Assembly Chair LaFrance cusses out employee of municipality

F-bomb LaFrance takes out frustration


At last Tuesday’s Anchorage Assembly meeting, the chair of the Assembly, Suzanne LaFrance, included the confirmation of Anchorage’s new police chief — the most understated confirmation of any police chief perhaps in Anchorage history. It was on the consent agenda.

After Chief Michael Kerle was confirmed, he rose, as if he expected to be able to speak briefly. But LaFrance thanked him for being there and continued with the meeting, without inviting him and his wife, who had traveled back to Anchorage from a trip Outside, to approach the podium and address the Assembly. The confirmation was, in a word, curt.

The Assembly had already allowed a 10-minute drumming and dancing ceremony for Black History Month, and another 10-minute retirement ceremony for Sharon Walsh of the Port of Alaska. The Assembly had listened to members of the public complain about the slow progress in implementing police body cameras for the force. It simply could not spare three minutes for the new chief to speak to his new role, after spending decades putting his life on the line as a police officer.

It was in stark contrast to how the Assembly had welcomed the previous police chief, Ken McCoy, who has since left the force to pursue a career in “equity” politics at Providence Alaska Medical Center. McCoy and his family had been welcomed to the podium in April for his confirmation, and community celebrations and ceremonies continued well into August, including a ceremonial swearing in at Bartlett High School, his alma mater.

Mayor Dave Bronson, who attended Chief Kerle’s swearing-in ceremony the on Wednesday, made note of the snub by LaFrance and the leftists on the Assembly.

That apparently enraged LaFrance, who came up to the mayor’s floor on the 8th floor of City Hall and cussed out the mayor’s chief of staff, Alexis Johnson. LaFrance is said to have dropped the “F” word on Johnson, who had only been on the job for a week.

It’s unusual for elected officials to berate employees of the executive branch, but Johnson took it in stride, and kept calm throughout the outburst, sources said.

Kerle took office on February 1, 2022. He began his law enforcement career in 1996 when he joined APD as a recruit in the Academy.


  1. Oh no. I smell female insercurity. Would La france’s reaction be as obtrusive if Alexis was less pretty or less thin.

    • HEEEEHEHEHEHEHE “I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too.”
      :from “song of the feminist” Another “good white” knows what is best for America!

  2. LaFrance is low-class, everyone now knows how low, her resignation should be demanded by her constituents.

  3. It appears that the usual double standard is alive and well. Clearly there is no grace or kindness in these people. What would 5 extra minutes have been to properly welcome Chief Kerle.
    Residents have to tiptoe in assembly meetings and watch their hand gestures, so as not to offend our “delicate wallflowers”. Yet it appears the chair feels entitled to abuse a brand new member of the mayor’s staff. I wonder if she would have used the same tirade with Mayor Bronson? Behavior like that is always unprofessional and unacceptable. This episode should disqualify her from any leadership role.

  4. Nothing new about not being able to make your voice heard if you are not part of the nine’s agenda. But we the people appreciate the new chief’s contributions and look forward to hearing him speak perhaps in a different forum. As for potty mouth, maybe we should offer a bar of soap.

  5. Ah, liberal “tolerance” at its finest.
    Here’s a thought. Johnson should file harassment complaints regarding LaFrance’s abusive language and inappropriate behavior. The left often makes a bigger fuss over less when they feel offended.
    Happy Anchorage? This is the leadership you keep re-electing.

  6. Just imagine you get voted in, now you can do all kinds of good deeds for all the citizens. Then it turns out to be your worst nightmare, you realize you broke your oath to GOD, hurt all the citizens in the long run, have been exposed for the worst. Integrity is just a word till the oath takers bring it to life. Exposed to GOD.

    • Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Eugene, Olympia — is there any difference?
      All are leftist sh-tholes of intolerance, criminality run amok, and outright insanity.

  7. No different than Mr. Constant flashing the “loser” signal, or any number of these idiots badmouthing their own constituents. They truly believe they are the elite and don’t have to put up with all of us “deplorables.” They are, of course, wrong about that.

