Left-field attack on Mayor Bronson comes from new dark-money Democrat operative group


A new dark-money political action group has emerged in Alaska this year and is attacking Mayor Dave Bronson with an expensive media buy, including glossy mailers that arrived in Anchorage mailboxes this week, radio ads, and a target social media campaign — all worth tens of thousands of dollars.

The 907 Initiative’s first major salvo in the 2024 municipal election season is aimed at the mayor’s response to an historic snowfall, which has piled up as berms around the city and made traffic navigation a nightmare for many, as the city strains to clear the roads and walkways.

The flyer authors don’t want voters to forget in 2024 about the piles of snow and stuck vehicles of the winter of 2022. It’s a drip-drip-drip form of campaigning, disguised as public policy watchdog work, to damage the mayor more than a year and four months from the election.

The 907 Initiative is headed up by Aubrey Wieber, former Anchorage Assembly aide to Assemblyman Chris Constant, and former communications director for Constant for Congress. Wieber also was a reporter at the Anchorage Daily News, and at other newspapers since graduating from journalism school in 2014. Like many coming out of journalism backgrounds, he’s a devoted leftist.

“The 907 Initiative works with individuals, organizations and grassroots coalitions to promote a greater quality of life and promote Alaskan values,” Wieber says of the group’s mission.

The group characterizes itself as a nonprofit watchdog group, but is in fact a partisan political entity that formed up in August and instantly attacked Gov. Mike Dunleavy.

Dunleavy won easily, handing the 907 Initiative its first big 1-for-1 loss.

Telling is that the group is not reporting where its funds come from, and based on its known activities, this makes it a dark-money group. But it has money for lawsuits and campaigns, and also to pay for an executive director.

The group, which is not yet listed with the Internal Revenue Service, teamed up with the Alaska Public Interest Research Group to run an attack on the campaign of Gov. Mike Dunleavy over the summer, with the intent of draining resources from the Dunleavy reelection effort. Election attorney Scott Kendall, who specializes in attacking Republicans, litigated against the governor in that effort; he is the former chief of staff for former Gov. Bill Walker. He is also the author of Ballot Measure 2, which was sold to voters to rid the state of dark money in elections. But clearly, groups like the 907 Initiative have a workaround plan. It’s unknown how much Kendall is involved with the 907 Initiative at present, and the group’s tax filings will not be publicly available for at least two years at the IRS.gov website.

Meanwhile, the 907 Initiative can work in the dark. It has its sights on Mayor Dave Bronson, spending tens of thousands of dollars in attack ads — all outside the reach of the Alaska Public Offices Commission, where it has not registered as a political group.

Normally, because Bronson is a declared candidate, a group like this would have to register with APOC and reveal its funders, but because the group pretends to be working on public policy matters, it can do what it wants, and a complaint lodged with APOC would likely only draw the meekest response from the campaign accountability agency, which is known for not calling fouls on Democrat teams.

The 907 Initiative officers and incorporators are Aubrey Wieber; Sara Dykstra, a teacher in Anchorage School District, and Kati Ward-Hamer, who is co-chair of the Health and Human Services Commission for Anchorage and who is a Democrat activist.

Other officers are bigger names in politics: Debra Call, a hardline Democrat who ran for lieutenant governor in 2018; Eleanor Andrews, former commissioner of Administration for Democrat Gov. Bill Sheffield and frequent political activist; and Stephanie Nichols, who is vice president for Ethics & Compliance and Compliance Counsel at GCI. Nichols is listed as the president of the 907 Initiative and is also on the board of directors for another leftist group, “Alaska Common Ground.”

In its glossy flyer opposing Bronson, the group cleverly misquotes Must Read Alaska regarding the Assembly’s knowledge about the lack of snowplow operators before winter hit. While the flyer appears to quote Must Read Alaska, it removes the quote marks even as it cites MRAK as a source, a form of political dishonesty that 907 Initiative hopes dupes voters into believing MRAK reported something, when in fact MRAK reported the opposite.

