Biden’s EPA, like Obama’s before it, will try to preemptively ban Pebble Project


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Region 10 Office announced another effort to ban any mining in the Pebble Mine area of Western Alaska.

The agency proposes that under the 1972 Clean Water Act Section 404(c), it will stop associated activity, such as the storage of dredged material from the Pebble Deposit, an area rich in gold and copper. The prohibition on storing mined rock and gravel effectively kills the ability to mine.

The last time the agency did this, under the Obama Administration, the matter ended up in litigation for years.

“This is clearly a giant step backwards for the Biden Administration’s climate change goals,” said John Shively, CEO of Pebble Partnership.  “I find it ironic that the President is using the Defense Production Act to get more renewable energy minerals such as copper into production while others in the Administration seek political ways to stop domestic mining projects such as ours.” 

Shively said the company is actively working through the established permitting process with its appeal of the Army Corps of Engineers’ permit denial, and opposes any action that is outside of that process.

“This preemptive effort is clearly a political maneuver to attempt to block our ability to work through that established process,” Shively said. “Further, the Army Corps of Engineers published an Environmental Impact Statement for Pebble in 2020 with input from many agencies including the EPA that states that the project can be done without harm to the region’s fisheries. The EIS further notes the tremendous economic opportunity the project represents for the communities around Iliamna Lake where year-round jobs are scarce, and the cost of living is very high.  We still need an opportunity to review the specific details that will be in the preemptive veto action.  It is also worth noting that there are several additional internal steps that the EPA must follow before anything is final including a public comment period and a decision by the Assistant Administrator.”

The company said that the Pebble Project remains an important domestic source for the minerals necessary for the Biden Administration to reach its green energy goals and “if it blocks Pebble it will have to seek minerals to meet its goals from foreign sources which simply do not have the same environmental standards as we do.”

But the EPA says Bristol Bay supports one of the world’s most important salmon fisheries, and this mine puts that all at risk.

The new Regional Administrator for EPA Region 10 Casey Sixkiller said, “Two decades of scientific study show us that mining the Pebble Deposit would cause permanent damage to an ecosystem that supports a renewable economic powerhouse and has sustained fishing cultures since time immemorial. Clearly, Bristol Bay and the thousands of people who rely on it deserve the highest level of protection.”

Sixkiller is a radical social justice warrior appointed by President Biden.

The Proposed Determination issued by EPA’s Region 10 evaluates an extensive record of scientific and technical information that spans nearly two decades. The Proposed Determination finds that the discharge of dredged or fill material associated with mining the Pebble Deposit could result in unacceptable adverse effects on salmon fishery areas in certain waters within the Bristol Bay watershed, the EPA said.

Leila Kimbrell, executive director for the Resource Development Council of Alaska, released the following statement in response:

“Today’s announcement by the EPA to revisit the 404(c) preemptive veto process for the Pebble Project is concerning in light of the 2020 Environmental Impact Statement determination that the project could be done without harm to the fisheries. In 2013, RDC opposed EPA’s initial preemptive veto of the Project under the 404(c) process and cautioned against its use. RDC has long advocated for a sound, science-backed regulatory permitting process for any development project in Alaska. This is in line with RDC’s decades old mission to support a strong Alaska economy and private sector diversity through the responsible development of Alaska’s natural resources, which includes our fishing as well as our mining, oil & gas, timber, and tourism industries.  Going forward, RDC will monitor the EPA’s newly announced process to revisit the 404(c) process for this project, including any additional information that may come to light as the full scope of this process plays out over the coming months.”

Public comments and public hearings are set through July 5.


  1. Obama, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett and crew are still in almost total charge of anything done by or on behalf of the Biden white house…I am not at all sure Biden has a clue of the day to day operations as they continue to tear up the foundations and any positive future for this Nation….

    • Charlie, were I to walk into a classy joint and see you pontificating about matters of “significance” and holding forth about the good old days, more than likely I’d be the only person in the establishment who’d remember you as having been a “Titan” in the state house many, many years ago! I’m sure you still have what it takes to become “ringmaster” of the house, so why not do something that’s worth holding forth about, otherwise silence reflects true political wisdom!

  2. Absolutely ridiculous. The veto didn’t hold last time so of course the radical sjw’s have to try, try again.

  3. With the Dems in total charge, is there any hope for a resource development state such as Alaska? If so, what resource will be allowed access – permitted to advance forward? If not, what economic utility does Alaska offer it’s constituents to survive and thrive, making a decent living … as well as any hope for a viable industry for the next generation?
    Maybe(?), we’ve had the wrong Congressional Delegation in place for too long, and we most assuredly deserve better representation and officials that will fight for economic freedoms in Alaska? And(?), it only begs the questions … 1) What exactly do we get in return from our elected leaders; 2) How is our lives better // more beneficial with their leadership; and, 3) What sacrifices have the elected officials made themselves during this hardship (especially when so many of us constituents have made tremendous sacrifices)?

    • We should just do what we want. What’s the fed going to do take us to court just ignore the court and fed and do what’s best for our state. Drill and mine our resources. We do need to be responsible for our environment and that can be done without all the fed over site and threats. Screw the feds and their far reaching rules.

