A clean sweep for dark-money ‘Alaska Center,’ as Assembly sets to certify local election this Tuesday


The Democrats are celebrating. Anchorage Assembly will certify the April 4 municipal election during its Tuesday night meeting and administer the oath of office to the new Assembly members, who will then take their seats on the governing body that is managing the affairs, setting the tax rates, and expanding the homeless industrial complex into a full-blown crisis in Alaska’s largest city.

Voter turnout was low, and as the Assembly certifies the election, it appears it will be 65,762 voters out of of 235,546 registered voters, for a 28% turnout. The results, still unofficial until certified on Tuesday, are at this link.

Leaving the Assembly is Assembly Chairwoman Suzanne LaFrance, former chairwoman Austin Quinn-Davidson, interim appointed Eagle River Assemblywoman Robin Dern, and interim appointed Assemblyman Joey Sweet. None of them ran for reelection. Pete Peterson will also leave the Assembly, term-limited after three terms.

Scott Myers, above, won a seat on the Assembly.

With the exception of Scott Myers of Eagle River, all the new members are hardcore leftists endorsed by a group that is trying to shut down natural gas in Anchorage, among other things. The Outside dark-money Alaska Center had a clean sweep with its endorsed candidates. The group has now turned its focus to taking over the Chugach Electric Association. The Alaska Republican Party had no successes in this election, except for a late and tepid endorsement of Myers.

Questions remain about some procedures at Election Central in Anchorage, with observers filing challenges because unknown thumb drives were inserted into equipment, without anyone checking to see if it had data on it. The complaint is below:

Other concerns raised by observers include that the Assembly has changed some of its rules that will allow Assembly members who won their seats to certify their own election results. Essentially, members can vote on anything that has to do with an election they were in, a rule that the Assembly changed in the middle of the election cycle.

Results that will be certified on Tuesday

Downtown: Assemblyman Chris Constant will serve a third term, winning with 64.85% of the vote. In addition to the Alaska Center and Democrats, he is supported by the LGBTQ Victory Fund, an Outside special interest group.

Eagle River: Scott Myers will serve his first term, winning with 59.21% of the vote. Appointed member Robin Dern did not seek election for the seat formerly held by now-Rep. Jamie Allard. Myers is the only incoming conservative, bringing the total to three out of the 12 who serve.

West Anchorage: Anna Brawley will serve her first term, replacing Austin Quinn-Davidson. Brawley won with 56.63% of the vote. She is a big-government union choice and her company, Agnew-Beck has multiple contracts with the left-run Assembly. Her endorsers include Anchorage Police Department Employees Association PAC, Anchorage Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO, Alaska Laborers Local 341, and Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 367.

Midtown: Assemblyman Felix Rivera will serve a third term, winning 54.28% of the vote. He successfully beat off a recall attempt in 2021 and is championed by the LGBTQ Victory Fund.

East Anchorage: Karen Bronga will serve her first term, having won 59.33% of the vote for Pete Peterson’s seat. She was endorsed by Forrest Dunbar, Pete Peterson, and numerous Democrat officials in Alaska.

East Anchorage: George Martinez will be sworn in for his first term, after winning 56.68% of the vote for the seat vacated by now-Sen. Forrest Dunbar. The appointed interim member, Joey Sweet, did not run for the seat. Martinez comes from the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York City.

South Anchorage: As Suzanne LaFrance demurred from running for a third term, Zac Johnson won and will be sworn in to represent South Anchorage after winning 50.70% of the vote. He is endorsed by many unions, including AFL-CIO, Teamsters, ASEA public employees, APEA, AFT education unions, police and firefighter unions.

School Board: Dave Donley won reelection to a third term, with 57.52% of the vote areawide.

The Assembly agenda is at this link.


  1. This is a repeat of 2022 Assembly elections. Bronson sent a letter to The Clerk’s Office asking the exact same questions after a complaint was filed and the letter was completely ignored. Actually right after the letter was sent, the Assembly introduced and then passed A0 60 to give them authority to remove the mayor for “lack of confidence”. Sorry but I don’t believe this was a coincidence. Conservatives don’t want to highlight the cheating because it will disenfranchise the vote. But, unless people start writing to our State Reps and Lt Gov to change voting in Alaska, this behavior will take hold everywhere!

  2. When we volunteer observers presented our founded challenges to the election commission, the assembly had SIX paid attorneys seated to refute. SIX. If you don’t think there is an agenda, you are living in a false reality.

    • Agenda or not, most of Anchorage didn’t bother to vote. By doing so they de facto voted for status quo.

      Facts are stubborn things.

      If you reject the obvious, perhaps it’s time to take another look at reality.

  3. Have fun Anchorage. You voted for this again and again.

    This is the government you deserve.
    You worked hard for it.

