Who qualified for Wednesday’s Republican debate?



Leading Republican presidential candidates will gather at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa on Dec. 6 for the fourth primary debate ahead of the Iowa Republican caucuses, which are Jan. 15, 2024.

While former president and leading Republican candidate Donald Trump is skipping the event, and has polling showing he is still at about 60% support from Republican voters, there are four candidates who have probably met the Republican National Committee’s qualifications.

Five candidates appeared at the last debate, but since then, South Carolina Sen.Tim Scott has dropped, leaving Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, and possibly former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who is still a wild card.

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum and former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson are still in the race but did not make the cut for the third debate and are not being considered as possibilities for Wednesday’s event.

Christie claims he hit the donor threshold required by the GOP for the Dec. 6 debate, but it is not clear if polls that show he has more than 6% support from Republican voters are the polls that are going to meet the Republican National Committee’s criteria.

Trump has scheduled a fundraiser for the same timeframe; he has not attended any of the debates but has held rallies instead.

The debate, scheduled for two hours, airs at 8 p.m. Eastern time, 4 p.m. Alaska time, on the cable channel NewsNation, and will be moderated by former Fox News and NBC host Megyn Kelly, NewsNation anchor Elizabeth Vargas, and Washington Free Beacon Editor-in-Chief Eliana Johnson. 

Viewers can watch it online at NewsNation’s website and on the NewsNation app. It can also be seen on Rumble.com.


  1. At this point I don’t care. It’s a DeSantis/Hailey matchup to try their luck against Trump.

    The rest are superfluous.

    • unfortunatly i dont think there is a repub who will knock trump off the top. or even give him a good run for the money. Biden running seems to be more and more in question so we might see a Trump/Nusome matchup.

  2. Trump is afraid to face the competition and afraid to face voters. His rant of grievance and threat of retribution against anyone that disbelieves him offers nothing of value. I will never support or vote for him. He is not a moral man.

      • My reference does not require theological measurement. It is to whether a person knows the difference between right and wrong, can be counted on to tell the truth and act honorably. Trump fails on all three. To be clear, Biden probably does so too. Unless and until we expect and require better leaders, the United States will continue on the path to chaos and extinction. The choices we are being presented with are false and bad choices.

        • Without the theological measurement you have nothing but your own self-aggrandized opinion – you cannot objectively determine what right and wrong is. This is a major part of what is wrong with our nation.

          • This is such a tired and well-refuted argument. It’s like saying that the followers of Moses (who never existed by the way) were under the impression that, until they reached the foot of Mt. Sinai, thought that murder, theft, and perjury were OK, until they got there and Moses said “bad news guys, those things aren’t kosher after all.” It’s ridiculous.

            We have been around as a species for at least 100,000 years and most likely quite a bit longer. Either way, the human species was walking the earth long before the arrival of anything resembling monotheism or the Judeo-Christian version of religion. We wouldn’t have made it this far if we didn’t have an innate sense of what’s right and wrong. Would I call that morals? I think I would. That doesn’t come from religion or any God. If it did, I would be very concerning given that child sacrifice/murder, rape, slavery and genocide are not only not prohibited in the Bible, they are made an actual injunction upon the Israelites. If one was using that standard as a source or morality, you would be missing out on an enormous amount of what the average person would call “normal” morality.

      • It’s fair to compare Biden to Trump as you have lightly done.

        Do you have the courage to defend trump’s attributes compared to Biden?

        And your belief in Jesus perfectly aligns with your support of defendant Trump: you abdicate your integrity to another, and in this case, a proven, indisputable con man.

        • Proven? Indisputable? And yet disputed and unproven except in the minds of people who don’t use facts to make determinations.
          The FBI, State, and city police in every blue city and state crawled up Trump’s azz for 4 years trying to find a crime and never could. They had to manufacture crimes in order to prosecute him on anything. And even then it’s all smoke and mirrors. They may get a conviction, I mean they did with Chuvin, but even a conviction would not make anything “Proven or indisputable”.

    • Trump is being a mix of smart and saving money. His mouth would almost certainly give his opponents ammunition against him.

      Plus he’s bleeding cash for 4 different criminal accusations.

      Jimmy Carter was (allegedly) a deeply moral man. So was Woodrow Wilson.
      How’s that turn out?

      Wilson got us into a war we had no business in and in a roundabout way created the superspreader event triggering the Spanish Flu.

      Jimmy Carter set in motion Iran and Islamic terrorism. The also gave a large chunk of Alaska to the federal government.

      And let’s not get started on all the insanity of the moral Bush family.

      What IS true is Trump, while I don’t want him anywhere near me or my family:

      -got us energy independence.
      -appointed 3 quasi conservatives Supreme Court judges.
      -the world was sorta stable.
      -gas was the lowest in decades.
      -real people were making real money.

