Breaking: House Freedom Caucus endorses Nick Begich for Congress

Nick Begich III

The Freedom Caucus, the conservative group inside the Republican House Majority, came out with a stunning endorsement for Alaska’s only seat in Congress: Nick Begich III.

The caucus’ Freedom Fund made the announcement of its support of Begich as one of nine candidates around the country that it is endorsing in the 2024 election. Begich is making his second run for Congress and already has the endorsement of Congressman Byron Donalds of Florida, Congressman Scott Perry of Pennysylvania, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, and a growing list of conservatives around the country.

Added to that list are Representatives Bob Good of Virginia, Jim Jordan of Ohio, Andy Biggs of Arizona, Andy Ogles of Tennessee and about 41 Republicans altogether who are in the Freedom Caucus, whose members represent about one out of every 18 Republicans in Congress.

“Constitutional principles are the bedrock of our republic and are worth fighting for. I’m honored to have the support of HFF and to be among that group of conservative leaders who will work to ensure the American promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness endures for generations to come. I look forward to continuing to work hard to restore Alaska’s tradition of bold representation and to grow the Republican majority in the House.” Begich said, upon receiving the Freedom Caucus endorsement.

In addition to Begich, the other candidates endorsed today by the Freedom Caucus are:

Dave Williams (CO-05) Elsie Arntzen (MT-02) Rick Becker (ND-AL) Stewart Jones (SC-03) Adam Morgan (SC-04) Colby Jenkins (UT-02) Joe Kent (WA-03) Jerrod Sessler (WA-04). There are about a dozen other candidates who have been previously endorsed by the group, which has a political action committee, the House Freedom Fund, that will help in their races.

Begich is making his second run for Congress against the incumbent Mary Peltola, who has over $2.7 million in her war chest.


  1. Like his father and his grandfather before him. This Begich is against the establishment – for the people.

  2. Good for him I guess.

    I’ve often wondered how much, if any, endorsements actually help a candidate.

  3. Nick Begich has my vote. He will represent Alaska well.
    Note to Nancy Dahlstrom: Finish the job you were elected to do before setting your sights on something else.

  4. The House freedom caucus fights the bud light gang to restore and protect American traditions and individual, constitutional rights. They expose the elected and unelected adminis traitors regulating is into oblivion with open borders, devalued currency, anti energy and progress schemes , DEI, Marxist racial and gender division, and foreigners shouting death to America in our cities , just to name a few of peltolas favorite causes.
    Godspeed to ya Nick!

    • The only reason he would not win is because the system and rcv are going to be set up to feed all the votes to Peltola. Peltola could not win if she was running without a cheating system building up her votes. People are seeing that Peltola serves the god of this world. Begich is going to win if this is an honest election.

  5. There is no better choice for Alaska than Nick.
    He is the real deal that will fight for us and not Joe Biden like Mary Pelosi…oops

  6. If Nancy Dahlstrom pulls a Palin and splits the vote, I hope she leaves Alaska. Has she really thought this through?

    • 2022 0611 Special Primary Election: Palin beat Begich ………… 2022 0816 Special General Election: Palin beat Begich ………… 2022 0816 ‘Pick One’ Primary Election: Palin beat Begich ………… 2022 1108 General Election: Palin beat Begich ………… Based on these results in which Palin beat Begich each and every time they went up against each other, I just don’t understand why Palin didn’t step aside and clear the path for Begich. Why couldn’t she realize that by her consistently beating Begich, it showed that she was the vote splitter, and not Begich.

      • 2009 Palin quit as Governor. 2014 Palin endorsed Bill Walker for governor. 2016 Palin makes Enquirer headlines again. 2018 Palin’s husband says goodbye. 2022 Palin gets rich, old jock for fun times. 2024 Palin disappears ………for good……we hope.

  7. Is the House Freedom Caucus the same fine folks who can’t live with yet a second Republican House Speaker, and who (with a razor thin Republican House majority, and every obvious sign that nobody else in the House likes them, even most other Republicans) are trying yet again to vacate the current House Speaker?
    Yeah, those folks definitely need help. I’m kinda’ doubtful that a Begich is the help they need, though…….

    • That effort was led by MTG who is not in the freedom caucus. The freedom caucus has about 40 members. Only 11 Republicans voted to oust the speaker.

    • How so??? He hasn’t done much buT schmooze , to increase his personal bank account. He talks the talk, but will he walk the walk if he gets toDC? We don’t have any evidence showing what he would do in office. He could quickly turn Murkowski on us once his snout is in the trough. There’s too much “look!, shiny object” with him

      • I agree 100% with Chuck’s assessment on NB III. I honestly believe he has been placed (and Dahlstrom and Peltola) to make us think we are fighting a good fight. I believe that all of this going on is one of the many distractions to keep us from focusing on bigger things like the fact that the WHO may be able to shut down the entire world as they see fit. If the WHO does gain power, all these “elections” won’t matter anyway because every representative will be working for the WHO – if we have a government at all!

  8. I don’t vote based on endorsements, which other than being first to file, appears to be all Begich concentrates on. His website statements are pretty vanilla. What is he going to do, fight for, advocate for, be adamantly for or against. What is his plan to successfully obtain? What has he actually done to further, support, fight for republican, conservative issues? Did he go to the legislature and fight, testify, etc., for correspondence, home schooling, less taxes, less spending, less government, etc.?
    How much of this is related to family business interests like property tax breaks, taxpayer funding and government related business deals, consulting or getting legislation, business deals through political connections, congress, etc.?
    It seems like the republican entities would usually endorse a republican candidate over Peltola, so how much weight should that be given?
    How much weight will he give his democrat family members stated wants verses everyone else on issues he votes on?

    • Begich worked for Don Young. He serve with the Alaska Policy Forum. He worked for the state GOP. If you want a lifelong politician then don’t for Begich. He’s self-made and earned it on his own. That’s all the proof my family needed. We work for a living.

      • Just a note. Did Peltola work for Don Young at one time as well? However, if the Freedom Caucus is backing Begich, I will too. We do not have much to go on except his word. Which politicians we elect seem to screw us over time and again. All 3 serving currently are corrupt.

  9. Another reason not to vote for him, thanks Freedom Caucus. Of course when you say freedom that means only if it doesn’t affect you.

  10. If you have met Nick Begich, you can read the sincerity in his face and conviction in his conservative mind. With artificial intelligence coming on strong, we need his brain to contain that new threat for jobs and truth. He is young enough to understand the new technology that Congress will be faced with to regulate and enforce. His toughest challenges have been his last name and large ego candidates that will split our vote.

  11. Let’s see the US House is made up of three different parties. D’s, R’s and MAGA. So we all can count, who is really in control. Speaker Johnson needed the D’s to retain his position as speaker. Do we really want to send another MAGA to DC? Nick has hooked his wagon to the wrong horse. MAGA’s will take a beating this fall.

  12. ‘Freedom’ Caucus seems like a misnomer as it doesn’t seem to a group with any intellectual or moral grounding nor interest in sustainability of individual freedom; euphemism for ‘misguided rah-rah rabble-rousers’ considering Ms Palin was considered a founding member — hard to figure the direction a quickly leaking previously inflated balloon will go and where it will end up. As for Mr Begich embracing the support of that group … he’s a dyed-in-wool politician.


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