Washington Gov. Inslee says ‘climate change bomb’ has already gone off


In an interview with ABC’s Martha Raddatz on Sunday, Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington sounded the alarm on the escalating climate change crisis, stating that the fuse had been burning for decades, and now the “climate change bomb” has gone off.

“This is the age of consequences because whatever we thought of climate change last year, we now understand that the beast is at the door,” he said.

Gov. Inslee, said that the Earth is “screaming at us.” He shared insights from his conversations with a scientist.

“It’s happening to us maybe two decades earlier than we really thought could be in the realm of the possible. so we have to dramatically increase our efforts,” he said.

The way to combat climate change is to stop using fossil fuels altogether, he said, calling oil a “massive assault on humanity.”

He did not mention that Washington state has the fifth-greatest oil refining capacity of any state, with 5 refineries and a capacity of 637,700 barrels per day.

Inslee said Washington state is electrifying its state transportation fleet, and has passed a law requiring 100% “clean energy” in the years ahead.

When questioned about meaningful climate goals, Gov. Inslee underscored that short-term action is essential. His office has set ambitious targets such as stopping the sale of gas- and diesel-powered cars after 2035 and electrifying its ferry fleet.

Inslee did not mention that the cost overruns for electrifying the ferry fleet in Washington have been so great that the executive branch will have to go back to the Legislature for more appropriations before starting the project.

Bids for the conversion came in higher than the $120 million estimated by the state’s Department of Transportation, with one bid at more than $150 million and the other are more than $166 million. Inslee’s ferry electrification project is projected to reduce usage of oil-based fuel by the ferries by 90% by the year 2026.

Inslee called for the United States to lead by example and inspire other nations to join the fight against climate change. The Governor stressed the importance of not only moral responsibility but also self-interest in building economies and creating new jobs through climate-friendly initiatives.

Although Raddatz asked him how the actions of the U.S. could make a difference when she state climate change is a worldwide problem, Inslee said it is all about the United States leading the way.

“You tell your kids to lead when you send them to summer camp. You say, lead. The United States should be, and is the leader in this effort, and people are coming along. We need to lead, and we need to lead not just from a moral standpoint, but from our self-interest standpoint. We need to build these jobs here and build these economies here, these battery companies that are throughout the midwest. We’re rebuilding the rust belt in the Midwest United States into the silicon belt, and the belt of new innovation. So this is a self-interest for us to take action, and we’re certainly committed to it, and again, if you want to be an economic leader, follow Washington State in what we’re doing. We’re building the, you know, the largest fuel cell in the world, powering the largest truck in the world.”

Must Read Alaska was not able to verify that claim, although Washington is pioneering in hydrogen fuel.

In response to skeptics and climate change deniers, Gov. Inslee urged voters to support leaders who take the climate crisis seriously. He criticized former President Donald Trump’s dismissive stance on climate change.

“We can’t wait for Donald Trump to figure this out. We don’t have time to mess around to wait for this knucklehead to figure this out,” he said.


    • Motive of the nay sayers is that they don’t want to lose climate warming vehicles, heat producing energy and the like and want to reproduce to oblivion and are concerned with now rather than the future.
      Summarize, w’ere spoiled.

      • Warmer since when?? We’re in the fourth year in a row of below average temperature in Alaska.

        Fact check that with NOAA.

        Washington is a socialist crap hole.

        • A person would have to be very narrow minded if they thought Alaska was the only temperature gauge for the whole world ;-(

          • Then explain why the 1930’s were incredibly hot, but nobody talks about it. Certainly not any climate scientists. They have an agenda and feed people like you what you now believe. It’s been wiped from the records and all the climate nuts deliberately forget about that period. Remember also, due to rapidly cooling temps in the 70’s, the conventional wisdom is that we were headed into (gasp) another ice-age. Listen, you think way too much of yourself to believe that you can influence the big Mother (Nature) and can alter what she has planned.

          • Third Gen, why isn’t ” climate change” an issue in China ? Perhaps because China is already a Totalitarian Commie State?

            Huh, ya think?
            BTW, lots of great science out there to study, you might start with reading Richard Lindzen, ( sp) MIT professor. Might help explain how the atmosphere actually works.

            Your welcome too BTW!

