Dan Fagan: Palin made a false accusation against me. I’m setting the record straight — there was no crush



Sarah Palin claims she once had to “rebuff” me over a crush I had on her. She also says I “turned on her” as a result. 

Here’s what Palin said on a local podcast this week: 

“He was at my home, hanging out with me. It’s almost like he had a crush on me for many years, um huh. And then though, when he was kind of rebuffed, watch this, this is going to be the takeaway for Fagan, he kind of turned on me. Boo hoo. “ 

This is a serious accusation. In order to “rebuff” someone they would first have to make a move. The word rebuff is defined as rejecting someone in an abrupt manner.

Palin is accusing me of hitting on her, a married woman.  

I know Palin knows she’s never “rebuffed” me over the imaginary crush she dreamed up. 

Palin is a serial liar and a con artist. Her unhealthy political ambition and her lust for fame and fortune has seared her conscience. 

I often wondered if Palin believed her own lies. The human heart is deceptive. After this rebuffing accusation, I now realize she knows she’s lying. 

Palin owes it to me to say when and where this rebuffing happened. What exactly did I say that made her think I had a crush on her?  What did she say to rebuff me? 

It’s convenient for Palin to accuse me of hitting on a married woman and then blaming her rejection of me on my criticizing her dismal record as governor. 

I’ve been a Palin critic for years. Especially after she went to war with Alaska’s oil and gas industry. She signed the largest tax increase in state history. Alaska’s budget is morbidly obese today because of the truck loads of cash her tax raising transferred out of the private sector and into government.

Why is Palin just now blaming my criticism of her on rebuffing my unrequited love?  

Something else Palin says is telling. She pauses and interjects “…watch this, this is going to be the takeaway for Fagan.” 

What did she mean by takeaway? It’s as though Palin is admitting, I’ve concocted this rebuffing narrative to discredit Fagan.  

Maybe Senators Lisa Murkowski, Dan Sullivan, and Gov. Mike Dunleavy should blame unreciprocated love as a motivation of my criticism. 

There’s no one I critique more than the tyrannically bent Anchorage Assemblyman Christopher Constant. Mr. Constant, I do not have a crush on you. No rebuffing needed.  

Palin is known for often saying odd things. But this is a serious time in which we live, and we need sober leadership. Alaskans get only one representative in Congress.

We are at war. Marxists, swamp creatures, and media elites are firebombing all that is good about America. Now is not the time to vote for childish, stars in their eyes, kooky drama queens like Palin.

Dan Fagan hosts a morning drive talk show on Newsradio 650, KENI between 5:30 and 9 a.m.


  1. When Alaskans have been clear about their well founded concerns regarding her ego and eliteist mentality, you’d think she’d work on playing up a little humility now & then.

    • She’s too dumb for that kind of analytical thinking.
      Her handlers have to feed everything to her, like they do for Joe Biden.

  2. It costs little at first to make a remark to make you seem the “hero” in a story. But it can cost the other character in your story much. With age and wisdom, we learn to measure our words. Palin’s “innocuous” remark will cost her. Biden makes stupid statements. But we know he is cognitively deficient. Therefore, he gets a pass. Palin is not deficient. But she was careless by throwing that out there like a 7th grade girl after school at a slumber party. Even if she believed it happened, her remarking about it just showed her skin not as thick as she portrayed. Bummer. It is typically the Left who run away crying.

  3. I used to catch Louisiana Dan on radio now and then right after the real conservative morning talker was silenced. Nice, though,that though the body is back in Mardi Gras land the ego remains with us.

  4. Two people who deserve each other.

    The only good thing about her going to the House is she will be totally irrelevant. Few friends, many enemies, baggage galore. The antics she’ll get up to for attention will be amusing. And really sad.

    We deserve better, but we’re not gonna get it.

    • “……Few friends, many enemies, baggage galore…….”
      The biggest problem with Congressmen is that they have too many friends and too many enemies, and they all dragged a trainload of baggage cars before they ever started campaigning for the job. Anybody who lives to the age of 40 has a shipload of baggage…….unless you’ve been living in Mama’s basement.

  5. The Republicans are beginning to eat their own! The “good old boys” ( Dems & Rinos) are willing to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory if they can’t get “their”guy in!

  6. I do remember Dan “fawning over Her”. Also, I remember him being anti Joe Miller and pro Lisa.

  7. It’s always problematic when people think they are more “beautiful” than they really are.

  8. I’m inclined to believe Dan Fagan. But to what does he attribute this support for her, after her
    many shortcomings, quitting, public disgraces?

  9. “…….We are at war. Marxists, swamp creatures, and media elites are firebombing all that is good about America. Now is not the time to vote for childish, stars in their eyes, kooky drama queens like Palin.”
    Agreed, but I’m not about to vote for yet another Begich, either, and I’m not nearly dumb enough to believe that one of that clan can be a conservative. That’s about as rich as yet another Nigerian scam call, complete with the funny accent.

