They’re not budging: Another leading Republican women’s club endorses Nick Begich for Congress


There appears to be a counter movement afoot in Alaska — a pro-Trump voter who is not going along with the Trump endorsement of Nancy Dahlstrom for Congress.

First it was the solid-red Mat-Su Valley. Now, for the second time in two days, a major Republican club in Alaska has gone against Monday’s Trump endorsement and instead come out with a strong endorsement of Nick Begich for Congress.

The Republican Women of Fairbanks issued their resolution on Thursday.

The resolution is similar to the one passed by the Valley Republican Women of Alaska on Tuesday, reiterating that the club supports Trump for president and that “Nick Begich is the right choice at the right time for Alaska.”

The trend is also seen in a pair of polls that asked (mainly conservative) Alaskans on Monday who they favored for Congress. In that poll, Nick Begich was favored by 85% of Must Read Alaska readers who took part.

After the Trump endorsement on Monday, MRAK tried a slightly different question: “Seeing as Trump endorsed Nancy Dahlstrom who do you support for Alaska’s congressional pick in August?” The results are 83% for Nick Begich. The poll closed Thursday morning.

One-day poll results from the Wednesday, June 19 Must Read Alaska newsletter.

Both candidates have their supporters: While Dahlstrom has the Trump endorsement and is endorsed by Gov. Mike Dunleavy and the National Republican Congressional Committee, Begich has the endorsement of the House Freedom Caucus, Sen. Mike Lee, Rep. Byron Donalds, and Rep. Scott Perry, as well as Vivek Ramaswamy, business entrepreneur and former candidate for president.

Now, he has the full-throated support of two of the grassroots women’s clubs that make up the strength of the Alaska Republican Party.

Since 2022, Alaska has had what is called a non-partisan primary, which means candidates from all parties share the same ballot. For the seat now occupied by Democrat Rep. Mary Peltola, there are 12 registered candidates. There are 61 days until the Aug. 20 Alaska primary election.

The final four with the most votes from the primary ballot will continue on to the Nov. 5 general election.


  1. I wonder if this is partly anti Trump pushback. One of the areas where Trump lost voters was in the middle/upper class white female vote.

    They may hold their nose and vote for him this time, but are wary of people he endorses.

    • As a former two time ‘rank the red’ voter,
      I’m now questioning whether that is really the way forward if we are stuck with ranked voting. Repealing Ranked Voting is the highest priority over any particular candidate, of course.

      MAGA/Palin voters mostly ‘ranked the red’, while RINO/Begich voters did not – twice. Result: Peltola. If these voting patterns continue, we’ll simply end up with more Democrats and the occasional compliant RINO consolation prize.

      Long term, I’m thinking MAGA voters need to learn to return the favor and withhold their ranked votes from the Begich fan club until they learn how to be team players. If sore-loser Begich voters insist on freezing out MAGA candidates, they need to learn that the reverse is also possible.

      • I like your comments and you are usually dead on, Apu. However, it was my experience, involved in local politics in the MatSu , that it was just the opposite. Sarah Palin’s supporters were extremely loyal and loyalty is usually a good quality. But they were absolutely opposed to voting the red and did NOT endorse Nick at all. Nick did his best to tell his supporters to still vote for Sarah as a second choice. Sarah supporters stubbornly refused to do that.

  2. Keep it up, Ladies!

    Unfortunately, if Nick takes the lead and Nancy doesn’t back down, we’re stuck in the same stinking ship with Peltola.

    Does Nancy realize she’d likely garner more support if she, too, agreed to back down and not split the blasted vote?

    • If Begich loses yet again, will he finally agree to back down and not split the blasted party again?
      May I answer that by predicting “no”?

      • Excuse me, but Nick was the Finance chair of the party for a while. He is solid. It is not he who split the vote, but Palin and it was Trump who endorsed the vote-splitter last time. And besides, he already said if he comes in third in August he will drop, and Nancy refuses to make that pledge. She should have gotten behind Nick, not jumped in six months after he filed.

