Ronna McDaniel: Media willfully distorts RNC statement on Jan. 6, Cheney, Kinzinger



If corporate news media wants to know why Americans don’t trust it anymore, they should look no further than the shameful, outrageous, and patently false coverage of the resolution adopted by the RNC to censure Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.

Let me be abundantly clear: as Chairman of the RNC, I have repeatedly condemned the violence that occurred at the Capitol on January 6th and do so again today. On January 6, 2021 , the members of the RNC released a statement that read, “These violent scenes we have witnessed do not represent acts of patriotism, but an attack on our country and its founding principles.” I tweeted that the violence was “shameful” and condemned it in the strongest possible terms. 

The events of that day are deeply personal to me and our team as the FBI found a bomb outside of RNC headquarters that afternoon, and I will never forget what it felt like to know that my staff was in immediate danger. Violence has no place in our political discourse, period, and those who engaged in violence on January 6th and committed crimes should be held accountable with due process by the appropriate law enforcement authorities and prosecutors.

But the awful events of that day do not justify Cheney or Kinzinger enabling a partisan committee whose real purpose seems to be helping Democrats’ electoral prospects at the cost of potentially ruining innocent people’s lives. From the outset, the committee has lacked the legitimacy of past independent, bipartisan efforts investigating events of national importance. For starters, Republican leadership was not allowed to freely appoint a single Republican to the committee.  Instead, Cheney and Kinzinger were hand-picked by Nancy Pelosi. 

The January 6 Committee predictably has now vastly exceeded its original purpose and morphed into something else entirely, investigating Republicans who had nothing to do with January 6 for the apparent offense of being Republican. Under the Committee’s approach, almost anything related to the 2020 election is within the scope of its jurisdiction, to include harassing citizens who were not even in Washington, DC that day.

Nancy Pelosi’s committee – which the New York Times says “is employing techniques more common in criminal cases than in congressional inquiries” – has no authority to pursue criminal charges, is not respecting the rights of private citizens and has disregarded due process and checks and balances. Last month, reports showed that 90 percent of the committee’s subpoenas have been delivered to people who weren’t even at the Capitol on January 6th. That is political posturing, not pursuing justice. Even an individual on trial has the right to face a jury of his peers, but those being called in front of the committee are faced with a hostile kangaroo court that reached a conclusion long before even asking a question.

This includes individuals like one of the RNC’s members who was subpoenaed because, weeks before January 6th, she served as an alternate elector pending the outcome of ongoing lawsuits – an action with clear legal precedent which Democrats themselves have done in the past. Now she could face costly legal bills even though she was nowhere near the Capitol on January 6th and had nothing to do with the violence that occurred.

Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are cheapening the events of January 6th by participating in Nancy Pelosi’s partisan committee. The Senate has already completed one investigation into January 6th, and there are multiple ongoing active law enforcement investigations into what happened that day. These are the correct avenues for investigation.

I firmly believe we are the big tent party, and that disagreement amongst Republicans is welcome and can make us stronger. But what Cheney and Kinzinger are engaged in goes much further than any policy disagreement.  These two have permitted their party affiliation to be weaponized to allow the Democrats gross overreach and abuse of power. In short, they never should have agreed to be part of a committee where Republicans were denied representation. 

As I have repeatedly stated, violence is not legitimate political discourse – whether in the U.S. Capitol or in Democrat-run cities across the country – and neither is abusing Congress’ investigatory powers for political gain. Media outlets pretending that the RNC believes otherwise are doing so in bad faith, and their lies should be called out for the cheap political stunts they are.

Ronna McDaniel is the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee. This column first appeared in Townhall.


  1. I’m assuming the “violence” you refer to is the willful murder of an unarmed, non-threatening citizen by Capitol Police officer Michael Byrd.
    The protests were otherwise peaceful and in fact Capitol Police are seen opening doors and guiding folks through the building as if on a tour.
    Your misleading rhetoric is what is contributing to Americans being held without charge in an American Gulag.

    I blame you, the RNC and Rinos for your shameful response

    • “The protests were otherwise peaceful”? George, there are hundreds of hours of video that disprove this statement. The Jan 6 rioters used flag poles, fire extinguisers, and pepper spray to attack police officers. No one was guiding the attackers through the Capitol as though they were on a tour. What drugs are you taking?

