New Anchorage Assembly members sworn in, as mayor’s adversary Chris Constant is named chair


Anchorage Assemblyman Chris Constant is now a heartbeat away from becoming mayor of Anchorage. He was sworn in on Tuesday as the chairman of the Assembly. Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel, who runs the Anchorage homeless industrial complex, is now vice chair.

Sworn in as new members of the Assembly were Scott Myers, Anna Brawley, Karen Bronga, Zac Johnson, and George Martinez.

Constant has been working in the background since Mayor Dave Bronson was elected in 2021, and has been holding the threat of impeachment over the head of the mayor. Constant has been keeping a file on Bronson, starting from the time when the mayor turned off the city’s fluoride temporarily, after an employee had complained about it causing respiratory irritation. Last year, Constant and the liberal Assembly members passed an ordinance that will make it easier for them to simply remove the mayor if they choose. The mayor is up for reelection in 2024 and has filed to run for a second term.

The ordinance allowing the Assembly to simply remove a mayor pertains to these actions:

  1. Acceptance of cash gifts from one doing business with the municipality
  2. Violation of chapter 1.15
  3. Perjury
  4. Falsification of records
  5. Filing false reports
  6. Nepotism
  7. Making personal use of municipal or school district property
  8. Destruction of municipal or school district property
  9. Actual or attempted official misconduct, as defined by state law
  10. Ordering a municipal employee or contractor employed by the supervisory board to undertake an unlawful act
  11. Substantial breach of a statutory-, Code- or Charter-imposed duty
  12. Failure to faithfully execute the directives of a duly enacted 9 ordinance.

Currently, the mayor is in jeopardy with the Assembly because Bronson wants to pay a contractor for work done last year, and the Assembly won’t authorize it. If Bronson pays Roger Hickel, he’ll probably be impeached. Hickel will probably have to sue the city for the payment.

But on Tuesday, Constant played the statesman: “This election, now certified, comes at a crucial time in our city’s history, as we emerge from a long and dark period of the pandemic, and enter a new day of what I hope will be characterized as collegial accountability from the Assembly.”

It’s unclear if Constant was sideswiping former Assembly Chairwoman Suzanne LaFrance with that comment about a long and dark period. LaFrance, Pete Peterson, Austin Quinn-Davidson, Joey Sweet, and Robin Dern are now off the Assembly. Six of the 12 members are newly sworn in.


  1. The specific members on the Anchorage Ass-embly do not matter, what REALLY matters is that the Marxist Nine, and their entire ‘woke’, radically authoritarian and intolerant political agenda, are still firmly in place.
    As an aside, it is a shocking statement on the moral degeneracy of our society when an open and unrepentant sodomite is elected to public office.

    • And yet, perhaps it’s a testament to the patriots in Anchorage that Dunbar couldn’t get elected mayor -twice-, and that Constant needs to jockey for taking over the office of mayor only through potential impeachment of Bronson.

      They’re going to play the Trump card, again. Try to impeach Bronson before the next election so Constant can get in the office.

      If Constant gets in through impeachment, he’s almost guaranteed the next regular term as mayor because we will suddenly read all about the glorious actions of Constant because he has real experience in governing a city, etc…all the glowing news the ADN will print to glorify the hoped-for next golden boy.

      Again, it actually says something good about the citizens of Anchorage that bad men need to lie, cheat, and steal to get into office.

      But the citizens of Anchorage need to do more to take back our city from those who are destroying it. We need to get rid of mail in voting, for a start. How do we do that? A citizen petition? I don’t know, but we need to work together and find out. I truly believe that’s the first step to cleaning up our elections. If we can’t drain the swamp by getting rid of the current Muni clerk, and we lost our chance to re-constitute the Assembly with worthy persons, we need to cut our losses and focus on what we CAN accomplish.

      And then, work together and GET ER DONE!

      • A citizens petition means nothing to them. This group has repeatedly ignored laws and complaints from the public. You can get a petition going, but ultimately it means squat to them.

        Assuming for sake of argument there are enough voters of like minds in Anchorage, the formula for changing the Assembly is simple. Not easy, but simple.

        -find and recruit someone of like mind to run against the current incumbents. Said person needs to be genuinely electable, not a unicorn.

