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Palin goes ‘me too,’ accusing talk show host Dan Fagan of having crush on her that she had to ‘rebuff’

On an Alaska podcast this week, congressional candidate Sarah Palin made an extraordinary accusation. She said talk show host Dan Fagan, who has the top-rated talk show in Alaska on 650 KENI, had a crush on her for many years and that he became a critic of hers after she rebuffed him.

Fagan, on his daily show on Tuesday, took strong exception to that statement, saying it was outlandish. Fagan has been a harsh critic of Palin, focusing on her lies, her calculated political and entertainment careers, and her overall poor understanding of policy.

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But having an unrequited crush? That’s what she said on the podcast:

“He was at my home hanging out with me. It’s almost like he had a crush on me for many years … mmmm hmmm????” she said to the podcast host. Then her voice took a different tone: “And then, though, when he was kind of rebuffed … Watch this, this is gonna be the takeaway for Fagan, he kind of turned on me. Boo hoo.”

Listen to the statement here:

It’s a matter of character for Fagan. Palin was accusing him of making overtures toward her when she was a married woman. Todd Palin filed for divorce in 2019 after 31 years of marriage and she is now dating a former NHL hockey player, Ron Duguay.

Fagan has issued a statement:

“Sarah Palin is hyper-ambitious, do-whatever-it-takes-to-win con artist and a serial liar. It’s not surprising she would claim she ‘rebuffed’ my unrequited crush and I ‘turned on her’ as a result,” Fagan said. “I’ve had no romantic feelings for Palin. She knows it. She just made this up to discredit me because I had the audacity to criticize her dismal record as governor.”

Fagan has also been a harsh critic of Gov. Mike Dunleavy, while during Dunleavy’s first run for governor, Fagan had higher hopes for the former school teacher from Wasilla. He has harshly criticized former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and Assemblyman Chris Constant. He criticizes Sen. Lisa Murkowski routinely, and also expresses his disappointment in Sen. Dan Sullivan at times.

Palin is not the first to make the “he had a crush on me” accusation against a critic. New York Democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has said that Republicans are “sexually frustrated” and critics “want to date her,” after she was mocked for partying with her boyfriend in Florida without a mask, after supporting mask mandates back in her home state.

Palin is running against Nick Begich, a Republican who had announced he was running for Congress in October. Palin filed on Aril 1, two weeks after the death of Congressman Don Young. Forty-seven other candidates also filed to run for the spot, but the final candidates to finish out Don Young’s term in office are Palin, Begich, and Democrat Mary Peltola, who will appear on the special general election ballot on the reverse side of the regular primary ballot on Aug. 16.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. AOC needs to get over herself. ? Palin, in my honest opinion, has learned a lot through the political fiasco that was going on at the same time. I think she is right on about the Republicans in Congress. There a huge amount of RINOS, Mitch McConnell, for one, who is lining his coffers with business earnings in China. A human rights country and our politicians, cuz I know there’s more than one. And, by all means, let’s not forget about Biden and his relationship with them and Ukraine (Google Hunter Biden AND Joe, cuz the info is coming out on that too. Not on mainstream media though. Don’t even get me started on Pelosi and Shumer; and even worse, Lisa Murkowski. Frankly, I think they were the ones steering political mayhem when Trump was in office. Trump knew too much. It’s sad how people follow the party line. I would much prefer to vote a candidate based on my values. At least Trump tried to make changes while in office, despite hatred on both sides of the aisle. People perjuring themselves, despite taking a oath not to, when testifying under oath. The Congress people themselves, doing the same “with NO consequences”. As a matter of fact, they are going so far, I think they are trying to one up each other.? I don’t think Palin cares diddly-squat about what others think. The only thing that bothers me is the lack of presence in Alaska for quite some time. Trump supports her, so there must be something he knows that we don’t. At any rate, Fagan was a comment and doesn’t need to be blown out of proportion. Obviously, the left wants us divided. Why are we letting them?

    • Paragraphs are your friend.

      Trump also supports Dr Oz and Hershel Walker. If you take a very close look at his endorsement list, they tend to be semi famous, people who kiss his butt, or opponents of people he has an issue with.

      Queen Sarah falls into numbers 1 & 2. Hard.

      But you’ll get your wish and the Queen will go to the House. She’ll be somewhere between a punchline and an afterthought. We, however, will be lacking any serious representation in the House.