      • Just as there are thousands of hours of footage showing Cp opening doors and escorting folks through the halls. Sober as can be and not drinking the liberal kool-aid. You have obviously had your fill.
        And in typical fashion, you do not even have the courage to use your own name.

  2. “(Corporate) Media willfully distorts”
    And the sun shines, and rain is wet.
    What else is new?
    As an aside, I find it laughable and revealing that all the so-called “leftists”, who are really neo-fascists, fall so completely on the side of the propagandistic CORPORATE media. Remember when honest leftists were AGAINST corporate power? I can, just barely.

  3. Lest we forget, Sen. Murkowski voted in favor of impeachment of President Trump in the sham second impeachment AFTER he was out of office, and voted PRESENT in the first kabuki theater inspired impeachment. She did not step up in defense of Alaskans being harassed and intimidated by the Jan 6 Committee either. She has been bought and paid by the democrats.

    I wish Joe Miller had sued the Department of Elections in 2011 for the way Murkowski ran for and won for senate.

    Fun fact! Murkowski has never had a majority of the vote for US Senator!

  4. Note to all insurrectionists, your enablers, and your inciters: The January 6 Committee is coming for you. Sleep well…while you can.

    “The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.” MLK.

    • Go to Hell with your lies and your extreme and extremist exaggerations of “insurrectionists”, Nom DeMerde.
      When we freedom-loving Americans do finally decide to go justifiably ‘insurrectionist’ against the tyrannical monster on the Potomac, you will unequivocally know it.

      • Probably true. Anarchy will reign, or totalitarianism. Hello 1984?
        Weird definition of freedom.
        BTW, Tom wants his name back.

    • If it had been a real insurrection, politicians heads would be on pikes and you would have fled the country. The only people who had guns at the “insurrection” were the gestapo er- police and provocateurs.
      Ironic.. MLK would’ve not approved of BLM’s rampage of arson and looting and violence.

      “It’s not who votes, but who counts the votes” Joe Stalin.
      Speaking of which.. Anchorage needs a new city clerk.

  5. What a load of hogwash. This is just a pathetic attempt by Ronna to dig herself out of the pile of manure she jumped into. Numerous senior Republicans, including Mitch McConnell, have condemned her and the RNC’s censure of Cheney and Kitzinger, as well as the RNC’s reckless claim that the committee investigating the Jan 6 insurrection is suppressing legitimate political expression. Republicans were invited to form a bilateral commission to investigate the Jan 6 attack, which would have operated similar to the bilateral commission that investigated the Sept 11 attacks. But they decided to kill the commission because they were afraid of what it would uncover and didn’t want negative publicity. The Jan 6 committee is also investigating the persons who planned and instigated the attacks. Many of the persons arrested for attacking the Capitol have said they participated in the attack because of the false claims spread by Trump and his cronies that the 2020 election was fraudulent. So yes, it’s true that the committee isn’t limiting its investigation to those who were physically in the Capitol that day. It is also investigating why they were there, and that trail leads to folks who stirred them up but did not personally go to the Capitol that day.

    Ronna is nothing but a Trump lackey. Trump is furious that the Jan 6 committee is getting closer to uncovering his involvement in the efforts to overturn the legitimate 2020 election that he lost by over 7 million votes, He is furious that the Supreme Court denied his attempts to conceal records from the committee. His lap dog Ronna is just doing her master Donnie’s bidding when she orchestrated this censure. Just shows how pathetically sad the Republican Party has become.

    • Give me novocaine you have been brain washed by msm, indoctrinated by your education,CRT, told what to think, how to vote and its worked to the libs/dems advantage because of “sheeple” like you is why the system is overwhelmed, overbudgetted, inflation at an all time high, now the backbone of America/Canada is standing up to the tyranny and rural areas are going to suffer because of this plandemic, if jan.6th was a real insurrection a lot of heads would have literally rolled and been on pikes, the only guns where held by capital police, blm/antifa busses where there and was the real cause for this faux insurrection. And if Oath Keepers were involved they were there to uphold the Oath they Swore upon in the first place unlike like to two faced lying libs/dems !!!

  6. What do you expect from Ronna? She’s Mitt’s niece. She and a lot of other “republicans” do not pass the litmus test of being republicans. She and the rest of the RINO’s do not work for the people. But for their own personal interests and gain.

  7. No ONE even lately has NEVER mentioned the fact that BLM & Antifa were SEEN unloading their signs and paraphernalia from their buses and the Demo’s were passing out Trump hats, to get them through the security gates.

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