    I should think that any encounter with these spoiled children should be recorded for posterity. I wonder if they even listen to themselves blathering? Might be good to give them a little listen to their own mediocrity.

  8. If it had come from a credible foe you might ware the confrontation as a badge of honor but from someone so filled with hate is is better forgotten and just move on…..

  9. Alexis Johnson should take it as a badge of honor to face down such vulgarities from an Adam Henry when doing the job being paid to do..Kudos, Alexis!? I recall getting the same treatment by one of MRA’s very right wing readers/commenters, calling me and my coworker a litany of profanities as we were doing our fire department job..scared the ? out of my coworker but, although unpleasant to endure, didn’t sway me from doing the job that taxpayers expected. Each political party has their own Adam Henrys..Anchorage Assembly’s pompous Regressives just have more than usual currently and Mr Constant PITA needs a punitive brushback pitch..

    • Interesting how all the ‘conservatives’ get scared of the camera. Just like the triggered liberals. Haha. You all are the same.

      Alexis is a tyrant. Your Mayor is held hostage in a chastity cage.

  10. “LaFrance is said to have dropped the “F” word on Johnson…”
    What was the context in which she used the word? Had an anvil just been dropped on her foot? More facts please.

  11. It seems like free thinking, all accepting liberals who just LOVE diversity in everybody and everyone has a hard time accepting any event that differs from their agenda. The people elected Bronson, he has a right to appoint who he thinks will do the best job. I’m real tired of immature, footstamping, crybaby liberals who don’t get their way on everything. So her feelings, wants and desires are paramount, all of us voters ought to roll over because her little feelings are hurt. I know, let’s elect her Queen of Anchorage because her feelings matter more than anybody else’s and she will never be sad again. NOT! It’s shameful that the Assembly couldn’t even welcome the new Police Chief, they couldn’t even muster enough class to do even that! It’s true, the most self absorbed, most selfish, most cruel people I ever met were liberals, they simply don’t have the tolerance for others that they claim. It’s pathetic.

    • That was one excellent line: “It’s true, the most self absorbed, most selfish, most cruel people I ever met were liberals, they simply don’t have the tolerance for others that they claim. It’s pathetic.” For one example, they rant and rave about the homeless problem. I’d like them to be willing to take one of them into their home and care for them. There appears to be enough libs that each one could take just one in and viola, problem solved.

    • Yes, just as ask the occupants of the Nazi (National German Socialist) Death camps and Stalin’s Gulags in Russia and Ukraine. Weaklings are always the most vicious. See Japanese atrocities in WWII in China and the Phillipines.

  12. Hey give her a break! She’s really stressed out with that freedom of information act lawsuit happening which of course will only lead to further investigations into the Anchorage assembly. ?

  13. LaFrance shows a classic, demonstrative display of a very deranged individual, who should be in intensive therapy. Anger management classes are not enough, in this instance. She needs help!

  14. These events create such a hostile work environment. Perhaps the Mayor can reserve some time on the schedule to bring in an expert to advise on how to deal with difficult people. This too shall pass. The nine had the town on lock down and they are pretty uncomfortable regarding the vigor and vitality of the freemen of Anchorage as the “doom on you!” narrative dissipates.

  15. She is my rep. I asked her point blank and she denied it. Who is telling the truth? I can’t say. Evidence would be a good thing here.

    • The one lasting legacy Bill Clinton gave to to the lefties was lie, lie, lie, deny, deny, deny – until the blue dress comes out. I know who I believe.

    • Sorry, but my BS meter just pegged. You got a response from LaFrance? Were you standing next to her? Because she outright ignores every attempt I make to contact her.
      However, you do have a valid point.
      Without any supporting evidence, it is one person’s word against another. We can make a few assumptions based on how LaFrance chooses to run the Assembly meetings as chair. Things like this latest ordinance allowing her to stifle testimony, and the way the mask ordinance got passed. It has been demonstrated by her actions that she is not really interested in hearing from people who do not agree with her.
      That she is accused of this “may” be a false flag, but LaFrance is definitely one of the Assembly members who I could imagine ranting along these lines.

