‘Brandon Falls’ briefly added to Google Maps, marking spot where Biden fell from his bike; Big Tech quickly deleted it


A tongue-in-cheek historical landmark dubbed “Brandon Falls” was briefly added to Google Maps on Tuesday.

That’s the spot in Delaware where President Joe Biden famously fell off his bike close to his home in Rehoboth Seaside in June. He had stopped his bike, but was unable to pull his foot out of the bike’s pedal strap, and keeled over in front of a gaggle of reporters.

While not an officially sanctioned historical location, Google allows users to create public landmarks, which someone did in order to have fun at the president’s expense. Google quickly deleted the historic designation, but not before the landmark had had over 80 public reviews.

Brandon is the popular nickname for Biden, launched by his critics last year after a NASCAR reporter mistakenly took a crowd’s chant of “F– Joe Biden” for “Let’s Go Brandon!” for the Sparks 300 race winner Brandon Brown at the Talladega Superspeedway, whom she was interviewing. The crowd was actually jeering Biden, and the reporter’s misinterpretation went viral on social media.

“Let’s Go Brandon!” hit popular culture in a big way over the past eight months. Now, the spot where Biden keeled over has become a local pilgrimage destination where people are doing the “Biden Bike Challenge” by taking pictures of themselves prone on the spot where Biden fell.


  1. What a hoot!
    Our President needs training wheels.
    You know, he saw a little girl and departed the route to go sniff her hair.

  2. It’s disgusting how Biden is coddled and protected by the MSM. No gaffes, trips/falls never mentioned or deleted. Must be nice to have your puppeteers covering for you, but at a price.

  3. Biden’s Rehoboth home is in a 96.7% White area. Diversity for thee…meanwhile he’s cranking up the race war in America. He’ll be fine in his lilly white compound.

  4. A grandpa moment for him. Like a grandpa, biden he did maintain a good attitude about his little spill.

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