Students to stage walkout over SB 140 veto

Anchorage School Board Vice President rallies for money for schools. Photo credit: Carl Jacobs campaign website

The Alaska Association of Student Governments has called for a walkout on Thursday outside Alaska public schools in protest of the veto of SB 140, a massive spending bill that would have given school districts an unprecedented and permanent increase in funding without any accountability for how the public money is spent.

SB 140 was originally a bill to support internet in rural schools. But once the education industry unions got ahold of it, it became a vehicle to take money from the Alaska Permanent Fund dividends owed to Alaskans, and put it into school districts. Gov. Mike Dunleavy vetoed the because lawmakers stripped out language that would have given pay incentives for teachers and would have provided charter schools with alternative forms of approval mechanisms.

Alaska spends $2.7 billion on education every year for 131,000 students enrolled in 502 schools in 53 school districts. The schools also get federal funding and most get funding from local property taxes.

Although SB 140 was vetoed and the veto was upheld by the Legislature, other school funding bills are still in the process in the Legislature, notably HB 392.

The students issued the walkout announcement via a press release:


  1. Not my kids. I support this veto. They need to cut Inlet View construction and get their schools in line with their population. Only liberal kids will be outside.

  2. If the administrators of schools can’t do a proper budget with the money they get, perhaps they shouldn’t be working there anymore. The rest of us have to survive w/less. Mat-Su has managed well enough, and we actually had students going to school while Anchorage stayed shut down.

  3. And that sorry excuse for an “educator” Jacobs is the one who got it all started AND he gets reelected back to the school board seat. Anchorage is lost and will never be a conservative town again.

  4. Stoopid, greedy students. You don’t have skin in the property taxes game, so of course you want to spend other people’s money!!!

  5. My friend’s son said he wasn’t sure why students were walking out, but they were offering free pizza.

  6. They will all leave Alaska for better opportunities. A bunch of anonymous morons and their PFD checks will remain

    • “They will all leave Alaska for better opportunities………..”
      Hopefully they’ll stay gone, have children, and lure their parents away, too.

    • Frank is just your typical leftist.
      Always willing to spend other people’s money so he can look good.

  7. It’s not as if the students were learning anything useful in class anyway. They don’t realize that none of that money would ever benefit them, only the administrators and union bosses.

  8. Organized by teachers unions in Alaska ….
    and Scott Kendall. Kendall’s own brother in law, defeated legislator Grier Hopkins, organizes with the school kiddies to hold up signs at school intersections. Such a mature vocation for a man.

  9. Sure… these children of course would walk out of their own accord. They are not influenced by their parents- or worse.

    How about these kids walk out because of the massive amount of corruption and waste the monies already allocated that have been grifted away?

    How many six figure administrators or consultants or union heads does our tax money support?

    Government schools are poison to young minds and often unsafe. We need a better model of educating our children.

  10. This reeks of the AEA/NEA and that smug-faced deceiver in the article picture that was just re-elected by people who are unaware (or supportive?) of his treachery and lies.

  11. Isn’t it interesting that these students can’t answer basic questions like “what year was the declaration of indepenence signed” or “what are the nes of the Alaska congressional delegation” yet somehow they know what Alaska state senate bill 140 is about. Almost like the teachers union coached them or something. What are the odds.

  12. 40 minutes is enough time for a good lunch. Let the ungrateful sit in the cold for a while; it won’t harm them.
    Do not cave to School Districts or Unions.

    No more money without demonstrated proficiency.

  13. They’re not learning anything anyhow other than woke propaganda so no big deal. Take the whole month off and go play your video games.

  14. I absolutely support this veto! If I go to the bank and ask for a loan of a large amount, they ask me what it is for.

  15. Good, now schedule required tests on that day. Of course, this is driven by teacher’s unions who are using the useful idiots to fight their battles.

  16. Go ahead and let the Fat Brats walk, maybe even run too.
    It’ll give them an honest chance to work off that lard-azz.

    SD – I wish your article mentioned the commitment cost per student from Fed and Muni. then, we could tally-up and know exactly what the overall costs of “day-care // indoctrination” is for these Pre-Commie Fat Sniveling-Whining Brats.

  17. Lock ’em out and send ’em home – students, adults, whoever takes part. Dock the pay of any adults. Suspend any students participating for a week or whatever. Actions have consequences.

    • Beat me to it.
      Lock the doors of the school, and refuse to let anyone back in for any reason until the end of the school day.

  18. It really pisses me off that teachers are supposed to be the adults but act like adolescents,,,, clueless and misinformed
    Didn’t they get the part that all that monies is unaccounted for , all they asked for was some type of statement on where all this money is supposed to be spent on.
    All it is a bunch of belly aching complaining and the tantrum they use to get what they want with kids manipulated in the process. There mostly brainwashed. But there are great smart kids out there

    • From the top down…they may all aspire to grow up to be little Jahrett Bryantts, making Bank as woefully under qualified ASD employees who don’t even have to make a car payment, it’s all provided for them…just like every other aspect of their lives.

      These poor kids standing on the street corner, glued to their phones as they wait for the bus, will spend their young adulthood lined up outside the pot shops, waiting for them to open on Monday mornings, until they move across town to wait for the hand outs from Suzanne LaFrance’s Coalition to End Homelessness.

      It’s a self-perpetuating cycle, and the only ones who can stop it are the adults in the room.

      Vote Bronson, and pray for patriots willing to FIGHT the actual battles on our doorstep!

  19. A responsible teacher, or any responsible representative of theirs, would never take part in using the students in this way.

