Demboski sues mayor for wrongful termination


After being fired by Mayor Dave Bronson last December, and after the Anchorage Assembly refused to approve a negotiated settlement, former Anchorage Municipal Manager, Amy Demboski has taken legal action against the mayor and the municipality. Her lawsuit alleges “reckless disregard for the law and ethical standards.”

Some of the allegations were already known when Demboski threatened legal action against the city in January. But her lawyer Scott Kendall, who is a political foe of the mayor and supporter of opponent Suzanne LaFrance, has driven the knife deeper, including accusations of gender discrimination, retaliation, violations of whistleblower protections, and an inappropriate workplace relationship among members of his staff. Also, the lawsuit claims, defamation.

The Anchorage Assembly had been asked to settle the lawsuit with Demboski for $550,000, but the liberal majority, knowing this would become key to a campaign against the mayor, decided to refuse paying the agreed-to amount.

There are two unnamed co-defendants in the lawsuit, which names Bronson and the Muni.

Some of the accusations are essentially the same as those previously raised in Demboski’s initial complaint, but the new 24-page legal document introduces accusations of dysfunction, mismanagement, and even corruption in the Bronson administration. The accusations allege Larry Baker, an advisor to Bronson, acted wrongly regarding the navigation center the mayor proposed for Tudor and Elmore Roads, a project that was agreed to by the Assembly, but later was rejected by the same body.

The Assembly majority is hoping to use this red-on-red lawsuit as a form of an independent expenditure group against the mayor, who is running for reelection. This would mean that taxpayers will pay for the city’s expenses in the lawsuit, which will no-doubt damage the mayor’s hopes for reelection next April.


  1. She SHOULD have known better before she got tangled up with mini-trump. But as the old saying goes, “misery loves company”. As much as I’m not one of Amy’s fans, I hope she takes him for all he’s worth. Karma works in mysterious ways. Maybe after Amy’s attorney gets done with ole Dave, he’ll end up on the streets of Anchorage, homeless. Too bad Dave has taxed subsidized deep pockets.

  2. So Demboski has decided her income is the primary goal , regardless of how much she will help the criminals on the assembly. got it. The woman will be opposed in every political move she makes from now on by me. And I can raise a hell of a fuss.

  3. Amy’s gone dark side.

    I was with her in January when she seemed credible. But waiting til September to add on accusations?

    Was there a fall sale on accusations at the former Sears mall? Did she spent the last of her integrity to buy them?

    She many as well start dating Ethan. Her right of center standing is toast with this trick.

  4. The slime at ADN will play this to the hilt. Ronald Reagan: “Thou shalt not attack thy fellow Republican” (or something to that effect… Best case scenario: Amy endorses Dave Bronson for reelection in exchange for a differently-funded settlement. Stop the mud, take a bath.

  5. From reading this, it is apparent to me that neither the mayor or dembrosky is at fault. This is a problem that was solely created by the liberal assembly! LOL

  6. I think Demboski must have been a wolf in sheep clothing. I Remember reading Constant bragging he had a Mole in the administration. She must had been that Mole. How many wolves in sheep clothing does Eagleriver have lurking among its community leadership and while Eagleexit is happening? Boy. She fooled us. Bronson’s mistake is hiring outside the family. I thought it bad sign during all the victory parties for Bronson’s election his DJ couldn’t even play contemporary Christian music when afterall the only reason Bronson became Mayor was because of God’s hand working through the people he had hired on his campaign, it felt like while God was through out the campaign trail he forgot to include God even as something as small as worship victory music played through the DJ’s selection of music.

    • Another mixed up comment from a woman who has a real problem separating reality a very confused imagination and misunderstanding of spiritual truths!! It’s true that prayer and a lot of Christian’s were factors in Bronson’s election but it’s also true that other significant factors were a lot of hard work by campaign volunteers, fed up Anchorage conservative voters and foolish decisions by the Anchorage assembly especially regarding COVID. I’m a solid believer who didn’t miss the “ contemporary Christian music” that wasn’t played at Bronson’s election celebration one bit!! You don’t have to be a Christian to work in Bronson’s election campaign or to serve on his staff !! In fact many nonbelievers perform better in government and in secular employment than Christian’s do!! Sorry if it offends you just stating the facts!!

