Flip: Palin is now in favor of school vouchers


Last week, Must Read Alaska ran a story based on 2008 documentation of Sarah Palin’s views on vouchers that would allow parents to move children to private schools, if they so chose.

The Palin of 2008 was a candidate for vice president and her record showed that, as governor of Alaska, she not only opposed school vouchers but also opposed changing the Alaska Constitution to allow for them. She said they are unconstitutional.

Today, as a candidate for Congress, Palin supports vouchers, according to her website.

Her opposition to vouchers was well-documented in 2008 and was written about extensively by the media, leading the National Education Association to praise her track record, not only for vouchers but for making big funding increases to public education while serving as Alaska’s governor from 2007 to 2009.

Nick Begich, who is Palin’s Republican opponent, has long supported school vouchers. He is a product of a private Christian school education, through 12th grade, but his family did not use vouchers, as they were not available when he was in school. Vouchers allow families to move their children to non-government schools and have the money follow the child.

Begich believes that school funding should follow the child and be able to be used for both faith-based or private education.


  1. Wow… Over the course of 14 years a politician changed their mind about an issue.
    And??? If we held every human to that kind of standard, we would think everyone alive is some kind of untrustworthy hypocrite.
    Let me also add, that I do not care. School vouchers are not going to happen at the national level. Not while the teachers have any kind of union. So, Palin could be for them, against them, indifferent. Does not matter. Her support for or opposition to is meaningless. They will never get in front of Congress for a vote, and if they do, the law will be written with the specific intent of getting overturned at the first legal challenge.
    How about we start caring about issues that have a snowball’s chance in hell of being brought in front of Congress sometime in the next decade? Economy, energy, defense, border, you know… the kind of things that will see the light of day?

  2. The immense volume of money pouring into the Anchorage school district is just ridiculous. There is no way that idiocy could continue if the LOCAL tax base had to support it. 86% of the Anchorage property taxes collected go to the ASD, even with the millions of dollars pouring in from federal and state sources. It is an unsustainable situation.

  3. “Nick Begich, who is Palin’s Republican opponent, has long supported school vouchers.”
    Ummm-proof of this?
    We don’t know anything about Begich prior to his running. We do know that his campaign is being funded by the liberal Koch Brothers
    I’ll take a known candidate with baggage over a groomed candidate that has virtually no history. Palin stood up to one of the greatest tyranny in recent history (vaccines and mask mandates) while Begich said nothing…till campaign time.

    • North to Alaska, I’ll take an intelligent, informed, energetic and successful Nick Begich over Palin any day of the week. I do not dislike Sarah, however I believe she is unqualified for this office. This election isn’t a popularity contest, it’s about putting in office the most qualified person.

      BTW, as it relates to the Jab? I asked Nick this question over a year ago via a text. Nick responded correctly, No Mandates, health decisions were an individuals choice. Hope that helps. Oh, Didn’t Trump push the Jab? hmm seems he still goes all in for it too, thought about that?

      • You asked Nick a year ago about the vaccine. That was about when he launched his campaign. So again, I have no idea what he really believes and I can smell a smoothed over political campaign like cow poop…and that is what Nich Begich is to me.
        I’m not crazy about Palin and would live to see a DeSantis President…not a scam like Trump again.

  4. A couple of days ago you ran excerpts from a 2008 story about Sarah from the Christian News Service, not from her campaign! Besides, she pretty much had to tow the McCain line in her run for VP. Today you are running a story that makes it look like she flipflopped, after I pointed out in a comment on the previous story that her current campaign website states she is for vouchers, is very disingenuous. I am very disappointed in your anti Palin bias. At least she has the guts to put her ideas online for all to see unlike NB3 who so far has committed to nothing!
    I challenge NB3 to show the same guts – how about it? Maybe then we can make a more informed choice.

  5. When you were young did you believe in the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus? Did you change as life went on.

    • Ken, I remember you, the only guy in the Barbie entourage, has a Sarah Palin fixation replaced Barbie?
      Come on Ken, quit playing with dolls, man the hell up and vote Nick!

  6. Wow.
    No headline articles on Begich regretting his vote for a hard core progressive socialist Berkowitz in the his mayoral race against Dembowski, a hard core conservative?
    No headline article on Begich’s wishy washy response to whether he supports the Pebble mine project?
    Oh, I forgot – despite Begich coming from the most hard core liberal political family in Alaska, despite the fact Begich has no verifiable conservative bona fides – he must be conservative, because he shoots guns in political add, right? Shooting a gun in your political ads – is THE greatest RINO “tell” their is.
    One thing we know for sure – Palin will vote MAGA.

