Nick Begich III draws in list of early endorsements in first week of campaign


Seven days ago, Nick Begich III announced in Wasilla his campaign to challenge Congressman Don Young. Nick is a Republican who served as Young’s campaign chair during the last election.

A businessman, he is the grandson of former Rep. Nick Begich, who died in a plane crash in October of 1972. Forty-nine years later, Rep. Begich’s grandson is in the race to upset Congressman Young, who has held the seat since 1973.

Today, Nick announced several key endorsements, including Mat-Su Assemblyman Jesse Sumner, Mat-Su School Board member-elect Jubilee Underwood, North Pole Mayor Michael Welch, Wasilla Mayor Glenda Ledford, and Alaska Outdoor Council and hunting enthusiast Carl Nelson, gunsmith and Valley political activist L.D. Howard, drone company founder Amber McDonald, and Republican activist Misty Steed, and former congressional candidate John Nelson.

Nelson, who ran twice against Young in the Republican primary, scraped off more than 18 percent of the Republican vote in his last run. In his endorsement letter he made it clear he won’t be running this time, but will support Nick instead.


  1. I agree with Carl Nelson. Don needs to retire, he’s had his time. I believe in term limits and hope Nick Begich III does. DC corrupts everyone if you stay to long.

    • DC did not corrupt Ron Paul R-TX. Becoming corrupt always requires the willing cooperation the one being corrupted.

    • I agree with you that Don needs to go, especially after showing his DC Swamp colors after supporting the 1.75 Trillion Dollar debacle that Nancy Pelosi is pushing in the house. This same bill is also supported by Sullivan and Democrat in sheep’s clothing Murkowski. This bill along with the “Build back Better” bill will put a stake in the heart of the poor and middle class in this country officially turning us into a 3rd world country. If you think inflation is bad now, you haven’t seen anything yet. Alaska’s political culture is corrupt, period. DC only corrupts those who already have a dark and corrupt heart which allows them to be twisted. Alaska needs a new generation of politicians that will openly sign a promise to the Alaska people to protect liberty and our Constitution and fulfill promises made the first term as did our beloved President Trump! We need to push for term limits for all Senators and Congressman. We also need to fix Alaska’s elections with Voter Integrity laws. No machines, voter I.D., Signature verification and annual verification of our voter roles! Canvas all voting districts now!

  2. Been looking online to donate to his campaign but haven’t found a site! Anyone have that info? So excited to see a viable contender to Don Young, past time to retire …….

    • How dare he oppose Don? This is his state, his money. Nick Begich should get down on his knees and kiss Don’s oosik which means ring in the native language. Don will die in office a heroic Alaskan mountain man with the most honest and ethical character in the history of the US Congress.

      • Wake up Don, the dream is over. It’s time for your medication and you can go back to staring out the window.

        • Don just voted with Nancy Pelosi and her idiot Dumbocrats for a $$multi-trillion dollar infrastructure bill that is loaded with Lefty social programs. Let’s Go, Don. You are toast!

    • I second that. This guy would leave Don Young and Begich III in the dust. Especially with RCV. Draft him! Now!

      • I’m sick of the same old people in politics for 50 years. Begich family.
        Don Young. Murkowski family. Even Ted Stevens. I’ll roll with this Tavoliero guy. Where do I send my money to him? He even looks like a real congressman. The others look like skalliwags who troll in the swamps.

        • Now that Young is supporting Pelosi’s trillion dollar legislation, we know that Don has the same disease as Joe Biden. Let’s Go, Brandon and Donnie! Both of you need to go to the Alzheimer’s Unit where you can drool freely and stare out the window at chickadees.

  3. Isn’t lobbyist Ashley Reed’s son, Truman, running his campaign? Same person who helped Revak, I understand. I’d like to see a story about the staffers he’s keeping. They flavor the politicians more than folks realize, and stories usually stick to the politician and his rhetoric, not the people doing the work and steering the ship.

    Ashley is a liberal and a political operative. It’s really hard to imagine the apple falling too far from the tree. I pray I’m wrong, and I hope Begich isn’t a trojan horse.

  4. Political dynasties and nepotism are corrosive to the spirit of the “citizen legislator ” that our founding fathers intended.
    Little Nicky is a neo-con at best. Very disappointed in Jesse Sumner supporting him. Very.
    We need more people like the truck driver in NJ that defeated the long-term president of the NJ state senate.
    Please, not another Begich.

  5. Thirteen Republicans in the House voted with Democrats to approve the infrastructure bill. They are:

    Rep. John Katko of New York

    Rep. Don Bacon of Nebraska

    Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey

    Rep. Don Young of Alaska

    Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan

    Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois

    Rep. Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio

    Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania

    Rep. Tom Reed of New York

    Rep. Andrew Garbarino of New York

    Rep. Nicole Malliotakis of New York

    Rep. David McKinley of West Virginia

    One more reason to replace Young!

  6. And just in : Don Young votes with House Dems to pass $1.2T monstrosity. Perfect time for Mr. Begich.

  7. Just Nick’s last name makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. He will have to prove himself to me. Apparently Don wants to die in office which makes no sense to me. I would hate to be in that cesspool at his age. Who in the hell hires 80+ year olds ???? The power trip these people are on in insane.

      • Michael Tavoliero of Eagle River could retire Don Young. And that would be a good thing for the country. Michael Tavoliero for US Congress. Let’s get behind this man!

    • Doug. Exactly my sentiments, too. I recently met him for the first time, and he proved himself in one sitting. I think he has what it takes and hope that you’ll get behind him when you get to hear his story and message. I’m a lone Republican in my large family of Dems, and damn proud of it, so I understand him being that much different than the others in his family. I sense that Don will undoubtedly pass the baton to him by losing graciously this time.

  8. I have voted for Don My entire life, but I will no longer, he and Lisa (Alaska,s red Jane ) must go. Lets go Brandon.

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