Leftists lose it as U.N. climate conference head says ending oil fuels would send humanity back to caves


The president of the United Nations Cop28 climate change conference, who is also the top energy executive for the United Arab Emirates, says there is no science behind the idea that phasing out fossil fuels will limit global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius.

Trying to eliminate fossil fuels will “take us back to the caves,” said Sultan al Jaber, in an online interview with a “She Changes Climate” moderator that surfaced on Sunday in The Guardian newspaper.

Mary Robinson, a former U.N. special envoy for climate change, challenged al Jaber, saying, “We’re in an absolute crisis that is hurting women and children more than anyone… and it’s because we have not yet committed to phasing out fossil fuel. That is the one decision that Cop28 can take and in many ways, because you’re head of Adnoc, you could actually take it with more credibility.” Adnoc is the UAE’s state oil company.

Al Jaber responded, ‘I accepted to come to this meeting to have a sober and mature conversation. I’m not in any way signing up to any discussion that is alarmist. There is no science out there, or no scenario out there, that says that the phase-out of fossil fuel is what’s going to achieve 1.5C. Please help me, show me the roadmap for a phase-out of fossil fuel that will allow for sustainable socioeconomic development, unless you want to take the world back into caves.”

The interview was said to have taken place Nov. 21, in advance of the Cop28 conference, during which the Biden Administration announced it will crack down on methane emissions in America.

However, former Vice President Al Gore, who is attending the conference, says phasing out fossil fuels would be “one of the most significant events in the history of humanity. and “a welcome surprise” is leaders at the conference call for a complete end to oil as a fuel.

“There is only one measure of success for Cop28: will it include a commitment to phase out fossil fuels or not,” he said. “If it does include such a commitment it will be a smashing success; if it does not it will be a failure,” Gore told The Guardian. He attacked Sultan al Jaber as the head of the climate conference and called Adnoc “one of the dirtiest companies, it’s one of the least responsible companies.”

Gore doubled down on al Jaber: “They made a mistake, let’s be honest, in angling to put a fossil fuel company CEO in charge of this Cop28. I mean it’s absurd. It’s totally ridiculous.”

“The 1.5-degree limit is only possible if we ultimately stop burning all fossil fuels,” said António Guterres, U.N. secretary general. “Not reduce. Not abate. Phase out. With a clear time frame aligned with 1.5 degrees.”

Later, in damage-control response to The Guardian’s revelations about what he had said, al Jaber tried to walk back his own statements, but actually stuck to the science: “I respect the science in everything I do. I have repeatedly said that it is the science that has guided the principles or strategy as Cop28 president. We have always built everything, every step of the way, on the science, on the facts. I have said over and over that the phase-down and the phaseout of fossil fuels is inevitable.”


  1. Al Gore, chief moron.
    These climate cultists are only there for the grift.
    Science, reason, and reality are lost on these cultists.

  2. Things to note: Leftists always accuse their opponents of exactly what THEY are guilty of. The only thing that is “absurd” and “totally ridiculous” is Al Gore & the Climate Cult alarmists, whose Perfect World scenario will clone Marxist utopian dreams, which all lead to elitist power and universal poverty and human misery.

  3. Can’t hold back needs and common sense. The climate mob needs to realize this. The human being has an innate ability to survive. When we have a major power grid failure we will survive. How? Burning things to stay warm and cook food. This happened during the grid failure in Texas. People were burning furniture, tires, whatever to stay warm.

  4. “However, former Vice President Al Gore, who is attending the conference, says phasing out fossil fuels would be “one of the most significant events in the history of humanity.”

    You know Al you are correct, the impact on humanity would be enormous, so I challenge you and your fellow climate alarmists to demonstrate for all of us, how that works…..and btw buying carbon credits doesn’t count.

    Fill your plane with cooking oil and it be better built out of wood, stone and iron.
    Heat your homes with solar, water or wind (without using ANY fossil fuels to mine, produce or manufacture ANY parts of the solar panels, wind turbines or batteries)
    Manufacture a car without ANY plastic parts or earth elements mined with gas-powered machinery.
    Get rid of all the oil based stuff you have, the medical technology that discovers diseases and treatments and oh also that nice jacket that keeps you warm and dry….

    Oh and while we are at it actually prove that elimination of fossil fuels will do ANYTHING to the planets temperature (still remembering that supposedly the earth has a fever, yet somehow we are still here and thriving)

    When all those, who want to stop oil/gas, stop every use of it THEN I may be inclined to listen. Until then you are just like Greta Thunberg (I protest, pay me) spouting the fake apocalyptic ramblings of agitators ignoring reality for self-aggrandizement with extreme demands.

    • These climate czars are the biggest hypocrites in the world. They actually could care less about so-called climate change; their goal is total control of the population while they continue to live the opulent, energy dependent lifestyles they have always lived. Sadly, many people fall for it- generally the same crowd of mask-wearing, vax-taking sheep who are easy to fool and control.

  5. “Leftists Lose It”? That’s the Headline? Come on Suzanne. The article is straightforward and informative….but….that clickbait headline is ridiculous. I know fossil fuel production pays the freight up there, and nobody wants their checks to stop, but the truth is unassailable. Burning stuff can no longer be at the core of a modern civilization.

    • Give us an alternative that is better, has lower global environmental impacts, and can sustain civilization.
      Until then, it is what we have.