        • “……….It is not he who split the vote, but Palin………”
          Nick Begich got fewer votes in 2020 than Palin, not once, and not twice, but three times, in June, August, and November.
          My question stands.

          • Thanks for playing, Reggie, but neither Palin nor Begich ran in 2020.

            Let’s try the facts: In October 2021, Begich filed. On March 18 of 2022, Don Young died. On April 1, 2022, Palin filed. The narcissist jumped in because Trump asked her to. Trump was wrong and he should have stepped back. Palin may be your favorite fantasy but she can never win in Alaska so long as there’s ranked choice voting. It will never happen in a million years.

            Trump is wrong this time too. He is being fed some bad information by the swamp about Alaska.

            • “……Palin may be your favorite fantasy but she can never win in Alaska…….”
              She’s not, and I repeat (while acknowledging your correction):
              In 2022 (yes, not 2020), Palin beat Begich not once, not twice, but three times.
              Isn’t that correct, Bullwinkle?
              Oh, and weren’t there about 22 or so narcissists who filed for the special election after Don Young’s passing? They were coming out of the short grass as if the Pied Piper was blowing his flute. And Palin beat Begich.
              So my question stands:
              If he loses again this year, will he just go the way of Palin? No answer? Again?
              Of course not………….

      • Palin was the carpet-bagging, ticket-splitting, last day registering latecomer who was too stupid to grasp how ranked choice worked so sucked up to Peltola. Just rank the Red, unlike what Palin told her people to do last time.

        • Nick Begich got fewer votes in 2020 than Palin, not once, and not twice, but three times, in June, August, and November.
          My question stands, Matt.

      • As the first one in the race, Begich did NOT split the vote.
        That was Palin, who, feeling left out and not enough attention being paid to her, jumped in at the last minute.
        Then she palled around with Peltola.
        She was also too lazy and entitled to actually campaign, while hard working Begich traveled to nearly every single city, town and village.

        • “………As the first one in the race, Begich did NOT split the vote.
          That was Palin, who, feeling left out and not enough attention being paid to her, jumped in at the last minute………”
          She ran in the June primary. She got more votes than Begich.
          She ran in the special election to fill the seat after Don Young’s death. She got more votes than Begich. Again.
          She ran in the November general election. She got more votes than Begich a third time.
          My question stands.

      • Good. I hope Nick doesnt back down. No true conservative wants RINO Dahlstrom in office. We dont need another Murkowski. Besides, I believe Begich will blow Dahlstrom out of the water.

        • “……..I believe Begich will blow Dahlstrom out of the water……..”
          But if he loses yet again, will he finally agree to back down and not split the blasted party again?

            • What!!? Nick Begich III has publicly stated that this will be his last run for Congress if he loses yet again?!! Got a reference to that claim, Jen?

  3. Nick has been in it now for some time. Known quantity.
    Who is Nancy? Okay lieutenant gov, endorsed by Dumleavy and Trump. But who is she? So far she seems to be campaigning like Biden from the basement. She is probably a good pick and honestly I think almost anyone(dare I even say Palin) is better than the democrats pick.

  4. Does Nancy believe Trump when he says that Nick should have gotten out of the race? If so, why won’t she commit to getting out of the race if Nick finishes ahead of her?

    Hypocracy… Nancy Dahlstrom is Mr. Magoo of Alaska politics!

  5. I ‘ve always favored Nick B, knowing little about Nancy D.
    But the main thing is this: Whichever candidate does not get the majority of SHOULD PULL OUT!
    We need to dump Mary P , and that’s the most important thing. She is SO destructive to the state of Alaska.
    I’ve heard that Nick said he would withdraw if Nancy gets more votes. Not so sure Nancy will do it though, if she gets fewer votes than Nick.

    • “…….I’ve heard that Nick said he would withdraw if Nancy gets more votes………”
      I haven’t. I’ll believe it when I see it. And even if there truly is a single Republican candidate in the general election, would they prevail over the native bloc?

