The Oscar goes to … Peltola, who has been part of the cover-up about Biden’s dementia, NRCC says

Rep. Mary Peltola with Rep. Hakeem Jeffries at the White House holiday party.

Rep. Mary Peltola disappeared into Bush Alaska to fish, she said, while the rest of the nation is in turmoil over President Biden’s dementia, and only 40 days remain until the Alaska primary election.

But Peltola hasn’t been spotted yet out on the fishing grounds, according to sources in Bethel. 1:17 p.m. update: Peltola has been spotted in Bethel smoking and cutting fish.

Stevie Ray, morning host on KEDI-FM radio, put out a call repeatedly on Thursday for listeners to let the station know if Peltola has been spotted. KEDI has the top news radio show in Bethel. Ray said he didn’t get a single call or message during the 90 minute from anyone saying Peltola had been seen in town or on the river, even though he put out the all-points-bulletin several times during the show.

Stevie Ray of KEDI puts out a be-on-the-Lookout advisory for Mary Peltola.

Someone on Facebook commented they spotted Peltola at the Costco Fairbanks. Another noted that subsistence fishing ended three days ago but Peltola didn’t go back to Washington to vote on the SAVE Act. A Bethel resident said Peltola’s boat by her house has not been moved for a long time and she would have needed it to fish for sockeye salmon.

While Peltola hides from the media and congressional duties, the Republican National Congressional Committee has produced an ad that highlights how the embattled representative, who is now fighting people in rural Alaska over her stance on the Donlin mine, has been part of the coverup for Biden, by calling him one of the “smartest, sharpest people” she has met in D.C.

Here’s the NRCC ad, which points out that Peltola has met with Biden at least eight times, and “knows the truth” about his frail mental condition:

It’s possible Biden campaign aides have reached Peltola, as POLITICO today reported that delegates to the Democratic National Convention have been contacted by the campaign and interrogated as to their loyalty to the president. Peltola is a delegate to the DNC convention in Chicago, Aug. 19-22.

“Fearing a floor revolt against his nomination, President Biden’s aides are telephoning individual delegates to next month’s Democratic convention to gauge their loyalty to the president, according to three delegates who received a call this week,” POLITICO reported.

“After a round of introductory questions confirming each delegate was still planning on going to Chicago and asking if they had served as delegate before, the Biden aide making the calls got to the point, the Democratic activists recalled to me in separate interviews,” Jonathan Martin wrote.

“One of the delegates said the line of questioning turned with an inquiry along the lines of, ‘Do you understand what being a pledged delegate means?’ before the aide asked: ‘Do you have any potential disagreements with the president?’” he wrote.

Another delegate was asked, “‘Is there any reason you couldn’t or wouldn’t support the president at the convention?’” Another was asked if he had “any concerns.”

“The delegates were thunderstruck at the calls. One of them initially wondered if it was some sort of prank until double-checking the caller ID and seeing Delaware’s area code, 302. After hanging up, each of them reached out to other convention delegates they knew and found these individuals also received the calls,” Martin reported. “The three delegates I spoke to, all long-standing veterans of Democratic campaigns, said they had the same initial reaction after hanging up with the Biden aide: Was this an attempt by the president’s campaign to potentially block or replace disloyal pledged delegates?”


  1. It’s like a school kid saying they are going to the library to study and goes to the Mall instead. Peltola, we’re on to you!

  2. Peltola is busy husband hunting in Fairbanks. Costco, Fred Meyers, Walgreens. She should also try McDonalds and Wendy’s, where they are having specials on Big Macs and chili. But she might have better fishing at the Spur.

  3. Use your heads, people. The democrats are going to run a candidate. We know this for sure. If not Biden, then whom? Even Harris would gain more popular support than Biden. Anyone else would do even better. What is the sense in trying to push Biden out now?


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