        -be willing to settle for better, not perfect. The right often kills itself over ideological purity. Get over the requirement they agree with “you” in lockstep with every issue.
        1/2 of Constant would be an improvement over what you got.
        Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.

        -outline a platform that people can relate to, even if they don’t agree. Speak English, not wonk.

        -honestly access the strengths and weaknesses of your candidate. Learn when the candidate’s position might be in the minority of the voting electorate and prep for that.

        -assemble a reliable, dedicated team committed to getting said person elected. Then do the hard grunt work of Grassroots campaigning. Knock on doors. Make phone calls. Publish well thought out, easy to read position papers.

        -grind it out day after day after day until you have victory or know why you won’t.

        Then repeat the winning formula six more times.

        Important: ignore the advice of anyone remotely associated with the current ship of fools running the GOP.

        Conceptually easy. But hard work. Most conservatives hate hard work.

        • Excellent suggestion…and you would be the perfect one to institute your plan. Many people would follow a wise leader. I’m very serious about this…you have a plan that could work…now get it out there so people can follow to get rid of the ‘trash’ in the assembly. Now DO IT!!

          • I don’t live in Anchorage. I’m a Juneauite.

            This is a problem Anchorage must solve for itself.

        • I love your comments, especially this one–“be willing to settle for better, not perfect. The right often kills itself over ideological purity. Get over the requirement they agree with “you” in lockstep with every issue.” If the leftists have any advantage over us it is in there ability to accept any moron who espouses the correct rhetoric. Certainly on a few main issues, we want our candidates to be bonafide conservatives, but it is definitely a “purity test”. Few of us can pass it.

          • Over the years I’ve seen so many elections swing on the lack of participation of single issue voters.

            don’t 100% agree on my position regarding
            -the state lottery
            -tax cuts
            -gay marriage
            -not Christian enough
            -etc, etc, etc

            They take their electoral ball and go home in a state of moral superiority. Thereby killing the chances of a more conservative voice getting elected.

            Then they were always the loudest complainers.

          • In above post it should be THEIR–darned autocorrect! Sorry, Suzanne, to add another post but that leaped out at me like chicken on a June bug.

        • THANK YOU. Excellent, direct, easy to understand, realistic blueprint. Now we (like me and others who live in the Municipality of Anchorage and will continue to do so) just need to widely and successfully execute.

        • The thing is, we DID run several excellent candidates. But the Marxists still won. The problem is with mail-in voting, AND public sector unions. Union members are able to vote for their own pay raises, through the pro-union Marxist representatives they elect. So they are way more motivated to vote than the rest of us.

          • Mail in voting can be stopped. How about using that same mail-in ballot that comes in the mail and literally take it in hand to the library or the in-person voting booth. AND fill it out and put it in the box your self. YES, they proclaim that there is/are or will be no “in person” voting places, that’s their big fat LIE. I did.. Loussac is open to take all ballots(and mail in ballots which has your precinct information). People Mover and Anchor Rides offer free transportation on the election Day. If you truly REALLY want your vote to be a no mail-in ballot. this would be the way to go.

      • We just had a “citizens petition” …’s called an election.
        The Progressives won easily …… a sweep.
        ANC is blue (& so am I thinking about it)

    • “it is a shocking statement on the moral degeneracy of our society when an open and unrepentant sodomite is elected to public office.” Jefferson, I want to thank you for your candor. It is through your fearless bigotry and antiquated, hateful worldview that we plainly see just how deeply American conservatism has fallen. Fortunately, most people in this community and country don’t share your views. 1823 called and they’re welcoming you back if you’d care to go. You won’t be missed here in 2023. You’re an embarrassment to inclusive and accepting Alaskans.
      Yours truly,
      A fair minded Republican who wants his party back from the retrograde swamp monsters who’ve taken it over these last 5 years.

      • Found the Liberal pretending to be a Republican. Pro tip: don’t use language like “inclusive and accepting”. Those terms have been co-opted by the woke to mean “infringe on other’s first amendment rights. You are free to go back to sanfran or seattle or whatever liberal haven sent you here.

