Students swarm Alaska Capitol, disrupt committees, egged on by Democrat legislators


Democrats in Juneau cheered as students from Juneau campuses skipped school on Thursday and took over the halls of the Alaska Capitol, disrupting the proceedings of lawmakers. House Minority Leader Calvin Schrage said that it’s “what democracy looks like.”

It wasn’t what democracy looked like when protesters took over the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. That was insurrection. But for the Democrats who are trying to push through their legislation and can’t get by budget-minded Republicans, teenagers screaming through the halls was good government.

The Capitol ambush was part of an organized statewide walkout that appeared to be coordinated with education industry union members. At schools in Anchorage, students walked out and stood outside their campuses, but because of the Juneau schools’ proximity to the Capitol, it was a youth movement to try to make an impression on lawmakers that schools deserve a massive amount of spending.

The protest was over the veto of Senate Bill 140, which had itself been taken over and had been converted into a way to increase the funding formula for schools at a time when school districts are actually seeing dramatic in student enrollment.

Photo credit: Rep. Genevieve Mina. Democrat lawmakers stand in support o students who walked out of class at Juneau-Douglas High School on Thursday.

Juneau, for example, is preparing to consolidate campuses because it doesn’t have the funds to support two high schools. Juneau built a second high school in the Mendenhall Valley in 2008, but between Juneau-Douglas High School and Thunder Mountain High School, there are barely 1,200 students now. Many of those students appeared to be yelling in the halls of the Capitol on Thursday, led by a student with a bullhorn.

Democrats Rep. Genevieve Mina, Maxine Dilbert, CJ McCormick, Zack Fields and others joined the students in their protest. Some legislators locked their doors during the mayhem.


  1. Rowdy democrats storming the capitol yet again. Is this an insurrection? Lets give them all 20 year sentences with terrorism enhancements. That’s what we do with capitol protests now, right?

    • They need to be treated just like the j6 group.
      But the one sided law will not do anything.
      These politicians should all be fired this is not how a government should work.

      • America was born on protests which go on every minute of every day in our country, it’s when people don’t protest that we are in trouble.
        Come on people, were you really threatened by young school girls rallying for money for their educations? Sometimes I wonder why I post on the same site as all these intimidated commentors.

        • Protests by informed citizens, not minor children being manipulated by those who would undermine our republican form of governance. I am very threatened by useless idiots, uninformed about their actions being manipulated by puppet masters with their masked agenda. Such actions are the dark shadows that create mindless fanatics, be it the Spanish Inquisition, Stalinism or the Taliban. Do these kids know who Thomas Paine was? Benedict Arnold (a war hero before he sold out)? What is negative four minus eight?

        • Nice try 3rd!
          I agree that protests are a cherished tradition in American politics and I would completely support your sentiment IF these “girls” (how sexist of you, I bet there were boys too) had stayed OUTSIDE the building waving banners and yelling slogans.
          They did not.
          They barged into the building, disrespectfully and aggressively disrupting legislative activities. This is not democracy, this is an underage mob of useful stooges, lacking life experience to critically think. Our representative republic is based on mutual respect for other opinions and honest debate not this backhanded blackmail.
          I bet if you asked any of these hoodlums what exactly the BSA does, they could not explain it to you if they tried.

          • The kids did not break into the building or any office, they did not brandish weapons of any kind, their just kids.,
            We got the veto we wanted. MRA puts a cynical slant to the story so it flares up the non informed reader.

              • Ag. Many domestic terrorists didn’t make it through the magnetometers because of their weapons. Plus Elmer Rhodes had a stash in a nearby hotel (it’s on video).

            • Turd Gen, one slant missed by MRAK was that it appears the mob that stormed the second floor of the Capitol was entirely comprised of girls. Interesting.
              Testosterone levels in young men today we are told are 50% lower than what young men enjoyed 50 years ago. Are we seeing the effects of this phenomenon here at this commie teacher union bratty girl insurrection?

