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Nick Begich blasts Biden, Peltola for ‘economic terrorism’ over oil and gas

On Wednesday, congressional candidate Nick Begich issued a blistering statement about President Joe Biden’s decision to cancel oil and gas leases in Alaska, calling the president and his allies “economic terrorists,” and linking Biden ally Rep. Mary Peltola to the administration.

“This is a clear attack on Alaska’s economy and way of life and a violation of covenants made under ANILCA,” Begich wrote. “Time after time, the Biden administration and its allies in congress put the interest of their political donors and radical activists ahead of the needs of working Alaskans.”

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Biden announced on Wednesday that all new oil and gas exploration and production on Alaska’s North Slope would be canceled. The president has drawn much rebuke from Alaska leaders and has invited a law suit over the matter, probably from the State of Alaska and the Alaska Industrial and Export Authority.

“The Biden administration is being driven by eco-activists who have used the tools of economic terrorism to achieve their goals. From canceling bank financing for Arctic development, to taking over board leadership at leading oil and gas companies, to tying up Alaskan lands in endless court battles, Biden and his allies have made it clear: they will stop at nothing to shut down oil and gas development in Alaska. You can’t negotiate with terrorists. Alaskans must take a stand by kicking Joe Biden out of the White House in 2024 and removing his loyal ally Mary Peltola from Congress.”

Rep. Peltola endorsed Biden for president earlier this year. Begich filed to run against her in June.

After Biden approved the Willow project for the NPR-A, Biden told his supporters, “My strong inclination was to disapprove of [Willow] across the board. But the advice I got from counsel was if that were the case, I might very well lose in court to the oil company and then not be able to do what I really want to do beyond that, and that is conserve significant amounts of Alaskan sea and land forever.”

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


    • As a republican, and fitting in with our current republican leadership I’m thinking a very sternly worded letter ought to really shake things up. You know, let ‘em know we’re serious this time. 🙄

    • We will talk a good talk. And that is all we will do!
      We now know that we Conservatives do not have the stomach to do battle with the radical Liberals. They play dirtier, meaner, and have clearly been more effective in getting the vote out. Whether they are “ stuffing “ the ballot box or not, they are simply better than we are. Unless we stop talking and get off our comfortable fat asses and get tougher and smarter, we will lose this country to the left and become a socialistic nation. Talk is cheap and wholly ineffective in this fight.

    • Nick is living in a delusion. There is no “economic terrorism” here. No one is blowing up any oil rigs, pipe lines or killing people. His hysteria is over the top.

      Only 11 leases were bid on, 9 of them by the AIDEA. They have a track record of not being very conservative with the state’s money.

      Alaska’s oil is too expensive since the infrastructure needed to produce it is higher than any where else.

      Joe Biden did Alaska fiscal conservatives a favor. So instead of playing the victim card again, let us
      1) get rid of SB21, the big lie the big oil lobbyists sold Alaska voters;
      2) fix the Jeffrey Hildebrand corporate tax loophole;
      3) spend our energies and $ on getting a NG pipeline to Fairbanks.

      • You’re not all that bright are you.

        1. If Alaskan oil is too expensive, why did Biden need to close drilling and exploration off? It would have taken care of itself. Unlike Hunter, Joe isn’t an expert on oil and gas.
        2. If oil and gas is too expensive, why do you think we should be taxing it at a higher rate?
        3. If a natural gas line made economic sense for Fairbanks it would have been built sometime in the last 40 years.

        Someone is living in a delusion and that someone is you.

      • “Alaska’s oil is too expensive since the infrastructure needed to produce it is higher than any where else.”

        if this is the reality why bother with a ban then? if this is the case the free market will settle it without the need of leftwing authoritarianism.

        I do agree that terrorism is hyperbole an aggressive economic assault on Alaska’s private sector job market and Alaska’s States rights seem far more fitting

      • Didn’t read it did you??? brandon said kill all oil and GAS development – you can’t have it both ways. I agree with Nick – the hair-sniffer brandon is a terrorist. A stupid, law-ignoring, arrogant, callous, insensitive to the needs of people, blind, foolish, traitorous, thieving, terrorist – and his supporters are right there with his poopy pants. Let’s Go brandon.

      • Pretty convenient memory there, SeenThisB4. ANWR lease sale was announced Dec7, 2020 with the sale on Jan 6. Given the incoming Brandon regime with its pointed anti-oil / natural gas stance, it is impressive any leases were sold.

        Infrastructure to produce ANWR is already under construction. Badami is halfway between Deadhorse and the 1002 Area. It can be extended pretty easily.

        SB21 performed as advertised, increasing flow thru TAPS a bit. You don’t want a NG pipeline to Fairbanks. You want GTLs thru TAPS batched with crude.

