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The Chris Constant tapes: Assemblyman calls mayor a ‘clown,’ and executive branch ‘fools’

Says Assembly is going to veto everything the mayor wants

Chris Constant, Anchorage Assembly vice chair, has put a target on the mayor — and the mayor’s staff, according to tapes recently acquired by Must Read Alaska. But it wasn’t like that in the beginning, when Mayor Dave Bronson announced his top administrator, Municipal Manager Amy Demboski.

In July, Anchorage Assemblyman Chris Constant wrote a letter to the editor heaping compliments on Demboski. She was a star in his eyes.

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“If the mayoral election of 2021 tells us one thing, it is our job to lead through these divisions. We are grateful for the mayor’s choice of Amy Demboski to the second-highest position within the Municipality of Anchorage. Ms. Demboski served collaboratively with us from Day One, and we were impressed because we knew firsthand that she served for all the right reasons. Like us, she truly cares about our community and wants to make a difference. Our political differences are vast, but like us, her focus is the community,” Constant wrote.

“We were able to work through challenging issues and maintain respect for each other because we shared some core values. We can disagree passionately and still treat each other with respect,” he continued.

Constant closed by saying: “Ms. Demboski does her homework and values our opinions. She will be professional, thoughtful and effectively coordinate with the Assembly, mayor, and department directors to ensure the work of the people is done efficiently and professionally.  She will take a reasonable approach to critical issues. Our experience tells us that Anchorage residents can be confident she will serve the community as municipal manager with integrity, ethics, compassion, and respect for our employees. Her decisions will be based on community need with executive and legislative input. She will work fairly with the Assembly, recognizing the challenge the legislative branch has when making decisions. Like us, she will lead with dignity for the betterment of our entire community.” Constant signed the letter along with former Assemblywoman Elvi Gray-Jackson.

That was July 1, 2021 in the Anchorage Daily News.

Seven months later, Constant is a changed man. He no longer respects the mayor’s team. He said last week that the mayor’s office thinks the Assembly leftists are spying on the executive branch, that “we’ve bugged their offices because their bad ideas get out into the community. No, we don’t bug your office. We didn’t need to do that,” Constant said on a podcast. Then he admitted that he has a mole in the mayor’s office. Speaking as though to the mayor directly, he said, “You surround yourself with people who don’t trust you and you surround yourself with bad ideas. That’s what happens.”

Listen to the ‘Bugging their Offices’ tape here.

Constant said on the broadcast that Bronson is a “clown” and his staff are “a team of fools.” Constant went on to describe the Assembly majority’s strategy for dealing with such a confederacy of dunces:

“And this mayor is just ‘veto, veto, veto,’ and ‘override, override, override.’ And so I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit, there’s this ad by this ridiculous blog that must not be named, that said ‘Nothing to report, nothing to report,’ and it had zero impact on the election but it was a pretty scathing ad,” Constant said.

He was speaking of an 2018 Must Read Alaska YouTube video report about former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, when Berkowitz never had anything to report about what he was doing as mayor:

Then Assemblyman Constant said the plan is to override everything Mayor Bronson proposes.

“I’m hopeful that an ad is developed that all these bombastic by this clown [referring to the mayor] who thinks he knows and demonstrates that he doesn’t day in and day out. ‘Veto. Override. Veto. Override.’ Because the true policymakers of the city have always been the Assembly, when it exercises that authority because that’s what the charter grants us. And so we are not going to be run roughshod over by a team of fools [mayor’s team]…” Constant said.

Listen to the ‘Team of Fools’ tape here.

Listen to the ‘Frankly not that smart’ tape here.

Constant, the same one who spoke glowingly of the mayor’s choice for Municipal Manager just seven months prior, spoke on a new podcast run by a radical leftist in East Anchorage. The majority of the time spent on the podcast was a discussion involving fellow Assemblyman Felix Rivera about their experiences as openly gay members of the Assembly.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


    • Like Trump? At least be consistent. We had a president for 4 years lash out at any critic or opponent with insults ranging from “stupid, incredibly stupid, even dumb son of a “. It was presidential then.

