Assembly makes public wait for 5.5 hours to testify on ordinance to impeach mayor, but then abruptly gavels out early at the request of Assemblyman Chris Constant


A proposed ordinance that gives the Anchorage Assembly the ability to impeach the mayor of Anchorage drew plenty of public interest at Tuesday’s regular Assembly meeting, where AO 2022-60 had its first public hearing.

There was a large and discontented crowd attending that was reminiscent of the public that protested during the summer of 2020, when the Assembly went into lockdown mode, and would not let the public witness proceedings as they passed ordinance after controversial ordinance, including shutdown mandates, mask mandates, and massive expenditures on a homelessness industrial complex.

The current controversial ordinance, drafted by a contract attorney who works at the behest of the Assembly’s radical majority, lays out the path for the Assembly to replace the mayor with Suzanne LaFrance, the chair of the Anchorage Assembly. Attorney Bill Falsey’s draft is sponsored by Assembly Vice Chair Chris Constant, who would then become the chair of the Assembly. Falsey, a former city attorney and former municipal manager under former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, unsuccessfully ran against Mayor Dave Bronson last year.

The item was placed at the end of the lengthy agenda on Tuesday and the public wasn’t able to testify on it until over five and a half hours into the meeting. It was the last item of business for the night and it wasn’t until after 10:30 pm when those remaining in the Assembly Chamber were allowed to make their three-minute statements. Nearly all were opposed to the ordinance.

Assemblywoman Jamie Allard moved that the meeting be extended to midnight to allow as much of the testimony as possible, since people had waited for hours. That motion passed.

Then, attorney Mario Bird stepped to the public podium to discuss the ordinance. Assemblywoman Jamie Allard asked Bird to clarify if he thought that the Assembly’s attorney Dean Gates was giving the Assembly sound advice.

That was the last straw for Assemblywoman LaFrance, who said the line of questioning was out of order. Then, because of general booing and jeering from the audience, Vice Chair Constant abruptly called for the meeting to adjourn and without going to midnight, as previously agreed upon, the meeting was quickly ended over the objections of the conservative minority — Allard, Kevin Cross, and Randy Sulte. Booing and jeering could be heard throughout the auditorium until the video feed was cut at about 11:05 pm.

The matter will come up again at the June 1 regular meeting of the Assembly.


  1. The politburo doesn’t give a damn about you or your opinions. But Constant needs the free press.

    Time for civil disobedience. Refuse to leave. Refuse to follow their rules. Go to Constant’s office and refuse to leave.

    Be polite and non confrontational. But refuse to go. Make APD physically take you out. Have someone record it and post it everywhere.

    • Is anywhere, given these idiots vote in statewide elections?

      The Anchoragites swarm the kenai peninsula during the summer. A lot of them are still wearing masks. Weirdos.

  2. Chris Constant wants to be the end all be all in every situation. Every time someone is recognized for their service, he has to put it out there that he worked with them. He wants to run the city and will keep going until he is stopped by the citizens. He should be in court for fraud and colluding to misrepresent the municipal charter.

    • Refer to him as ‘Christopher’– just as his dissapointed parents have done, as they chastised him for his petulant childish behavior over the years. This will trigger him faster that a strong woman who reminds him of his mother and disapproving father.

  3. Awww…poor wittle boy Constant didn’t like the conservative rhetoric…he pwobably just peed his pants…should’ve worn a Depends…like Biden! Time to get potty trained Constant!

  4. Beware of what you wish for….today Mayor Bronson, tomorrow Jamie Allard! This ordinance is a slippery slope to get rid of any and all who are not bowing to a world according to Chris, Forest, Suzanne and Falsey. It is clear that the Marxist nine are intend on manipulating the process for their petty feud. I have a 4th grade granddaughter more mature than these individuals.

    • The new ordinance is basically a copy of existing language that allows an Assembly majority to toss any member they want to at any time. They can get Allard any time they want to. But like all other tools, they need to be careful, as it will happen to them the instant conservatives regain a majority. Cheers –

      • > as it will happen to them the instant conservatives regain a majority.

        You dream. How do you imagine that will happen with mail-in voting?

  5. Please keep reminding the Assembly that if they can judge the merits of a criminal accusation against an Assembly member then the Mayor gets to do the same thing if someone accuses him of a criminal act. The Assembly does not get to be the judge in both cases.
    Also, if the Mayor gets removed, the Assembly chair is made acting mayor, per the Charter, but if an Assembly member gets removed, the Mayor does not get to name the replacement? How is that balanced?
    The leftists on the Assembly whine about how they need to keep the checks and balances in place, and how Mayor Bronson is overstepping his authority, but their solutions always seem to give the Assembly more power and authority. They never seem to return to a balanced state.

  6. It should be noted that Assemblymember Suzanne LaFrance is very often in the middle of these abuses of process and power by the Assembly. She likes to present herself as so sweet and reasonable but in reality she is a complete cutthroat and thug.

    • She, like every other member of the Marxist Nine, is a pure sociopath.
      Not to mince words, LaFrance and the rest of her Marxist cabal are simply evil.

    • If she was a southerner, I am sure she would be using the phrase “bless your heart” all the time.
      (And, anyone who has spent any time in the south knows that Bless your heart is southern for F— You!)

