Senate President Peter Micciche will not seek reelection


Alaska State Senate President Peter Micciche has announced he will not seek reelection in 2022. Sen. Micciche served three terms in the Alaska State Senate beginning in 2013. During a 35-year private sector career, he served on the Soldotna City Council, as Soldotna’s mayor from 2008-2013, and will have represented District O on the Kenai from 2013 until his term ends in January 2023.

During more than a decade as a senator, Micciche has served on every Senate standing committee, special committee, and Finance sub-committee. He served as chairman or vice-chairman on all but two of the standing committees.

Senator Micciche said, “It has been an honor and a privilege to represent the interests of the people of the Kenai at the state level for the past three terms. My work has been dedicated to bringing Alaskans together. Knowing I had the trust of the community for so many years and leaving the Senate institution as the presiding officer with the trust of Senate members means so much to me. Serving in the Legislature has been an amazing journey. Whether defending individual District O constituents on state issues or upholding the interests of all Alaskans through a statewide view, my objectives have been to provide for a better Alaska. I am eternally grateful for the immense support.”

Tuckerman Babcock, a well-known Republican from Soldotna, has filed for the seat, as has school teacher and Kenai Assemblyman Jesse Bjorkman.


  1. At least he is leaving voluntarily. He would be a good argument for term limits. Based on some significant and close observation of the Alaska Senate over the decades, members seldom make much of a positive contribution after eight years. Consistently, long-serving Senators become Alaska’s oligarchs, with a focus on enriching their clients, buddies and themselves.

  2. Another bad actor that said one thing to get elected and now when it comes time to face those voters he defrauded and stole from has decided to allow the state to pay him an well unearned retirement. good bye and I hope you find a way to sleep well in the coming months and years..

    • Yes and look who is running and I hope he doesn’t have a chance Jessie Bjorkman a liberal in wolf’s clothing.?Eeeeeeeeek

  3. Didn’t care for him, he was part of the Republicans problems in Juneau, most are rino’s.

  4. Micciche represents the worst kind of politician. He used the office to be something instead of being interested in doing something.
    Smart clown though. He’s leaving before being defeated by Babcock.

  5. Don’t let the door hit your backside on the way out!!! Wonder when we will catch a break, those who represent us, not doing well.
    Move the legislative sessions to the road system.

  6. A profoundly decent man who nevertheless became ineffective in the swamp of the Alaska Senate.

    Good luck to whomever is elected to replace Pete; you, too will be judged by your effectiveness – or lack thereof.

  7. I understand why he is leaving. you go into public office with the high hopes that you can do something only to find that those who are senior will move to block you and keep you from being successful. I concur that he was a decent man who wanted to make a difference but with the poisoned atmosphere of politics now so evident, simply had no chance. Would term limits do any good? They might keep the haters from becoming so powerful, and even though some expertise would be lost, might be Alaska’s best bet. Thank you for your service Pete.

  8. Some pretty rough comments on Senator Micciche’s senate career. Makes one wonder why anyone would ever want to put themselves out in the public arena. In Senator Micciche’s case, I believe they are undeserved. Senator Micciche is indeed a very decent family man. The voters sent him to Juneau after a long and successful business career and then serving as the respected mayor of Soldotna. Say what you will about the ‘swampiness’ of Juneau. It was the environment he had to deal with when he got there. My observations of Senator Micciche during his ten years in office, are that of a man who worked very hard on behalf of his constituents. He understood the issues and found conservative and practical legislative solutions. He knew how to work with his colleagues to pass needed bills to benefit Alaskans. However, he maintained a personal rule to never sacrifice his principles. This was extremely important in a world of RINOs who never let principles ever tell them what to do. So, congratulations to Senator Micciche on a proud and distinguished public life in which he served his community and the people of Alaska. Well done!

    • Come ‘on Man Peter was never that great, he effectively failed to vote for a statutory PFD ! Gold digging, yes , is hard work when serving the people or NOT !

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