Although it’s a dark-money group, eventually the sources of the tens of thousands of dollars spent to sue the Dunleavy campaign, and the tens of thousands more spent to attack Mayor Bronson will become more clear; it may be years before that information is available to the public and that, apparently, is what the 907 Initiative is counting on.


  1. Democrats using dark money isn’t news.

    The Republicans having a plan to combat it? THAT would be news.

    • You are so correct.
      That might entail saying something that will “trigger” the easily triggered.
      We don’t have many that have a spine to work past the fake media/news organizations beat down. This is pretty much a nationwide problem.

    • Wouldn’t that be sweet. Haven’t been a democrat or republican for many, many years. Very little to no representation from either party. A real disappointment – both of them! Any wonder why a large segment of Alaskans remains undeclared or nonpartisan? Have a happy New Year and follow the money (from trusted news sources and trusted financial advisors.

  2. Always with the lies. The unelected mayor crippled the city first, taking guidance from the left. She had no idea of how to prepare and run a winter city. Now the unelected dip has been ordered to blame Bronson. How unexpected.

  3. I got my hit piece in the mail yesterday. It never ends and, ironically, it mirrors the non-stop attacks on Trump where truth and accuracy are the first victims. As MRAK knows, they’ve taken pieces of articles and make it sound like Mayor Bronson is Pol Pot incarnate. We all know that the snow plowing issues were plagued with staffing problems – like every business is experiencing – and have pre-dated Bronson’s swearing in. One would think that the Special Needs 9 would have keen insight as to contract negotiations with the labor organizations they’re involved with as it pertains to clearing/maintaining the roads and, just how much money is being released to fund it. THEY are the ones holding the purse strings. The only thing that they work hard at is controlling the optics.

    • Brad, one would think that our Marxist-majority municipal assembly would excel at clearing the streets of snow, given their demonstrated hatred for everything that is white.

  4. Well I can somewhat agree with the lack of snow remediation, at least on my street. They never got to my street for the first two snow falls, and it wasn’t until just an hour before the third one started did a grader manage to half-ass fly through our streets to make a single pass. The last time one came through was on 12/17, and again a half-ass pass at it. We are one-lane wide street at the moment. I had to dig out 10′ of roadway to get from the end of my driveway to where they plowed.

    • Remember that many of the worst streets that are minus one lane or more are State of Alaska maintained streets. Streets like Bragaw, Dimond and others that are missing entire lanes. And for what it’s worth, we had a monster winter back in the early 1990s that was worse than this. The streets fared no better.

      • Can’t get to those poorly plowed State streets as residential (City) ones are still under-plowed.

        But we don’t want to pay no taxes and cut cut cut the budgets, give me a giant pfd-wait I have to buy my own plow?

        • No you can move to a non snow state. Get over it or tell us all what you would do.you just have no idea how it works sorry for your lack of knowledge.

          • I would elect a mayor who works for the good of the town-meaning everyone and by the law.

            I would put the trucks out as soon as 2 inches have been reported as falling. Not wait until the end of the next snow storm to begin plowing.

            We don’t have a mayor, or in that regard a governor who works for all.

    • Was it really that much different under Mark Begich and Ethan Berkowitz? Every bad snowfall leaves the smallest residential streets for last.
      What you are describing is nothing new.

      • For sure. Back in the 70’s I remember folks getting out of their cars to help those who were stuck on what is now Ingra just to help them get up the hill. Wah Wah Wah! Camaraderie and a good cup of coffee afterwards. ?

    • When I was a kid in Fairbanks (many, many decades ago) we just dealt with it.

      It’s Alaska, it’s cold, it snows.

      But part of the expectation (I talked to my parents about this) was Fairbanks/North Star would deal with the main drags. Within the bounds of what was realistic. Except for certain services, common sense said sometimes just stay home.