            • 3rd, yes they are teenager and I generally am the biggest champion of young people learning hands-on about their government in action.
              So what are we teaching them here? That you can enter the capitol building en masse and interrupt proceedings when ever you want?
              That you can roam the halls in large groups at will and confront lawmakers? Is that respectful of the process of governing?
              They brought a megaphone. There is only one reason you bring such a device, to drown out anything other than YOUR message.
              This was a deliberated intimidation attempt set up by the organizers to sway legislators to spend us into oblivion, WITHOUT setting any meaningful benchmarks to actually improving these kids educational outcome. That’s really the irony here. Students demanding more money for administrators salaries, extraneous programs and overhead.

        • What part of “disrupting” do you not understand? Funny how the rules never apply to the leftists, like these spoiled children, or to Jamaal Bowman, but they love to apply them to conservatives.

        • This news story was portrayed to the rest of the nation realistically as a protest, unlike the insurrection intended to demonstrate intimidation of a violent uprising against the US government for which many of the perpetrators were legally judged and sentenced as criminals engaged in disrupting the orderly process of certifying the results of an elected official; President Biden. The student protest was neither violent, nor an uprising, but physical presence of those involved in the legislation effected by the State of Alaska, not even something snarkily-described as a interrupting the business of the Alaska legislative body with regard to its duties on par with the January 6 insurrection in our nation’s capitol.

            • It has to be very difficult to write grammatically, much less coherently, when one’s mind is swirling, twirling vortex of radical leftist nonsense.

      • Dang, I thought you all agreed that J6 was just a peaceful tourist visit? Now you’re telling me it was a mob, and they need to be jailed?

    • Education 101…………the teacher’s unions are in charge. Not the teachers. Not the Principals. Not the School Board. Not the Superintendent.
      The teachers unions. Got it?
      Next lesson:. ………Communism 101.

      • 3rd:
        You must be a rookie. Who do you think those lobbyists are?
        Teacher’s union lobbiests. Thats’s who. Lisa Murkowski knows them all and supports them all. That’s why most Republican, Conservatives, and free-market voters HATE your friend Lisa Murkowski. She’s despicable.

    • Yeah, the framed J6rs did the same thing and are rotting in D.C. jails for exhibiting their Constitutional right to have their grievances redressed. This is different because these are the brainwashed kids that are indoctrinated by our leftist schools. They are being recruited by the left to join their color revolution in the overthrow of our Constitution. In other words, the children are witless fools being played by the evil left. What a shame the schools aren’t teaching them to be responsible citizens and to understand what responsible government is. They need to understand U.S. History and what the founders did to create this country, building a free Republic guided by a constitution that is designed to support that freedom. Instead, they are told it is a democracy and it is all about their feelings and what they can get out of it. A democracy is nothing more than a Mob rule society with no principles other than what the government dictates. A Constitutional Republic is based on principles that gives the power to the people to unite and guide the nation forward understanding that their freedom doesn’t come from government, it is a gift from God. It is not for government to tell you where you can live, where you can travel, what you must place in your body (i.e. vaccines), what income you can make, what you can worship, what job you can have, what you can say etc. Let freedom ring!

  2. This is getting way out-of-hand. Shame on those selected democrats for encouraging this out-of-control behavior. Our younger generations are screwed if this is how they are taught to behave. All I can say is that I hope McCabe doesn’t file a complaint against David Eastman for this one – he’ll probably figure out some way to do it though.

  3. No, this is not “what democracy looks like.” This is what anarchy looks like, and just a few step away from the French Revolution. How did that work out for the aristocratic elites?

  4. When does juvenile court convene? Parallel sentences equal to or similar with juvenile vs Jan 6 adults , such as loss of sport privileges,or not allowed to extra activities or say detention for couple of hours per day, for an appropriated number of days chaperoned by consenting parents, surely not educators who would expect and demand after school pay to oversee the consequence of encouraging this tantrum.

      • The January 6th protesters were patriots, fully justified in their protest of a stolen presidential election, and I am proud of them, as you would be as well, if you were not such a spineless pro-authoritarian conformist.

        • Jefferson. Really? You still believe trump is president? I’m surprised. You don’t seem like a typical right wing gullible rube.

          • Maybe that is because I am not right-wing.

