Nick Begich endorses Trump for president


Alaska Republican congressional candidate Nick Begich has joined Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson in endorsing former President Donald Trump for president.

In a social media post, Begich on Monday said that Trump had been a pro-Alaska president, while Biden’s policy’s have hurt the state.

“Mary Peltola has endorsed Joe Biden for another failed term,” Begich said. “After reviewing Trump’s record on Alaska, it’s clear: Donald Trump has been the most pro-Alaska president in our lifetimes. Alaska’s economy has been rated dead last in the nation, and it’s because of Joe Biden’s record of standing against our state, against our people, and against the development of our resources. In this election, the choice is obvious. We stand with Trump and see generational prosperity or we continue down a road with Joe Biden that leads to generational poverty.”

The announcement comes just two days before the next Republican debate, which will be held in Tuscaloosa, Ala. on Wednesday evening. Trump will be holding a separate fundraiser during the debate; he has attended none of the three prior debates.

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy endorsed Trump earlier this year, as has Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, among several current and former state executives.

Other big-name Republicans recently endorsing the former president are Sen. Lindsey Graham, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Sen. JD Vance. The Ohio Republican Party has also given Trump its endorsement. A total of 84 Republican representatives have endorsed Trump. A comprehensive list of endorsements can be found at Wikipedia.

Alaska’s Rep. Mary Peltola, a Democrat, endorsed President Joe Biden in April.


  1. So, this loser backs a candidate that grew the national debt by $7 trillion- so Begich is not a fiscal conservative. Begich also backs a candidate that dodged the draft. A candidate that lost to Hillary Clinton in the popular vote, and also lost to the disastrous Joe Biden in both the popular vote and electoral vote.

    In Trump’s words: “”I think Bill Clinton was a great president,’” Trump said in the interview that was conducted shortly after the 2008 presidential election on NY1’s “Inside City Hall” program.

    Asked about Hillary Clinton, Trump said: “I think she is going to go down at a minimum as a great senator. I think she is a great wife to a president.”

    Begich deserves to lose. Again.

    • Exactly! Regardless of what Begich says, one only needs to look at the reality of what/who they are supporting…

      A person who has 91 separate criminal charges pending against him. Now that’s something to proud of 🤮

      • Actually, it is. The left is so desperate, they’re willing to stretch laws to the point of breaking them trying to stop Trump. They want authority, not freedom. If you value our Republic, you won’t vote for those who feed the machine. You’ll vote for those who value the US Constitution.

      • You gotta love that 91 counts.
        I mean, wasn’t one of the charges removing the tags on his mattress?
        If you actually think any of those charges is anything other than political attacks against an opponent, you are the problem with America today.

      • They are indictments and the goal is not to convict, and they can’t. The charges are meant to keep Trump in negative light with the hopes of people like you believing it. On some, like yourself, it works.

    • You remember a certain event called Covid? Cost lots of $$. Been to the store lately? Hits you directly in your wallet. Biden did that.

      • Not only that, but it compromised our immune systems as much as our wallets. Our elderly are dropping like flies.

      • The national debt is less than half of the equation. (Kids and grandkids beware)
        Inflation is the most important factor currently. EVERYONE gets to deal with that on a daily basis and it hits the lower income group the most when you have to resort to beans and rice for a meal instead of expensive healthy protein and fresh produce.
        Families with children are the hardest hit.

    • Adding to the national debt is not a decent measure.
      I am sure that you think 0bama is a fantastic President despite the fact he added $10T to the national debt. And, he did not even have a panicdemic as an excuse.

    • Last time I checked Trump did not lose to Hillary. The popular vote was tainted as was the previous election. Biden did not win the election, he was merely installed. Look at the havoc and mayhem which has ensued since his taking office, we’re all hurting (except for the Democrat Elite).

      • You need to check harder Jim. Details matter. Hillary had 65.8 million votes to Trump’s 63 million votes. And this was before all the nonsense Trump created. We need a candidate that doesn’t have all the baggage Trump carries. Four more years of Biden is the death of the country as we know it.

        • And, what difference does the popular vote make in any way?
          The President is elected by the States, not the population as a whole.