  5. The 907 fools obviously have not spent much winters in Alaska. This is not the first big snowfall and won’t be the best. Not everybody can get plowed the first day unless the taxpayer is willing to increase the city budget. We should not afford more city union employees that are expensive just because the weather was bad. I challenge anybody to clean everybody’s street within 3 days and 2 heavy back to back snowfalls. The 907 whiners can take their shinny flyers and go plow snow with them. Watch them complain when the sun is too cold or an earthquake messed up their day. Yes people need to be plowed in a reasonable time and that has been the same way for years. Also remember some of our roads are state roads but the 907 wannabes are just after the mayor not the governor.

    • It’s WAY past 3 days and most residential streets are NOT IN reasonable condition yet. I mean this for a winter city.

      • So you have traveled on all of the streets? Define reasonable condition dry pavement. You have no idea what is involved with snow removal.

        • You have no idea what is involved with snow removal.

          I’m not looking for dry pavement in a winter city. I’m wanting to see around corners again, and to be able to get around cars going the other way without pulling into someone’s driveway to let them by.

          Or get my trash picked up on time. Not 10 days later as happened this week.

      • Let me see if I have this right.
        The Municipality has 101,455,200 (approximately) square feet of road surface to maintain. That does not include any of the roads maintained by the State.
        With a snow depth of five feet (reasonable average) that means the snow removal people had 18,788,000 cubic yards of snow to move from the two storms in early December. The trucks the city uses to move the snow are in the 20 cubic yard range. That means in order to move the snow to snow dumps will take close to a million dump truck trips.
        Yeah… it is absolutely unreasonable for some streets to be in poor shape three days after a storm. Right…. I am pretty sure you would have a very different perspective if Dunbar was elected mayor instead of Bronson.
        Is there a clinical name for the mental condition are you suffering from, or does political hack cover it?

  6. Unfortunately, this stuff works. Sometimes people ask me why I only do business with GCI with great reluctance. Kudos to Suzanne for at least identifying the reptiles here.

  7. These people are aligned with Alaska Democrats but are not the same as the Alaska D Party, and therefore waiting for the Alaska Republican Party to fight for us would be all the more a loser. After all, Bill Walker most of the time claimed to be a Republican yet his lawyer buddies and campaign staffers appear to be at the bottom of this, ranked choice voting, drag queen promotion, teaching homosexuality in the Second Grade, etc. etc.

    All of this dark money coming to change Alaska socially and politically seems to have strong ties to Juneau remittance people. These people are part of the Alaska Public Broadcasting interest group, Alaska efforts to enact state gun control laws (which has a Fairbanks contingent which includes Republicans as well as Democrats!), and environmentalist groups. Many people have long said that the best funded, if not the largest, environmentalist organization in Alaska is the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

    These people are willing to spend a lot of money to change Alaska, and I honestly don’t know why i.e. Why Alaska? I also do not know what to do about it. My guess is that ranked choice voting is only the first step for them. Waiting around for the Alaska Republican Party, or any other group, to do what needs to be done is very likely an unintelligent response. What do you think?

    • Alaska is a microcosm – a great testing ground for the socialist/communist agenda. It has worked so far, hasn’t it?

        • Right on Maureen. My late husband and I thought the PFD was a bad idea at its inception. Look at what that idea has wrought. Now it is with us. My big fat check will go into an account set aside to help pay for the big fat income tax we commoners are facing.

          • Hi Sassy!
            Really was looking forward to Maureen’s response, but I appreciate that you popped in.
            However, you have provided no supporting information about how the PFD is socialist in any way. Your opinion is one thing, and I certainly respect it, but it is hardly proof the Permanent Fund, and the yearly dividend payment are socialist in nature.

          • Need to look at the history – the amount of the PFD, as I recall, was to be tied to the length of residency in Alaska. The Zobel lawsuit overturned that and opened up the PFD to anyone – man, woman, and child, who resided here for a year. I understand the mineral rights issue. Now, if we must have a PFD AND a state income tax on the working half of the population (and retirees who worked all their lives here and now live on a fixed income) to fund a PFD for every man, woman, and child, who shows up and stays a year, I see it as a socialist policy, regardless of the “mineral rights”.

