Consistent: Peltola votes against ‘Show Up Act’ for federal workers, is a no-show in committees, floor votes


Last week, Alaska’s Rep. Mary Peltola voted against the “Show Up Act,” a bill that passed the House 221-206, which would roll back the federal rules relating to telework to what they were before the Covid pandemic, when the federal government let many workers clock in from home. The idea of the bill is to get the federal workforce back into a regular working environment and make government more accountable.

Democrats voted against the bill that requires agencies to reinstate the telework policies that were in place on Dec. 31, 2019. According to the legislation, agencies may not implement expanded telework policies unless the Office of Personnel Management certifies that such policies, among other requirements, will have a positive effect on the agency’s mission and operational costs, says the summary from HR 139.

On Tuesday, Peltola was a no-show at her Transportation and Infrastructure Committee hearing, which had testimony from the high-ranking officials of the Federal Aviation Administration, an agency that is up for reauthorization. Top Transportation Department and FAA officials and airline industry experts, including representatives from the Airline Pilots Association, National Transportation Safety Board, National Business Aviation Association testified on aviation safety.

Alaska is the state that is arguably the most dependent on aviation and has the top cargo hub in America, the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport and Peltola issued a press release in January, celebrating her influential role as a member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. Read Peltola’s press release at this link.

Also on Tuesday, Peltola was a no-show again in her Natural Resources Committee, where the committee met as a committee of the whole to consider the Authorization and Oversight Plan for the 118th Congress.

Related document to that committee’s deliberations is at this link: HNR 118th Authorization and Oversight Plan 01.27.23 

Peltola was also a no-show for the House vote today on HR 97, which would remove the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Covid-19 vaccine requirement for non-citizens entering the United States. That measure passed 217-208, with Democrats voting against the resolution, which must also pass the Senate. The resolution also disapproves of the actions of the DC Council in allowing non-citizens to vote in the District of Columbia.

Last week, Peltola walked out of the Natural Resources Committee’s first meeting, after she said that there was too much partisan bickering. A debate about whether the House rules meant that firearms are or are not allowed in committee had ensued for about 15 minutes when Peltola walked out of the meeting, which had been going on for two hours. The meeting was an organizational meeting for the committee to establish rules and procedures. She later told reporters that the bickering was just too much for her.

Two weeks ago, Peltola was a no-show on a House floor vote on the protection of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve because, she later explained to reporters, she needed to use the restroom.


  1. NoShow Peltola!!!! Fighting for Alaskans!!! Jeez!! I don’t know how she does it. (that’s a sarcastic remark)

  2. She definitely does not replace D. Young.. I can just see him “rolling over” in his grave with all her responses. A very “SAD” representative for ALL Alaskans.

    • Stew, considering that the posts accompanying photo is of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, I doubt MRAK will be trying to offer any meaningful context. Either the editor can’t tell one brown person from another, or the editor is intentionally trying to rile folks up. (And yes, it happens with most members of congress. I was actually impressed that Rep. Peltola called out the childish bickering and walked out of the committee meeting on house rules–but then again, I don’t believe in yelling just to yell.)

      • Fanboy, you have missed the point of the photo, which is the empty seat next to AOC. Try to keep up. – sd

      • Quite obviously, the empty seat is the point of the photo Skippy. Moreover, the recent MRAK reporting of Peltola has been exceptional. Clearly, Ms Downing has very effective fact-gathering resources.

      • Publicly reprimanding her committee members and walking out doesn’t display her wisdom. Much as if i publicly reprimanded a supervisor for using profane words before walking. I’d incease my discomfort just for opening my mouth expressing contenciousness. Petola could had
        exercise restraint and humility kept her mouth shut and endure a little discomfort to not alienate herself from her co workers..

      • Good grief. Both women actually do look similar at times and as for ‘brown’? Perhaps some color blindness? Both fair-olive. Albeit there is a name plaque which does identify Cortez. And bickering is a huge part of congress. If Peltola has to remove herself every time
        there is arguing her attendance will be abysmal.