            But yes, anyone with any honesty in them knows, and can clearly see, that the 2020 presidential election was stolen by a pro-globalist cabal via mail-in and other voting shenanigans. It was in fact a coup by deep state forces, and marked the effective end of national democracy in this country (which, admittedly, had been on its death bed for many years).

    • Does this make it child abuse or contributing to the delinquency of a minor?
      All those kids, brainwashed by the teachers unions as little puppets and future minions.
      Hope these students think of this when they become the adults…. If they dont, they have parents to remind them of their atrocious behaviour!
      KIDS, you have been used for evil. Dont do it again, these teachers need to be held accountable for producing kids that CANNOT read, CANNOT write and CANNOT do math at their grade levels! They do not need more money, they need to TEACH.

      • The teachers do need more money – the school systems do not. We pay for teacher raises by firing 3/4 of the administrators and holding the rest accountable. Then we force the social engineering out of the schools and teach the 3 Rs…

  5. Let’s see, so if students disrepect authority, it’s okay to disrupt the legislative process. If adults were screaming through the halls with a bullhorn, it would be a different story with more arrests. This is what anarchy looks like. Where were the Capitol’s security officers or State Troopers assigned to the Capitol to keep order? On a donut run or coffee break?

        • ….and you would be wrong Paola for several reasons.

          1) Any student acting in this manner regardless of the topic at hand should be reprimanded and suspended. Students are expected to be in school when it is in session, not stage walk-outs.
          2) The way to approach your legislator is via email, phone call, scheduled meeting (or a field trip arranged in advance) a town hall or personal visit to observe committee meeting/debate.

          Forming an ill-behave posse roaming through the halls of the capitol is unacceptable by anyone, but especially children. Anyone who behaves like that has absolutely no respect for our system of government and the individuals representing the people at large. That is intolerable!

  6. 25 year sentences need to be given for all these insurrectionists! What a hypocritical joke this nation has become!

  7. Kids are pulled into political discussions by adults who want to stifle debate and shame their opponents into acquiescence. Manipulating children into being pawns of these tactics by convincing them they are independently championing the preferred cause is insidious and abusive.

        • …and you would be wrong, Paola.
          We would all demand that they remain in school and learn something useful, instead of traipsing all over the capitol building. We would also encourage them to write or email/call their legislator and voice their opinion and maybe even set up a meeting, because that is how a representative republic works. If they wanted to protest, we would encourage them to use the Capitol steps to do so!

          • Tax. They learned a ton by expressing themselves peacefully and politely (no floor pooping!), plus, assuming they glance at MRAK, they learn the arguments of the nascent fascists in Alaska.

            • Banging on doors and cornering legislators is not “polite” or respectful and if your measure of “peaceful” is no poop on the floor, I question your standards.

              I further find that when you have to label someone with a derogatory name, you usually have no real argument.

              Fascism and communism have always utilized the young and impressionable for their purposes of drowning out the voices of their opposition from the young pioneers in the Soviet Union, the Red Guard in China, Opera Nazionale Balilla in Italy etc…..

              I suggest a little light reading for you in George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

  8. The NEA and some school district employees using students as proxies in a political beef. Becoming a disgusting habit. After this I’d call for a zero increase in the BSA. Nada

  9. So democracy looks like a mob swarming a capital without invitation, disrupting proceedings, demanding elected officials bend to their will.

    So democracy looks like a Communist Cultural Revolution.


    Not four years ago this was a democracy threatening insurrection. All that’s missing is a kid killed by a rogue cop. It appears the difference between insurrection and “democracy” is the politics of the participants.

    • Well stated, MA. A concise summary of what we can all see.
      Will we tell stories one day about these events and how the destruction of our civility and country could have been reversed, but we gave it a pass because of “the children” or “we hated Trump” or “equity”?

    • Teachers unions are producing the future communists that will finish off our nation…
      They cant read, write or do math, but they can hold a sign for their teacher/groomer and scream expletives at our legislative representatives doing their jobs.

        • You shouldn’t throw stones: The correct word in your post above is “they’re”, not “their”…..