            Example: I’m 77, a widow, came to Alaska in 1959 as a child in a military family, and worked here for 45 years. I have a home I’ve lived in for 42 years that I pay a significant ever-increasing property tax on. Even with the senior exemption, the property tax this year will be a great deal more than it was 15 years ago when I retired. As the old saying goes – you can’t get blood out of a turnip. At some point, if the burgeoning spending spree continues, it could be possible that I would be taxed out of this home. Against my will, by the way.

          • Respectfully, I agree – I didn’t provide supporting information about how the PFD is socialist. To clarify, it is on the way to being socialist if the upcoming legislature imposes an income tax on working/retired Alaskans to support government that hands out a massive check to every eligible man, woman, and child in this state every year. It’s a conundrum indeed! This started back in the 1970s. The machinations should have been worked out then – but the State was rolling in $$, and I don’t think the “powers that were” considered the state of the world today. The State and local governments need to deal with it now. Are they doing it? In my opinion, no.

    • 1-The Alaska GOP, like much of it nationally, is useless.

      2-It’s a hard pill to swallow, but look honestly at the electoral trends of the last two decades. We have been steadily moving to the left.

      I genuinely think we are Californicated. We have shifted from center to center left due to many reasons. But mostly to migration from the left coast and the pathetic inability of the Alaska GOP to offer a credible counter. We are a medium left of center state on its way to being a hard left state.

  8. These no good, stinking, effing Democrats are going to get theirs…….very soon. What miserable people…….miserable lives……

  9. As far as snow removal, it is difficult to find people who will work as other employers have also experienced, lots of blame to go around, not just mayor Bronson.

  10. Is it any surprise?
    Leftists are not about solutions, only about complaints and blame. If we were stuck with Dunbar as mayor, I have no doubt whatsoever the headlines/narrative would be about how wonderful of a job he did. An “unprecedented” snowfall (well, not really…), during a winter of a stretched budget, a lack of qualified workers, etc…
    Instead of focusing on the issues, leftists want to cut down their opponents. In politics, if you cannot get people to vote for you, get them to vote against your opponent. Leftists have nothing to offer, so they spend millions cutting down anyone on the right.
    And, wasn’t BM2 supposed to stop this kind of thing?

  11. I just ignore the ads and even turn them off when they come on the radio. What they don’t say is the historic snow falls of this year are not predictable. The Weather forecasters didn’t even see this should we blame this also? How about the forecast models from the National Weather Service should we blame them also? I wait for the day when one of these groups approaches me on the street will be fun to watch them run away.

  12. Maybe it’s a matter of perspective: when the snow fell in heaps on my neighborhood, all the neighbors came out to help one another with shovels and snow blowers. We laughed and ripped up old towels trying to spin our tires through the snow. It was a refreshing, shared human experience: battling through the trials brought on by Mother Nature.

    Are we truly to feel shafted by 7 snow days in the Anchorage School District, after how many MONTHS of school closures due to Covid? Quite frankly, the ASD ought to be masters of remote learning at this point, and their students should never experience a loss of indoctrination due to snowfall ever again.

      • For Anchorage taxpayers, examine your property tax bill and see what you are paying for.,especially to the ASD. The constant sniveling and demanding more tax dollars by ASD is quite tiring, especially for those of us on fixed incomes. Capiche? Get your budget under control. I have to budget in order to stay in my home of 42 years. Have a nice day.

  13. The city adds 80 miles a year to city streets every year and has for several decades. Duh. A CA newcomer would never suspect that especially during the covid ruination. Duh. She broke the city with work from home inattention to ALL details. No budget adequacy. Now with short supplies and playing catch upa few more problems. Of course it is the “elected” mayor’s fault. Tiddlywinks is fun. Let’s play.

  14. It has always snowed a lot in Anchorage. Back in the 60’s teenagers learned to drive in this. They broke doors off the family Chevy. They slid into snow berms on purpose to slow down. The city did NOT hire ANY employees who did NOT live in the city. That hiring policy makes sense to me.

