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Peltola jets with Biden back to DC after 9-11 commemoration ceremony

Rep. Mary Peltola is flying with President Joe Biden back to Washington, D.C. on Air Force One. Peltola put out a press release that said she and the president will spend the time discussing his trip to Asia and “the role of oil and gas. “Alaska’s role in Pacific Rim strategy and energy markets.”

Congress reconvenes on Tuesday, Sept. 12.

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Peltola gave remarks Monday at the Joint Base Emendorf-Richardson commemoration of the Sept. 11, 2001 attack on America by terrorists, in which she talked about how even as far away as Alaska, people experienced the impacts.

“While Alaska may be far from Ground Zero, we too felt the impacts of that day. Many of our brave soldiers were deployed overseas in the following years, where they fought and some died in the service of this nation. Everyone standing here today is in their debt,” she said.

Perhaps not everyone feels the debt — Peltola voted against funding troops earlier this year because the bill did not induced enough provisions for accommodating transgenders in the military.

“I thank the President for taking the time to visit us on this day, and for sending so many members of his administration to Alaska in recent weeks. As they toured the state with our Senators and me, they learned about our unique needs, and came to understand the vital role that Alaska plays in our nation’s security. Alaskans are proud to be America’s first line of defense, and on behalf of us all, I say: welcome, Mr. President,” Peltola said.

Peltola has endorsed Biden for president and said earlier she is frustrated that he canceled oil and gas leases in Alaska.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Really Mary? I hope she took good advantage to promote Alaska, but I suspect not. Her comments reported here just look like she’s campaigning. Big trust issue.

  2. So,
    Rank Choice Voting in Alaska gave all Alaskans a rubber stamp ally to Joe Biden’s presidency. The most corrupt, brainless, president in American history, counting on an idiot from Bethel

    • not just RVC remember Dan Sullivan talks Shxx on Biden then just bends over for him constantly. anything for those sweet Ukraine slush fund kickbacks from his MIC friends

    • Joe and Mary are both on short term contracts with the public. Biden is nothing but a lying criminal in the White House. Peltola is a pathetically dumb Bethel reject with a checkered past. We all laugh at both of them.

  3. Congresswoman Peltola has well and truly joined The Elites. The Elites worry that we dirty deplorables, the Americans who cling to our Bibles and guns, are not buying electric Yugos fast enough while they, The Elites, jet around the world talking about climate change. They have an urgent goal of taking our guns but all of The Elites have body guards, and gun laws don’t apply to the body guards (nor even to Hunter Biden it seems). Note that the jets and the body guards are fully funded through taxation foisted upon the dirty deplorables.

    Maybe Mr. Peltola can bring Hunter Biden on board to profit from the Alaska carbon storage scheme. That would be a winning team among The Elites.

  4. “Peltola put out a press release that said she and the president will spend the time discussing his trip to Asia”

    What did they discuss? What ice cream he ate there?

  5. Petola cannot be serious.

    She isn’t discussing anything with Biden on the flight. Biden was sent to the front of the plane with a bottle of warm milk and was napping before wheels up.

    Just a BS press release put out by her staff to make supporters feel like she is part of the cool kids club.

    Nothing more.

    • That is all she wants, to be part of the ‘cool kids club’. That and the cushy salary and health insurance that also gets to bypass the Medicare mess. Her actions, and lack there of, speak loudly.

    • My exact thought also! That Resident is not my President and I most certainly wanted him to just keep going on past Alaska. If he had been travelling on a public road here in Alaska, I would have been happy to stand out there with my “Trump 2024” flag to show the Resident who gets my support!

  6. Peltola’s influence on Biden in defense of resource development in Alaska is about on par with every Democrat who has said that they will have a voice in Washington. Thanks for being there for Alaskans, Mary – and way to take one for the team so the enviros can chalk up one more win at the expense of working Alaskans. Have a great trip back on AF1. Be sure to slip a few packets of presidential peanuts and drink coasters into your pocket. At least then you can say you returned from your trip with the president and brought home something.

  7. “Peltola put out a press release that said she and the president will spend the time discussing his trip to Asia and “the role of oil and gas. “Alaska’s role in Pacific Rim strategy and energy markets.” Yeah effin right. Like she has a clue. America is dying.

  8. Biden just cancelled our leases on the North Slope. Biden said it was to reunite the Natives with their cultural lands… Since ANILCA in the early ’70’s, the die was cast for a unified culture of sharing resource revenue through 7i moneys. The sharing helped and still helps Regional Corporations to stay financially healthy. Some Corporations have done extremely well for their people.

    The North Slope Regional would of pocketed 30% of oil revenue, while sharing 70% with the other 11 Regional Corporations. This is a huge deal for those corporations that don’t have much resources to sell in their regions. In fact it’s a huge blow to some of the 11.

    Way to go Mary you’re kissing up too a guy that belongs in Prison and just effectively kicked every Alaskan Native and their corporations in the family jewels.

    Mary you been showing your true colors. That’s the only worthwhile thing you’ve done, in office. Guaranteed your judgement is lacking Mary.

    Slither slither slithering along together with the Biden Crime Family. Hurry up November 2024!!

  9. Two losers riding high on the hog.
    One can just imagine a chat with Joker Joe about any subject, especially with the Kusko Queen.
    Am sure it is well past his story and bedtime.

  10. Are we surprised, she is a wanna be politician who got into office because of RCV. Biden must have wanted to sniff her on the ride home.

  11. From the look on John Kerry and Big Mikes face I would guess Mary is full of “Natural Gas” and as an expert like Hunter she will be following Big Daddy back to his pad for some advice on how to capitalize on windfall profits under the table of course.

  12. Lots of hate today, generating those internet points like a boss. Your labor of love must bring great joy to your life. All that negative karma though, man oh man,!that’s going to take a long time to pay off

    • Not hate Paul, After watching Steven Queerbear make a fool of himself for five straight years on the late show saying a ton of derogatory statements every single show about our past president whose performance proves Biden a complete idiot.
      its become normal to enjoy some entertainment at the circus that came to town and made fools of themselves.
      Its not everyday our soldiers get to hear the commander and thief tell outright lies to our fighting soldiers who risk their lives for us.
      Lighten up sailor and enjoy the s**tshow.
      Life is too short to be a sourpuss!

    • There no such thing as Karma. It’s just more of the worlds Shame-based community ostracism to give the shamers a self-righteous feeling being better than the one they are shaming. Shaming an individual is what kills lives and kills relationships.


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