  7. Demboski showed her true colors the minute she associated with scum like Scott Kendall. Just a tool for the Democrats. Her claim to fame so far was teaming up with Halcro to crowd the mayoral race and hand it over to Berkowitz 8 years ago, so no surprise she’d undermine Bronson like this.

  8. As an observer from the valley. I see no smoking gun, no blood trail, no broken glass. Just a lot of shoulda, coulda, woulda allegations on Amy’s part. Her lawering up with Kendell looks bad, $500K looks worse. Maybe she Ranked the Blue in 22.

  9. She’s so blind that she can’t even see that she was part of the problem. She also has a potty mouth. I don’t want a dime of my tax dollars to go to paying off her little shakedown job.

  10. A Baptist suing a Baptist. Paul said Christians are not supposed to sue one another in civil courts: “When any of you has a legal dispute with another, does he dare go to court before the unrighteous rather than before the saints (1 Cor. 6:1)?” Jesus tells us how to handle offenses in Matthew 18:15-17 “If your brother sins against you, go, show him his fault between you and him alone. ..if he doesn’t listen, take one or two more with you…. There is also a step 3.

    This should have been worked out early, when conflicts first became evident — instead of compiling a list, and then handing it over to Scott Kendall, the Alaska destroying Pit Bull who will not release his jaw once he bites.

    Paul concludes in 1 Cor. 6:7: “The fact that you have lawsuits among yourselves demonstrates that you have already been defeated. Why not rather be wronged?”

    The main problem in Anchorage is not wokeness, but a lack of real Christianity. Jesus said in Matthew 5: ““You are the salt of the earth, but if the salt has lost its flavor, with what will it be salted?”

    Christians must be under Jesus’ authority, being led by the HOLY Spirit, walking in love together.

    Then we can lead, but not like this.

    Is Amy following Jesus, or “following the money?”

    • I doubt it. I doubt Amy Demboski ever was a Christian. Just as community leaders as Murkowski claiming Catholic is her faith going through the motions, these “Christians” did it because the community they wanted to serve calling oneself a Christian is envogue with Eagleriver, which I doubt Eagleriver can hold itself conservative long after it successfully exit. Actuality being separate will make organizing for Democrats easier. I’m seeing in my devotions Christians need one another in fellowship times, do we strengthen and sharpen one another, and learn how to pray as well as study Bible so we have better discernment who we hire, who we promote, and who we allow around us. I give my example I was read in my devotional yesterday God speaking to me through the story of Rebecca, Abraham telling his trusted employee to find a bride for Isaac IN The Family. What I heard through it was God telling me He will find a husband IN the family (that is IN the Church family), that I prepare myself to be looking at the men In the family, while the Lord is preparing me. About Amy I’m doubting she ever was part of our family Jeff. With that. This m a lesson for Eagleriver and Christian leaders like Bronson we need to be hiring In the Family.

      • Funny, the more I read your comments I doubt you are a Christian. Or ever have been.

        You may have read a version of some Bible you wrote, but even then the message shot so over your head it is past Pluto.

        BTW: God wants you to learn to use paragraphs and basic grammar.

        Matthew 23:12
        Luke 6:46

        And most especially,
        Matthew 6:1
        Matthew 6:27-28

      • It’s very possible that Amy is truly born-again, but let herself go her own way, maybe because she was taught she can never lose her salvation no matter what she does, what all Baptist churches have taught for decades, and is now mainstream in almost all American protestant churches. I’m convinced that the false doctrine of “once saved always saved” (OSAS) and “only believe” is the main reason for the fall of America. The early church did not teach OSAS, and almost 100 New Testament passages refute it. But it’s what people want to hear, Paul predicted (2 Tim. 4:3-4).