      You may stand your moral superiority high ground. Me, I’m gonna vote for anyone not named Biden (Hailey may be the exception).

      • The only thing you said that is defensible is that Trump installed three backsliding justices.

        • I’m curious how they teach “logic” when students don’t have a grasp of reality.

          But I suppose that level of “thinking” is in line what what is generally taught these days.

          Facts, pesky things they are, don’t matter. It’s what I want to be true, dammit.

          We really need a better class of troll.

      • Actually, my “moral” bar is quite low. Trump’s inability to speak the truth becomes an irrational jumble. Claiming conspiracies of various kinds and vowing to get even against all sorts of people is neither normal nor moral behavior. Trump does not have a conscience and has no core principles. Trump is simply a different version of grifter from the Northeast. Many from this group have driven the country into the ditch. Trump and Biden are the worst choices for President in our history.

      • We’ve been energy independent (i.e. that we export more energy than we import) since 2019, which is before Trump took office. I hear this claim all the time (most frequently by my mother, who thinks Trump can do no wrong). Our level of energy independence increased more under Trump and continues to do so under Biden.

      • Though interestingly, I wouldn’t have any objections to family members interacting with any of the Trump clan. Even a jackass like Keith Olbermann admitted on social media that Trump was a polite, conscientious landlord during his tenancy.

        Trump likely has committed infidelities, but compared to the little-girl sniffer in chief – we are talking apples and ostriches. Biden publicly groping children, taking showers with his pre-teen granddaughter (according to her diary), tolerating Hunter photographing his sexual contact with Beau’s daughter Natalie while she was still under the age of consent (Hunter laptop).

        Bidens are simply gross and comparing the two is a bit like comparing a kid stealing a candy bar to a black gangsta robbing a store and killing the shop owner. “ITS THE SAME THING!”
        Joe can’t even raise a German Shepard without the thing biting everyone in the White House. Trumps kids seem all-right from the outside looking in. Privileged, but decent.
        Kushner on the other hand…..

    • To JMARK, “He is not a moral man.” means what?
      Maybe the writer forgot John 8:7?
      The writer, the country, are in their present malaise because “He is not a moral man.”?
      What has “not-moral” man offered which, in the writer’s opinion, has no value?
      When did this “not moral” man threaten retribution against anyone who disbelieves him?
      Is the “not moral man’s” rant of grievance justified or does it breach the bounds of morality to bitch loud and long when government does what it did, and is doing, to President Trump, and by extension, to those who voted for him?
      Did the writer perhaps forget Mark Twain’s advice: “Don’t wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.” before accusing the “not moral” man of being afraid to face the competition?
      Only the phenomenally stupid, of which the writer is -not- one, would suggest the “not moral” man is afraid to face voters, such as those tens of thousands of voters who show up for his rallies, those millions of voters who watch his TV appearances causing TV programs to reach top ratings.
      Fair point: why should the writer support or vote for President Trump?
      It’s not like the country’s very future is in the hands of voters like the writer, correct?

    • Hard to find a “moral” candidate in todays “or yesterday” politics. Especially as it seems to be a rather subjective concept. If them saying what they want to do, and then doing or trying to do what they said they would is not sufficient, then you will never be able to vote for anyone.

  3. Not caring will never solve the problems. Despite the anger and frustration we need to pay attention, work hard for a return of voting integrity, loudly proclaim facts, get rid of RCV, and VOTE. Apathy and ‘I don’t care’ is the cowardly way out. Stop it.

    • Please explain how wasting time watching the undercard affects the title fight.

      I really want to know.

  4. The most important issue and most unsettling issue I have today is the unnecessary loss of life from the two very expensive major wars vigorously being fought which I dont believe would be waging today without the help of Joe Biden. Before its over millions will die

    His treatment of Iran especially affected the outbreak of the conflict in the middle east.

    As well as his and Hunters past dealings with Ukraine definitely had an impact on decisions made on all sides of the Russian invasion and Bidens persuasion to trash the Minsk agreement definitely escalated the tension in that arena. Zelensky would have responded much differently if He didnt have Joe on speed dial with a boatload of tax dollars to spend on Ukraine.

    I am confident if Trump had been over seeing both situations neither one would have resulted in war and that is what matters the most to me.
    If he hurts your feelings then so be it.
    Your feelings will be hurt when family members lose their lives in the event of war that Joe provoked.
    Just because the war isnt in your backyard doesnt make it OK.

  5. It’s just a show for Nielsen ratings. None of them are getting the nomination. Burgum and Hutchinson may be declared, but are not in the race.

    RNC really wants RINO Haley. Beware the swamp.

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