  4. This is the deliberate destruction of America to function as a sovereign entity.
    It all started with the Free Traders – who outsourced our mfg base and the blue collar middle class jobs they provided – all so the multi-national corps could increase profits and the “little people” could buy cheap crap from Wal-Mart.
    We invented transistor chips and integrated circuits – now we buy 90+% of them from Taiwan – which is about to be taken over by China, “allegedly”.
    Pharmaceuticals – anti-biotics, even aspirin, all outsourced to China and India.
    Heavy mfg – majority all overseas.
    Energy independence – shut down domestic production so irresponsible gov’ts in developing nations can supply while horribly polluting the environment.
    Rare earth minerals, mining aggregates – it goes on and on.
    In my estimation – our politicos, on both sides of the aisle, have committed treason against the United States and our people – all because of greed and power.
    A day of reckoning is coming….

  5. And never, ever forget.
    It wasn’t just Murkowski that voted for Haaland – Sullivan did also!
    Sullivan voted for Haaland – what could he possibly be thinking?
    These RINO’s are worse than the democrats.
    I genuinely fear that the new “darlings” of Alaska “conservatives” – NB3 and KellyT are RINO’s, 110%
    NB3 comes from the most liberal Alaska political family (but, I’m sure he’s different – after all he shoots guns in his ads).
    KellyT – look very closely at her background – she’s been a swamp creature for 20 years in DC (but she was homeless, don’t ya’ know…)

  6. No evidence offered by Charlie Bussell for floating this theory about Obama being in charge. Sort of a whacky conspiracy theory. Also overlooks that D.J. Trump had major problems with the Pebble Project.

  7. This again illustrates our times, whereby allegedly Democratic “environmentalists”, continue to infiltrate Key bureaucracies of the American government, brazenly & with conscience-less zealotry circumvent America’s legitimate, scientific permitting & Environmental Impact statement analysis procedures; whereby sabotaging America’s sovereign minerals future. In short, as foreigners investing in the USA, we are led to the belief that enemies of the American people have found indigenous Americans to erode America’s future, even funding these criminals. We are watching while America continues to not prosecute, but indeed allow continued debasement of America’s mining industry. The nation is lost.

  8. My issue with “ two decades” of study is it ignores two decades of progress.
    They set the parameters of the study, most often to ensure the desired result.

    When you set the unit of measure, you win the game.

    The cleanest, most efficient energy of Earth is nuclear. The science has made giant leaps since 3 Mile Island. It is astonishingly safe. But the left won’t hear it.

    Partly because they live in the past. Mostly because their worldview is of haves (them and them only) and have nots (the rest of us).

    • This does ignore the fact that FERC has licensed DOD to run two pilot projects for “micro-nuclear”, which if successful, would be a game changer for remote communities.

    • Now that you’ve raised the issue, the dead are probably preoccupied with concerns of their own leaving the secular problems to those of us here on the temporal plane! Joe Vogler is probably basking in the loving warmth of paradise or feeling the heat in hell. Regarding Pebble, what is the rush to destroy the remaining places that are truly conducive to natural, human habitation when so many other areas in the nation are drying up, blowing away, flooding out, or being flushed away? Even the dullest minds realize climatic changes are occurring! In a short period of time we will have a fuller understanding of the extent of the damage that we’ve induced through greed, ignorance, and stupidity. After thinking through what now likely will follow, we can make better, rational, societal decisions as to what can be “expended” of what remains to make life more pleasurable if not simply endurable. There is no rush on my part to harrow the last of God’s green earth for a pocket of gold!

      • Edit: The phrase “pocket of gold” within both the caption and the text should properly read, “pocket full of gold.”

        “There is no rush on my part to harrow the last of God’s green earth for a pocket full of gold!”

      • Edit (how could I have forgotten to mention The massive fires), the 3rd sentence should have read: “Regarding Pebble, what is the rush to destroy the remaining places that are truly conducive to natural, human habitation when so many other areas in the nation are drying up, burning up, blowing away, flooding out, or being flushed away?”

  9. Months ago, the Pebble Mine admitted (out right lied) that in order to “make $$” and make it worth the ming, they admitted they would need to use more of all the chemicals that would evently kill the Salmon spawning beds.
    They lied to Gov Dunleavy and most of the Alaska political scene that was trying to promote this mine…I think it was”uncle”Ted always said “wrong mine and wrong place”

  10. If you have one activist agency override dozens of science based studies by other agencies, you lose the trust in the regulatory and permitting system. Which is fine if your goal is to stop all development.

  11. I was born here and care about my state. I work in O&G production. I’m pro development as long as it makes sense. North Slope oil is generally done right and makes sense.
    Pebble scares me. I have been to that area of the state. It is too big and too exposed. If things go wrong there, the consequences are potentially huge and once done you can’t go back. I’m not claiming expertise here, just common sense.
    The Canadian company that would be working this does not have a stellar safety record. Nor do they have interest in our communities. The product of this mine does not benefit Alaskans other than the jobs it would provide. Those are temporary. If there was a problem from the mining it might damage (or worse) a global fishery. That might be permanent.
    My opinion is that Pebble is very dangerous. I could be uninformed. YMMV.

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