        Amy said on the radio a few months ago that she’s Baptist, and when discussing a fatal car accident, she said that if she’d die today she knows where she is going [heaven]. She believes “once saved always saved” — can’t lose her salvation no matter what she does.

        Mayor Dave Bronson’s behavior indicates he believes the same. He’s been attending the same Baptist church for decades. Everyone there who sincerely said the sinner’s prayer and then were baptized cannot lose their salvation. So hardly any of the members actually abide in Christ, are “in Christ Jesus, walking not according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit,” so they would then have “no condemnation” — what Romans 8:1-17 actually says.

        We can’t “worship in Spirit and in truth” together if we’re not right with God and one another, what Paul made sure he practiced: “Herein I also practice ALWAYS having a conscience void of offense toward God and MEN” (Acts 24:16).

        It’s not only the people, but the pastors too who are not abiding in Christ. I don’t know one pastor in Anchorage who can say what Paul made sure he could. So we have spiritually dead churches which the woke laugh at — because they don’t see Godly fruit — and don’t feel LOVE, JOY and PEACE, the fruit of the Spirit which all TRUE Christians will have, “those who belong to Christ”:

        Galatisns 5:22 But the FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT is LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, and SELF-CONTROL [no cussing people out during muni meetings, and not even apologizing — what Amy was fired for]. Against such things there is no law. 24 *THOSE WHO BELONG TO CHRIST* HAVE CRUCIFIED THE FLESH WITH ITS PASSIONS AND LUSTS.

        Christians are supposed to be LIGHTS shining in the darkness — then “the world will know,” Jesus said in John 17, when we’re ONE with each other as He was ONE with His Father. Then the glory of the Lord will be evident to ALL!!!

        One of my former church leaders (now in his mid-90s) had a dream that Anchorage is a CHRISTIAN CITY. That’s Jesus’ goal for us, and what I believe will happen when we, like Paul, make sure we’re right with God and all men. Then we’ll be filled with the Holy Spirit here, and be right with Jesus when we see Him face to Face.

        And our homeless problem will be fixed lickety-split — once revival, real Christianity happens. People will be healed physically and emotionally — demons gone! The world will know!” The GREATEST SPIRITUAL AWAKENING can start in Anchorage if we stop playing church and actually follow Christ. Hypocrites no more; followers of Christ, yes — TOGETHER — walking IN THE JOY OF THE LORD!!!

  11. Wow! Anchorage has become a cesspool. First perky berky naked in his office now this mess! Move to the valley but leave your liberal stupidity in the city’!

  12. Interesting so Bronson acts like almost EVERY pilot I’ve ever met ? We all saw this coming. Bronson’s disregard for policy and procedure has made the left foam at the mouth. The sad thing is like any ego maniac pilot he fails to learn how to work with others. He had such a possibility to turn the city around and all he did was hand it to the left by just being himself. Look at the volume of resignations, I think this all started with the Joe Gerace incident and snowballed from there. You get one or two incidents and maybe its a fluke, but I ask seriously has there been a month of Bronson in office where something didnt happen or some high level person turned over ?

    • So. What you saying. We should vote for Tuck. No way. I’ll be Democrat and stick with Bronson no matter how many mockers mock his judgment. Look at how many Democrats continue voting for the democrats despite they probably should be voting for other candidates other than LaFrance and Tuck. Yet they are loyal. So Bronson’s voters four years ago should remain loyal despite mockers.

      • Jen,

        I didn’t think it was wise for Mayor Bronson to stay in the race after Amy’s first attack, because his negatives were ALREADY too high after that. Scott Kendall publicly released Amy’s accusation list, which ADN and KTUU broadcasted loudly, and probably every household in Anchorage was sent a copy by the Soros’ funded (apparently) non-profit group. We got the 10 pages in the mail from them.

        Now, with Amy deciding to release Scott Kendall Round 2, Chris Constant says the Assembly won’t settle unless all of the facts are made known. So Kendall and Constant are dead set on destroying Bronson’s reputation. There is no way he can win unless we really do have a true spiritual revival where everyone gets right with everyone, and love wins.

