Peltola picks at non-union workers as ‘scabs,’ invites Alaska labor boss to State of Union address


The late Congressman Don Young was criticized for occasionally using colorful language. But Rep. Mary Peltola is no slouch. She got in line with the AFL-CIO union in a recent retweet of a message that was openly hostile to all nonunion workers: “Good morning, Saturday morning, to everyone except union busters & scabs,” the message said.

Peltola may not know that the origin of the word “scab” means any worker who is not part of a union. In union parlance, scabs are the lowest form of life on earth — even lower than company managers. The word “scab” is used to intimidate people who are not part of unions or who want to work in spite of a strike called by a union.

Peltola has invited Labor boss Joey Merrick as her guest at the State of the Union speech by President Joe Biden on Tuesday, Must Read Alaska has learned. Merrick, business manager for Laborers Local 341, is the husband of state Sen. Kelly Merrick of Eagle River. It is unclear if Merrick has accepted the invitation.

President Biden will address a Joint Session of Congress at the United States Capitol on Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2023 at 9 pm Eastern, 5 pm Alaska Time. It is considered an important event that will mark the launch of his 2024 bid for reelection.

Peltola’s comments on scabs comes on the heels of her verbal support for striking bus workers in the Mat-Su Borough. She called for an immediate resolution to the dispute, writing, “Striking is never an easy decision for workers — particularly educational professionals. The Teamsters Local 959 voted nearly unanimously to begin striking for better pay and safer working conditions. I’m sure they didn’t make this decision lightly. Let’s get them a good deal ASAP so they can get back to serving the Mat-Su community. When workers organize, they win!”


  1. Joey Merrick is a kiss*SS to LIUNA big shots, one of the most corrupt labor organizations in America and the object of many corruption investigations. Merrick was also a big player in getting RCV on the ballot, sending his out of work men and women of Local 949 out to the shopping malls to collect signatures so RCV would be on the 2020 ballot. He’s a hard core Democrat who got his wife to pretend to be a Republican in order to get elected to the Alaska Senate.

    • Union Guy; Unions are inflation drivers causing leap frog economics as small business have to catch up all the time to survive expensive government costs and it all started with unfair coal mining owners depriving workers decent wages and no health care for black lung victims who actually deserved a union. Remember John Henry?

      • Unions are run like Communist governments. The bosses at the top dictate the terms and steal their member’s money. If a member falls out of line, they get punished. Members are little more than slaves to the union bosses, who incidentally, live like kings and princes with the member’s money.

  2. A good communist from the commie run YK Delta
    Doe that old fool on the radio ever talk about this disaster we have for our only representative? I turned him off a while back

  3. Socialism starts with unions that work over their own people and then become communist rulers!!!
    The unions program their people on how to think in lockstep and if the underling don’t do as they’re told they don’t get a dispatch therefore they sit at home and starve to death until they continue the lockstep like Nancy Pelosi had in Congress, welcome to Europe Alaska!!! Or should I say Seattle or Washington DC!!! When the governments union the schools are union the colleges are union there’s nothing left so it’s time to throw T end of the sea again because they will tax you to make up the difference of the laziness that’s happening and the intentional slowdowns etc. etc. etc. that’s why the deep state is alive and well and God help us all⏰⏳

  4. Socialism starts with unions that work over their own people and then become communist rulers!!!
    The unions program their people on how to think in lockstep and if the underling don’t do as they’re told they don’t get a dispatch therefore they sit at home and starve to death until they continue the lockstep like Nancy Pelosi had in Congress, welcome to Europe Alaska!!! Or should I say Seattle or Washington DC!!! When the government, the DOT, the schools, the colleges, railroads, ports are union there’s nothing left, because they will tax you to make up the difference for the intentional slow downs and work stoppage that’s happening, that’s why the deep state is alive and well and Will stop any free thinking that was instrumental in starting the USA !!! Remember that less than one percent of the land in Alaska is in private hands, so let’s start another union !! God help us all⏰⏳

  5. I thought our US Representative was supposed to represent the citizens of the state. I believe Alaska’s workforce has about 16%(and declining) union membership.

  6. Her true colors came out fast.
    I wonder if all the people who just couldn’t stomach Sarah or Nick are happy with their 2nd vote.

    And as always, special thanks to Porcaro for pimping RVC as hard as he did, as much as he did, and (IMO) as recklessly as he did. Mary and Lisa couldn’t have been re-elected without him.