  3. They need to use Elon’s plan. Show up or be fired. On second thought, we should have him fire 40% of all agencies staff.

  4. She’s busy. It takes time to grift and insult people who probably didn’t vote for her.

    You don’t expect her to actually do all that and her job, do you? Girl can only do so much

  5. OMG, she looks just like AOC in that picture. Didn’t take long to acquire the “DC” look did it. She’s a paid actress pretending to be a person of importance.

  6. You see, none of this matters. She’ll just run another sweet, friendly and non-confrontational re-election campaign in 18 months to seal another 2 year term. She’s in and will be until she either quits, retires or like The Don, dies. Mark my words as this is the reality.

  7. So she isn’t attending the committee that she might actually represent the Alaskan economy to good purpose. She should resign if she doesn’t want to do the job. It isn’t like congress puts in 40 hour weeks.

  8. With all the No-Shows by the Princess, how about her husband Gene just show up instead and vote his wife’s position? So, what’s wrong with that idea? Just as good as having the Princess there drawing all the good wages and perks beyond belief and still No-Show.

  9. A ridiculous bill since the vast majority of Federal workers do not have anything close to day to day interactions with the public. It’s just that Republicans hate Federal workers, which is ironic give that they themselves are Federal workers. At any rate, it will never pass the Senate and Biden would veto it anyway. Another useless bill from the GOP.

    • I’m a Republican and I don’t hate federal workers. In fact I don’t know one Republican that hates any federal worker. If by “hate federal workers” you mean: “can’t stomach waste fraud and abuse”, you’d likely be correct. You would be where I’m concerned, at least. Do Democrats love waste, fraud, and abuse? Over generalizing, it seems like they do.

  10. Peltola can’t hurt Alaska and Alaskans if she isn’t present. We have at best a 50-50 chance if she is. I’d rather she not show up than if she did.

  11. She is useless as our Alaskan Representative but is an acting itinerant grifter with her husband. She must have bought the Biden paperback, How to Get Rich on the Government Dole and Never ‘Work’ a Day in Your Life.”

    • “itinerant”, you mean like a carpetbagger, vagabond, someone from another place and “grifter” , a con woman? You mean Tshibaka?

  12. Didn’t take long for her and Gene to show their true colors did it. Funny how Ole Carbon Credit Gene is parading around like he has some clout and Mary “4 last name” Peltola are acting like they are on some taxpayer funded DC adventure. Whats next matching DC themed tattoos ? I mean she doesn’t seem to do much aside from tweet once or twice a day and line up the next meeting for her husband.

    But in 2 years she will pull the rural vote and she will get re-elected, anything short of her doing lines of coke on TV and getting caught with a dead body in her trunk and she will get re-elected

  13. Alaska has three official voices in Washington D.C., two are a result of RCV (Ranked Choice Voting) and one an obvious example of political deceit. You shouldn’t have much of a problem figuring which is which. Are you waking up yet?

  14. For my money she should not vote for the next two years. She doesn’t represent the state of Alaska anyway. Any vote that she will make will not be in the interest of the state

    • Unfortunately, because of the cosmicly weak popcorn fahrt speaker of the House McCarthy and the demons his ego wedged into committees, oh and George Santos, the House is a lame duck. Two years of nothing.

      • If we end up having two years of congressional gridlock, NOTHING could be better for the average American. As Mark Twain said (and I perhaps paraphrase here), “Neither freedom nor prosperity are safe whenever Congress is in session”.

  15. She is just a puppet of the Deep State and will follow orders like a good fascist. Did anyone really expect otherwise? An installed communist will follow the orders of their masters.

  16. Peltola missed her committee meeting; yet, her staff told people coming to her office with appointments that she was in committee for important votes. Caught in anothe double-whammy lie.
    Peltola’s record is ridiculously bad. Can’t wait for the next election. And yes, I voted for zprltola; however, will not make that mistake twice.

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