Lisa gets support from State Sen. von Imhof; Tshibaka brings in Alaska Outdoor Council endorsement for Senate

The Outdoor Council has over 10,000 members who love hunting, fishing, camping


Two Alaska Republican legislators are going against the Alaska Republican Party and are endorsing Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s re-election attempt. In making their endorsements, state Sen. Natasha von Imhof of Anchorage and Alaska House Speaker Louise Stutes of Kodiak emphasized Murkowski’s deep understanding of Alaska.

The Alaska Republican Party in 2021 formally censured Murkowski for her vote to convict President Donald Trump during his impeachment trial, which occurred after he was no longer president, and the party asked that Murkowski not run as a Republican. It was the final straw for Republicans. The censure vote by Republican officers went over 70 percent against Murkowski.

Also over the weekend, Murkowski’s opponent Kelly Tshibaka got the prize endorsement of the Alaska Outdoor Council. The group rarely endorses and has not supported anyone who has lost in recent memory.

Tshibaka announced she would challenge Murkowski last March and now has the full endorsement of the Alaska Republican Party and Donald Trump. Alaska Outdoor Council has a membership of over 10,000 Alaskans statewide.

“Our primary mission is to preserve outdoor spaces for public use and represent our member organizations in the pursuit of their outdoor interests. We are proud to endorse Kelly Tshibaka, as it is clear to us that she is the candidate who will best advocate for Alaskan control of our own lands and resources. The federal government has a relentless desire to declare more and more of our own land off-limits, and the encroachment has gotten even worse in the last year. Tshibaka has shown that she will be a champion for Alaska’s rights and the rights of people who want to take advantage of outdoor pursuits,” said Rod Arno, public policy director of the Alaska Outdoor Council.

“Lisa Murkowski rolls over for the Biden administration and the radical environmentalists who make policy and is doing nothing to stop the Leftist plan to turn Alaska into an untouchable national park for the rest of the country. Murkowski has voted to conform over 90 percent of Joe Biden’s radical nominees, including the extremists who want to shut down all activity on our lands. We must have a senator who will stand up for all Alaskans, including those who want to pursue outdoor activities. I am grateful for the support of the Alaska Outdoor Council, and I pledge to defend their ideals when I am Alaska’s next senator.”

As for Murkowski’s attributes, von Imhof said, “Being a lifelong Alaskan, Senator Murkowski has a true understanding of our people, culture, and values.”

Along with von Imhof and Stutes, Democrat legislators Neal Foster of Nome and Adam Wool of Fairbanks endorsed Murkowski. Democrat U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin endorsed Murkowski this weekend as well.

Rep. Wool was quoted saying, “I haven’t always agreed with Senator Murkowski, but I have always admired her courage to make difficult decisions, take tough stances, and vote her conscience. I know she’s guided by a love for Alaska and the desire to stand up for Alaskans – values I always agree with,” said Rep. Adam Wool (D-Fairbanks).

“Lisa has done a fabulous job representing the diverse and independent viewpoints of Alaskans. In a political landscape dominated by party-line politics and special interests, Senator Murkowski has proven that she puts her constituents first. We need Lisa on the job, working to move all of Alaska forward,” said Stutes.

In late January, State Sen. Gary Stevens, a Republican of Kodiak, also turned his back on the Republican Party and endorsed Murkowski, who also got the support of Reps. Bryce Edgmon (I-Dillingham), Zack Fields (D-Anchorage) and Dan Ortiz (I-Ketchikan).


  1. Its the same old story with incumbents – you are shooting yourself in the foot by throwing away the power and influence of a “Senator for Life” like we had with Ted Stevens. Lisa has cultivated partnerships and friendships by working “across the aisle” over the years and that is very valuable when the D’s are in power. I wish it would produce more than another billion dollars in pork where the feds print money to pay for the benefit to the connected few. Alas, it is what it is…..we have discovered that we can borrow from the future to pay for a hamburger today.

        • Was Donald Trump appointed to his political seat by his dad? Did Donald Trump fail the bar five times and have to hire a firm later found guilty of cheating, to pass on the 6th attempt?

          No. He was talking about Princess Lisa, and he was right.

    • And von Imhof is no conservative . South Anchorage you HAD a better choice. This is another election that was determined by mail ins at the last moment after the Supreme Court rescinded the legal witness verification.

  2. Con von Imhof and Murkowski, these two are made for each other! No bigger reason not to vote for Lisa than an endorsement from spoiled rich girl Natasha.

  3. As for Murkowski’s attributes, von Imhof said, “Being a lifelong Alaskan, Senator Murkowski has a true understanding of our people, culture, and values.” FALSE

  4. Didn’t all these AK State legislators who are coming out in support of Sen. Murkowski also vote against a full PFD? And didn’t she also encourage prudent management of the PFD for the STATE of Alaska rather than the PEOPLE of Alaska?

    Every AK elector who is in favor of endorsing Murkowski is part of the Alaskan swamp and should retire or be voted out. I’m stunned that Kodiak would send two senators to Juneau with that attitude.

    Lisa must go, but our ‘lil ole swamp needs drained too!

      • Russia is just as capitalist as the U.S. if not more so. And has a more stable totalitarian form of government.

        You mean move to California.

