Organ grinder: Man arrested for exposing self to underage girl at Anchorage gym’s hot tub


The manhunt for Natchez Dunlap is over. His current home is the Alaska Correctional Complex. Dunlap was arrested for allegedly exposing himself to a girl while in the hot tub at the Alaska Club South in February. The case gained notoriety, when police responded after the Alaska Club took no apparent action about the allegation.2

Detectives from the Crimes Against Children Unit began an investigation and on March 11, detectives obtained a felony arrest warrant for Dunlap, 41, for the charge of indecent exposure in the first degree. He was allegedly caught on camera masturbating while a teenager was in the hot tub that he was in.

Dunlap knew he had the warrant since March 11 but was on the lam. He was located in a Spenard home on Thursday afternoon and taken to jail.

Update April 5: Dunlap’s jailhouse court arraignment is schedule for today at 2:30 p.m.

While it may be illegal to expose your genitals to a teenager in a hot tub in Anchorage, in Fairbanks, men can expose themselves in the locker room of the Planet Fitness gym and not be charged with a similar offense.

After gym patron Patricia Silva complained about the man shaving in the women’s locker, her membership was revoked and she took to the internet to tell her story, which went worldwide, via the X/Twitter account “Libs of TikTok.”


  1. Let me ponder this. In Fairbanks, a man claiming to be a female shaving in the girls bathroom is okay but a true man masturbating in a hot tub in the presents of a girl is a bad thing. so we have two cases of adults being in the presents of juvenile females. One shaving the other masturbating. One is acceptable, like porn books in the juvenile section of the library, the other not acceptable demonstrating the subject touted in those same library books.
    I there were a case for confusion this one should serve!!

    • The only confusion is this:
      How does anyone think that a biological man in a woman’s restroom is a normal activity?

  2. So Natchez is no longer “at large.” Good for our detectives! And hats off to our creative new article title master, Suzanne!

  3. There is no evidence to support your claim that a man exposed himself to a teenaged girl in the women’s locker room in Fairbanks without consequences.

    • No biological man should be in a women’s locker room period! Sick liberals ought to all be deported to Mars.

  4. If he’d have just done it in the girls locker room, they’d provide him an escort to make sure no angry parents could bother him.

  5. Thank you, APD, for enforcing the law. Most of us are about done being sympathetic with these sorted deviants. Leave our women and children alone. Go back to your closets.

  6. Very sad that the Police Department in Fairbanks didn’t do anything about the incident at Planet Fitness. I guess the mayor wasn’t interested in doing anything about it. Maybe the public should be calling him on his radio show (Problem Corner) 907-458-8255

  7. Outed by Patricia Silva of Fairbanks. I’d vote for Ms. Silva for any office she chooses to run for.

  8. I have a membership with Alaska Club and was disappointed by their failure to report. Then on second thought I realize how rabid our mainstream media can be. Alaska Club would more than likely be attacked and called racist and homophobic.

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