      • Keen and perceptive writing! Very good, Avenger. Regarding the incident, we can only speculate what happened between sweet Sarah and dapper Dan. But, as Sarah says, “He was at my home hanging out with me. It’s almost like he had a crush on me for many years….” At Sarah’s home? By their personal admission, they were hanging out together! It’s as if Sarah was cultivating “Mr. Media” himself, and dapper Dan started waddling into the fast lane! Avenger, please keep up the good work! I’ll be shuffling along!

    • Conservative, I think Palin cares quite a bit about what others think, those others being her fan club. Those dear souls who are enamored with the idea of Sarah Palin. These folks who are her stock in trade. The ones that pay for her wardrobe and her home in Arizona and hopefully will shore up her ratings the next time she has a program to sell. Sarah is a business, politics is the advertisement for that business. Her sales were slumping and she just lost a defamation court case. Then out of the blue Don Young, (God rest his Soul) dies on an airplane! Sarah sees an opportunity to get back in the lime light and files for Don’s job on April Fools Day, how appropriate!

      • Not to be petty, but it is an incontrovertible fact that the way we dress conveys a message. A business suit, an evening gown, or a nurse’s uniform… they all send a message. Lawyers never enter a courtroom wearing casual clothing. When was the last time you visited a dentist who was wearing shorts and sandals? What, precisely is the message being sent with a short skirt and bright red shoes? Is it the message of a serious contender to represent Alaska?

  2. That is just standard fare in dealing with Palin and the Palinistas. Normally, Palin isn’t the one who makes such accusations; the Palinistas do it for her. Any man who disagrees with or criticizes Palin gets attacked by her sycophants and accused of being motivated by unrequited love or something like it for her. I think they’re still in Red State archives; you can go back to when she was a candidate for Governor and when she was Governor. I was a usually front page contributor to Red State in those days and the Red State frat boys were “all in’ for Sarah while I was strongly critical of her. All the Palin fans piled on with the general theme of I disagreed with her because I’d been rebuffed by her. They made up all sorts of elaborate stories of my being fired by her and begging to work for her.

    I’m pretty sure the only time I ever exchanged words with her, and they weren’t particularly pleasant words, were at the “take up the collection” fundraiser she had in Juneau. I wrote a check and made a showing for my wife who still was a high-level State employee. I had retired even before she became the nominee. But, it is their standard schtick. Most Palinistas, like Palin herself, don’t know jack about government or public policy, so it is always something personal. Buck up, Dan, be flattered; you got it from Palin herself rather than just one of her sycophants.

    • Can you explain how in the hell Palin pulled off this hoax? I was working out of state during the Palin fiasco. When I was walked by coworkers about the VP slot, I said “who?”.

      When I got back the oil industry was on life support, state govt had grown beyond anything I thought possible, and about 1/3 of the state wanted to have her baby. Then she ran off to Arizona, stabbed gov Parnell in the back, and gave birth to the Walker disaster.

      I really don’t get it.

      • All I can offer is my own observation. Frank Murkowski has always been hated by most of the Alaska media, especially the print media, and most especially the Anchorage Daily News. Just as Murkowski had committed a mortal sin by defeating the Democrat Darling Clark Gruening for the Senate in ’80, he did it again by defeating another Democrat Darling, Fran Ulmer, for Governor in 2000

        At the time, Frank could appoint his successor. He had two bad choices, John Binkley and Sarah Palin as the most prominent suitors for the US Senate. So, he made an even worse choice and appointed his daughter. I don’t think the electorate ever forgave him for that, but he might have been able to recover from it had it not been for some “own goals” and the unrelenting attacks of the media.

        There were seven or eight appointee-level State officials whose job was to tell Frank Murkowski there was no legal way he could buy that jet unless he got a specific appropriation from the Legislature, which wasn’t giving that up. Instead, they all did the government insider game of “we can work through that for you Governor” while they had drinks with their favorite reporter at “The Hangar” or “The Triangle” and told him/her what a terrible thing the Governor was doing.

        Along comes Sarah and nothing she says about her conflicts with Randy Ruedrich and the Governor’s Office in “Going Rogue” is true, though she probably believes it all. Palin becomes the Democrats and the ADN’s favorite Republican because they thought she’d be easiest for their darling Tony Knowles to beat.

        The people had already had 8 years of Knowles and they had his BS down. Sarah was good at the getting elected part; she’s a master of the simplistic soundbite that is so appealing to the Alaska electorate.

        I decided I didn’t want to see the end of the train wreck and retired July 1, 2006, and watched it all from the sidelines.

        • Going Rogue is clearly honest in intent, if not fact.