  7. Wow. And they wonder why the attending public get unruly? The Anchorage assembly are predominantly a board of lawless despots with no regard for rule of law at all and seem to think it is ok to make up rules to suit themselves as they go along. It is shocking. Constant repeatedly, while in office, has proven himself to be a toddler in a man’s body. How he was elected and reflected (?) is quite a mystery but a sad testament to the voters in area he represents. It seems Anchorage needs term limits like the Matsu assembly has.

    I agree with Masked Avenger’s comment above also! Peaceful action.

  8. It seems like each assembly meeting has some example of the contempt and lack of respect that Constant, Lafrance and the others show toward the people they represent. I’d say they are pathetic examples of public servants, but it seems to me that they see it the other way around.

  9. Is there a way that the citizens of Anchorage could band together to file a class-action suit against the Assembly for the garbage they have pulled constantly since Berkowitz? This is a serious question.

  10. ‘A man w/o self control is like a city broken into and left without walls.’ right now the demi’s own a lot of this town. But they don’t own the
    church. The church is where oppressed people go for strength. Coming to God and the word is
    What moves hearts and change personalities. Yelling and cursing the
    assembly isn’t going to change them. Acturally! In the sickness of sin, they like seeing us out of control, cause we show they look more in control.

  11. Constant dripping violated the federal Open Meetings Act, State law, and the Municipal Charter by denying the public’s right to testify at a public hearing – someone please go after them for the federal violation! The Alaska courts are hopelessly corrupted in defending the lefties – must sue in federal court.

  12. Not living in Anchorage, this is like watching a three ring circus! The leftist assembly members are like a yapping little chihuahua at your heels. Nothing but trouble.

  13. Who controls the YouTube streaming of the Municipal assembly meetings? Last evening, the streaming stopped at the point where Suzanne LaFrance coordinated with Barbara Jones to demean and diminish the youth representative, Miss Price, and her relevant question. AND THEN THERE WAS NOTHING; NO MORE YOUTUBE STEAMING OF THE ASSEMBLY MEETING. IT ENDED IN A MOST UNUSUAL WAY.


    So, I’d like to know who stopped the YouTube streaming. LaFrance? Constant? Jones? Or maybe Rivera?

    • An employee of the Anchorage Fire Department is in charge of the video feed. To me, it’s a complete mystery why, as that doesn’t sound like a job befitting the skillset of a firefighter. Anyway, you should know the answer, as the hullabaloo surrounding Amy Demboski’s alleged interjection in that area last fall became a popular rallying cry for the anti-Bronson forces. As for the YouTube portion of it, it’s been refactored after the fact in the past, so I’m not surprised to hear about this.

  14. Why do they call the assembly an assembly? Why? Is there a reason? To show their conglomerate august rulership? Do they call it an assembly for some romantic dais reasons?

    • See Article X, Section 4 of the state constitution: “The governing body of the organized borough shall be the assembly, and its composition shall be established by law or charter.”

  15. Anyone surprised that the most controversial ordinances/agenda items always end up at the very end of the meetings? After the motion to recognize Asparagus day is debated endlessly, and the naming of a park bench is voted on.
    Gee… wonder why?

  16. Is anyone surprised that the Assembly Majority is not responsive or concerned about the “public” testimony? There’ve been two (?) recall efforts and 3 (?) assembly seats up for election in the past couple of years and only one seat (John Weddleton’s) has changed. Clearly, the sitting majority is nearly invulnerable to the political process.
    Anchorage is, unfortunately, getting what it deserves.

  17. Wait just a darn minute, there! I haven’t support any of this crap & have voted accordingly but I’m stuck with it, so please don’t tell the sane residents of Anchorage that they deserve this shite!

  18. They will cancel this right after they lose to conservatives. For Liberal shoes don’t fit on both feet. In other words they don’t like it when you use the same tactics.

  19. It’s an assembly of we the people to INSTRUCT the public servants of our will. When we the people attend the public meeting which was noticed and is our invitation to freely associate with our public servants we pay to serve our will, at a public facility we own and pay for and are invited to attend; our public servants eat the food we pay a caterer for and when they hear our voices which is the purpose of the meeting she bellows “remove that woman”. That is an usurpation and she should personally pay $300,000 per federal court remedy to each person she refuses to hear including those who curse. None of them WANT to hear our voices on any damned thing. Therefore, we must turn the tide to retrieve “this city” we are paying scads for until they meekly hear and do our will.

    • You are right! Someone closely associated to the Assembly once told me that they don’t know why the Assembly allows public testimony. That no one cares about their opinions and that they should just be able to hold their meetings do the business as they see fit without any pubic testimony.

  20. “The law” is the laid down foundational law of the nation’s creation by due process Aticle V Convention. Illegal group activity of public usurpations at weekly assumes for the purpose of the public formally speaking to each other on matters the freemen care about so as to INSTRUCT those public servants who are not rulers of any type on what is the good will of the people never happens in this jurisdiction. Should any instruction be even attempted that invited freeman is usurped removed from his chosen associates. We are accustomed to these airs put on by the renegade rulers. Each of these renegades would quit if indeed just once they were required to listen to what we the people demand that they do. THAT IS HOW TURNED AROUND THIS SYSTEM IS.

  21. When constant looked up and saw several in line ready to speak who all had WON their court cases against them he panicked and called for adjournment. Lets see if they will be ” ALLOWED ” to speak on Wednesday night ! Oh, and by the way, they have already cancelled Fourth of July for you. the timing was interesting… Mario BIRD had just said ” … one could call it a misuse of high office “

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