  2. There goes whatever credibility Begich had. No intelligent critical thinkers support defendant Trump.

    • VC for piece, dude, you really should try to come up with a better angle. Even a tiny amount of critical thinking would support Nick’s argument. You lose credibility when you say stupid stuff, wait, are you channeling Joe Biden?

    • Critical thinkers?
      Well, there goes any credibility you ever had.
      You do realize that Marx was a strong proponent of critical thinking, right? The operative word being critical, not thinking. In fact, critical thinking, as commonly used is the actual opposite of thinking. It is doing nothing but criticizing whatever item you are talking about, completely and totally ignoring any positives.
      But, you do you, as a good leftist, I am sure you think cutting things down is just as productive as building them up.

        • What difference does it make where I live.
          Several frequent commenters on this site are quite open about living in other states. But… It is a problem for me?
          And, I will call anyone a leftist when they act like one. You know, like you do all the time, constantly thinking more government control is good.
          And Trash thinks that “critical thinking” is something other than a method of indoctrinating future useful idiots. That places him squarely in the leftists bucket.

        • How about you explain how anything I have written indicates I do not live in Alaska?
          Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Joe, Jim, Valerie, and Hunter Biden are so crooked that if they swallowed nails, corkscrews would come out the other end……

    • So, Trump is crooked.
      I guess he must be the smartest criminal on the planet. After all, he has been investigated non-stop since 2015 and they have come up with nothing of any substance.
      I do not know how you defraud a bank that gave you a loan, and you paid it back, but NY State seems to think that constitutes fraud in some way.
      Georgia’s indictment is laughable at best.
      The classified documents drama? Please, if that is cause for imprisonment, then every politician in DC should be locked up.
      Nobody alive could survive the level of scrutiny that Trump has endured for the last eight years and not have any serious charges filed. So, either Trump is a genius, or he is clean. There is no half way here.

    • Tim
      You would know crooked from lying.
      Remember ALL politicians lie and steal.
      You need to get in the game as your demos are crashing hard.

    • Nick travels a lot and is always willing to talk to anyone unlike Mary who caters to her union groupies.
      If Nick is in your area which I know he will be just reach out and chat with him.
      I will bet money he will impress you with his original sound business ideas without the horse crap campaign dung.

      • He had my vote last time. Probably will this time, considering the opposition.

        But I’m smart enough to know a play for attention when I see one.

  3. I support trump. Vcp you’re a communist and have demonstrated it over and over. You should find a left wing lib rag to blabber your nonsense on. I also support nick.

    • Patrick I wish you would re think that. Nick is a very smart guy. Very personable. If you don’t know him you should go meet up with him. We are unique as a state as we still have Acess to our elected officials.

    • Ahhh…. Patrick.
      Demonstrating why the leftists always seem to win.
      A politician does one thing, one single thing you do not like, and you are going to vote against him.
      Does not matter if that very politician supports pretty much everything you want, he did one thing… ONE THING… you did not like, and boom! No vote.
      Grow up.
      Can you name a single politician at any level of government in any country on the planet that you agree with 100% of the time?
      Stop helping the enemies of the USA.

  4. Nick Begich is a fabulous candidate. Sarah isn’t coming back. The Lt. Governor (I don’t even know her name) is going nowhere. And Peltola is going back to her Alaska dumpyard, also known as Bethel. I’m hosting big outdoor parties this summer for Nick. Stay tuned.

  5. The nation is at crossroads like never before. We must set our republic back on its proper course. Trump may not be perfect but he is perfect for this job. He is tenacious, pugnacious and tireless. Nick Begich is well informed and very thoughtful. He has studied all the variables. His endorsement of Trump is a bold, positive, and commendable. Alaska direly needs Trump and Nick Begich. Please tell your fellow Alaskans to vote for both.

    • The democrats thank you for your service.
      By the way…
      Can you name a single politician at any level of government in any country on the planet you agree with 100% of the time? Anyone?
      If not, grow up and realize that there is no perfect candidate.

      • Anyone who says they were going to … but declines on a matter of one relatively trivial thing

        Was never going to in the first place. It’s a third graders argument.

