Now six clubs: Capital City Republican Women endorse Nick Begich for Congress

Nick Begich III

Six out of the seven Republican women’s clubs in Alaska have endorsed Republican Nick Begich for Congress. The latest club to do so is Capital City Republican Women, which announced the endorsement on Wednesday.

Capital City Republican Women was organized in Juneau in Territorial Days to promote an informed electorate and support the election of Republican candidates to political office.

“Over the past three years, Alaska Congressional candidate Nick Begich has visited Juneau several times and become acquainted with many of our members. We have found Nick to be highly intelligent, thoughtful and well-spoken,” the group wrote in a statement.

“He is hard-working and energetic and is unafraid to answer hard questions and stand firm on conservative principles. Nick’s campaign website speaks to the breadth – and depth – of his knowledge of the issues facing Alaska and America. It is clear that he possesses an extraordinary grasp of both current and emerging topics of critical importance to our state and country.
Nick has also demonstrated considerable depth of character by promising he will withdraw from the process if he is not the top-scoring Republican in the August 20, 2024, Primary Election,” the club wrote.

Nancy Dahlstrom has not made the same commitment to drop from the race if she comes in behind another Republican. She joined the race in November, six months after Begich filed. Dahlstrom has support from some Washington, D.C. Republicans, such as the National Republican Congressional Committee, while Begich has support from the Freedom Caucus. Dahlstrom has the endorsement of Donald Trump, while Begich has the endorsement of Vivek Ramaswamy and Byron Donalds.

Dahlstrom hasn’t been able to attain an endorsement from any of the Republican women’s clubs, even though she has Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s support. Some Republicans are concerned she is too old to start a congressional career, which is hinted at in the Capital City Republican Women’s statement:

“CCRW believes that Nick Begich represents the finest of the next generation of Alaska leaders and has the greatest potential to serve Alaska in the United States Congress well into the future. CCRW is proud to endorse Nick Begich for Alaska’s sole seat in the United States House of Representatives,” the Juneau women wrote.


  1. The problem is that Trump promises retribution once elected and will “officially act” to replace any elected officials he doesn’t approve of. That would be Nick Begich for Alaska. Hopefully wouldn’t involve SEAL Team Six!

  2. I am shocked Nancy would not put Alaska first and commit to supporting who ever won the most votes as a Republican. This appears to be common among aging Politicians, put themselves first before State or Country.
    What baffles me is why Nancy made the choice in the first place to run. All she had to do was wait out Mike and run for Governor. Nancy would easily garnered support from all the Republicans. As it is by her own actions and choices, Nancy is Political Toast in Alaska. Nobody will forget what she is doing as nobody will forget Palin. Sad ending for someone I like.

  3. Nick Begich has been so active all over southeast for years. Capital City said it well. All due respect but he is the best choice for Alaska.

  4. If you support Project 2025, vote for Begich. If you support the State Constitution vote for Mary Petola. It is that simple

  5. Frankie and I are both supporting Nick. Dahlstrom is just an old person now, like Frankie and myself. It’s time for old people to step aside and let the next generation start their careers. I’m
    going to organize the Republican Women of Wrangell to officially endorse Nick Begich for Congress. Maybe I can finally have peace with Alaska Republican women now. Lisa, who supports Democrat Mary Peltola, has disappointed Alaskans on so many levels that we can no longer keep quiet. Go NB3!!!

    • I’ve got my donations ready for Nick too, Nancy. To hell with Lisa’s inheritance. Let’s do what’s right for Alaska. (my original words).

  6. Until Americans realize what country they live in they will not do what’s best for them and the country.
    Everybody wants in and they all want to change how this country lives.
    Seams counterintuitive to me.

  7. Regardless of whether you prefer Dahlstrom or Begich, the only way to defeat Peltola and bring Alaska back to the right side of the aisle in Congress, we have to RANK THE RED!

    • The Jungle Primary allows for ONE choice, with the top 4 vote getters, of all flavors, making it onto the General election ballot. Nick has stated on several occasions, publicly, that if he is not the top Republican vote getter, he will bow out, so as to not split the vote in the General election, when we must use RANK (multiple choice) voting. He is the only candidate for US Congress which has made this pledge. We must VOTE in the PRIMARY on or before August 20th, and urge our friends, family, and neighbors to do the same.

    • No you don’t have to rank anyone on the ticket. Just put one name at the top and ,move on to the next office to be voted on or the next official bill. No voter has to rank anyone and you never did. Just vote for one person and that is it.

  8. I remember media organizations like ADN and Politico writing glowing pieces about NBIII. Not just a talented politician but just a great person too. When dedicated left wing activist media falls in love with someone, you know they are right for Alaska.

      • ‘

        You are welcome and apology accepted. Performing simple web searches for the incapable is a hobby of mine.

        ADN just loves how diverse and globally minded the WEF Manchurian candidate is. You see, he’s a ‘reponsible’ Republican – the kind that are willing to sell us out once elected. Kind of like our female senior Senator.

        Oh, and as a bonus ADN also solicited this gem because everyone needed to know what Palin’s former in-law’s think right after a messy divorce.


  9. Nick, since you and Trump are cross, can you tell us your thoughts on Trumps recent flipping on issues like cutting social security, tariffs on imports, abortion, TikTok, among others?

  10. It is inspiring to see all these Republican women’s groups making thoughtful and reasoned decisions rather than kowtowing to a misguided party line. Thoughtfulness and moral principals are hallmarks of Republicans which make them hard to herd like Democrats. However, their virtues are what make Republicans better Americans than Democrats.


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