          “The kids did not break into the building or any office, they did not brandish weapons of any kind, their just kids.,”

  10. Considering she’s allegedly an AK public school student, I wonder if the bullhorn girl could find New York on an unmarked map.

  11. This is a glimpse of the future leftists want. Look how they use – and abuse- children.

    Is this what you want?

    Repeal RCV. Reform the judiciary. Full PFD protected from politicians and unions.

    • We have a lot to be embarrassed by, we are all misrepresented by these commies. Every one of them as they dont fight for US!
      Its not about who we vote for, ots who counts our votes, its in the bag for the commies in this once great state…

  12. Dolts of the highest class or dolts of the lowest–what difference did it make whether they walked out or not? Who do they think that we think they are–upcoming astrophysicists, genetic engineers, theoretical mathematicians, maestros…or maybe your run-of-the-mill, civil engineer or public defender? Come on, these are the “brightest”–those who would need to watch a YouTube video that demonstrates how to properly swing a mop!

    • Edit: “Come on, these are the “brightest”–those who would need to watch a YouTube video to learn how to properly swing a mop!”

  13. The greater crime is the use of Alaska’s children in this manner. We are an entitlement colony with no perceptible sovereignty outside of incipient echolaliac mobocracy.

  14. Are these students being considered as absent from their classes? Or is this just part of their class on political activism? Folks, it is only going to get much worse because our kids are being indoctrinated in communism. Very soon they may be carrying the Mao’s Little Red Book. Are you ready for the “cultural revolution” ala communist China?

  15. They’ve all got futures as part of the “rent-a-mob”. Next week, abortion! After that, climate! Just learning a trade.

  16. Outrageous! Where was capitol security? Where was Juneau Police Dept? Where was the Sargent at Arms? Who let these insurrectionists into the capitol? Obviously there is video, name the elected legislators and their minions who facilitated this. THEN CHARGE THEM ALL!!! As for the ill behaving children charge them all with truancy and fire all teachers who encouraged this. And lastly vote NO on all money being demanded from the unions. Democracy my ass. This country is a Constitutional Republic. I am so sick and tired of hearing the U.S. is a democracy. Time for the Governor to grow a pair and shut this s—t down.

  17. Can these kids pass a reading comprehension test on SB 140?

    Can they do the basic math required to figure out how much their “education” costs taxpayers?

  18. Perhaps the school funding from the state government and taxpayers should now be cut in half being the children are not using the school education system anymore.

    • Along with child endangerment and contributing to the delinquency of a minor…. Teachers and their many unions…..

  19. Imagine how bad it would be if the Anchorage school district could invade the Legislature, too. This is another moment when I’m glad the Legislature is convened in a wilderness. Right now, I wish they were floating along on Arctic Ocean ice floes.

  20. These kids didn’t break any windows, pepper spray the police, or smear their feces on the walls? Must not be Republicans….

    • Hmm reminds me of the “mostly peaceful protest” protest comment by a reporter in 2020 standing in front of a burning car while people are throwing rocks…..

      Charles downplaying this by being deliberately obtuse to the fact that a mob of underage hoodlums invaded a legislative space on the urging of democrat legislators, disrupted proceedings, forcing some legislators to lock themselves in their offices, implies that you excuse their behavior, because they supposedly did not do the things you mention.
      Are you really okay with this?
      Do you really support anarchy by youngsters, who think Tik Tok challenges are what life is all about?

    • As I recall, the feces-smearing jerks were the radical progressives in the Wisconsin Capitol Building. You mean those? The also broke windows and Sharpied their idiotic slogans on 125 year old marble walls. And I doubt any of them bathed over the course of about a month.

      Get your politcal operatives straight, dear. Elsewise it’s just projection from a “progressive.”

      • Nice try, but a simple fact check would show that you are the one whom is mixing up facts here.

        There is no evidence whatsoever that the Wisconsin protesters did what you claim. Facts matter, the truth matters, and the truth is that your beloved J6 protesters did indeed spread human feces in the building that day.! That’s a fact.

        Congressional staffers saw feces in the hallways,” the source said Friday.

        The vile vandals apparently took dumps in bathrooms and then spread around their poop, a Schumer insider said.