        The best thing Bronson can do for Anchorage at this point is step down, unless we get John-17, real Christianity going completely and fully, like I explained in the other comment I just wrote.

        “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” – Proverbs 9:10

        The lack of the fear of the Lord: the FALSE doctrine of “once saved always saved” is destroying Anchorage and America — EGO verses EGO. Refusing to obey Christ is taking us down.

        “Pride goes before destruction, and an arrogant spirit before a fall.” – Proverbs 16:18

        There is a better way: John 17 & Ephesians 4:11-16 — now!

  13. Once Scott Kendall’s name was used I am against Amy and her lawsuit. It’s politics Amy get over it. Go play in a safe sandbox.

  14. I heard how this woman talked. The vocal fry is enough to drive anyone off a cliff.

    Termination was not wrongful, it was necessary.

    • Haha, brilliant. You gave me flashbacks to the Kavanaugh hearing/witch trial. Once you hear, you never can unhear. Just like the uptalkers.

  15. Amy fought like hell for conservatives before Bronson ever showed up. It is amazing to see how fast we’ve turned on her. Sad.

  16. How did “the new 24-page legal document introduces accusations of dysfunction, mismanagement, and even corruption in the Bronson administration. The accusations allege Larry Baker, an advisor to Bronson, acted wrongly regarding the navigation center the mayor proposed…”
    … get to “wrongful termination”?
    Was that the schtick all along: things are so bad in the whole entire Bronson administration that Amy got fired and Kendall’s gonna make ’em pay her a ton of taxpayers’ money, then she can be a genu-wine folk hero and ride the KENI wave right into the mayor’s office?
    Seems reasonable to ask whether Demboski’s KENI talk-show host job and station management’s constant advertising of it were created to make Demboski a household word in the mind of every potential juror within earshot.
    Does this mean KENI lsteners, an olympic-size jury pool of conservative Bronson-voting adults, won’t be allowed on the jury because their listening choice proves they’re not objective?
    If so, who else can be jurors except non-conservative, non Bronson-voting, quasi adults?
    Should be an interesting trial, no expectation of fairness, just interesting to see how the Kendall-Demboski team plan to take down Bronson.
    If this scheme works like it should for them, wouldn’t we be surprised to see the Kendall-Demboski team on a future ballot
    …especially since they already have mainstream-media support in their pocket?

  17. I believe in “at will” employment, unless there is a signed contract to the contrary. “At will” means freedom. It means that my employer can lay me off for any reason or no reason. And also, I can fire my employer (quit) for any reason, or just on a whim (but it’s a courtesy to give 2-weeks notice).
    If an employer can easily fire an employee with no legal entanglements, then that employee is more valuable to the employer.
    We should get rid of all anti-discrimination laws directed at the private sector, such as “age discrimination” laws. I am 68, and such age laws makes it harder for an old person to get hired, because it makes employers worry about lawsuits, if he needs to get rid of me. But if we didn’t have those bad anti-discrimination laws, and the employer can easily fire me (if I prove to be too feeble, for instance), then, he will more likely hire me, because he won’t be afraid of a lawsuit.

  18. Her credibility went in the toilet the minute she hired scott kendall to represent her. That reeks of vindictiveness of the highest degree. No decency just out for blood. She should also drop from being on the radio. Her voice sounds likes nails on a chalkboard and with no credibility, what can she offer? Not as a conservative for sure.

