Eaglexit education committee to unveil school district proposal at upcoming public meeting


The Eaglexit Education Committee will introduce a groundbreaking charter school district proposal at an upcoming public forum meeting on May 7 at 7 p.m. This proposed model places students at the center, with an emphasis on a rich and dynamic educational experience for each child.

The public forum, to take place at the Chugiak Senior Center in Chugiak, will give residents insight into what the education system of a new borough could be, if Eagle River and Chugiak detach from the Municipality of Anchorage and form their own home rule borough.

At the core of the proposal is a commitment to adhering to the principle of “money follows the student.” This innovative approach empowers families with the autonomy to select the educational environment best suited to their child’s unique needs, thereby directing resources to where they are most essential.

Ric Smith, Chair of the Education Committee, explained, “We firmly believe that every child deserves access to a high-quality education that empowers them to reach their full potential. Our proposed new charter school district places students and families at the heart of the educational journey.”

In addition to financial autonomy, the Eaglexit Education Committee is dedicated to fostering meaningful parental involvement in the educational process, the group said. Through a collaborative hiring process, educators and staff will be selected in consultation with parents, ensuring a team that is not only highly qualified but also deeply invested in the success and well-being of their students.

The forthcoming public forum will provide an opportunity for both education professionals and community members to engage directly with the Education Committee, posing questions and offering feedback on the proposed model.

“We invite all members of the community to join us at the town hall and contribute to this exciting new chapter in education,” urged the Eaglexit Board and Education Committee.

For further information, please contact Ric Smith, Chair of the Chugach Regional Borough Education Committee at [email protected].

About Eaglexit: Eaglexit and its Education Committee are at the forefront of educational innovation in Alaska. Committed to reshaping the educational landscape through creativity, collaboration, and cutting-edge solutions, Eaglexit and its members empower educators, engage families, and inspire communities to unlock the full potential of every child.


  1. This is fantastic. Education can be energized when parents and educators get on the same page. It is sad that the ASD board just prefers to go their own way with the one size fits all approach to education. Which is defined by failing education results. Assembly District 2 needs to detach from the MOA.

    • I agree. I support Eaglexit 100%. The problem is that bunch can’t afford to support themselves, they rely too heavily on the rest of the tax base.

      • Explain that. They have a tax base, in fact most are property owners with income. Lower levels of welfare, less crime. They would have their own budget priorities, virtually no hobos to support. I don’t understand your comment.

      • You know Bob, I have heard this for as long as we have lived in the C-ER area. Those living in the Anchorage bowl arrogantly assume that C-ER is just some backwater bedroom community for them. The fact is, this community pays a considerable chunk of property taxes to the Muni, therefor it has an established tax base. ( I do favor a modest sales tax to supplant at least some of the property tax burden)
        Once we divorce ourselves and no longer have pricey “equity czars”, “homeless czars”, “jobs program school district” etc. C-ER is quite capable to sustain itself.

    • It’s worse than that. It isn’t laziness on ASD’s part. It is activism both in curriculum and advancing teacher’s union benefits and priorities which are straight up Democratic Party leftism.

  2. Of course this “Eaglexit” education plan will be conducted in… someones living room? Every school and the property it sits on in Eagle river/Chugach is owned by the Municipality of Anchorage. Are the Eaglexit folks expecting the MOA to just donate those? That will never happen, can’t happen by law.

    Look, I understand the desire to leave Anchorage, I did and I’m so glad my tax money isn’t being spent there anymore. But, people have to think this through, all of the schools, municipal parks, fire stations and equipment, police stations and equipment, snow removal and road maintenance equipment, many of the roads themselves, etc. in Eagle River/Chugach are all owned by the MOA.

    Are the residents of Eagle River/Chugach ready to fork over hundreds of millions of dollars to buy all of that infrastructure and hire the people to run it all?

      • Only while you are part of the MOA. The MOA cannot legally give any of that property/equipment/ infrastructure away, it isn’t even an option without a muni wide vote. How do you think that vote is going to go? Hell, I’d wager the leftists on the assembly wouldn’t even let it come to a vote.

  3. Indeed, lords, vassals, and fiefs–the reordering of the Municipality of Anchorage under the pretext of better education. The big wigs get their cut; the rest get to pay–the same ol’ same ol’! But, hey, the system worked for some in the past, and you certainly don’t hear groaning from the graves: it’s got to be worth another shot, so give it a go!

  4. Still an interesting topic. I graduated high school with Ric, so he’s a ‘homeboy’, but the comment by ‘Mark’ is off mark. When Chugiak-Eagle River was incorporated into ASD making it one of largest ‘cities’ (based on landsize) in the country, the decision was bitterly fought against by the residents of those two towns. It seemed patently unfair that the political ‘machine’ of Anchorageites could swallow the two communities to potentially be treated like Mountain View, Muldoon, Rabbit Creek, etc to increase the Anchorage tax base, inherit its dysfunction, and not benefit in any more substantial way than the way Chugiak-Eagle River was used to already providing for itself. That was fifty years ago. C-ER has never been second class to any entity in any way. Much of Anchorage’s issues are related to its inability to increasingly access the resources, which because of the location of C-ER it has that distinct advantage. It is my personal opinion that the folks in that area are getting tired of the way Anchorage keeps mucking up local C-ER issues, such as access to Eklutna water supply, agreements with Eklutna elders, access to various social services, apparently a self-identified issue with public education, etc.

    • “Mark” is right on the mark. What happened 50 years ago is completely irrelevant to what will happen if C-ER leaves the MOA. The MOA owns all of the infrastructure/ buildings/ equipment I spoke of.

  5. It isn’t widely known, but most of Anchorage supports Eaglexit. In fact, there are large numbers hoping that Eagle River, including the Jamie Allards and Lora Reinbolds, are successful right away.

    • Mark, I agree with you. Our representatives on the assembly have been vilified for years for not towing the line Constant and company demand allegiance to.
      I do not know if you remember, but Mr. Constant some years ago was poised to put the
      “eaglexit” question on the ballot. It was a preemptive attempt to pull the rug out from under the organizers, by having the Muni voters reject the idea out of hand.
      The ballot initiative never materialized. I suspect he received many Anchorage resident emails in favor of C-ER leaving and many others pointing out that such a vote would be premature. The assembly clearly does not want to loose all these property tax paying households.


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