      • CB. But there is a category called least perfect candidate. It is occupied solely by the most successful con man in America’s history.

  6. Things were so much better with Trump.
    2015 to 2021 Alaska employment dropped 8%
    2017 to 2019 Alaska had the highest unemployment rate in the country
    2015 to 2021 GDP down 7.1% second highest decline in the country.
    This sycophant is really the best the Republicans have?

    • Let’s see if I have this right.
      You are including years that Trump was not in office as some gauge of performance? Last time I checked, Trump has ZERO political influence over Alaska until, at a minimum, January 20, 2017. And, anyone with half a brain understands that on a macro scale, economic policies of a Federal Administration take months to years to show results.
      You also ignore the effects of the panicdemic.
      In fact, your comment is so disingenuous that it should never see the light of day again. Either you are stupid, or you are knowingly manipulating numbers to make a (extremely weak) point.

      • I was simply quoting this study: Alaska’s Economic Performance in National Context
        By the University of Alaska Center for Economic Development, November 2022. It so happens to cover the years of the Trump presidency. On a personal note I watched Trump’s futile trade war reverse years of positive growth in foreign trade for Alaska. The collapse in fisheries prices led to the feds paying fisherman compensation for their failed policy. So instead of insulting me why don’t you and MA explain one policy from the Trump administration that has had a lasting positive impact on the Alaska economy. Something like Obama sending the F35s here.

  7. Great job Nick, You have well over a dozen votes from my extended family.
    Thanks again for sitting down with all of us and answering every single question we had and squelching any doubt about your relationship with Mark.
    We all feel better knowing it is distant blood only and dont share any of his ridiculous ideas. We already saw what Mark did with the lucrative union contracts signed when he was anchorage mayor to get elected to the senate but soon got the boot and is now back grifting from the ASSembly renting them hotel rooms for the homeless. He is despicable.

    There is no better candidate than Nick to put Alaskans interest back at the top of the list and help us develop ALL of our resources.
    I am certain Alaskans PFD’s will have the ability to grow and the fund prosper with his sound ideas and sharp business minded attitude towards making Alaska the last great frontier again.
    He has a work ethic that guaranties he will be front and center when the voting FOR Alaska when it counts and not like “no show” Mary who spends all her time “fun raising” and propping up dementia Joe in his “green” corvette.
    As a candidate He is the friendliest you will meet and not be the hardest person to get anything out of like Mary who is NEVER available when needed.

  8. Meanwhile, no story on the DeSantis/Newsom debate where DeSantis destroyed the Democrat’s star on stage. Nor the fact that over 5.5 million (mostly republicans) watched that debate vs the roughly 3 million for Trump town halls with Hannity.
    Still no story on the most important endorsements in the entire race, Gov Kim Reynolds and Bob Vander Plaats. Seriously???🤷‍♂️

  9. The polling must have come back indicating a positive response from likely voters for a Trump endorsement. It’s always suspicious when someone waits this long to come out with their position on something. Even worse is his justifications for supporting Trump…basically “Trump will give us more.” Not that Trump will follow the Constitution or stop the invasion of illegals or get us out of foreign wars or end the federal push to force sexual deviance onto all of us or any other “for the good of the country” reason…nope, it’s all about how big a piece of the pie we can get out of candidate A versus candidate B. With a guy like Nick all the idiot Biden needs to do is make better promises and Nick’s tune would probably change. When someone actually supports you they come right out with it from the beginning and they stick by you through thick and thin and that’s how we know the kind of guy Nick is…opportunistic.

    • I saw Nick Begich introduce Don Young at a Biker’s for Trump rally in 2020. I don’t think his support for Trump is new.

  10. With absolutely no due respect, screw you Nick, you had my vote in 2022, you won’t get it again. You endorse a traitor. Pathetic and weak is all you are

  11. All of us who are educated in Christian ways are familiar with The Seven Deadly sins. How many apply to our 45th President?