        Funny thing about terrorism these days. If you are a Trump supporter breaking a window in the Capitol, rattling a fence or sending inappropriate texts, you are a terrorist, and get 17-22 in Club Fed. OTOH, if you are a BLM rioter, setting fire to federal courthouses, barricading police station doors while you try to burn down those buildings, or trying to breach the WH while the President is in it (all done during the 2020 riot season), no charges, no arrests, no trial. Dual system of justice is alive and well. You guys really aren’t gonna enjoy playing under your new rules. Cheers –

  1. Nothing!!! Because most of the Republicans are do nothing talkers that won’t make a stand for our Country! Both of our Senators are no better.

  2. I for one am supporting Nick Begich III for next year’s congressional race. He would have won election in 2022 if it wasn’t for that miserable voting scheme called Ranked Choice. Sarah Palin ruined Begich’s chances, just like she ruined me in 2006. If Todd is listening, I hope he teams up with me and does a massive rally and fund-raiser for Mr. Begich. Revenge is so sweet!

    • I’ll be forever grateful that Frankie picked Lisa as his replacement in the US Senate. I’ve had a work-free life since 2002 and Frankie is pretty generous with pre-inheritance gifts from his significant government retirement accounts. Life is so good not having to go to work.

    • She ruined me too, Frankie. Not at the polls, like you. At my pocketbook. Still, I’ll hold up an NB3 sign with you on Spenard. Bring your wheel chair and a carton of depends. I like to work late.

  3. As our former governor once said, “Drill baby Drill.” Shame that almost 50% of Begich supporters 2nd ranked Peltola or spoiled their vote. Guess they wanted us all to pay higher energy prices? Bad form to whine about it after you voted for it though.
    Perhaps state fuel subsidies need to end so the AFN feels the true cost of voting against resource development?

    • End the fuel subsidies to the bush and those folks will folks will be sitting around campfire for heat ! 700 villages off the road system . Fuel
      Is either barged in , flown in and trucked by ice road . Now possible gas stove ban , are the villagers buying into all this crap? No , someone better wake them up ! Alaska cannot survive with out petroleum products !

      Look what Feds and our greedy fuel distributors have done to 100LL AvGas prices ? That’s the lifeblood of village life !

  4. People are slow learners, but people will soon find out how dependent on the oil industry Alaska is. And the villagers who voted for Peltoilet because she has blood are going to regret their decision when the corporation dividends shrink. Too bad they are dragging us down with them. And as for Murky… she doesn’t care, because elections are rigged just for her.

  5. Biden is still only telling half truths. He conveniently forgot the part about if he blocked all drilling permits, Mary Peltola wouldn’t of been able to lie about how well they would be able to work with the administration to keep Alaska working and producing.

    He allowed three out of five drill sites so Pelota wouldn’t lose secondary votes in the election.

    Snakes in the grass, slithering along towards the next election..

    It’s time for the Republicans to do a deep dive on Mary Sattler Kaspner Nelson Peltola’s background. She has more in common with Hunter Biden than she ever wants you to know.

  6. I thought he’d learn his lesson after going after the late Don Young’s Covid vaccine requirement in his office not to name call Biden’s administration “economic terrorists.” Oh dear.
    I really don’t want to see Peltola re-elected because of Nick couldn’t maintain a supervisor like professionalism even if he faked it just as long his true opinion isn’t reported. Millennials we talk too much.

    • One can attack brandon without electoral repercussion – even a huge percentage of democrats don’t like him. The Bush vote will center around Nick’s ability to remain respectful, whether Mary deserves it or not. He should be asking, “Is this what you really want?” Accusations play well in South Central, not so much in the Bush.

  7. Moreover Instead of getting mad at those who bully us for us being federally dependent and we aren’t much in a good place to defend ourselves cause what defense do we have? it takes more of the public than just electing the better 25% of us who are currently more capable to govern and lead over us, and not rallying up us to a protest which always been useless. Alaskans need more help and encouragement (and more God) than just seeing natural resources are being developed for the state’s budget.

    Another thing there are many Alaskans who think prohibiting natural resources development “forever “ sounds like a good thing cause they are short-sighted.

  8. I completely agree with Nick Begich!!! We need to fight like hell against these leftist leaders that are bent on destroying America 🇺🇸

  9. Hey Begich , you’re half the reason we got Pertola in the first place ! Do you think we’re stupid ? The GOP should taken you and Sarah down a flipped a coin ! Of course the Ak GOP failed miserably instructing their voters on how to vote Rank Choice ! That lays square on the GOP!

    • He thinks WE are the terrorists (MAGA)
      So his shutting down of all resource development here is HIS war on terrorism(MAGA).
      Now He is parading Air Force One overhead while shutting down our valuable air space as a victory lap and hiding out at JBER from the MAGA terrorists who want to dethrone his dictatorship.


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