  7. Just wondering what will she not do for a vote,. As always talking out of both sides of her mouth,. She thinks we are stupid. She is just like China Walker thinks we cannot remember their track record.

  8. Well I guess I can respect her decision to change her mind on vouchers…. if it was made genuinely as a result of her own intellectual reasoning and research on the matter.

  9. Good congratulations Sara, this shows the voters Sara can see she may have been wrong about something, and upon further review she can change to help the citizens. Sara has accomplishments of for and by the people. Sara supported us when she could, Sara needs us to support her now, support a fighter of the people. Vote for Sara all.

  10. When Palin was governor the vouchers were a big “no” by state standards and the federal government, so the parents could not see the benefit of them. Since Donald Trump and the Federal government conversation on vouchers, its a very important discussion and open for debate. Good for Palin and the vouchers for Kids for Education. Private or Public. All kids should have a chance and parents need to be in touch with alternatives.

  11. Palin may have changed.
    I don’t know. She didn’t do us a lot of favors.
    Begich, I know little of him. I’d like to know more.
    It seems that no matter how I vote, Ranked Choice will rob the ends and pays the middle.
    We are in for an awakening.

  12. The “… lauded by National Education Association” is a show-stopper.
    Nothing else in the Palin resume matters at this point.
    Sarah could, in her popular outspoken way, denounce teachers’ unions in general, NEA in particular, return money which the unions gave to her campaign.
    Then we’d take Sarah’s candidacy seriously.

    • When’s that article gonna come out on Nick Begich’s business dealings & stint as a staffer for Don Young? After the election?

      • Fishing: Since he was an intern for six weeks for Don Young, I’ve just not gotten around to the story. But I think it’s really interesting and will keep it on the list. – sd

  13. Easy to flip positions when you have zero core principles.

    But you’re gonna vote this fraud in, so enjoy the moment. Karma will come when she screws her bots, too.

    Palinheads will be just like the people who voted for Biden because of mean orange tweets: insisting it’s all great as things collapse around them.

  14. This is nothing new. Sarah has a condition that I called, “raise the finger,” that is, raise the wet finger in the air and see which direction the wind is blowing. It’s all part of her wacky personna. She even did it once during a snowmobile race when I already knew where the wind was coming from and how far away the legal course markers were located. Watch her!

    • Thanks, Todd, but I think I’ll just raise my middle finger to Sarah. Best to you in your new, unencumbered life.

  15. Morrigan – you are absolutely right on about Palin “… lauded by the National Education Association”. The NEA is a disgrace & them supporting her is the only piece of info that rises to the top amongst all the other drivel being put out by MRAK. I may have to sit this one out unless Palin denounces the NEA’s atrocious behavior during the Covid scare.

  16. I was headed to Starbuck’s this morning and then switched directions to McDonald’s. When did changing one’s mind become such a big deal?

    • It is a big deal when you are running for congress and are supposed to make important decisions concerning
      health and security if our state and country. Stop lying, big boy you went to both.

    • You know their coffee is pretty good.
      And Senior coffee only costs a dollar!

      Yes, in all fairness, people change.

  17. Nick Begich lll Received $1,000 from Alaska NEA in his 2016 race against Amy D . for Anchorage Assembly proof is in APOC file. Every minute of Sarah’s life has been Vetter with and without bias.. I vote Trump, Sarah and Kelly T.

  18. Many are questioning why people change.??. When the social standards change and the only way to beat the system is to change when the society goes downhill. The changes that has caused our public schools to teach/force our students to believe in garbage makes one to change their views on vouchers. When our children aren’t taught the basics and they start failing, we have to change our views to best benefit our children.. When the public schools aren’t teaching what they’re supposed to be teaching and indoctrinating them is their teaching, that has got to change.

  19. I just want to puke when the MSM and et-al advocate Sarah.
    Ok, she is a girl, thusly known to have the right and propensity to change their minds.
    If they have one.

  20. Voting for Begich is probably like voting for Jeb Bush. I’m sure he will appreciate your help too, Suzanne.
    Damn it’s hard to find any news source that isn’t thumping someone’s agenda !

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