    • Wonder how much in revenue Porcaro ad agency grosses from the ones he covers for. Time and time again….You seen where he stood on Covid “ protocol”

    • “…….I wonder if all the people who just couldn’t stomach Sarah or Nick are happy with their 2nd vote……..”
      It’s kinda’ like being in Hell; you hate being there, but you’ll never repent and convert because that would be an admission that you were wrong, so you just sit there and burn with hatred for all.

  7. On Nov. 20, 1816, the term “scab” was used by the Albany Typographical Society to describe those who break strikes and work against union members. The term “scab” gained wide spread recognition when famous author Jack London used it in 1913 in his enduring poem: “Ode to a Scab.”

    • With respect, it was the Albany Typographical Union, rather than Society. (I usually don’t like to correct your comments, Frank, but let’s be accurate.) Further, in Great Britain, the term scab goes back to the Elizabethan era of labor. – sd

      • Thanks Suzanne, 95% of laborers were peasants during Elizabeth’s era, no wonder Unions were formed! Most Alaskans do not realize the high percentage of Union labor in Alaska. I believe we are 6th out of 50 States and the highest ranking Red State. I am all for comment corrections, feel free to correct my alternative facts at anytime! As a licensed professional, I am personally against white collar unions. Best Regards

        • Frank, If you look I think you will find that Union membership, (in productive industries) has declined in almost every year since Richard Nixon signed OSHA into law. As you may recall Tricky Dick was no fan of the AFL-CIO. Essentially the Government took Job Site Safety away from the Unions as an organizational platform. In Alaska and across the Nation what has happened since that time is that there has been an explosion in the membership of Government Workers Unions. An idea that even old F.D.R. found repulsive.

          BTW Frank, I worked Union and retired Union.

        • Stick to whatever it is that you’re licensed to do, Frank. Our high percentage of union labor is a statistical aberration because we have so many public employees, almost all of which are unionized. By the way, almost none of which ever had the opportunity to vote in an election over whether or not they want to be unionzed; at most they got to vote on which union would get their money. The only private or semi-private industry that is unionized in Alaska, or pretty much anywhere else in America, are those that rely on government funding or regulation, e.g., transportation, utilities, aerospace, etc.

          Just as in America until the mid-20th century, the majority of labor in Elizabethan England was agricultural labor. Labor was somewhat more regulated after the reforms brought about in the aftermath of the Black Death, so it wasn’t quite the serfdom of feudal times but it wasn’t pink Bubble-Up and Rainbow stew.

          Trades and crafts labor was highly organized into guilds that were just as regimented as any union. England was not just an enormously wealthy country in those times, it was far and away the most organized and industrialized country in the World. Building the Royal Navy was not a cottage industry with peasant labor. The British three deck ship of the line of a century later took all the white oak from 3500 acres of land for its timbers and it carried 50K yards of canvas when in full sail. That took organized industrial production mostly done by guild labor under a system that very much resembles modern collective bargaining except that a labor dispute was an ordinary contract dispute rather than a dispute with special rules and specific preferences for the employees.

          That system continued in British North America and in the US until the industrial explosion surrounding the Civil War. As the US developed the early steps of mass production, the pressure is for standardized practices and unskilled or semi-skilled labor that could be trained or replaced cheaply and quickly. Though in the skilled trades, the guild system persisted until the early 20th century labor laws began to erode it and favor the marxist model trade unions.

          • Trade Unions were around before Marxism, conflating the two is easy because famous Union promoters such as Pete Seeger were Marxists. Unions are very public unlike dark money 501 c 3 Non profits and the Koch Brothers industries which undermine organized labor. Whether you like Unions or not they are here to stay and a counter balance to abusive labor practices

  8. A good Communist from the YK Delta – what a shock
    Does that idiot on the radio ever mention what a disaster our lone representative is – she’s there in no small part next to him – I quit listening to him awhile back

  9. If you’re not paying dues to that particular arm of the machine, you are of little use.
    Dues are a vital element to their funding. Especially since FTX has been exposed.

  10. Mary is a shareholder in probably at least two Native Corporations. These same Corporations own Construction Companies. These Construction Companies are not Union Shops and most of their Subcontractors are non union as well.

    It’s sad really since Trade Unions have excellent apprentice programs. These programs teach their apprentice candidates skills and discipline.
    Given the above, Joey should not accept the invitation.

    • Yep, Natives, in general, are anti union. They have their reasons.
      Contractors come into the Bush w/ their union help & locals don’t get hired is one.
      Union apprenticeships require discipline & sobriety for 4/5 years is another.
      And there’s pee tests to get on jobs in the building trades.
      All things village guys grapple with.

