Don Young invites photographers to send photos of Alaska for ongoing virtual exhibit


Alaska Congressman Don Young announced, “Picturesque Alaska,” his initiative to showcase Alaskan photographers of all experience levels on the congressman’s official social media channels as part of a virtual photo exhibit.

Throughout the remainder of the year, Young will use his social media accounts to highlight original photos taken by photographers who call Alaska home.

Photos may be of nature, architecture, cultural and community events, or of any other subject matter that spotlights the unique beauty found in Alaska. Submission instructions can be found below.

“In Congress, I have been a steadfast supporter of the arts and humanities. As a medium, photography allows us to capture still images of daily life and preserve them for future generations to enjoy and learn from,” Young said in a press release.

Attach your photo (your original work) in an email and send it to [email protected]

In the email, please include the following:

  • The photographer’s name and where in Alaska they are from.
  • The subject(s) and location of the photo. If the photo’s subjects are people, ensure you have their permission to submit the photograph.
  • The date of the photo.
  • A short description (no more than 5-8 sentences) of the picture, how it was taken, and how it captures the spirit of Alaska.

By submitting a photograph, you agree to allow the Office of Congressman Don Young to use it on social media with attribution to the original photographer.

Young has represented Alaska in Congress since 1973. In March, he will have served for 50 years in Congress.


  1. I don’t think it would be politically correct in today’s climate if I sent in my photos of Whales being butchered on the beaches of Gamble or those of a mama polar bear and her two Cubs being cut up with their hides hanging on a rack. Don’t get me wrong, it’s part of those folks culture but I think it would start a firestorm. Most people aren’t yet ready for real Alaska. I’ve got plenty of the tourist type photos that are probably more what he’s looking for but with what I’ve experienced in 20 years, most of those photos aren’t real Alaska. Chartering a halibut boat and catching a barn door or landing a float plane somewhere so you can catch a photo op is truly exciting and is more along the tourist culture in my mind.


    While Don Young plays photographer, he is selling out our State and Country! Tell him to vote no on the Phase One Green New Deal that has nothing to do with infrastructure. He is helping Democrats destroy America! See below for details.

    Marjorie Taylor Greene Flag of United States
    Call them at 202-225-3121 & tell them to vote NO & stop helping Joe Biden pass his agenda!

    Not a single Republican should be voting for the Infrastructure bill which is less than 9% actual Infrastructure.

    These “Republicans” are going to vote for phase 1 of the Green New Deal.
    Quote Tweet
    Andrew Solender
    · 9h
    I have 6 GOP yes votes:

    Van Drew

    • Sadly, your prediction has come true. Perhaps Don can post a photo of himself laughing it up with his new buddies, Nancy Pelosi, Jim Clyburn and Adam Schiff.

  3. I have a wonderful picture of a wall of trees in Autumn colors perfectly framed between two spruce – with a seated Bald Eagle triumphantly defying the autumn of America as presided over by the dems… and not enough bandwidth to send it. However, I doubt Don wants to make that kind of statement. Right on AKWHITTY.

  4. Maybe Don can take those photographs and use them as TP when there is none left.
    Let’s vote him out in the next election. The time is overdue for him to leave.

  5. This old geezer has run his course ……
    about 35 years ago……and we’re still electing him? We are the idiots.
    Michael Tavoliero for US Congress in 2022…….to clean out the corruption in Alaska’s lone Congressional seat.

  6. I have a photo of something that happened that you’ll never see anywhere except maybe on national geographic and even then not in today’s climate. A whale had been harvested and was towed up onto the beach with bulldozers. The high tide had come in and people were standing out there with chest waders on butchering the whale. It was going on day five or six since it was towed in and it was starting to get a little rank. You could smell it at the school which was about a half a mile away. We went down to the whale to watch the proceedings and a guy had what looked like a big long butcher knife attached to a pole. He was cutting off slabs of the blubber and skin. Every once in awhile we can hear a high pitched sound that was close to the sound of tea kettle makes when it’s boiling. It was the gas escaping as the pressure inside the whale built up because of decomposition. All of a sudden there was a loud thump noise and a whoosh and something hit this guy in the chest. He freaked out and almost fell down in the surf. What had happened was there was a baby whale inside the mama whale and it was about the size of a dolphin. It was mostly white with some black spots on its nose. The building pressure inside the mom had pushed the baby out of the birth canal and the baby whale hit this guy like a torpedo hitting the USS Indianapolis. It was dead of course and as it floated down the beach with the current it was kind of a sad sight to see. I know it’s all part of life for them, but it shows that life and the struggle for life and remote Alaska is alive and well.

    • Big whoops.
      For people that actually live in Alaska – not Los Anchorage or the Lower 48 – yawn…
      I shot a Lynx that was in my chicken coop this weekend – no regrets, not sad – just business on a homestead.
      You wouldn’t understand – or you’d still live here.

    • Someone should ask LISA if she supports Whaling in Alaska next time she’s on the national media. I wonder how many of her east coast liberated PETA liberals know this even goes on here in Alaska. #watchhersquirm

  7. Don wants US to make him look good after he knifed America in the back with his vote for Biden’s ungodly expensive bill? Don Young reached in and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.
    Don Young, your days in Congress are numbered. Start packing.

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