  15. Certainly the assembly didn’t appoint mayors who just got here from CA. “Let me introduce myself” she said “AFTER” she got elected. Everyone was saying “who is that?” Answer: “I don’t know.” Wierd newcomer elections. Typically we don’t “do” that. We aren’t that stupid. Things have been wierd since we got discovered by the Rothchilds.

  16. Suzanne Downing reported the opposite of what 907 Initiative wrote that she said, for sure!

    What Suzanne wrote: “Anchorage Assembly members told an Anchorage Daily News reporter they were not informed about the shortage of snow plow operators, but the record shows otherwise.”

    What 907 Initiative said she wrote: “Anchorage Assembly members were not informed about the shortage of snow plow operators.”

    907 Initiative removed:

    • “told an Anchorage Daily News reporter they”

    • “, but the record shows otherwise”

    Suzanne was saying this statement is what Anchorage Assembly members said to ADN, and that the record shows this isn’t true, but 907 misquoted her to make it look like Suzanne was saying this is true.

    907 Initiative is not only publicly lying here, but it seems to me that this is also slander, because the tens of thousands of Anchorage residents who received this in the mail can get a false impression of Suzanne’s position in this matter.

  17. Got oneof those heaps of bull in my mail, too I wondered immediately if it was another 1630 project production, or maybe Alaskans for Bogus Elections, the ones carpet bombing the TV with garbage and lies about Rank Cheating Voting

  18. Wolf, the article is discussing why things are happening, not a complaint as to how you are affected.
    Why are the roads not being cleared as fast as people want them to be? Ask the assembly. The Mayor has tried multiple ways to expedite snow removal beginning in the fall and has ran into the assembly roadblock repeatedly.
    Fix that, you will fix the problem.

    • I remember that big fact too. also i remember that
      Discussion of this assembly’s equity officer position would take 100,000 away from the city maintenance dept. Us sane alaskans know whose at fault. Ain’t mayor bronson, he’s leading the best he can by the table scraps assembly and muni bueaucrats given him.

  19. The streets are clear enough, so i and all can make our work time including leisure trips. I just hoping no more snow just like the rest
    of anchorage is hoping, and they ain’t complaining about any city leader. Democrats are so weird, they complain about working, then complain over a snowday keeping them from work, hahaha, and get this!! After they blissfully spent that day skiing and walking, hahaha. Here they are complaining. The roads are clear enough, so clear, that little cars can’t get stuck unless
    A driver is crazy to drive 40 so he can feel what straddled atop a 4ft- 5ft snowberm feels like Hahaha. He ain’t coming down without towtruck assistance, just like these democrats ain’t coming down that lofty mountain until we see some democrats go to

  20. I’m going to have to look my flyer closer. I missed the MRAK mention. I skimmed it because I knew it was negative. By golly, for a little pathetic political journalism, as democrats say, they certainly make efforts to include her in its publications. Democrats are weird.

  21. This is just another leftist organization trying to uproot anyone that will not destroy our free republic. This is a nationwide movement and they come up with a plethora of cute names to describe their organizations, but the end goal is the same. Erode and destroy anything that protects the freedom and rights of the people. America is in a battle for its life, and we need everyone engaged in this fight or your children will pay the price in the end. We need conservative constitutionalists in office that will take the bold steps necessary to cutoff this insurrection against our form of government. Our very future depends on what we do over the next year. Please pray for our nation and ask our Father in heaven to bring his angel armies into this fight against evil. Protect your communities and the innocence of your children. Know what the school is teaching your kids. Remove anything related to CRT, SEL or LGTBQ from their curriculum. Stop groomers and Drag Queen hour. They want to sexualize your kids and destroy their innocence. They want them to question their gender and mutilate their bodies with unnecessary surgeries. Wake up and make a stand today!

  22. If you live in Chugiak/ Eagle River your neighborhood streets are plowed in a timely manner. Pitty you folks who depend on the city and state.