      • Trump only gave those guys a taste of their own medicine. Instead of backing off because obviously it’s a bitter taste, they double down. You get what you put in. They refuse to let up, so we’re just going to turn up the heat in kind.

      • John, the most valuable service that Trump did for this nation, I think, was to call-out and highlight the sheer self-serving, lying, manipulative, censorship-happy, duplicitous, undemocratic and positively malevolent nature of the corporate media. And the fact that he relished doing so only made it that much more righteous, as well as frequently humorous.

  1. Usually, this type of childish name calling comes from a feeling of inadequacy. He was probably abused as a child so he needs to act tough by calling good people that actually want to help Alaskans excel bad names and do everything he can to hinder good things happening in Anchorage. What a moron!

  2. Are we to believe that calling people clowns is bad now, after 4 years of cheerleading Trump’s insults leveled at anyone and anything? If we’re going to hold a standard, let it not be double.

  3. The fascists on the assembly don’t know how to play nice and they want it their way. Makes me wonder what Constant will do if Bronson wins a second term. I say “if” because of the power plays the Assembly is doing.

    “B-but Trump!” Get over it, he’s out of office, move on and stop giving him free mental real estate.

  4. Did you see the special meeting where he jumped up and clicked his heels together in front of the camera in excitement at overriding an executive veto of new rules due to their non-compliance with the US Constitution? Can you count to nine? The sound for that program was in a disassociated audio only tape. On the first tape you could only hear Ms Kennedy speak, barely, and Ms. Allard’s unmistakeable inevitable vocal predicate: “Madam Chair I apologize…”

    I’ve noticed the shards of the nine veritably purr when they conduct little meetings where there is not a chance the public can put in an appearance. They conduct business so happily he literally clicks his heels etc.

    We must change the charter so that no meeting shall prohibit the public. It’s hard evidently to comfortably welcome us back into their prescence after later. Psychology is a thing evidently.

  5. When someone tells you who they are and what they plan on doing, you’re a fool if you don’t believe them. Constant has made it clear he intends to destroy the Bronson administration.
    If he takes out the rest of the city, tough.

    This is the government you elected, Anchorage. Foul mouthed, insecure, power man, and emotionally stunted.

    Anchorage, you deserve this.

  6. It’s amazing how some people just can’t quit Trump. Trump haunts their dreams and lives rent free in their heads.


    • So, Derek, give us examples of how Mayor Bronson is a “clown”.
      Come on, it should be easy for you to give us a whole list.
      (But I won’t be holding my breath waiting for you to provide it.)

    • And Constant is the ring master for the 3-ring circus that is the entirety of the assembly. The ones who lose here are all the People of Anchorage because nothing is getting solved and chaos ensues amongst the citizens from selfish and poor leadership. Keep it real, don’t get caught up in the undertow. Peace.

    • Instead of ad hominem, perhaps you could grow up a bit and display exactly what you find offensive about the Mr. Bronson and Ms. Allard. Or, you could channel you inner Chris Constant and Felix Rivera and act like a spoiled toddler who didn’t get his applesauce on time. Your choice, Skippy.

    • Of course he’s wrong. He was hoping crybaby Dunbar would win the spot and he’d have someone who’d go along with his asinine policies. Instead he got Bronson, and rather than meeting in the middle he’s wasting taxpayer money fighting the man tooth and nail.

    • Poor Derek. The irony is that every child I’ve known with that name has been beyond dysfunctional with zero self control and a good helping of drug abuse in teens and 20’s. One of the Dereks did grow up and got a clue. I hope the same for this Derek person. He is clearly not there yet based on his comments. Very sad but that’s what this city is full of now apparently. Too many single bio parents raising people like Derek. Angry, clueless and entitled for no reason. Other than their own internal pain and family issues which makes it ok for them to blame all others for their plight. I hope you figure it out Derek.

