Biden announces a win for Iran with prisoner swap plus billions


On the anniversary of 9-11, the Biden Administration announced another prisoner swap with Iran, a country that wishes death to America.

The offer is five Iranians for five Americans, and Biden has sweetened the pot by unfreezing $6 billion in Iranian funds for the country, with which United States severed diplomatic relations in 1980. Iran is considered a terrorist state.

Sen. Dan Sullivan quickly issued a comment about the deal.

“On this somber, sacred day, it’s outrageous and insulting that Americans received the news that the Biden Administration has cut a sweetheart $6 billion-deal with Iran,” Sullivan said. “While I welcome any American hostage being freed and reunited with their family, this deal with Iran only serves to incentivize the terrorist regime to take MORE Americans hostage. I also seriously doubt the $6 billion dollars unfrozen will not end up fueling Iran’s efforts to destabilize the Middle East, oppress its own people, and target Americans and our allies. This deal rewards the malign behavior of the largest state sponsor of terrorism, a regime with the blood of thousands of Americans on its hands.”

The $6 billion comes as a waiver for international banks to transfer $6 billion in frozen Iranian money from South Korea to Qatar, free from U.S. sanctions.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken signed the deal last week, a month after U.S. and Iranian officials said an agreement in principle was in place.

The Department of State designated Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism in 1984. Iran continued its support for terrorist-related activity in 2021, including support for Hizballah, Palestinian terrorist groups in Gaza, and various terrorist and militant groups in Iraq, Syria, Bahrain, and elsewhere throughout the Middle East, according to the State Department.

Congress had not been informed about the details that involved the $6 billion until Monday.


  1. How did those five Americans end up in Iran? And are they native born Americans or Iranians who immigrated to America, became naturalized and then freely chose to visit the old home place? How someone ends up in a foreign prison is important because if it was due to choices they freely made then that’s on them. I’d like to know more about the circumstances leading up to this exchange.

  2. Joe Biden. America hater-in-chief. Pretend president. Uses his own son to bring him illegal wealth. An old barf-bag senator who used every graft tactic known by politicians to stay in office. A liar. A plagerizer. A thief. A pervert. A criminal. A sell-out to his own country. The ultimate traitor.
    Couldn’t the Democrats have come up with a less toxic, harmful, evil old man to take the role of commander by fraud?

  3. I loathe this man. He is corrupt, a pervert, and hates this nation.

    What kind of scum gives money to the nation dedicated to destroying this country on or near 9-11.

  4. At a stage of life where most shouldn’t be tasked with managing lunch this idiot is shaming everyone. Shouldn’t someone be monitoring him? He’s not going to get better.

  5. Has anyone else noticed that when folks like Biden, Obama and the rest, make a deal, that America is always on the losing side? We swap 5 Americans for 5 terrorists. And to sweeten the deal, we cough up $6 billion for the regime that states that their goal is the destruction of the United States. Anyone remember when we had a president who made deals that put America on top? Since the Big Guy has some pretty deep pockets nowadays thanks to the his crackhead son marketing the “Biden Brand,” I’d like the chance to sit at the poker table and play a couple dozen hands. It would be hard to lose.

  6. Gotta give that money away to somebody. This jackass is an utter disgrace. Good job 81 million, now choke on it.

  7. Weird, just like when Obama was president. Anyone with half a brain could see he was calling the shots from the beginning.

    Obama has stated publicly that he wouldn’t mind a third or fourth term where he runs the show and someone else is the face of the presidency, aka puppet.

  8. What a selfish lying POS the buffoon in the White House is. He sure has his head where the sun doesn’t shine. He has done more to kill America than any war we have been in. His handler’s must be laughing at how dumb he looks to the normal taxpayer. He is liked so much there were fighter jets over the airport while his jet was refueling.

  9. I thought it impossible to elect a more inept, worthless, hypocritical POS than Jimmy Carter.

    Then we got Biden.

    • Carter may have been inept, but he was not outright evil, and committed to destroying this country as quickly as possible in 1000 different ways, as is usurper Biden.

  10. REMEMBER(!!!) … Obama-Biden-Kerry gave the Iranians $400MM in 2016. NOW(!!!) … Bradon feels compelled to release $6Billion of Iranian frozen assets!?!? Meanwhile, Iran continues to get stronger and bolder, due in large part, to actions such as this!
    So, who exactly is the “true” Enemy of the State, the “real” Manchurian Candidate?!?!

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