        “It came from the bathroom and they tracked it around,” the source said. “There was an intentional effort to degrade the Capitol building.”


        ‘“… The overwhelmingly white rioters left behind shards of broken glass and ripped-apart furniture, blood, empty bottles, and even feces smeared on the walls.…”


        …’” Extremists defecated in the hallways, stomped in their own feces and tracked their excrement across the encaustic, Minton tiles.….”


        Any person who give support to those traitorous thugs should themselves be investigated.

        • Patriot. Thanks for the citations. That’s exactly what is needed to convince MRAKers. Will they believe you? Of course not!

        • Anyone who uses those “sources” as solid, reputable sources is brainwashed by the lefties and their narrative.

          • Ginn. which right wing reputable sources have brainwashed you? Sounds like you’ll believe anything: virgin birth, ghost, fairies, talking snakes.

        • Fox: An opinion piece is not a news story.
          New York Post: Quotes an anonymous source close to Senator Chuck Schumer. It is highly problematic to trust anything that comes out of the office of a Senator who is known for blatant prevarication, and who directly threatened Supreme Court Justices.
          Business Insider: Wikipedia has this to say about BI: “The outlet has been nominated for several awards, but has also been criticized for using factually incorrect clickbait headlines to attract viewership.” Not only does BI quote the same anonymous source (apparently), but adds the false narrative that Trump supporters were white supremacists. Nothing like throwing in racial slurs to make your salacious stories sound more believable.

  21. Democrat “Logic:” Nothing says “Education is really really important…” like skipping school!

  22. The ubiquitous bull horn appears! Whether barking out a complaint less than 3 feet front a cashier at McDonalds or directing a protest from the floor of the legislature in Tennessee, the bull horn is the tool of the Democrat operative. “Peaceful” earsplitting demonstrations…by children of all ages.

  23. yep, that’s exactly what we need: A bunch of clueless kids deciding what and how much to fund something. None of them could live for 1 day without their mommies and daddies.

  24. Its not an insurgency and it’s not what democracy “looks like”. Clearly not a grass roots effort. Orchestrated by “educators.” What seemed odd to me is that the protestors appear to be 99% young women. What’s that about? Why do male Juneau teenagers hate education?

  25. The problem with democracies is sooner or later, people vote for whichever candidate promises them the largest chunk out of the public treasury.
    And, this is the result. These children have ZERO idea about the long term impacts and consequences of their actions. They only want that shiny thing NOW! (Veruca Salt springs to mind.) And, they will throw whatever tantrum they need to in order to get it.
    And, of course, like the parents of spoiled brats, the legislature will likely cave. Perhaps they will not override the veto this session, but I have no doubt the money is coming. There is always a way to buy those votes.

  26. These ak legislators should be ashamed for going with these students through the State Capitol. NO MORE MONEY FOR THE BSA.

  27. We still don’t live in a democracy. We have a Constitutional Republic. Don’t like what is becoming law? Take it up with your legislator.

  28. This property owner is fed up with paying for education. Time the nonproperty owners pay their share. First off teachers should not be encouraging students to walk out. The teacher’s job is to instruct students. According American Education Report Card Alaska ranks 47th in the nation.
    Teachers are failing the students to instruct the students. All educators should be fired for failure
    to teach. Students who walked out of class should be suspended and seniors denied graduation.

      • Yep! and not in a good way…
        The ironic thing is some time in the not so distant future these wannabes will work at some job having to pay the taxes they demanded, only to smack their forehead and say: “What were we thinking??”( best case scenario) or
        raise another fist demanding “tax the rich” (worst case scenario)
        I support Greg’s sales tax idea in lieu of property taxes.

  29. Well, lets be real. How else will they learn DEI, gender transitioning, and hatred for their country if not in the public school setting? No wonder so they are so vehement… being cheated out a full, world class education!
    (sarcasm fully engaged)

  30. I happened to see a picture in the ADN that sums this entire farce up so very nicely:

    A group of East High Students protesting holding up signs that reads:


    Yep our tax dollars at work!
    These are high school students not kindergarten. It is sad that when you protest you can not even make a coherent sign to get your message across. If students think that this grammatical farce would make anyone give them more money, they are sadly mistaken, as the only thing it proves is that just throwing money at it does not work!