  11. Economic slavery sucks, most union people are in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi and her gang of thieves, The union has Stopped freethinking and are socialists at this point, Think about it, If the guy next to you doesn’t carry the load, you carry more, but the guy next to you will make the same wages for carrying less of a load i.e.the government is union in Alaska the schools are union, the Railroad is Union etc. etc. etc. that’s why Alaska is controlled by Seattle and the monopolies will continue to run Alaska and economic slavery will continue to exist!!! Wake up and think for yourself, you don’t need the unions to tell you who to vote for, study the candidate and vote for the one that will do you the best job!!! And the rank choice voting is the Deep state set up to control the people while they do their dirty deeds in government as the deep state is hard at work to put in whoever they want to??? Think about it who counts the votes and you’ll find out that 70 to 80% of vote counters are government employees or X government employees of the deep state🤔

    • I would like to disagree with you on one point or another but I cannot. Your characterization of the big labor machine, Alaska Democrats, and corruption are exactly right. Senator Merrick is on the Senate Finance Committee. Main Chance Mary’s husband is trying to add nothing but make millions of dollars from Dunleavy’s carbon idea. Big Labor controls the state capitol budget. Municipalities insist on having project labor agreements. Big Labor dictates additional paid holidays for state and municipal employees, and keeps the 37 1/2 hour workweek. This is why Alaska isn’t what it once was.

  12. Calling non union workers scabs is WRONG and it’s like calling natives a derogatory name. Scabs are something you flick off of your skin and throw away. Does she realize that names hurt? Non union workers were some of those that voted her in. And that in 22 months will vote her out!

  13. There is no excuse for Alaska NOT to be a right to work state ! This has been voted down by our legislature numerous times with only the union lobby influencing the vote … this union lock up has to stop!

    Right to Work Law in Alaska: The Basics
    So far, Alaska has not enacted a right to work law or any laws prohibiting security agreements at unionized workplaces.
    Our Representatives should know better!

  14. Discrimination in the workplace should NOT be tolerated by anyone much less a elected official !

    Supporters, who coined the term “right to work,” claim that these laws are meant to prevent “forced” unionism, even though that is already prohibited under federal law. While no one may be forced to join a union, regardless of state law, these types of laws actually prohibit the enforcement of contracts that require monthly payments from non-union workers. These agreements are meant to ensure that unions are able to collect enough money to operate.

    Most states with right to work laws use some variation of the following statutory language: “No person shall be denied employment on account of membership or non-membership in a labor union.” This language again suggests that employees may be forced to join a union, which isn’t actually the case.

    The Info above and in this section is out of the page on “right to work “

  15. Regardless of the history of the term, its common usage is to denigrate people who chose to work while others strike.

    It’s also a common term applied to people who chose not to join unions but work in union heavy places.

    It’s a deliberately inflammatory term and Mary knows it. Not so different than if someone referred to her by any number of slurs commonly directed at natives.

    But it appears as long as the slur works for her instead of against her, she’s down with it.

    • A non-union guy once told me:
      “Yea, I’m a scab. A scab is the crust over an open would that promotes healing”
      Pretty deep guy.

  16. Peltola is all about paying back her major donors with political favors. Communists and America haters ……all.

  17. I am non-union. I have always been non-union. I will always be non-union. I did not, and never will, vote for Peltola. If other people want to join unions, that is their business, but leave the rest of us alone.

  18. Wow, it took Mary Peltola less than 6 months to become the most corrupt politician in Alaska history. Of course, having a partner/scoundrel in crime for a husband helps!

    • How is Buzzy a scoundrel? Please elaborate. He is a Federal worker, w/ no indictments.
      Of course working for the Feds could be considered criminal in some circles.

  19. Portraying ALL unions as bad is just a wrong and an uninformed opinion. Just like everything else, there are some bad apples in the bunch. I belong to a union and yes it has gotten us raises. They have also done an admirable job of protecting worker rights and fighting against tyrannical policies that affected personal safety. I pay $160 per month and have found it money well spent.

    • Unions used to perform a vital role in American society. They were a necessary moderating force against the worst abuses of the robber barons.

      Problem is, society evolved. Most of the safeguarding role they played now is done (sadly) by government agencies.

      Unions in modern life are often more a hindrance to growth than a help.

      I’m old enough to remember the Eastern Airlines strike. It lead (along with other factors) to the death of the airline. I watched union strikers celebrating the death of their employer. “We won! We won!”

      What did they win? Permanent job loss for 1000s of people.