        • Ditto, “Maureen”.
          PS: Since we have no way of verifying any MRAK poster’s identity (and thank God for that!), we here are all essentially anonymous, Maureen, including you. Not that I would expect you to follow that logical train of thought.

        • “Not me being annoymous…”
          Really? How do we know that? Please, tell us how we know your name is really Maureen? Got anything to back that up?

        • What integrity?
          Until you prove that your name is in fact Maureen Suttman, you have zero legs to stand on when it comes to cutting down comments and commenters because they are anonymous.
          And, no, there is nothing to prove I am not a hard leftist trolling these boards.

    • There is a lawsuit against Murdoch/Fox News for such. I don’t think it is a class action suit though.

  23. In response to the communist gaslighting operation regarding snow removal, it is worthy of note, Buffalo, NY, a city famous for its snow, is about the same size as Anchorage. The recent snowstorm that has been all over the National news dumped about the same amount of snow on Buffalo in a few days as Anchorage got from the same system a few days earlier. Buffalo is run by caring, sharing, enlightened communists, excuse me, Democrats, and it was completely shut down for a week; only emergency travel was permitted on Buffalo roads. If the communists didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

    • Exactly. If these people were in charge, they’d have the same amount of resources we do now but would also ban any “unnecessary” travel until streets and sidewalks were cleared. Yup, the lockdown happy folks would love it!

    • In a kind of defense of Buffalo, that was one hell of a storm. I’m not sure they could have done much better.

      Are there any snow cities of similar size run by conservatives to compare against? Genuinely asking.

      Despite what the eco idiots think, in a conflict between man and nature, nature always wins.

      • If you look at it from a conflict perspective MA. Of course you would need to understand sociology to know that.

        The breakdown was more a functionalist concern when the city can’t meet the needs of its constituents, I think.

        • The City cannot meet the needs of the constitutents because they continually place the wants of the homeless and “victims” ahead of the needs of the taxpayers.

  24. I think people who freak out about a little snow should seek a different place to live. Snow can have such a cleansing effect. Mommy government is not going to shovel you you out. Use your electric snowblower.

  25. 65 Winters in Alaska have taught me that snow is inevitable. Learning to drive in narrow streeted and hilly Juneau back before front wheel, all wheel or four wheel drive or the 3′ high drifts of snow in Nome that appear seemingly instantly serve to remind me that winter in Alaska demands one”s full attention. Like flying an airplane or driving a motorcycle, winter driving in Alaska should be filled with moments of terror, if it is not, you are not paying attention.
    So buckle up and be gratefull that you’re strapped into a 2021 Subaru Forester and not a 1967 Pontiac LeMans as you toodle down the road! Be grateful for what you have and enjoy the weather!

    • I have always thought of winter in Alaska as the great equalizer. I would hope that it would eliminate those less adept at dealing with seasonal struggles by encouraging them to return to the hopeless despair they hail from. But the municipalities keep coming to the rescue at greater cost to the taxpayer, not the apartment dweller.
      I missed a few hours of work during these last storms when my contracted snowplow service failed to show up early enough to clear my extensive driveway. But I got out the old snowblower and proceeded to clear it myself. Took a little more than 3 hours, but I managed to make it to work an hour late, although my Anchorage deliveries were cancelled due to road conditions in town. Part of the problem is foresight; when the first snow fall is plowed, the second and subsequent snow removal is pushed up against the previous berm and freezes hard enough to prevent moving it any further with move light duty plow trucks. Plowing just moves the problem around until there is no more room. Snowblowing moves the snow to unusable areas and allows for vertical collection using less real estate. Who cares that you can’t see over the berm in your front yard? When spring comes it’ll make your spring more memorable and appreciated. Most city residents want to push snow into the streets for the city to remove and that is selfish, shortsighted and adds to the plow driver’s problem, as there is only some much room and time to remove it. ANC muni codes says that cars are suppose to be cleared of snow before driving to prevent the additional deposit of snow onto the roadways; how many ANC drivers adhere to that statute? There’s a revenue stream for you!
      I understand they closed JBER completely and would not allow cars on or off base. Talk about mandated shutdowns. Look no further than our military command structure to make all of their decisions for them.
      The long and short of it is weather is going to come and meteorologists are overpaid by at least 50%, since they are wrong half the time. In Alaska, you need to plan ahead and spend your PFD on a snow blower instead of a vacation to Hawaii. The door is always open.

