Who is the favorite governor in America?


Who is America’s most popular governor? Wyoming Republican Mark Gordon has a 74% approval rating, as does Vermont Republican Phil Scott, according to the quarterly poll by Morning Consult polling firm. Those two governors hold the top two spots for popularity, followed closely by two other Republican governors, Charlie Baker of Massachusetts and Larry Hogan of Maryland, with 73% and 70% respectively.

South Dakota Republican Gov. Kristi Noem has a 59% approval rating among voters in her state.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy, the Alaska Republican governor running for reelection, came in with a 52% approval rating, just one point below how voters in Florida rated Gov. Ron DeSantis and how voters in Virginia ranked Gov. Glenn Youngkin, both with 53% approval. They were in the middle of the pack. Just 32% of Alaska voters disapprove of Dunleavy’s performance.

Among the most unpopular governors are Democratic Gov. Kate Brown of Oregon and Democrat Gov. David Ige of Hawaii, who have respective 55% and 49% disapproval ratings. 

Dunleavy has slipped in popularity since the poll was conducted last winter, when he enjoyed a 57% approval rating and was the 16th most popular governor in the country. He is now the 27th most popular.

Read the Morning Consult poll results here. 

(Note: The chart at the top of the page shows favorable in green and unfavorable in red.)


  1. If there are only 3 Republicans in a State, and two approve…..
    That is a 66% Republican approval.
    I believe a total voter base rating would net a more accurate or practical rating.

    • Where is the support coming from for Dunleavy? Conservatives feel betrayed by him because he didn’t follow through on his campaign promises, and liberals wanted to recall him because he tried to fulfill his campaign promises. Liberals got what they wanted from him, but they still hate his guts. Just goes to show how appeasement never works.

    • Exactly how did Dunleavy steal your PFD? You obviously don’t understand how the government works.
      The legislature holds the purse strings. Most of us are shocked he got what he did!

    • In case you forgot, it was slick Billie Walker who took the lid off of the permanent fund jar. And now the legislature can’t get enough. Dunleavy wanted to give everybody $5000+!!!! The legislature started at a lot lower amount and settled on the $3200 amount. Dunleavy didn’t steal anything. He wanted what is due to the citizens of Alaska.

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