    I hope East High teachers are embarrassed, but I highly doubt it.

      • Oh I understand irony just fine, their point is that lack of funding makes them unable to spell….
        The real irony here is that they are protesting not for improved educational outcomes for themselves in teacher incentives and benchmarks, but gobs of money for the general fund to maintain the bloated administrative state, the infatuation with new buildings and other overhead. None of that does anything for their spelling abilities.

  31. All the little brainwashed kiddies in Juneau, who’s parents are mostly bureaucrats/Democrats in state government, supporting LGBTQ+, kooky climate action politics, and partial birth abortion.
    These kids don’t have a chance with their nutcase parents allowing them to be channeled by teachers union mobsters and child-abusing perverts.

      • Interesting comment. The Juneau kids grandparents were probably also Democrats.
        Brainwashing flows from generation to generation, and the Democrats seem to love this approach. Now you know why Democrats stick together. It’s a genetically supported phenomenon.

  32. Pop quiz. The three largest unions in the USA are?

    1–NEA (Natl Education Assoc); 2–SEIA {Svc Employees Intl Assoc); 3–AFSCME (American Federation State County Municipal Employees). All government. All Elite. All immune to accountability. All parasitic to taxpayers.

  33. Students in the lower 48 don’t fare any better. Like Alaska, critical thinking is not taught, nor real history, reading or math. So Alaska is not alone. The difference in Alaska is that its governor is not fooled, having deep roots in the education system itself. Parents are the only ones who can stop this. I remember my mother teaching me about the first peoples and their struggles as well as so many other things. She pointed out that I couldn’t rely on just what I learned in school, but that I had to read and research to find reality. Parents are going to have to do the same now more than ever.

  34. Republicans swarm US Capitol, disrupt certification of the election, egged on by the President…

    • And?
      That somehow has something to do with this event?
      Are you trying to tell us this is OK because someone else did something similar a few years ago?
      How about we treat these people EXACTLY the same way they are treating the folks the illegally trespassed in the US Capital? Several years in jail sounds about right.
      Equal treatment under the law should be applied here.

      • Really? You don’t get it? Well then let me paint the picture for you.

        MRAK writes an article deriding school kids for protesting, but there’s never a single word on the site condemning J6 events and those who perpetrated (or led) them.

        So, yes. That does have something to do with this event.

        • Why should Suzanne, or anyone else, condemn the justified and righteous protest against an obviously stolen presidential election and deep state coup d’etat? She, and you, and I should be PROUD of what the January 6th patriots did on that day! I only regret that their protest was not more effective in overturning the stolen election. But at least it did have the effect of demonstrating just how corrupt and criminal our political establishment, and its full-court corporate regime media, truly are.

    • Years ago a study was done by the chamber of commerce and they determined that Palmer was losing $35 mill a year just in money tourist were spending.

    • Only thing which makes sense is you have a pic of Trump on your wall you daydream about.

      Kinda like boys did with Farrah Fawsett in the 70s. Or girls did with whoever was the pin up of the week.

  35. When I moved to Alaska 50 years ago I felt like I was home the minute I crossed the border up at Boundary. Lots of employment opportunity, great schools,beautiful mountains and most of all- friendly, helpful Alaskans.
    This was 3 years before the first barrel of oil reached Valdez. There was a state income tax, a school tax, and of course the pfd was nowhere to be found.
    My, how things have changed. This MRAK blogs commenter sow more hatred, vitriol and divisiveness than is healthy for any of its readers.

  36. The better trolls must be elsewhere today. The third string showed up, and showed why they’re third string.

  37. Commenters on this story are teaching a lesson. The right wing fascists are mean, angry and mistake airing a grievance for persuasion. Life for the right wing is rigid, generously underpinned by magical thinking without much critical thinking. You also teach that violence can be a substitute for opinion.

  38. Its a blindingly obvious public relations tactic. Communist parasites put the children of their hosts up to such ridiculous foolishness in their failed attempt to hide their true communist agenda.

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