Wasilla roll-out: Nick Begich makes it official as he announces run for Congress


With his wife and son by his side, Nick Begich, the grandson of the late Alaska Rep. Nick Begich, announced he is a candidate for U.S. Congress.

He made the announcement to about 50 people in a hotel conference room in Wasilla, where he had told supporters last summer that he would make his announcement, if he indeed decided to run.

Nick was introduced to the room by Wasilla Mayor Glenda Ledford. Also in attendance was his mother, his maternal grandfather, brother, and sister-in-law.

“My name is Nick Begich and today I’m announcing my candidacy to represent this great state in Congress,” he started.

He acknowledge he comes from a large political family, but “We come to service from different political stripes,” adding that he developed his conservative values due to being raised in large part by his conservative grandparents.

“It’s time for change. It’s time we take back our country. It’s time the government start working for the people. After 50 years, it’s time to make this change,” he said. “A new level of energy, and new ideas are necessary for us to deliver on the great potential on this state, our nation, and its people.”

Nick promised to bring a “generational change of energy” to the job.

“We need to stop the Biden administration’s assault on Alaska resource development. We need to make the case to America of the importance of Alaska’s oil and gas and critical minerals, all of which are necessary as we embark on a decades-long energy transition,” he said.

He reminded the audience that the environmental standards in America are the strongest in the world. He warned of the danger of placing our security in the hands of China and Russia.

Nick, a Republican and private business owner, promised to work hard to earn the public’s trust and support. He made no mention of Congressman Don Young, the Republican who he is challenging in 2022.

Young had announced in the spring that he will run for his 26th term in office. He won the seat in 1973 after Rep. Nick Begich Sr.’s plane went down on Oct. 16, 1972, and Young has been Alaska’s congressman ever since.

After the event, Nick told Must Read Alaska he was very pleased with the event, grateful to his supporters who came out for it, and it was now time to do some campaign fundraising, and scheduling events across the state.


  1. Well going to be a tough road to haul with rank choice crap. I wish him well. I respect Mr Young but time for a change and wish Mr Young would retire and enjoy the rest of his life at home. As if the unfortunate happens it will be who ever is our governor is to make a replacement. Remember a person named Lisa? God Bless you but please step down.

  2. I understand this young man wants to do what his grandmother tried to do and failed. The only chance he can win now is with strong Outside Alaska environmentalist and union support.

    Maybe Kelly Merrick can help him out…

  3. I look forward to hearing more about Nick, I’m not excited about another Begich even if he claims to be conservative. I’m also not excited about another two years of Don Young. It will be interesting to see who endorses him.

    • Go Nick, thanks for throwing your hat into the ring. Nice and early and a opportunity to vet you. May the strongest contestant win. Nick hands down stronger than Don, but that’s not saying much. Looking forward to replacing Don and maybe with a Begich, who would have thought it!

  4. Don has long been too old and tired to be a vigorous representative for us. I honor what he has done but that is in the past.
    Nick talks the talk. I hope he walks the walk as well.
    We need a conservative voice in DC.

  5. Nick, who I am glad to call my friend, I believe will be a strong conservative in Congress. It is time for a conservative to take represent Alaska in the US House, who will hold the core conservative principles that make our country’s Christian heritage and were what our country was founded upon and take hard stands and fight battles that our state and nation desperately needs. I am honored to be supporting my friend and have been privileged to have many conversations discussing conservative principles with Nick and answering direct questions.

  6. I am very concerned about Nick’s very successful career as a job outsourcer.
    Hopefully he will be able to speak to this soon.

    The era of America-second Republicans is over. How will he prove his America first Bona fides when his individual wealth is tied to off shoring IT Work.

  7. No one has beaten Don Young in 48 years. Nick 3, you should wait until Don just plops one day. It’s a better bet.
    And please, no sappy, eye-rolling ads of your grandad……the way Uncle Mark abused the tv. Those kinds of ads don’t generate much sympathy on election day. Ask Al Gross!

  8. This is what comes of Don Young refusing to step down. Another Begich. We need another Begich like America needs another Bush. Never again.

    The only potential good in this is if he and Galvin siphon votes from each other.

    • Nick Begich is a solid conservative. He’s night and day different to Mark Begich. We’d be fortunate to have him.

  9. If Nick gives a good account of himself, he’s probably our next Congressman, either next year or in 2024. Don’s always been strong for Alaska, but a man has to know his limitations.

  10. Thanks Nick! Don, you have done what you can over the years but its time to go. Alaska-Please keep Galvin and Gross from even trying to get in office. That would be a real disaster.

  11. I would tell Mr Young: “Sir, I am honored to be standing with you today on this debate stage. You have served Alaska with honor and distinction. I do believe though, it is time to pass the torch unto the next generation, to continue the great work you’ve been doing.”

    • Begich is not a RINO. He’s actually a pretty conservative Republican. His father Nick Begich is even a libertarian commentator on INFOWARS.

  12. Mike Ryan, not sure what a RHINO is, but… our beloved man Don has gone daft over the mandated Jab. He essentially has endorsed the hideous medical experiment. I love Don but will take a chance on this kid Bigitch! Oh, wait, we get to RANK our Votes this next time…

    • Mr Young has voted for red flag laws buried inside huge bills where they are typically hidden at the Federal level.
      Red flag laws are nothing but gun confiscation hiding as a mental health/violence/insert anything but confiscation of personnel property issue here. Not to mention entirely unconstitutional.
      Many if not all States already have laws that help citizens who are unstable or perhaps just having a really bad day. These laws actually help the person in trouble, not just basically steal their guns and leave them with their car keys, gas, knives, pills, baseball bats, desk lamps, a spatula or any other item they can use to inflict whatever they may be thinking.
      I would appreciate Mr Begich to establish where he stands on the Second Amendment.
      Mr Young has let me down over the years, so I welcome any challenger to his seat.

  13. I guess history lessons are neccessary? not everbody has been up here or lived their whole lives up here!? But, between military and work, we have moved up too Alaska in the last 20 years! We do get
    newbies!? up here that vote! ugggghh and uhmmmm!

    So the newbies come in and don’t know the history of Alaska! and the names! so they stick too
    their tried and true! Voting! That’s a problem!

  14. Don DID vote for infrastructure bill. His time is over. We need a constitutional candidate. Not a lawyer, political insider, lobbyist, or anyone of that flavor. Begich comes from a politcal family, i. am Immediately skeptical. Solid conservative? Answer the questions and we shall see. Pro life? Pro religious freedom? Pro Gun? Pro militia? Pro immigration control/reform? America First? Pro Oil? Anti Vaxx Mandate? Anti Federal Control of State assets? Anti climate change? Anti outside money? Anti China? Anti Russia? Anti radicle extremists muslim?
    America is at a cross roads. Freedom is on the chopping block. We do not need a wuss in Congress. If you cant take or throw a punch (metaphorically speaking, well sort of) then get out. If you say it then you better damn well fight for it.

    • Yes. That vote on that damned Porkulous Bill by young puts him almost right down with Leftist Lisa. I might vote in a 2 way race for a Demoncrat to get rid of him.

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