          She seems to be chasing the next camera, the next spotlight, the next whatever which will keep her in the center ring. No matter who or what gets destroyed in the process.

          In that particular regard, she is perfect for Washington.

        • Sarah was never on my short list for US Senate, Art. In my mind, I had already selected John Binkley, that is, until I learned that Binkley was hosting fundraisers for Democrat Tony Knowles……and I wasn’t invited. Then I found out that Binkley lied about his education credentials. He didn’t finish high school, but gave the impression he was a college graduate. That’s when I picked Lisa, a very, very bright girl with a law degree. Tell me how I went wrong, Art…..

          • Frankie, you forgot to leave out the part that Lisa flunked the bar exam seven or eight times. And that Lisa barely won her Anchorage state house seat just before you appointed her to the US Senate. Frankie, aren’t you and Nancy life-long Republicans? Then why is it that Lisa was tossed from the state wide Republican Party? And why is it that Alaska Democrats are supporting Lisa?
            Frankie, if you are still lucid and not in cognitive decline like Joe Biden, can you please provide answers?

      • EVANGELICALS. Especially Assembly of God …. her sect.
        They think God has blessed her & chosen her

        She can do no wrong
        Even being a divorced woman “dating” a wealthy NY hockey pro does not dampen the Evangelical support.

        It is very strong. It gave us Ronald Reagan & Donald Trump.
        That support should be for B3 but the fashionista from Wasilla has come back to take it

    • I’m not a psychologist but how many candidates wear everybody else’s garments: man’s shirt? daughter’s clothes? Anyone near the candidate? I don’t think it’s humble. I think it’s a bit on the insane continuum spectrum. If you are a person? wear your own damned clothes. Don’t trespass someone else’s identity. Just a thought.

  3. Sara can list her accomplishments for Alaskans. All the rest of you can do is keep crying about her mistakes. Sara has been there done that and like wine is getting better in time. Adam kinzinger and Dan fagan waaaaaaaaa waaaaaa waaaa waa shameless cry baby clowns picking on Sara waaaa.

    • How about you give us a list of her “accomplishments for Alaskans” and be prepared to defend them?

    • Please name one. Just one. Site it, it’s actual accomplishments, and long term benefit for Alaska.

      I’d really like to know.

    • Accomplishment 1: Raise taxes on Industry (ACES) as requested by our Progressives
      Accomplishment 2: Veto a bill requiring marriages for State spousal benefits be between 1 man & 1 woman
      Accomplishment 3: Run John McCain’s campaign into the ground
      Accomplishment 4: Quit Alaska (move to Ariz & now NY)
      Accomplishment 5: Join Alice Rogoff in installing Bill Walker as our Governor
      Accomplishment 6: Stick Sean Parnell, a good Christian leader & a friend of Industry in the back

      Your turn Oath

      • Don’t forget the early years where she bought a ferry to take 20 minutes off the valley commute before she actually looked to see if there was a dock.

        What was is that the selling of that ferry cost? IIRC it went for pennies on the dollar to some 3rd world backwater. If you’re absolutely smitten by that home spun ‘you becha’ *wink* nonsense at least don’t let her near the checkbook. Wise spending for her is like Chinese algebra. That’s the last thing we need as Alaska heads toward a new and trimmer economic paradigm.

          • I see you’re from the Department of Redundancy Department.

            Here’s the deal… she’s not good with a checkbook. Botched budget matters hard in multiple ways, the ferry being one of them. Yes, it happened before she was our half term governor. Does that in your eyes mean that it didn’t happen at all?

  4. Ummm, if Fagan was always a critic of her and her policies, and thought she was a liar and all this other stuff, why was he hanging out with her in her home? Why does it sound like she’s saying they had a positive relationship for “many years”, until it pivoted at one point in another direction? Her story makes sense as to why his pivot happened. I’ve had that experience, too, when a guy married to my best friend groped me out of the blue at their home. He and I had been friends for months if not years since they met, but my rejection that night ended my close friendship with him and his wife. I later realized after talking to his wife about why I fled their home so fast that night that they had decided to have an “open marriage” and apparently thought I might be interested. I can only imagine what untrue story they might tell if someone were to ask them why she and I don’t talk anymore after being best friends for so many years, but it simply comes down to, they were embarrassed, and I realized that I couldn’t trust them because they were adulterers, and deceiving people they loved about their marriage and commitment, and he groped me with absolutely no invitation, so we stopped talking. I only share this to say I can see that if what Sarah is saying is true, it could explain his pivot if they at one time were good friends. It’s weird to be friends with someone for many years and hang out at someone’s house with them and then all of a sudden claim they’re a liar and a bad person with bad policies. People with good character don’t usually choose to hang out in the home of a person who has bad character. Birds of a feather flock together until something happens to make one bird realize another bird isn’t of the same feather. What happened, Fagan? You don’t stop hanging out at a friend’s home because you disagree with their policies or politics. Friends who hang out at eachother’s homes are usually more loyal and don’t just start accusing their friend who hosted them in their home of being a liar without a breach of trust occurring first. She told her side. What’s yours?