    These tactics are reprehensible, as are their advocates.

    • My son had some teachers convince him over 30 years ago that he should go home and tell his parents to vote on an increase of funding for the schools. Hasn’t there been a issue to increase money for schools in every election? I was a little perturbed (little?) that the teachers were lobbying the kids this way. I felt it was totally inappropriate. It was the same year that the ADN had a 1 inch headline on the front page that the Kenai School District had their budget increase voted down. Uh-huh–they asked for 11 million more and only got 7 million. So they didn’t get as MUCH as they wanted but it was still an increase of 7 million! I really dislike misleading headlines.

  20. Hmmm, encouraging students to walk away from class.

    If this were a protest against transgendered sports we would see the organizers arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

  21. Keep on walking and don’t come back. Alaska taxpayers are sick and fricking tired of paying for your overpriced illiteracy. Alaska public schools, teachers AND the students are a national embarrassment.

  22. Similar to leftists supporting open borders to promote increasing the leftist voter rolls in the US, this is what happens when leftist school admin and staff are placed in control of immature moldable minds and teach them leftist ideology instead of basic education…If conservatives don’t work harder to regain ground at the local level, this will just continue to advance leftist control/policy…

  23. The teachers union want to indoctrinated our children, they want one big depressed communist population. The governor did the right thing!

  24. This is really who is orchestrating/sponsoring this walkout. School employees. This is a strike action using (as usual) students as proxys. Truancy is what it really is.


  25. More proof homeschooling is the way of the future. Sadly many good teachers will loose their jobs along with the leftist ideology spreaders.

  26. Dolts of the highest class or dolts of the lowest–what difference does it make whether they walk out or not? Hell, who do they think that we think they are–upcoming astrophysicists, genetic engineers, theoretical mathematicians, maestros…or maybe your run-of-the-mill, civil engineer or public defender? Come on, these are those who would need to watch a YouTube video to demonstrate how to properly swing a mop!

  27. What the hell is wrong with you people. You take pride in the shortcoming and failures. The worst thing you can do is to squeeze the neck more tightly as the patient is choking.

    Home schools and charter schools are private Christian indoctrination centers paid for by the public

  28. A walkout would be a good start- Get out of those schools and save yourselves from the idiot indoctrination camp! Look at the real world around you when you do and open your eyes to the insanity of the government and the left!

  29. Who cares? Spoiled brats who have learned that, by throwing a tantrum, they can get their way. Sad day for them. Worse day for their parents.

  30. I am a mom of four grown kids with kids of their own. Only one of mine went to college.(late 90’s) It was a very liberal University in California. I’m not sure what she learned to get her degree but that school used those students to protest against every budget cut and more. Were the teachers out there along side the students when the swat team was called in and half those kids went to jail and were tear gassed ? I guarantee you 90 percent of those kids did not have a clue about the states budget etc. They were brain washed by the teachers and the frenzy began. Same thing happening here in Alaska today…..maybe sit down and educate your kids about why the Governor cut the budget. They certainly won’t hear it from the cowardly educators who are so far left they don’t know what’s right. Happy to say my college grad turned out great when she got out in the real world,got a job,paid taxes,got married and had kids….oh, and a second degree. Get your kids out of these public schools. Thank for letting me rant…….:)

    • LJ. Change the setting on your Time Machine. It’s 2024. BTW, this is a clever line: “are so far left they don’t know what’s right. “

  31. Let the kids walk out. Shut and lock the doors and call it a year. Nothing is getting done when everyone is pushing politics instead of education. We are thankful for the kids who are homeschooling and actually getting an education that will help them in the world.

  32. The tax-payers should be able to walk-out from paying taxes, where do Alaska School districts think the money comes from?

  33. In a few short years those student council students will lose their status and high rank they had in High School when they join the real world working with us. Heheheheheheh. When they feel inferior and slow next to the rest of us who have learned how to work faster.

  34. Student/child exploitation and manipulation by school district to obtain monetary, pension, benefit gains for themselves. Using brainwashing, propaganda, indoctrination and teaching students how to throw public tantrums to achieve their goals rather than teachong basic skills of reading, math, etc., that are needed to be successful. School district board member should be removed from office and barred/disqualified from holding Anchorage School Board position for exploiting children.

  35. Dolts of the highest class or dolts of the lowest–what difference does it make whether they walk out or not? Who do they think that we think they are–upcoming astrophysicists, genetic engineers, theoretical mathematicians, maestros…or maybe your run-of-the-mill, civil engineer or public defender? Come on, these are those who would need to watch a YouTube video that demonstrates how to properly swing a mop!

  36. The adults who organized this event and coached the children should all be fired. The children were not informed objectively on both sides of this issue or they might have known that their “education “ has never been threatened to be defunded. But the adult leaders of this staged media event have no business in using our children for their political purposes. Is this becoming Germany 1939 with brainwashed youth groups? Maybe the children will now look further into the real issue and realize how they have been manipulated and become more educated from the experience.

  37. Walk out and stay out. Thanks to Covid and a woke primary school administrative industry, we now have “at home learning”.
    Get on it……….

  38. Visit the pansy walk out. Offered to take signatures of every student and indoctrinator there. Explain that by being there, they are offering to forfeit and contribute every PFD from here on out to to funding this.
    How many he/hims they/thems would be left standing there.

  39. Alaska should be one of the strongest states in the usa in education. Someone has uphold the constitution in the future!

    • Especially as much as we are already spending. ! Way up near the highest per student squander of tax money 20K per student.. Adds up to a lot per classroom that never gets there past the administration and contracted consu!tants

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