  19. Just another POS lawyer and lamestream media using a spoiled brat to gerrymander another election to enable one of Berkowitz’s drone followers to take Anchorage further down the road to the H**Lhole the the sick pathetic ASSembly wants.
    Just look at the timing.
    Kendall is using the Biden/Garland playbook to trash political opponents just in time for the spring election. They didnt even missed the Russian collusion chapter(which was the phony flouride water debacle and the navigation center s**tshow colluded by the assembly)
    You can bet Berky and wife are coaching from his basement (out of embarrassment) the same way Obama is pulling Joe Sniffys strings.
    Slimy Kendall with his own bag of lawyer tricks is no different than what George Soros is doing to the larger cities across America. Kendall saved Lisa’s a** with rigged choice voting.
    They want to take America down one city at a time.
    If you think the homeless problem is growing now wait till Lafrance starts dictating and see how high on the pedestal Zaletel takes her homeless empire using our money.
    The homeless will all be in cushy democrat owned Hotel rooms with maid service to wipe up the mess they leave after the nightly parties celebrating Lafrances victory.
    ADN Kendall and the scumbags on the assembly in control of the vote counting down at the s**tcreek chumhole will be working 24/7 with Chris Constant delivering the flowers slinging mud at political opponents democrat style.
    With the assembly in charge of elections Anchorage will never see another conservative Mayor. That will be the day I quit paying taxes to support dictators.

    It is pathetic to see the way they have trashed a political party that actually cared about people decades ago. It has become their nature.

    There is never a day goes by I dont feel sad about the innocent childrens lives who were burned to death at the hands of Democrats in charge fighting over water rights landgrabbing and mismanagement of infrastructure in Maui.(God was watching!) The A**hole in charge of the water has health issues already.

    My daughter’s babysitters’ entire family was burned alive in a minivan with young children a mother and grandparents who who couldn’t escape due to roadblocks while trying to leave.

  20. If it was such a horrible place to work, why is she upset she got fired? She should be grateful to get out of there, right? Why didn’t she quit if it was so bad? If she’s upset about losing her job, would she be happy if Bronson rehired her? Wrongful termination? More like wrongful hiring.

    Like Amy says, “Follow the Money!” Her motto gives away her true motivation.

  21. Go away Amy. You’re annoying at best ! Especially on the radio.

    Time for a warm bottle , clean diaper and long nap.

    Move on and let our mayor do his job without continous Assembly interference and now, your nonsense.

    • Seems to be. Amy helped Christopher Constant get reelected by how nice she was when she interviewed Constant on her radio show; even wishing him the “best of luck” on election day. My thought was because she wanted Constant to help her win her monetary settlement against Mayor Bronson.

      She even let Constant get away with saying he’s “center-left” on her show.

      She bragged how her interview style was far superior to a previous host’s (clearly referring to Dan Fagan), because far left candidates would be willing to come on the show, which is because they knew she’s let them lie to Alaskans about how great they are without Amy making sure the people knew the truth.

      Whenever Constant’s opponent, John Trueblood called in, Amy never brought up that Trueblood was running against Constant, which was crucial, for the people to realize how important helping Trueblood was.

      Dan Fagan would have informed us every time Constant helped destroy Anchorage this year, especially when Must Read Alaska reported it.

      Amy said nothing. GAVE CONSTANT A FREE PASS — UNTIL EARLIER THIS WEEK. She finally said Constant is a bad person. I think she even said he’s a liar.

      This was probably after she found out that Constant wasn’t going to help her settle her case against Bronson. According to ADN, Constant said the Assembly isn’t likely to allow Amy to settle her case without it being brought to trial unless the full truth about Amy’s allegations are made known — which is because Constant wants to use Amy’s case to destroy Bronson, so there is no way Bronson can be reelected.

      And Constant may even use Amy’s case against Bronson to have Bronson impeached according to the stature he led the Assembly to pass.

      As long as Amy is host of “The Morning Drive” show on AM 650, Mayor Dave Bronson cannot call in and talk to Alaskans about anything, because she is suing him.

      And if Amy wins, the people of Anchorage will pay her and Scott Kendall $hundreds of thousands.

      Amy has sometimes used profanity on the radio too, the reason she was fired as city manager — but FCC rules won’t let her use those two words on air.

  22. She could have been a great asset to the mayor, had he not been flying a single pilot aircraft. Don’t approve of the lawsuit or choice of lawyer, but if you piss on your help then you get what you deserve. Sometimes you have to realize that other people have valuable input, regardless of race or gender and that they deserve consideration and respect. For the same reason, the FAA recognized the concept of Crew Resource Management in the cockpit of large aircraft, where the Captain considered the inputs of the other two crew-members before making a decision. Obviously, our mayor is stuck being a fighter- jock. That explains why he has been ineffective, and as much as I initially supported him, I no longer feel that he has a chance.He had a good team and chose to ignore them. Amy is good people and has never wavered in her beliefs. It’s just a shame that she wasn’t given the respect that she deserves. I have never met anyone more knowledgeable about the ways of government.