  5. A crush you say? That’s not a term a man would use to describe a heightened libido though I can see where it might appeal to someone with the EQ of a HS girl. It would appear that Ms. Palin grossly misunderstands the fantasies of the middle aged American male and has no clue that the cutesy *wink* – “you becha” horsesh*t doesn’t actually fit into the attraction spectrum at all. When’s the last time you were perusing The Look and found a row of nighties aimed at middle aged female high school throwbacks?

    Be that as it may, it doesn’t surprise me that Ms. Palin might muse that Mr. Fagan must be pitching a tent whenever she sashays that bit of parchment by. MmmMmmm.


    I’d sooner vote for Trig.

  6. Sarah normally doesn’t bash people or call people out by name unless they’re a political opponent, and even then she holds back more than probably most politicians do. She’s been loyal to the McCain family even after they weren’t always so kind to her. She’s been letting people and the media run all over her for years and she tends to not reciprocate. It’s probably sent the message to them that she’s fair game. Maybe she’s trying to send the message or “takeaway” that she’s gonna start calling people out when they turn on her like Trump and many other public figures do, like Fagan. Trump never said a negative word about Rosie until she spoke negatively about him. That’s his style. He doesn’t punch until someone punches at him first. People who talk bad about his tweets generally don’t seem to acknowledge that he tweets truths, no matter how ugly. They don’t seem to acknowledge that it was provoked. Not saying it’s right, but the ones complaining seem to like throwing punches and don’t like when people punch back like Trump does. It’s like they’re mad that he’s teaching people how to deal with bullies. You have to expect that if you’re a public figure and you attack another person’s character publicly, it’s gonna come back at you publicly. The trick is not being the one who fires the first shot. Fagan fired the first shot, Sarah reciprocated. I’m sorry, but the people slandering are not being fair at all, and I read something here, and then I read something somewhere else that gives a completely different story. I’m sure Sarah’s made mistakes like everyone, not only in her private family life, but also in her public roles, but y’all are merciless and totally unfair. She doesn’t deserve this. I’m not saying Fagan did what she said, maybe there was a misunderstanding, though she seems pretty confident that she didn’t misunderstand anything, but it makes sense if he was in her home and he was more friendly to Sarah at one point in time for awhile and then he started blazing guns at her publicly on his show. If she’s lying, then absolutely she’s slimy, but up to this point I’ve always been impressed how she has shown so much restraint and hasn’t constantly been bashing people like they are her. It seems like it would be out of character for her to just lie about someone publicly like that. She doesn’t even talk about her husband who divorced her like that publicly, not even his parents who publicly smear her. She’s been very respectful and private about her family and her private life. That makes me think she’s telling the truth. I’ve seen no evidence she has a habit of lying about and publicly smearing people. The people attacking her, however…

    • Imagine MRAK writing positively about a conservative Republican!
      What is the world coming to.
      If you think SP is a conservative, I have a bridge to sell you in Ketchikan …. call me.

  7. So my questions are, was he always in her home? Why was he always in her home? What governor allows a member of the media to be hanging around her home? Maybe the Palin girls would like to weigh in on this. Was she playing him? Playing with him? Or trying to curry favor with the media? Doesn’t she have a fence around her house? I think she owes us the details if she is going to make an accusation like this. Why doesn’t she just go on his show and clear up this mess she made?

  8. Palin doesn’t know the truth from a lie. She is an embarrassment to women. Why does she feel it to be necessary to dress like a street hooker half the time? Maybe it’s because she knows folks will never be attracted to her intellect, or lack thereof. Representing Alaska is serious business. Her ridiculous rhetoric won’t fix any of our nation’s problems. She will be ridiculed as an empty suit. She doesn’t have the background necessary to make a real contribution to a debate on the deficit, inflation or health care. She is a light weight. I’m sorry; but, Alaska needs more.
    And, deserves more.
    Electing Sarah to represent the people of Alaska would be a terrible joke.

    • “She will be ridiculed as an empty suit.” Only “half the time”. The other half they will be looking at her street hooker legs.