        • Do you even TRY to look at the data? Alaska has warmed more than twice as rapidly as the rest of the United States over the last 60 years and is rising at two to three times the rate of the global average. You seriously look at 4 years and determine that’s a trend? You also use a time period post 2019, the year in which we hit some of our all-time high temperatures in the state (remember 90 degress here in Anchorage).

          • Unfortunately, the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the National Weather Service (NWS), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and other federal agencies have a propensity to obfuscate weather data in order to promote their “climate change” agenda. Their latest ruse was exposed recently when they claimed that the Earth’s temperatures were the hottest they have ever been. They failed to mention that the only way that statement could be true is because they were basing their findings on ground temperatures versus the more traditional and accurate use of air temperature. Most layman would not have caught that subtle subterfuge, but actual scientists did in fact catch it.
            The climate change agenda is more about administrative control of the world’s population and less about the weather!

          • Cman why don’t you look back and tell us what the temps were 1 billion years ago. You can’t that’s because temps have been recorded for a very short time on this rock. Until you can prove any science to the climate change for the last billion years is man caused. We have only been watching weather for a very short time of this 4.6 billion year old rock.

          • I guess you do have a faith based belief system you believe in.

            Why do you have a computer or cell phone to type this post? I hope you are not flying or driving a car. Or eating meat. Why do you even consume anything at all, nasty human parasite on precious mother earth. Maybe change begins with you. Lead the way. Can we assume this is your last post as you are becoming clean with your carbon footprint? If we se you post again we all will know you are just a talker…. probably white too… so much original sin….

          • We’re loving the warm weather and the lush vegetation in Alaska. If you don’t like it, c…man, MOVE!

        • Ocean temperatures around florida about five degrees warmer than normal killing the coral. Overall it’s getting warmer globally and the sea ice melting.

      • what’s motive of the brainwashed establishment bootlickers who believe anything the elites tell them?

        Im a naysayer I prefer reliable inexpensive energy and dont believe the worst case scenarios that is being pushed by the same people who lied and pushed misinfo to sell a novel vaccine and shifted resources and wealth to huge corporations and the politico’s

      • Oh… we’re spoiled.
        Good argument for ruining the economy, ruining the ability to grow and transport food, ruining children’s lives, etc… We should just give in because we are spoiled.
        Know who thinks like that? Children.

  1. What a loony-toon. He must aspire to be a high priest of the climate cult. Another useful idiot unwittingly doing the bidding of the elitist Marxist globalists. It is all about power and control over all of us. No science or logic necessary. None of their historic histrionic false prophecies have ever come to fruition.

  2. Washington state is doomed, thanks to all the liberal leftists democrats who invaded in the 70’s and 80’s.

  3. Ask just about any Washington state resident, even a Democrat, what they like about Jay Inslee.
    Crickets. The same applies to Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. Inslee is a dunce. He doesn’t understand that summer means hot weather. Heat domes stay around until lower pressure removes the high pressure. Climate activist fools are now our leaders.

    • Climate Clowns always weigh in when the summer weather warms up……like it always has for the past several million years.😂

        • regurgitated NPC talking point. when its a hot year the climate doomer’s use weather as their evidence( I.E the recent hottest days on earth ever recorded). then if normal people try and use cooler years as an indicator that maybe the doomer’s might not be 100% correct in their little doomsday scenarios they love to hit you with this great weather isn’t climate thing. it’s typical leftist NPC heads I win tails you lose arguments and its pathetic

        • C…man,
          Apparently YOU don’t understand the difference between weather and the climate.
          Go get a real education and find somewhere else to push your Democrat propoganda.
          You are an idiot.

          • If all you can do if call me names then you clearly have no argument and you clearly don’t understand the difference between weather and climate or the difference between two or three years of temperatures and long term trends. Open a book for once.

          • The hottest temps in Alaska seem to be from records going back to the 1960’s and even the turn of the century. Go read and look up the records. Must have been all of those cars and chimneys from 60 and 100 years ago. You weather fools and climate clowns need therapy.