  23. Things Amy Demboski and I have in common: We’re both radio talk show hosts (shameless plug: KSRM’s Sound Off weekdays 9am-11am and we were both fired from high-ranking political positions.

    I didn’t like my boss and wasn’t afraid to let her know it. I recognized her authority, yet disagreed with the way she used it. Ok. it cost me the job. It was a purely ‘at-will’ appointed position that served completely at the pleasure…..

    Sue for being fired from a political appointment? Hire the Right Hand of the Devil to represent me in that suit? Those are things Amy Demboski and I do not have in common

  24. As a Juneauite (thank you God) I’m only passingly familiar with the people involved.

    As an observer I’m only as involved as what happens in the festering boil of Anchorage affects the rest of us. So I’m reasonably objective in this matter.

    Bronson started good and has been sliding since. The continuing losses of key people is telling, but does not tell the whole tale.

    There are substantial mitigating circumstances considering the Politburo objects to the fact he’s breathing, much less his politics.

    It seems his leadership style is debatable. Certainly his hiring practices. The high turnover rate is discouraging. Implies either dysfunction in his office or poor selection process in staff

    • He did not start good. There was a slew of APOC violations and fines that he likely still hasn’t paid. Parking his RV at the vote count center was unprecedented. His thugs were harassing and intimidating election staff. No, that was not a good start.

      • Like I said, he got off to a good start. He don’t roll over and let the left do what they wanted.

        You guys gotta stop losing your minds when you lose the occasional election.

      • Milo,

        Dave Bronson parking his RV at the vote count center being “unprecedented” only means it hasn’t been done before.

        We also haven’t before had a radical left, woke Assembly who controlled the city clerk, who was eager to please them. Constant bought her a $90 bouquet of flowers. Election fraud was a real threat.

        Had Bronson not parked his RV there it’s likely that Bronson would not have won.

        I also doubt that if anyone manning (and *womanning*) the RV harassed the election staff. If someone did, they were probably on their own, independent of Dave, not “his thugs.”

        Wasn’t there a lady who was filmed bringing in boxes in the middle of the night, or something like that? What if no one was watching, keeping them on their toes?

        Constant and some other Assembly members are unprincipled people who want to turn Anchorage into their LGBTQ haven by any means possible, and need to be watched like a hawk.

  25. This lawsuit will be the nail in the coffin for Dave’s reelection. He will come out with a statement saying he wants to spend more time with family. It will take a few years to reverse Dave’s damage.

  26. On the bright side it appears the little itty bitty navigational center downtown is working, my employment hired someone once homeless. But because of the little navigational center she off the street and she working through transformational housing, and she a baby Christian. So despite what Assembly and media are saying, Bronson’s administration are being successful despite the political hit jobs. I think she and her boyfriend still be at Cuddy Park and homeless if there was a democrat at city hall instead of Bronson.
    I am sorry there isn’t a BIGGER navigational center to think of the more people can be redirected.

  27. Jeff you’ve said a lot here, almost too much to digest in one sitting. But I will correct you on one misstatement you implied; BRONSON IS THE BEST THING THATS HAPPENED TO ANCHORAGE IN RECENT HISTORY !! Asking him to step down in absurd!! As a believer you should pray for and stand behind those elected leaders who demonstrate the scriptural principles you have described at length!! And please recognize that there is so much spin on the political events out there that you have to trust in a few reliable sources including your pastor, your political party leadership and a few news organizations like MRA and the Watchman. Please stop listening to that morning radio program with Amy it’s only confusing you!! Also, please sign up for and attend an 8 week class being offered this fall at Mountain City Church formerly ABT taught by LORAN Baxter!!

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