  9. Art I lost respect for Frank when He voted to turn the Wrangell St Elias National Park into a United Nations World Heritage Park! Many strategic minerals in that area of Alaska now controlled by whom? No Hunting, or mining, Frank should of been tried for Treason for that Vote

  10. Do you mind terribly keeping your love life to yourself since it is none of our business and we don’t give a flying monkey about it; or you? Just a suggestion if you think you are going to get any votes at all.

  11. Sarah Palin & Dan Fagan might be at odds over something that sounds like some kind of flirtiness and becomes a “he said, she said” piece of gossip? Come on MustReadAlaska, you can do better than that. A substantial number voted for her and I bet they’re paying attention to what kind of reporting is being published here. Please do better.

    • You are correct that a substantial number of readers voted for her. The exact number is 43,601 out of 161,428 votes cast. She absolutely killed it with 27% of the vote. I will try to do better. – sd

    • Yet Biden became POTUS.

      It’s simple. A deliberately politically illiterate electorate with a celebrity fetish. Woodrow Wilson set this in motion over 100 years ago. Combine a tic tok attention span, you get every election since Obama.

    • I do not understand how people with zero understanding of how government DOES NOT work get votes.
      “Government works” is an oxymoron.

  12. Interesting. I remember a little bit about Dan Fagan, but it wasn’t about attempted hook-ups with Sarah. In fact, Sarah is the opposite. She’s more inclined to be a reverse of “me too.” Most men would actually prefer to run from her, while she moves aggressively into pursuit. Her trail of destruction is not unknown among guys that got away.

  13. Queen Sarah has spoken. She does not quit. She never lies. She reads. She thinks deeply about policy. Her word salad is the result of many fruits, nuts, and vegetables with whom she interacts. DO NOT QUESTION THE QUEEN OF HEARTS!!

  14. A list of Sarah Palin’s accomplishments can be found at and, among others. Just thought I’d mention a couple places where one could find if they chose to seek. The list is long and I don’t have time to list it here. I don’t agree with everything she did, but much of what she did, and she could change some things she did if she had it to do over since hindsight is 20/20.

  15. To those talking about Sarah’s wardrobe, not dressing very conservative, I don’t like it either, but I also don’t like Kelly Tshibaka’s choice of clothing sometimes with her bright red tight dress and high heels, for example. I don’t know why they do it. I’ve heard they and other working women are told by the higher ups that it’s what they need to do to play in the game, but it definitely sends a message that I think a guy could misunderstand and assume that she’s willing to do anything to get ahead. I’m voting for Kelly and Sarah both, definitely not because they dress like hookers sometimes, but because seen to be the most willing to put an end to unborn babies being murdered in their mothers’ wombs. Plus, ummm, I used to dress like that not realizing the message I was sending with my wardrobe. I think what’s in the head and heart is more important than the appearance. I’d rather a Mary who is dressed like a prostitute than a Judas who is cool with exceptions allowing the murder of babies. Just because they dress conservative, doesn’t mean they really are. Ever hear of a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Wolves go after the vulnerable and defenseless young.

  16. Sarah’s faux outrage might simply be amateur damage control.
    Remember the damning MRAK article: “Christian News Service: Palin opposes vouchers for school choice, is against amending Alaska Constitution, wants more money for teachers, was lauded by National Education Association”.
    “Palin… wants more money for teachers, was lauded by National Education Association”. Really bad optics in these days of economic hard times, could be a show-stopper for Palin.
    What to do? Why not paint it over with Palin drama about something else, hope low-information voters forget.
    Problem is what happens if they don’t.

  17. A professional would note it is not normal to run for office wearing a boyfriend’s shirt and daughter’s shoes. This whole candidate thing is where the candidate is front and center; is it not? Why always wear other people’s clothes? She wore her daughter’s things to events and said so. My candidate is not deceitful and doesn’t have weirdness about always needing other peoples’s garments like lucky charms. It is not mature. It points to lack of appropriate boundaries, aggression and diseregard for other’s property rights etc. Bad personality traits, sub-maturity equals decisions that are not wise. Why vote for this except for having equal stupidity? Kelly Tshibaka is attractive, brilliant and businesslike. That’s fine. But others may prefer stupid, shallow, undeveloped personality traits. So if we have stupidity in government long live Alaskan stupidity.

  18. Of course she does. It’s all about her. How can anyone take her seriously? She is addicted to and desperate for attention, shallow in character and commitment and intellectually challenged. Every time she speaks, she proves that.

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