    – Gluttony: Just look at him. Tick.
    – Lust, Fornication: Stormy Daniels and many others…Tick.
    – Greed: Stiffing contractors and attorneys on a colossal scale. Tick.
    – Vanity: Just look at his gold-plated residences and his narcissism. Tick.
    – Envy: Jealousy of crowds and ratings, manipulation of place on Forbes 500 list. Tick
    – Wrath: Muslim ban, and many other similar cruel actions. Tick
    – Sloth: Too lazy to read or attend his daily National Security briefings. Tick.

    That’s seven for seven. To our eternal shame, we elected this man to be our President. God help us all if we do it again.

    And by the way, he’s only a few years younger than the “too old” President Biden.

    • Somehow you seem to have missed many things in your “Christian” education. Probably not your fault, since so many churches are incapable of providing actual spiritual guidance.

      I’ve got things to do, so I’ll spank you quickly with information a Sunday School kid of 9 should know (and you don’t)

      -we all fall short of the glory of God. Every one of us.
      -Jesus isn’t on the ticket and will not be.
      -all things serve God, even the fallen (all of us). The how and why are for Him and Him alone to know. Assuming you do is a grievous sin.

      And while not taught in Sunday School, common sense a 5th grader would have which you don’t.

      -Joe is far guiltier of everything you accuse Trump of.
      -We don’t elect people based on their personal piety. We elect them based on our belief they can serve us better than the other guy.

      The topic is Begich, not Trump. Your understanding of topic relativity is a bad as your “understanding” of Christianity.

    • Can you name a politician that does not check every single one of those boxes?
      Heck, can you name a single human being alive or dead that did not check those boxes?

    • Hans, You forgot one more despicable trait of Number 45….
      He has been living rent free in your head for so many years that you cant even make out the title or subject of the story you just wrote a very long comment on.
      Many of his supporters consider that a positive trait because if He didnt piss off the lefties in some way shape or form He would just be another “lame duck” has been.
      Unfortunately when the white house invites transgender strippers to show off their breasts on the white house lawn in front of many young children under a gay flag that is a signal to any rational human (especially parents) Joe’s administration has been hijacked by a very sick group of puppeteers.
      I doubt Joe even has the capability to comprehend the magnitude of the mayhem his sick policies have created.
      So in light of our “eternal shame” we WILL reelect this man to be our president WITH the help of God because I am certain God is not comfortable with what HIS children have seen.(By the way they are NOT Joes children).

  12. We have one chance. Many misguided conservatives read Prop 2 and thought it was going to clean up the process. Murkowski winning both disproved this ridiculous theory, and proved the true intent of the law. Some of those same misguided conservatives voted for Palin, and gave us Peltola. We have ONE chance to undo these mistakes. If we don’t, Both RCV and Peltola will be with us for a generation.

  13. Andy. You capitalized “He” in reference to defendant Trump. That’s a grammatical norm that refers to the Christian god or Jesus. Please tell me you don’t mean to imply con man Trump is divine. Also, despite the enormous achievements of democrats, Trump cultists still despise them. You’re reference to transgender supports my belief that the weirdness of sex change is the core of your hatred. If that was not a thing, would you see democrats differently?

  14. I did not pay much attention to this until I read a piece by Mr. Begich on this topic in another publication. In that piece, he ignores Mr. Trump’s fatally deficient character and personality flaws. Others, taking the same basic tack, dismiss Mr. Trump’s unfitness as being just “a few mean tweets”. These approaches are unpersuasive and, frankly, embarrassing. Mr. Trump’s conduct borders on irrational. He appears to have no core principles, other than self-promotion. He cannot be trusted.

    Four years of experience with Mr. Trump provides abundant evidence that he lacks the skill set to serve as President OR affect lasting change in our badly mutated federal government. If the federal government is to be brought under control, Mr. Trump ain’t gonna get it done. He has no new ideas. He has no legislative skills. He will not assemble a competent cabinet – with the knowledge Mr. Trump will trash anyone at anytime for being somehow disloyal to him personally. His agenda is focused on grievance and retribution, not moving the country forward.

    Mr. Trump had little to do with favorable policies for Alaska. If positive policies for Alaska are wanted for the long term, there are far better choices than the seventy-seven year old Mr. Trump.

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