**tshow

  3. Focusing and prioritizing on extracting our own strategic mineral reserves is late in the geopolitical games our illustrious “leaders” have been playing, and losing for decades. Just as the multinational corporations who own our politicians and government agencies chose to outsource our industrial infrastructure overseas, mainly to Communist China without considering how vulnerable it has made our nation. Creating an illusionary “climate crisis” to justify subsidizing a theoretical, but not even close to achievable energy grid transformation to enrich themselves and plunder a once wealthy and productive nation has placed us on a fast track to utter chaos. We rely almost entirely on manufactured goods (including the infrastructure for “alternate” energy production) sourced from China, yet our leaders seek armed conflict and dominance over them. How many days will we survive when the Taiwan Straits are closed? Our naval task forces are sitting ducks against hypersonic missiles for which we cannot defend against or are yet able to manufacture ourselves. Our arms industry which has become the single most powerful interest served by Washington is unable to design, build and maintain weapon systems that are useful in actual wars (overseas campaigns of violence against poverty stricken tribal cultures are not comparable to total wars with peer nations), let alone produce sufficient ammunition to sustain them in the eastern European conflict our “leaders” started. How many years will the Graphite One permitting by other federal agencies take before the ore is in actual production? The “environmental” interests will sue, the cash bribes to influence Agency managers will flow to “encourage” finding reasons to delay or deny the process.

    • What makes you so sure we don’t have hypersonic missiles ourselves? The ballistic submarine Jimmy Carter came back from a secret mission with damage on its front end. Everyone on board was given a presidential citation. Reportedly it was up under the ice north of Russia retrieving hypersonic missiles that Russia had test fired. It limped back into pearl after being gone for several months. Who do you think the Russians in the Chinese got their design from?

      • Small correction-USS Jimmy Carter (SSN-23) is not a ballistic missile submarine(SSBN) it is a Seawolf class nuclear powered attack submarine. I can’t speak to this particular mission, but it is heavily modified for secret squirrel-type ops.

    • I have a cousin that used to test missile shots in the quadulent islands 30 or 40 years ago. He has since moved on and works at the VLA in New Mexico. I can tell you that we do have hypersonic missiles LOL.

    • The state chose to spend their oil tax revenues on creating a massive and dysfunctional welfare state instead of developing transportation infrastructure. It takes DOT and their contractors years to modify an existing bridge over a swampy creek on the Parks Highway, permitting and building new roads/railroads would take centuries, assuming a permit would ever be issued.

      • The railroad from Fairbanks to Red Dog, Ambler and Nome should have been built decades ago and there is no excuse for one to not be under construction today. And stuff their permitting process. It was proven with the Pebble Mine that the permitting process is total crap and never ends.

      • Brian Simpson, it is apparent you have clear vision. However, all commenters seem to be ignoring this DOD grant is an example of government enriching select winners it chooses over losers it shuts out. How about an competitive RFP or low-bid process to purchase graphite. We are now to the point were the DOD just “grants” the money to some bureaucrat’s favorite cronie? As usual, someone is getting a financial gift from taxpayers.

  4. When I was a kid in 1959 I thought actual I frastructure would done in my lifetime now I know it won’t be done ever. What a waste of effort to live in Alaska. They don’t even like freedom or the US Constitution. They like subdivisions with snouthouses facing the correct uniform direction and Grandmother with a refrigerator strapped to her back riding her bike. That is ALL they will envision.

  5. They’ll probably like graphene rain ☔ if there is such a thing. THANX AGAIN democrats. ⁹

    • You do know that it is the DOD that is ordering all of the toxic spraying that goes on in the skies above us? All of the metals and toxins are serving one purpose or another – exterminate or control. How flattering that they might use our own materials to take us down.

  6. Funding is through the Inflation Reduction Act which Sen. Murkowski and Rep. Peltola voted for, and Sen Sullivan voted against.

    • that explains why Sen. Lisa has been pushing Graphite One so hard for the past two weeks on Twitter, doing videos on the Senate floor and even going out to the site and showing off core samples. She had inside intel that this was going to be announced. Glad to see you like government paying for mining, Frank. Your tax dollars at work.

  7. I bought a bunch of their stock right after Biden was elected. Things look good in my world. I think this mine will be built. Port improvements coming to Nome won’t hurt things either. Better than the 40 some million AIDEA is going to piss away on a road to nowhere.

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