    • Well, when children vote, they do so for childish reasons.
      It is the same thing about the folks cheering when Trump lost in 2020. They could not name a single thing about why they wanted Briben, but they sure as hell did not want Trump.
      That is how the morons who voted Inslee in justify their choice. “It is not… [name the republican]”

      • Democrats are corrupt everywhere. A Republican candidate for governor finally lost by 100 votes in 2004 after three recounts by the Democrats. The cheaters found about 120 uncounted ballots behind a piano, which they finally counted. Christine Gregoire, the Democrat, cheated her way to Olympia. Democrats have no morals, principals, or scruples. Election fraud has been their business for decades.

  4. The one thing he hasn’t said yet, is population control. Wait another year or so, and I’m sure that idea will start to take hold with these nut-jobs.

    • Kammie, aka Kamala Harris, has already told us that!!! Population control. Later reported by damage control as pollution control. But, you know what she really meant. People are the only reason for climate change, aka global warming.

  5. I’ve been to Seattle recently. Was cloudy, cool, rainy. Same as the last 1000 years.

    The trash bomb, however…

    • I was there last year. Junkies were laid out on the sidewalk near the ferry dock. Pioneer Square park was fenced off. That was new.

      • What I genuinely don’t understand how/why progressives are comfortable with this level of filth and human suffering.

        • Because they don’t actually care about these people. The unfortunates are merely intentionally caused sacrificial collateral damage of the “by any means necessary” and “the end justifies the means” sociopolitical pathology of the tyrannical Leftist agenda; people who are so mired in their human suffering that they don’t even realize they are being used (along with many others in every other aspect of life) as political foot soldiers (useful idiots) in the war against liberal (classical) society.

          AND, the progressives in power don’t locally live in their own policy-created cesspools.

    • Actually, a relatively short time ago (about 90 centuries) at the end of the Pliestocene Epoch, Washington state was covered by deep glacial ice… along with the entirety of Canada and all the northern states of the USA. Thereafter, climate changed constantly during this current Holocene period, warming to become what it is today. Those, including Inslee, who believe climate should not be changing are the true “Climate Change Deniers.” The climate has always been changing and it will continue to do so. “Gov. Inslee, said that the Earth is screaming at us. He shared insights from his conversations with a scientist.” Interestingly, the climate alarmist agenda dovetails perfectly with that of population controllers, eugenisists, one world government promoters, and the Davos agenda. They all say, “you will own nothing; and you will be happy.” As far as they are concerned, you should embrace your slave mentality.

  6. It seems Representative Peltola forgot she represents the people of Alaska and is now a global representative!

  7. Doubt if he can chew gum and walk at the same time. Used to enjoy going to that state, now avoid it. Probably get arrested there for using common sense. He was right unintentionally about one thing, though. We should be worried about bombs going off with our present leadership. How can our country’s enemies be concerned with idiots leading our country.

  8. Was on a cruise in San Francisco Bay in June. While pulling up to the pier to unload, the announcer mentioned that raising all of the docks in San Francisco because of climate change was going to cost billions of dollars, and the bay was already rising. Odd, looking at the piers in the water, nothing was any higher than when I visited in the 1970s. Who are you going to believe, climate change fetishists or your silly eyes?

    • Didn’t they say that half of California was going to be under water several decades ago due to ‘global warming’? Why hasn’t that happened?

  9. This fella was a complete thug during Covid. He is uniformly bad and should not be trusted with power. He essentially personifies the Left.

  10. I think Inslees been into the fentanyl with the majority of others in King County, he’s kinda like that Rob Ford guy the old Toronto Mayor , Other then a few county’s in Washington, the State is majority red but between 750,000 or so severely mentally ill liberals in King County and obvious election shananigans and fraud in a few other counties, the majority of the state is Red and doesn’t get any representation.

    But Many of us in Washington are patiently still Counting on a giant sinkhole to swallow up most of King County so it will allow Elliot Bay to flow in wash away the lunacy and filth.

    The truth is most of those who live in King County, and a few other Counties, are severely mentally ill!

    • Here we go again. Hoping for a Deus Ex Machina (look that up), or a miracle from God, to correct your state…. rather than good old fashioned hard political work to get out votes. Or, to effect change in your public education bureaucracy.
      And be clear; leftists are not “severely mentally ill.” They know precisely what they are doing. Its tyranny. Its not a mental deficiency–its a moral deficiency.

