Rep. Peltola tweets that ‘Barbie’ is all about ‘organizing’


It may not be on everyone’s mind in Alaska, but Rep. Mary Peltola has her sights set on the “Barbie” movie, because it’s all about unions, evidently … Although one would have to cross a picket line in Hollywood to see it, perhaps, now that actors and writers are on strike. (To be clear, unions have curiously not called for people to stop going to the movies during the strike.)

The “Barbie” summer blockbuster opened to a $155 million weekend, up against the more serious movie “Oppenheimer,” about physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer and his work on the Manhattan Project, developing and designing the atomic bomb. 

According to Peltola, “Barbie” is about “organizing.”

Peltola also recently took to social media to support striking Hollywood actors, and earlier this year supported union-organizing baristas and put out a call for a pizza workers’ union in Alaska so that she could have a slice of union-made pizza.

Evidently Peltola and the AFL-CIO are the only ones who think the movie is about union organizing. Movie critics say it’s a comedic journey of self discovery for Barbie and Ken, after Barbie has an existential crisis and Ken joins her in going to the real world to find out what life is really like.


  1. Maybe Petola should go watch Sounds of Freedom and learn what has and still is happening. Firget this Woke ideology its pure stupidness!!

  2. Geez, I thought Barbie was all about White privilege and beautiful White women. Did Peltola miss something?

  3. What are this woman’s qualifications again? This seems a little too absurd to be simple pandering.

    • Mike, I’m wondering how it is that Mary, a shareholder of a Native Corporation which owns a non-union construction company would advocate for organizing?

      Maybe Mary is uninformed about her own backyard?

      • No one needs to be informed of the needs of their constituents when they are directed as to how to cast each vote. I did not think a politician could actually sell out both liberal AND conservative sides, but just look at what lil mary has accomplished!

  4. Okay, so what’s the point here? Are you telling us she’s actually tweeting all this, or is it really someone in the boiler room of XYZ puppet master (AFL-CIO? Blue Alaskan? Ship Creek Group?)?

  5. Any Tweets about fixing our potholes ? How about getting to the matter of homelessness on the streets ? Didn’t think so. Didn’t take her long to drink the Kool-Aid . Hollywood ,,,,, not Alaska the flavor this week. Her being Native you would think she would be addressing issues in the Villages that does lead to the scenes on the streets. She will have a big war chest next election. Union pizza ,,,,,, that’s just stupid.

  6. Mary, Mary, quite constitutionally contrary, how does your garden grow?
    With radical leftist zealotry, and conformity, and talking points all in a row.

    • Are you saying she has something in common with Trump?

      “A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution,” – DJT posted on Truth December 3,2022.

      • Alaskan Man, Abe Lincoln did exactly what T- Tump allegedly said above, albeit we do not know the context inwhich Trump said it.

        Your ability to convince falls flat using such teenage logic.

        • You may want to double or triple your dose of prevagen. Lincoln suspended one right under the Constitution, the writ of habeas corpus. The Constitution states that the “privilege of the writ of habeas corpus” may be suspended in “cases of rebellion or invasion”. My prevagen dosage tells me there was a civil war going on at the time, which would qualify as a rebellion.

          As far as not knowing the context of Trump’s comment, you may need quadruple you dosage, as he was referring to the Big Lie. Have you heard of it?

  7. Think you know all about nuclear bombs, #Oppenheimer and #TheColdWar? Ever heard of Bill Fairclough @BurlingtonFiles (Codename JJ) in Pemberton’s People in #MI6? Read how MI6 stumbled upon Operation Smiling Buddha in #India in 1974 in #BeyondEnkription + ‘

  8. So I guess the Leftist Covid mandates didn’t close enough small Mom& Pop businesses to satisfy her party. Let’s force them to pay entry level teenagers union wages and benefits. How do you like your pizza now? Frozen, I think.

  9. Where is Maureen Cman and Frank on this super important topic? They really have someone representing them with a high IQ.

  10. We are definitely stuck in an era of dumb women politicians. They never received their education in logic and independent reasoning skills. They will bring families, tradition, and the country down.

    • Exactly!
      A pink nightmare that is artificial and fake and only appeals to a very young crowd, whose sophistication level is probably on par with Barney. They can not even spell
      “unionizing”let alone know what it is.

      • ‘A pink nightmare that is artificial and fake and only appeals to a very young crowd, whose sophistication level is probably on par with Barney.’

        This is the perfect description of lil mary!

  11. Barbie used to look so innocent fifty years ago but with Mary clinging on to her purse strings she is starting to resemble the witch in the land of OZ…(and I dont mean the good witch).
    In fact Mary using her broom for transportation could be the source of those shiny bright UFO’s spotted lately. Gold coins trailing her broom provide all the sparkle.

  12. How much has she gotten from unions? Lately she is a one trick pony, everything is about unions. Look, there is a wild fire, the firefighters should be unionized. Oh.. look at the pretty clouds, they should unionize. UFOs are real, wonder if they have organized labor on other planets…

  13. My cousin told me I need your app or website on my phone or computer. Looking forward to your comments.

  14. So Alaska has only one problem? Not enough unions? Maybe she should unionize all the panhandlers next.

    • The average Anchorage panhandler brings in 4-600 per shift. They should at least be liable for taxes. So sure the unions would enjoy their cut as well. But don’t think they wish to disclose their earnings. Many are not even homeless but playing on our pathetic sympathies. Enjoyed watching the guy in the wheelchair trying to cross the road for a better spot. Got stuck in the snow and picked up the wheelchair and carried it across the four-lane intersection, then resumed his position. You-all a bunch of suckers.

    • Why purposely and publicly display your ignorance? I never understand why that is appealing to the poorly educated.

      Other than where they serve, there is no resemblance between Peltola, who has integrity, honesty and vigor, and Santos who would lie when the truth would serve him better.

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