  10. I first thought that Dan Fagan was a “fawner” when I heard his a– kissing kind of reporting on having met Dan Sullivan. It irked me so much that I wrote a comment on his Facebook page saying that he had stars in his eyes when it came to Sullivan. Since then, I lost respect for this egotistical radio guy, and even more so now.

  11. Meanwhile, the communists march undetected and unobstructed into our towns, our schools, and our heads. Why don’t you both stfu and get to work….please.

    • The sad thing is they told us how they would do it. But hey, they have proven population control methods.

  12. I feel like this is a conversation the two of them should have had directly, in particular his question of specific events. If he was supporting her still it would have.

    The “take-away” would be to evaluate his own reasoning in light of the suspicious timing of his turning against her.

    This reminds me of Trump’s habit of bringing up individuals’ behavour before and after, like Mitt Romney and another more recent account. I guess that is one way of politicking.

  13. This is such a bull—- story.

    ‘He slipped me a note in biology but I threw it away.’

    ‘Did not, I saw it in your locker.’

    Can’t you do better than this?

  14. This topic genre is
    what keeps mrak website spicy. Long ago leaders and public profiles would had kept your kind of visit private. These days most leaders and public profiles have loose lips and chatter just as much
    as a chatter

  15. …. And i’m glad dinner was good. Sarah must had put together a pretty good meal. To believe her guest held a crush
    on her. You know how men are! A woman puts together a fantastic meal, and he starts acting like he’s in love.

  16. Dan Fagan and Susan Downing deserve each other.
    Gossiping, instead of educating conservatives on how to beat this rank jungle primary we have to deal with. I’m kind of disgusted with Dan and Suzanne right now.
    I’m sorry that Dan Fagen dragged Suzanne down to his level.
    Rank The Red everyone!

    • I don’t think Dan can make Suzanne do anything. Have you heard their discussions on his radio show? Suzanne has her own opinions. She tells Dan that he has “Dunleavy and Murkowski derangement “. Go listen to his podcasts.

  17. Get overselves! We have more demanding issues! At call! So this tells me more of Sarah! Great gal but she hooked on the fame of a quickie Hollywood stardom! We can’t afford that shame now!

  18. Leave it to the Queen to drag this back to high school.

    Me Too is outdated by modern politics.
    Typical she’s using last years playbook.

  19. Phony Fagan picture above. Phony Fagan Alaskan via Louisiana. Phony friend to Sarah. A lot of Phony things said about a lot of good people. About time it started to catch jul to him.

  20. You know what? We could be talking about a constitutional convention right now. Are we? Why is that? Oh, the uush…Our attention has been turned by some nymph to a fact that she may have had a man around who hung out near her at her home who may have had an acual crush on her. Thanx. At least we now know our priorities for the next several months.

    • Come on now! We are just getting ready to face another long winter. Let’s have some fun while the sun is shining!

  21. I could care less if he even DID have a crush on her.
    So what?
    Palin isn’t exactly a mud fence.
    Then again, she ain’t no spring chicken.
    She should just accept the complement.
    Some girls get mad when you whistle at them.
    Others, they smile, wave… and laugh.
    Those are usually real girls.

  22. She’s just trying to stay relevant. Can’t blame a girl for trying. I liked her until she quit and ran with the worst candidate in history not counting Mitt. I hate a quitter.

  23. Who really cares what went on between the two of them? Gas prices are high, food prices are high. We are all discussing this? REALLY PEOPLE!!!!

  24. Did Dan actually leave to go back to LA? mom n dad there. Heard him say was not registered in AK to vote so maybe yakking about us while living there. Watch out Suzanne he may turn on you next then we would have to cancel his radio show here!! Don’t need outsiders yapping at us. I absolutely believe Sarah is self centered with a lot of baggage and embarrassment toAlaska from her. On Nick? you doubters should grow up and make the choice for him. He is standing up against the Dems in his own family. Do you not know anyone that in females that have different sides on the politics? If not, your in lala land. so go ahead and put a self appointed Queen in office see what you get, Lisa on steroids or quits

  25. Ms. Palin (Todd should get his name back) would not stand, or applaud, when Mayor Bronson was introduced by Pres Trump.
    The whole arena was standing ….a standing ovation from 6000 people
    But not Ms. Palin, she sat … no applause.

    She wants the votes of liberals, just like Lisa.
    Elect Palin …. elect a RINO

  26. I think you need to check your sense of humor Dan. I listened to her saying I think he had a little crush on me. She raised her voice like “yea that’s why he’s been against me”. Clearly in a have joking half serious remark. And you fell for it.

  27. If Sarah gets elected we will have a long long 2 years to wise up and not send her there again. Poor Nick born into a family he does not agree politically with. Please don’t make him pay for something he cannot control,
    You know the saying, you can choose your friends, but not your family


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