  26. The 907 Initiative is most likely setting up camp in Alaska to turn all of Alaska BLUE. They probably have set up camp in every RED or purple state. Snakes all around!

    • Jacque-Like Americans for Prosperity did for Republicans across the US (and who Alaskan citizens had to go through to speak to Dunleavy our own governor).

  27. Think about theft of senators/congressmen in terms of logistics. You have to cheat less or buy off a smaller amount of votes, here in Alaska, than you would in a state with a higher population, in order to install a chosen senator or congressman. Get control of the largest block of votes in our state? Just makes the process all that much easier.

  28. Kelly was a light weight, although she did well. The Begich/Palin thing for Don Young’s seat was a political joke I just don’t get ? I never want to see Palin’s face in politics again. What an embarrassment to this great State! Begich ran as a Republican. Really? Snort! Buckle up for the next round of political shenanigans. Meanwhile, Happy New Year.

    What an embarrassment

  29. CC: Since you seem to hate Anchorage with all your crazy idiotic agendas..why don’t you just get out of Alaska and leave us alone..ALL you do is cause harassment..(I’m suggesting, not harrassing you..Since you blamed people months ago about their harrassment towards you.)..You have caused dissension between the Anchorage Assembly and the “people who really care about our town and to improve it.

  30. The snow is a difficulty. I would rather it not be used politically especially by democrats who don’t want the city residents assembling in the location we paid for to assemble exactly for that. These democrats do not want comments or grunts for guidance as they do payables. They curtail the executive function and then they say they, our representatives, are (indistinguishable from) the legislative and the executive combined. False. Combining executive and legislative job descriptions is breaking our guaranteed representative form of government. When we become the two branch form of government by the occupying leftists what has happened to the US Constitution they have sworn to secure and defend? JEEZE. I don’t mean to hurt feelings here. JUst sayin: The US Constitution is the law. Anything in opposition to the three branch FORM of is out of compliance and void for effect from inception.
    As we see conjoining of urgent assembly babysitters taking over oversight of the executive function we see another illegal, unconstitutional public group act enabled by Roberts Rules. Municipal corporations getting by on public taxes should be careful of deformations of our government. If the Executive makes human bona fide errors that is upon him to cure. The babysitters do not transform into the executive. Not even for a minute!

  31. Honest elections are the cure. Not manipulations of apparent results a month later. That isn’t a clever game perhaps treason as well a hangable offense. No amount of girlish modesty obscures that.

  32. Birds of a feather flock together. Until the 907 Initiative is fully exposed Alaskans have no way to really combat it, although with Scott Kendall and his ilk most likely involved it can’t be good. Take the names, as Suzanne did and look at the connections. And I am certain that this same bunch of snakes will soon be at work in the legislative season the attack and otherwise thwart Governor Mike and Lt. Governor Nancy to reach their objectives. The Holy Books had a good name for these people: corrupter, who claimed they were only trying to improve a situation. Until Alaskans realize where politics has descended, they will not realize what is at stake.

    • Most likely source of funding would be Ford foundation ac ording to a search on influence watch.

  33. But to the subject, these adds are basically being paid for by the taxpayer, through well laundered money. As well as most of the political contributions of late. Very few campaigns are financed by individuals, and most of those fail. Example; the million dollars provided by the unions, which was repaid by the assembly by “bailing out “ their pension plans. Unless you have union backing, you can’t win an election in Alaska. And we are financing our own demise, indirectly. The cesspool deepens.

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