      • Tell it comrade. Explain why you’d rather take money from the people and put it in the hands of government.

      • Ok. Then you’re cool with the state spending money like drunken sailors on liberty. When they ran out of money, they took yours. Eventually, they’ll be back for more through taxes. You know.. Because the rural community needs to be paid to cut their own firewood to stay warm in the winter and other bloated social programs.

    • And several only “won” after election day after the Supreme Court unconstitutionally changed the witness requirement for mail in ballots. And Ballot Measure 2 same same.

  5. Stutes and von Imhof endorsements say it all, don’t they. When are LaFrance and Constant getting on board? Murkowski has had a good run. It’s time for us to kick that old swamp kow off the horse and send her home. Will she even recognize Alaska anymore?

  6. Support team Kelly. Our oath integrity is at hand. Alaskans research Kelly, talk to her. Integrity is what you will find.

  7. “As for Murkowski’s attributes, von Imhof said, “Being a lifelong Alaskan, Senator Murkowski has a true understanding of our people, culture, and values.””
    Seriously? I know lifelong Alaskans, born and raised in Anchorage that would have a hard time pointing to the Chugach mountains. Where you were born is meaningless. If it held any value, Hillary Clinton would not have won the Senate race in NY.

    • CBMTTek, remember Cathy Giessel always first states, “I am a lifelong Alaskan”. That should tell us all that we need to know. Murkowski=Giessel=VonImhof=AK Dem Party.

  8. I’m a long time member of the Outdoor Council.
    Both Nancy and I. We will be supporting Kelly T.
    in the US Senate race. A fresh face and a chance to get rid of the stigma cast upon Nancy and I by our fellow Alaskans will be a huge relief for both of us.

    • …….and I could go back to my former Republican women friends and play bridge with them and recall happier times. I never wanted to be in this mess my daughter created for our family.

  9. I don’t think Senator Stevens has turned his back on the Republican Party. I think the Republican Party has turned its back on Senator Murkowski, Alaska, and the United States of America.
    What the Outdoor Council does counts not a wit.

  10. Hissy fits in common??? Woolite endorsing Lisa??? That should double Kelly’s vote, but it looks more like lots of trouble.

  11. Stutes is part of Edgmon’s group, as I understand it, so her endorsement of Murkowski is not a surprise. von Imhof is also not a surprise. Aren’t all of these people going to or have already done so, endorsing Walker? If they have their way, the Alaskan swamp will get almost too deep to ever drain. And with von Imhof chairing to committee looking into the firing of Rodell, do we think we will ever get to the bottom of it if they can’t find anything to lay on Governor Dunleavy? After all, that is the real goal of the committee, to do to Dunleavy with the Rodell firing what they did to Parnell with the National Guard. What they should be looking into is her method of bookkeeping, which evidently was not the Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures normally accepted by business and the government. Remember how Parnell was cleared regarding the so-called National Guard scandal after Walker was safely elected. How convenient.

  12. “Birds of the feather stick together”. What we have here is two republicans (closet communists) supporting another republican (closet communist). Got it.

    Voting for Kelly because I’m done with princess lisa.

  13. The State Republican Party is a circular firing squad. Meanwhile the Barbie Mini Me is attacking the Anchorage library system

    • Well, you gotta admit that the library system, with all its book and things, is a seditious, left wing conspiracy to lure our children into homosexuality, and homelessness, and sexual perversion, and…wait a minute…am I talking about the Roman Catholic Church, or college athletics, or the Olympics, or what?
      I’m tempted to state the Republican Party, but that’s too easy.
      My wits faint.

    • Do tell us, Frank, how Amy Demboski is “attacking” the Anchorage Public Library System.
      Of course, that question is asked rhetorically, as like every other radical leftist extremist, you do not have the courage nor the intellectual ability to respond to those who challenge your shallow, confused, mean-spirited and irrational posts here. Ever.

  14. We’ll be supporting and voting for Kelly Tshibaka. Daddy’s Little Princess has had her turn at the political helm but, it’s time for new leadership, perspective, and reliable – consistent commitment. So, it’s time for Kelly T to carry the torch.

  15. Folks that belittle the long-serving Ted Stevens seem to forget a few things, if indeed they ever knew them to begin with. He’s been dead for twelve years so some of the folks commenting are probably at least of preteen age group, and beyond the age of expecting an allowance from Alaskan coffers. Let’s see the Permanent Dividend fund has been around since the early 80s, so I’d guess the majority of commentators are in their early 40s or 50s and have no awareness of what work and planning went into its amendment to the AK Constitution, nor probably have any idea of why, how, etc AK became the 49th State.

    I guess it’s not so amazing to think that folks of this particular age group, the folks born with the proverbial silver spoon, (or an automatic expectation of government handouts because Alaska is such a difficult place and harsh land to live), would want to support a cheechako like Mrs Tshibaka whose real experience has nothing to do with leadership, and champions an attitude of looking out for ‘her own’. Maybe these commentators don’t even know what a cheechako is.

    Basic question here … how is Mrs Tshibaka able to separate herself from her religious group? Wouldn’t most constituents be a little suspicious if she started running things like she runs her church group? Didn’t you folks have enough old tyme religion with Mrs Palin, or fly-by-nights like Mr Pennsylvania Parnell?

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