      • Oh I didn’t say I believe her denial!! Don’t get me wrong. I’m her constituent, and I’ve been just as hard on her as anyone. Believe me. As for impugning my testimony, how can I forward you her email? I asked, she answered. By email. Do you feel you need to see it?

  16. The assembly is a clown show and the world is watching! Thank you MRAK for exposing these dolts, I share your information far and wide.

  17. LaFrance won the recall election by a large majority. I doubt that the anonymous trolls on MRAK will change her constituent support for her

    • Ummmm….to my recollection, LaFrance has never been up for a recall election at any point during her tenure on the Assembly….

      • It must have been so stealthily done by Babs Jones that they never even announced the recall vote or the results of it! With hyper-partisan Babs Jones in control of Anchorage (s)elections, anything is possible. And of course, the results were 99.5% against LaFrance’s recall — just like ‘elections’ in the USSR or North Korea.

  18. I believe the phrase is “hostile work conditions”. Where I work, that’s a firing offense.
    I can’t wait to see these mini-tyrants voted out into the street, where they belong.

  19. When will “our” Assembly(w/exception of our 2) learn to grow up to fullfill their rightful positions. Lately they haven’t grown up and continue to throw their temper tandrums when people don’t bow down to their demands. Respect is EARNED and evidently their respect from the people haven’t passed their “muster”..This is getting SICK…SICK..SICK. I want to say WELCOME to our new Police Chief, regardless of how our Assembly acts .

  20. Profanity and the most overly used and abused word “racist” roll out of these peoples’ mouths and any type of provocation. They really are like little kids, foul mouthed ones at that.

  21. The communists, excuse me, Democrats have a factory where they make a seemingly unending supply of women with messy hair, sharp features, pursed lips, and foul mouths. Fortunately, they’re unlikely to reproduce at a replacement rate, so time is on our side.

    • Excellent observations, Art! And right on target.
      Yes, what IS it about al the stereotypically angry, bitter, self-righteous, ugly, hawk-featured, snarling radical leftist women? I think I just described about 95% of them right there.

    • Our side isn’t reproducing at replacement rates either. Also the left is engaging in replace and erase tactics by throwing open the doors to anyone they want to come.

      The US, as we know it now, is slowly committing suicide. The only long term hope is the Mormons and evangelicals reproduce fast enough to keep pace with the imports.

    • Art,
      There are a lot of non-reproducers on the Assembly. And for that, we should be thankful.
      While the supply chain seems to come from brainwashing and early instruction/indoctrination, the genetic line is terminal.

    • Wait until they perfect the software in these early Karen models, apparently there’s a factory recall coming for these old cranky prototypes with defective emotion chips.

      Y’all remember the original Westworld, now you know what happened to the hardware.

      • Eric, the flaw in the programming was the “you can have it all” feminist mantra, which never tracked with reality. The short circuit was inevitable!
        Rumor has it the plan is to replace it with “fake-women are better than real women”!

    • Clever and true. “Socialism is the HATRED of the other guy (or gal) who is having a better time in the world” – H.L. Mencken — This usually involves human attractiveness and/or wealth. This is the root of 90% of their problem.

  22. When it comes to the Chief of Police, you must keep in mind that western society, especially here in the USA, “white” straight heterosexual men are THE enemy. The ONLY reason why he was snubbed is solely due to this glaring fact.

    • Remember the Seattle Chaz, or whatever it was called, that police free, love and peace community.

      I too will take the normal, boring, straight-speaking old guy as police chief. As we used to say, KISS (keep it simple stupid).

  23. I don’t understand why anyone is surprised by this behavior.
    This group thinks they are in possession of greater intellect than the community they represent.

  24. Johnson needs to bring a charge of a hostile work environment created by LaFrance.
    It is unacceptable in today’s world, no matter your politics or gender. If a man had marched in and shouted the F Bomb at a woman, he’d deserve punishment. This is no different.

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