        • acfak, I’ve lived here for 56 years. I will NOT “go back to SF or Seattle.” I also have a family members who are gay, straight, white, Alaska Native, and Filipino. I attend church and have always been taught that love and acceptance are virtues. I’m not sure what absurd conclusions you wish to draw about me from my comment, but you, too, are part of the problem. Alaskans need to accept one another despite our differences. I’ll put my conservative bonafides up against yours any day – from Nixon to Reagan to Bushes I and II. I’ve voted for them all, and did so with pride. Today’s GOP is a nihilistic shell of its former self. Its cultist members are more interested in the politics of destruction than actually solving problems. So please don’t accuse me of adopting “woke” language or being some kind of liberal in disguise.

          • It if looks like a leftist duck, and walks like a leftist duck, and most of all quacks like a leftist duck …
            Jim, you just demonstrated in this thread that you are no conservative, whatever your voting record may be, and have simply surrendered to the radical leftists, probably little by little over the years, without even realizing it.

    • So interesting… that Chris Constant is your measure of society’s moral failings.

      Presumably you’re a fan of Mayor’s Pierce and Bronson? Perhaps the heterosexual Ethan Berkowitz is more your speed? Oooh, how about the Attorney General for the State of Alaska (take your pick!)

      We do have some questionable morals in elected and unelected public offices, I’m just not real clear on what Constant has done that surpasses the moral degeneracy of the men who like vaginas.

      Obviously Jefferson isn’t much of a libertarian… His beef with Constant seems to be strictly over what he chooses to do in his home, which hasn’t ever cost the city a legal settlement for moral or legal failings…

      Yeah, Charlie Pierce and Dave Bronson are obviously morally superior leaders.

      • If you weren’t paying attention to the last 6 or so years, there are one of two likely conclusions.

        -you’re a classic low information voter who didn’t care then and won’t now.

        -you don’t see the issues because you are in agreement with the bulk of his antics.

        Either way, trying to illuminate you would probably be the equivalent of casting pearls before swine.

  2. As Bronson continues his quest to improve the living conditions in Anchorage, we now have a rogue crew (ie: Assembly) to play politics and undermine potential improvements. With this rogue crew, one can expect:
    – Higher Taxes
    – Wasteful Spending
    – Chaotic & Disjointed Working Environmnet
    – An Ever Increasing Homeless Population
    – Higher Business Costs
    – Decrease in Property Values
    – Disincentivized & Plunging Economic Opportunities
    – Flight of High Value // High Producing Population
    – AND(!!!), a Diminishing Lifestyle

    Art C was absolutely spot-on a couple days ago!

    • Agree on the decrease of property values, but that only applies to what you can actually sell it for. The tax assessments have gone well up. Take your false equity out and run. Like the 80s.

  3. The assembly should account for all of the money they have spent since Covid. As per CCs statement. Don’t see that forthcoming, just empty words. Also they can add to the list to dismiss the Mayor if he says anything contrary in regards to the the ruling body.

  4. The assembly is a direct violation of the RICO Act and should have been prosecuted for OPENLY laundering covid money through the general fund during a PUBLIC assembly meeting. The fact that they have been operating a corrupt organization is the very definition of why the RICO Act was passed. The 9 on the assembly and their predecessors have been operating a corrupt organization to distribute government funds within the municipal government, using their elected positions as cover.

    • Too bad none of us is lawyers. Thought the GOP was responsible for using our donations to represent us. Whoops, guess it is up to the citizens or a lawyer who is as tired of this as the rest of us. Give me a name and I will contribute.

  5. Do the same articles of impeachment apply to themselves, if so Anchorage has nothing to worry about. They should all be gone in less than a month. But I highly doubt they would hold themselves to the same standards, with these socialists in charge Anchorage is in deep trouble. Don’t just leave, run like hell

  6. Keep in mind, this ordinance doesn’t just permit the removal of the mayor. It allows for the removal of Assembly members as well.

  7. Sooo, 1871 brought corporatism to “our processes” in government. It appears the corporations owned by who knows whom are overextended financially. The municipal corporations were enabled under the same legislation but the feds are nearly completely overwhelmed with debt. If the federal entities are reorganized because of disabling debt the municipal corporatists will also pay the consequences grandelequances notwithstanding.

  8. “Grandiloquences” to be sure; to follow. Our US Constitution rights are a bottom line communists are evidently against.

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