      • We need unions. I have 3 union retirements, glad I do.
        I tell young people learn a trade, any trade, & work union.
        Still a solid plan, unless you start your own company.
        I remember when Greyhound bus had to drop the union to stay alive.
        There was another non-union bus outfit ready to take over if they didn’t

  20. When you work in a shop that is represented by a union, you are forced to become a member and most importantly, pay the union a portion of your earnings. You agree because you want the job. Then the union tells you how to vote, where you can do business and what you can eat. And they take your money and use it to back political organizations and candidates that pay back the unions with your tax money. If the unions could just do what they were created for instead of trying to become a superpower then life would be better. Of course a school bus driver wants to be highly paid without getting a job in an industry that pays more. It’s human nature. And with so many people not returning to the workforce, it puts their union in a very good position. The people who are getting hurt are the young families with jobs that can’t afford the time to drive their children to school each day, and their children are too young to drive themselves. And the poor who have no car. The unions know the power they possess and in the end, it would be cheaper to hire a limo company to provide this basic service. Of course these limos would need police protection to protect these scabs from retaliation. But wait, the police are union as well. Call your representatives, no, they are backed by the unions as well. Who’s running this country?

    • You actually aren’t required to pay dues anymore that was overturned a few years ago under the Janus vs AFSCME case by the Supreme Court. They also can’t tell you where to eat or what to buy. Your thinking of the unions running your life is 1960’s Jimmy Hoffa style thunking. Also they cant use your payroll deductions (dues) for political action committee work. Those funds have to be voluntarily contributed by the member unlike the old hourly dues structure was which was repealed under the Jans vs AFSCME case. What your dues actually cover are your healthcare and retirement, as well as the training trust that unions set up for its apprenticeships But you clearly don’t want facts I assume

      • Incorrect. Medical & retirement are in the contracts, the employers pay them.
        Dues support the “Hall”, rent, utilities, office pay, vehicles
        The apprentice training $ is a separte deduction (usually the smallest one)
        The contractors pay half the apprentice $.
        The apprentice board is half contractors, half union reps.

      • Nothing has changed, only Hoffa would be considered a piker in today’s politicized unions. Quit paying your dues and tell me how that works out for you. And those were not individual campaign contributions that went into the last round. Fact check. Or is it fat check.

    • They suggest how to vote. Your vote is secret & you vote how you wish.
      “tell you what to eat” Really? You actually think that?

  21. She didn’t waste anytime proving to Alaska that she is unethical, unqualified and puts Alaska 2nd behind the socialist democrat party.

  22. I wonder how well Alaska’s unions recruit from Bush communities for journeyman and apprentice labor? Curious minds want to know……….

    • There is outreach.
      Union people, involved in apprenticeship training travel to villages sometimes.
      Sometimes people are flown to ANC or FBX from the bush for initial training & to see if they WANT it.

  23. Nice picture of Buzzy (husband 3? 4?) He’s quite wealthy. Federal Government lifer.
    He trophy hunts in Spain w his Vegan daughter.
    That’s why they have over 200 guns at their place.

  24. Don’t confuse private trade unions with public employee unions. Most trade unions are not liberal and you don’t get paid for not working.

    • Thank you. Worked in both & the trade guys out work the MOA guys about 3 to 1 or 4 to 1.
      Hated it at the MOA, some guys worked, a couple worked hard, but half of them did almost nothing.
      All treated the same, nobody ever let go. Iron clad IBEW contracts.
      LOTS of bs shop politics. Only lasted 5 years, couldn’t take it

  25. Unions don’t recruit, they make it a requirement of your employment. If you don’t join and pay your dues, you will be fired. Alaska is not a Right To Work state. We need to be.
    Unions had their day… now, it’s just an organization to exhort money from hard working Americans. The union contracts are almost iron clad to keep you working for them.
    It took us almost 3 years to decertify Teamsters at our bus barn . Showing once again it’s not about helping the downtrodden employees but lining their pockets
    Read the book “Betrayed “ it spells out how the unions became socialistic. Is it any wonder that the Democratic candidate has embraced Socialism?…it’s all about the money unions give them.

    • Private unions certainly recruit, to man jobs for Davis, Hickle, Neeser ect…. they need workers
      You have to go through apprenticeship training & ‘turn out’ (become a journeyman)

      Please stop confusing us w/ ‘public servants’ whole different thing.

  26. Again, you’re saying “ALL” unions. Not all unions are this way. They may be few and far between, but there are good ones out there. Sadly, they are overshadowed by the bad eggs.

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