  11. THE SKY IS FALLING!!! THE SKY IS FALLING!! Damn it Chicken Little!!! Didn’t you ever read the book when you were in grade school? Can I say grade school now?

  12. Didn’t they say that half of California was going to be under water several decades ago due to ‘global warming’? Why hasn’t that happened?

      • Hold on here Greg, the rock was higher? Do you mean to say that the Rock sunk into the Earth’s crust? Perhaps erosion from rain and wind lowered it? Or perhaps you are wrong and the Rock might actually br higher now than it was in 1600 because of Glacial Rebound? Do you have any data to back up your claims?
        I focused upon the Rock’s elevation because it is widely known that the time between 900 ad to about 1200 ad is known to have been an era of greatly increased ” global warming”. Evidence abounds in supporting this event. Interestingly the era from 1600 to 1850 was a period called the ” little ice age”.
        Given the above its fairly obvious that climate changes and sea levels rise and fall and mountains rise and are ground down by glaciers and get washed into the sea. All of these things happened prior to the internal combustion engine and industrialization.

        • Actually, the rock does not need to sink into the earth’s crust. It quite possibly is higher or lower due to glacial rebound. The northern part of the tectonic plates were pressed into the mantle during ice ages, and has been slowly rebounding since the ice retreated. Net result, the mass of the southern part of the plates is sinking back to a neutral position on the mantle.
          Now, I do not know if Plymouth rock would go up or down because of glacial rebound, but it is possible for it to be at a lower elevation (above sea level) than it was when the Pilgram’s landed because of it.

  13. “Climate change” is the tool that dictators and tyrants are currently using to gather more and more power.

  14. Quick, Someone nominate this new fool for President.
    The old fool has wondered off the lawn and he cant seem to find his way back.
    Inslee is a genious in disguise. “Free Heroin to anyone that votes for me”

  15. The climate change drum beating has gotten very loud this summer. Slowly I hear more and more about climate change “lock downs.” Climate change is a tool to scare and fool people into giving up more freedoms. Jay Inslee is a tyrant and is doing terrible things to the once great state of Washington.

    • No one is denying the climate changes.
      People with any level of intelligence deny that raising taxes, implementing unreliable (so-called) renewable energy, and switching everything to electric will make any difference whatsoever. If you want to call that denying climate change, you are the problem.

  16. maybe Inslee can use his influence to try and get his fellow political elites like mayor pete and climate czar john kerry to stop flying their private jets everywhere or better yet perhaps he can get some of the proxy war/ regime change war funding off the table I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that the U.S. military industrial complex is a major cause of Carbon in the atmosphere.

  17. To keep it in perspective, this is his religion. You can’t move him off it any more than convince a priest not to believe in the trinity.

    The reality that every single dire prediction the climate nuts have made is immaterial to the zealot. If it’s not true, his whole belief system is rocked to the core.

    In Mass, an important part of worship is saying the Nicene Creed. Every Mass we recite it as a confirmation/
    reaffirmation of our belief.

    What Inslee is doing it the same thing.

  18. For all the climate activists out there, here is some hard truth for you to swallow. I know you have been indoctrinated through propaganda and fake science from BS universities that sensor real science that goes against their false narrative which is bought and paid for by eugenic based Rockafeller and Carnagie foundation donation grants, but here is the triggering truth. You have been lied to. Just as you were lied to under Covid. Remember this truth, zero net carbon emissions mean you, your children, and your children’s children must die off! You are carbon-based life forms, and zero net carbon emissions means you must die! So, if you are aligning yourself with this climate garbage just know that you are aligning with government sponsored democide and that makes you a government sponsored suicide cult of death hiding behind a green mask! Don’t be a death cult fueled by fear and false science. Wake up, stand up for humanity, be brave and walk away from the slave plantation of death. If you fall for this preprogrammed garbage of climate change, you will be enslaved and depopulated. Stop being the lap dog for elitist special interests that want you to die off, in the guise of saving the earth! Start standing for truth, life and freedom!

  19. I think it would be fun to shut the oil off for 6 months. Let’s see how that works out. Inslees own people would hunt him like an animal in 1 week. The riots would be awesome too. Definitely a little population control would kick in. No groceries, no clothing, no gas for your car or boat. That would definitely separate the men from the boys. Let it rip.

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