  7. The whole point is that these Assembly members are childish, are most definitely not professional and have zero to do with Trump. Go grind your orange man bad axe elsewhere. I miss the days where people acted like adults and not babies. This Assembly is a laughable joke!

  8. John your Trump derangement syndrome is flaming. I’d suggest you stay out of MRAK, this clearly isn’t the political echo chamber you require. There are plenty of left leaning places where people if your ilk can cry in the corner and blame others to justify your inability to act or think like an adult.

  9. The Leftist Cabal on the Assembly has made it clear that the rules don’t apply to them and they’re hellbent on doing as much damage to the city as they can. This has been in plain sight since the Plandemic was unleaded under Berkowitz. It’s the party play for Communists parading as Democrats. The only difference now is, they’ve been emboldened by our inability to recall Rivera and Zalatel. And of course, three of them are openly homosexual, so they’re a protected class of untouchable political powerhouses. You will never see a homosexual politician step down from office because he can’t keep his pants on.

  10. It’s time to go after the communist nines insurance bonds. if they’re going to destroy the city they’re going to have to pay for it out of their own pockets. let’s sue these people and their insurance bonds.

  11. The walls must be closing in a bit. This is the second time in a week that Assembly leadership (Chair LaFrance and Vice Chair Constant) have run their little mouths attacking Bronson.

    Second thought: One of the reasons there are multiple LGBTQWTF members on the Assembly is because it simply doesn’t matter. Which, I believe is the correct conclusion, because it shouldn’t. OTOH, if it matters so very much to Constant, Rivera and the majority now hiding e-mails documenting coordination with Outside LGBTQWTF experts during passage of the anti-conversion ordinance a couple years ago, then perhaps they want it to become an issue. And the ironic part is that it is the LGBTQWTF crowd on the Assembly MAKING it an issue. I don’t think they are gonna enjoy playing under their new rules. Cheers –

  12. The audio tape could not inform as to whether Constant was in proper uniform (floppy shoes, loose-fitting multi-colored uni-garment, pointed red-white striped conical hat with a bright red pom-pom) while throwing a mock tantrum. Oh that there were video!

  13. Demboski is history in Anchorage. She’d make good mayor of eaglesilla but then the new city won’t have any money and the rotten people who want eaglexit don’t want to pay taxes so there you have it

    • Eagle River doesn’t want to be the cash cow for Anchorage. They’ll be happy to find their own municipality which actually reflects their needs and wishes.

      I’m curious why ER people who want out of the muni hellhole are “rotten”.
      Isn’t self determination part of what “democracy looks like”?

    • Oldman, what got you angry? Usually old people get a clue and some real wisdom but apparently you never did. There’s little worse than old raggedy hippie that never figured it out is that you? I hope you figure it out someday. Anger is not your friend nor is whatever baggage you’re still carrying if you are truly old. Good luck and God-bless you’re gonna need it. Don’t transfer your drama onto demboski. Yeah she’s a loud mouth with a childlike voice that irritates a lot of us. Maybe you could look past that and listen to what she’s saying. There is a silent majority tired of the crap in this town and for that matter the state. The desire of most people is that old angry hippies like you retire to wherever, smoke your pot watch TV and fade away. You are contributing nothing positive to society so puff away.

  14. The very people, who demand the upmost professionalism and decorum, clearly can not be bothered to either adhere to the same standard OR heaven forbid lead by example!
    One thing our illustrious assembly members seem to forget, is that Mayor Bronson was elected by ALL of Anchorage, including voters in their districts.
    Mr. Constant garnered just 3201 votes running unopposed in a district with almost 19000 registered voters.
    Mr. Rivera won his race just barely with 5499 votes, 179 more than Mrs. Hill. Mrs. LaFrance, who garnered 8564 votes in her district just beating out her competitor by 364 votes…..One could not call that a mandate for any of them.
    They apparently speak for only a few voices in their district, making their politburo attitude of undermining the administration truly unacceptable.

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