    • “When you wish upon a star..”

      I hope you get it live in the “utopia” you want. I really do. As a peasant, not one of the ruling class.

    • yeah really – the Climate panic folks lost it years ago. They just keep repeating themselves. I really wonder how they plan to do without steel etc? Old Al should contribute by grounding his jet, cars etc.

    • Pretty simplistic since modern combustion involves far more than simply ‘burning stuff’ and there is virtually no sound science proving any impact of modern combustion causing climate change, which has been occurring since the earth was created. It is all a cult of hysteria as mankind loves good drama and you apparently have bought right into it. Never waste good drama if one can be advantaged. That would be the likes of self proclaimed Czar Gore and his grossly double standard.

  6. A very wise man once said:
    “It is the luxury of a wealthy nation to care about the environment. When that nation places the environment before building and maintaining that wealth, they will lose both.”

  7. In today’s mostly secular world, belief in extreme climate change due to humans is a substitute religion for a great many people. Because of this fact, these folks like crazy Greta and her followers become pawns in the power struggle of those who wish to destroy the Western Civilization, especially America, that is in the way in their quest to control the world, or, in the case of people like charlatan Al Gore, just want fame and fortune. For a variety of reasons, the big corporate media support this trend since “if it bleeds, it reads” is their mantra.

    Science, data, facts backing up “denier” arguments that show the earth is on a very gradual natural warming trend started many centuries ago and mean nothing to these pawns. Even unusual extreme “cold weather” will be blamed on “global warming” by them!

    Bottom line: Do your own research! There are plenty of fact based sites. Start with “Watt’s Up With That”.

  8. Interesting bit of trivia.
    Both St. Greta and I have the very same degree in environmental science from the very same University.

    • CB. You set yourself up for this: You are lurking in some Mat Su low income apartment complex while Greta Thunberg is changing the world.

      • Changing the world?
        How, exactly?
        What contribution of any significance whatsoever has Greta provided to the human race? And, please do not give me “raising awareness” as a contribution. That is what lazy, useless people do when they want to get praise without doing anything to change the situation.
        And, let’s pretend you do say raising awareness, also tell me how many people on the planet are not already aware of climate change. If you want to raise awareness, you need to have unaware individuals that need to be informed.
        So… what exactly is her contribution to the human race?

    • The problem is confusing science and fact. They are just not the same. Many scientific theories have failed the test of time.

      • Thank you!
        So much quackery has commenced in the name of “science”, but unlike in centuries past where they claimed to re-animated long dead people with electricity, today’s “science” manipulates and cherry-picks the data to fit their desired outcome. Facts on the other hand do not change ever.
        Many moons ago when I was in high school, my earth science/geography teacher announced to all that in the year 2000 Europe would be buried in ice and snow and all life would seize to exist. She claimed that only reducing green house gases would safe us, yet by 2006 Al Gore declared the world had a fever……
        go figure!

  9. Environmental justice demands that the laws of thermodynamics are merely oppressive power constructs and because reality does not concur with the utopian vision then reality is itself an oppressive construct and must be dismantled.
    And for all those fools who intentionally or unintentionally either push or fall prey to this narrative I have the ultimate solution: It’s a rainbow-colored box with a hole in the front to put money in and a cord out the back to deliver electricity. It’s my Amazing Money In Electricity Out Machine. And the more money the gub’ment prints up the more ‘lectricity can be created. It’s a simple as that!
    All I need is for someone to set up the Kickstarter page for this marvelously wondrous device.

  10. The only way to stop global warming is to start sacrificing virgins and politial oponents by throughing them into volcanos. Best if the former’s pronouns are her/she.

  11. “The current issue of global warming/climate change is extreme in terms of the number of special interests that opportunistically have strong interests in believing in the claims of catastrophe despite the lack of evidence. In no particular order, there are the leftist economists for whom global warming represents a market failure, there are the UN apparatchiks for whom global warming is the route to global governance, there are third world dictators who see guilt over global warming as providing a convenient claim on aid (ie, the transfer of wealth from the poor in rich countries to the wealthy in poor countries), there are the environmental activists who love any issue that has the capacity to frighten the gullible into making hefty contributions to their numerous NGOs, there are the crony capitalists who see the opportunity to cash in on the immense sums being made available for ‘sustainable’ energy, there are the government regulators for whom the control of a natural product of breathing is a dream come true, there are newly minted billionaires who find the issue of ‘saving the planet’ appropriately suitable to their grandiose pretensions, etc., etc.” – Richard Lindzen, Atmospheric Physicist.

  12. Doesn’t matter what any of the climate czars say……their lords and masters in China and the Middle East are not now nor anytime in the future going to give up oil or coal or natural gas…..all of this is to kill western economies..more specifically, Americas economy. Good job 81 million, see you on the bottom.

  13. “The president of the United Nations Cop28 climate change conference, who is also the top energy executive for the United Arab Emirates.” The reality of the destructive global effects of climate change has been drowned in a bathtub of Saudi oil. This event has been co-opted by the corrupt and powerful pro oil entities, abroad and here.

  14. Is this the same COP28 that saw a big drop in attendance due to a major European snowstorm that left many climate activists’ private jets stranded on the tarmac? Almost as funny as the Swedish climate activists who were documenting the lack of Arctic sea ice off Norway a few years ago who had to be rescued by helicopter when their research vessel became hopelessly entrapped in ice!

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