  6. I only disagree with this statement: “Nick Begich is the right choice at the right time for Alaska.”, and only because the “right time” was 2 years ago, but I will definitely happily settle for him being elected this time around……

  7. It’s inspiring to see a women’s group make a decision based upon logic and truth…. and their desire to get the best representation for their state and their families. Good for them.

    • Wayne, why is it inspiring when a “women’s” group makes a logical decision? Are you saying that because Mothers are the keepers of civilization and the eternal verities they impart upon their children ultimately become a peoples moral sinew and muscle which keeps that society, civil and free?

      Sometimes I think we need to remember the words of the Apostle Paul, “Where evil abounded, grace did much more abound”. Good things are happening even today despite the well published EVIL we see in our media. And yes it is inspiring to see Grace much more abound!

      • Wayne’s response made me chuckle.

        It IS good to see a woman -let alone a women’s group- make a decision based on logic (and truth).

        Maybe it’s just funny that he said it. I’m not sure which. I can’t decide. Probably because I’m not a man.

    • Not nearly as much as the Anchorage Homeless Czar who also happens to be one of the ASSembly members doling out the cash….Meg Zaletel is about to embark on another expensive European vacation just while the homeless are busy trashing our parks and recreation areas.

  8. Keep it up, Nancy Dahlstrom. Soon you will be joining Lisa Murkowski as the most hated Republican in Alaska. Trump will finally catch on and ditch you too. Dahlstrom is a blight on the GOP. But the liberals and Left-wing Democrats love Nancy Dahlstrom.

    • I thought all the lefties and libbies loved Sarah Palin for spoiling NB3’s chances in 2022. And now, Dahlstrom? No wonder Sarah left Alaska for good. When all of your friends are Democrats, why not move elsewhere? Choose a blue state, Dahlstrom. It’s not too late. Ask Sarah Palin. Maybe you can still be a cougar at 70.

      • Why not? Sarah is a cougar at 60. Even with half of her sex appeal, Nancy could probably land an old worn-out professional hockey player from Russia.

  9. Nice to see there is an alternative to a Begich worming his way back into political power. Would hate to have to settle for the distant 3rd place candidate in the last two contests.

    Question is, why can’t NBIII land Trump’s endorsement? Seems like a slam dunk for an easy win, right?
    Answer: Trump smells the RINO on him.

    I’ve scratched my head about a few of Trump’s endorsements (Herschel Walker, Tim Scott) – but after the grand slam he hit with Sen. Tuberville despite the whining from Conservative Inc – I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. I never saw the fake Republicans so angry as when Sen. Tuberville, alone, stood up to Biden’s LGBTQ Military on Alabama’s abortion ban. Watching our fake Republicans and Democrats link arms to sideline him was very instructive.

  10. Im for Nick because hes a business builder.
    He understands economics.
    Nancy is mostly a political gadfly.
    Vote nick and trump

    • She ran and quit the first time to get a job with Parnell. She ran again and quit the second time to get a job with Dunleavy. She ran for Lt. Gov. and now is quitting for something better. She should just quit now and be a serious candidate, not keep her slick government check coming in like she does. Running the Division of Elections and running for Congress is a terrible look, Nancy.

  11. Nick for the win! When it comes to Alaska, Trump does not understand where the people are at. He missed the mark with the Palin endorsement and he is missing the mark again with the Dahlstrom endorsement. She needs to drop out or Peltola will win again.

  12. Good!
    I am really getting tired of people being pigeon holed into what they should think or do, simply because they happen to be conservative. We are not a monolith and while our basic principles may be the same, we come to life and politics from different places and do not have to agree on everything. If President Trump wants to endorse Nancy, be my guest. The women’s clubs see Alaska in a different light and make their endorsement based on those criteria, good for them.

  13. It’s been how long and we’re still fighting over Sarah Palin?

    This is why Alaska can’t have nice things.


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