    • So you still think that with everything that is at stake, that the voters just didn’t bother. I for one disagree. My conspiracy theory is that the vote is being gerrymandered, and has been for some time. There’s still no real chain of custody on the ballots that take forever to be fed into a machine. With the stolen voter information, still at large, and enough information on the envelopes, sorting is easy but time consuming. It would be too obvious to mess with the outcome of Eagle River, and they can afford to give up those seats. If the vote doesn’t go into the machine then you don’t even need a corrupted machine. Over 35000 subscribers and who knows how many readers on this site. They don’t vote? Don’t make sense. Until we get some election integrity in this city, let’s be careful criticizing our residents. There’s still a great number who don’t buy into this new crap being shoved at us by some screaming clowns. Our state government has failed us by allowing it to go unchecked. The same way they turned away during Covid and let the assembly destroy our businesses and lives. Our neighbors in the valley took control and so should we.

      • Speaking of gerrymandered, let’s return to the previous argument for a minute. During the rally at Eagle River High School in September 2020, I interrupted Jamie Allard to stress the importance of participating in the upcoming Assembly redistricting process. After months of financial hardships due to the pandemic, it became necessary to leave Alaska, so I could only follow the process remotely. When reporting on the Assembly Reapportionment Committee’s proceedings to a group who were present at the rally, it became clear that they just didn’t care. Meanwhile, Andrew Gray, Yarrow Silvers and Denny Wells were there every step of the way. Guess who was able to prevail? Why, the people who were actually involved, that’s who.

        Same principle applies to the election. When one side makes their living in an economic sector dependent on the outcome of an election, they’re going to vote and be involved in the process in general. When one side parks their tush in front of the boob tube so that cable news can inundate them with presidential politics 24/7, they’re going to respond in kind and not vote in any other elections. I’ve been listening to the teachings of Voddie Baucham a lot in recent months. I’m grateful that he gets up in front of church congregations and tells them that who you elect as sheriff is more important than who you elect as president. I just don’t know if it’s getting through to those audiences.

  4. Why are so many people wondering why Republicans in ANC didn’t show up to vote? Let me answer with what everyone knows, but no one wants to say – because the Republican Party, and it’s members who live in ANC, have given up on ANC. Many, including me, have moved to the valley where we are now living free from the oppressive actions of that corrupt assembly.

    Anchorage is lost, and if Eagle River doesn’t break away soon – they will fall too.

    God Bless the Matanuska-Susitna Valley!

    • I think it runs deeper. The AK GOP is useless and ineffectual. They don’t deserve voter support.

      I think many people are just flat done with our GOP.

    • Conservatives left Anch to raise our kids. After 30 or so years of this, Anch is destitute. Cheating, ineffective or poor leadership in the GOP probably plays a part too. But regardless, it was the conservative flight that was the death nail.

    • Exactly. After this election, I’ve ceded Anchorage to the communists and will head to greener pastures as well. I love this city and have lived here for 40 years, but it has officially become a leftist shithole.

      My fear is that the state may go the same way.

  5. Low voter turnout??? I know several families who were way too busy to vote as they had to focus on garage sales, open house events, relocating children in new schools (outside of ASD), some seeking new employment closer to there new destinations. They all said voting in Muni elections was a waste of time that could be used to research a better environment to live and raise a family as Anchorage schools are definitely NOT family friendly schools! They were confident their homes would sell quickly as many people from Portland and Seattle are desperately seeking refuge from the chaos in their cities which I am sure they will be bringing with them. With these election results I think I am done donating time money and volunteer help which I thought was substantial as it is clear conservatives will never stand a chance in an election being run by Communists. It doesnt matter who or how anyone votes as long as they are being counted “properly”. Time to move on to “greener pastures”. The queer assembly is giving me the “blues”.

    • “……..Time to move on to “greener pastures”………”
      Huh. Where might THAT be? Antarctica? Greenland? Looks to me like the entire world is insane.

    • Why is it so hard for you to accept two things?

      -Anchorage is blue
      -failure to vote for whatever reason has consequences.

  6. Even with mail-in ballots, only 28% decided it was a good idea to vote. With those new and current assembly members, you can rest assured that Anchorage is now on course to be a leftists utopia, just like Seattle, Portland and SF. You lazy 72% who bellyache about it and didn’t vote can just accept this reality because it’s what you deserve.

  7. lots of progs. are any of them even alaskans? you got felix who’s a texan. C.C. who’s a Californian, G.M. who’s a New yorker. who keeps importing these people. they can’t win popularity contests at their home so they gotta come up here and destroy mine with their modern religion of statism. parasites

  8. I wonder how many photos they had to take of Felix before they got one that (barely) did not break the camera. I’ve had hemorrhoids that were better looking.

    • PS: I’ve had hemorrhoids that made a lot more sense than Felix, as well. And at least none of them ever tried to convince me that they were there for my own good.

      • I’d imagine your hemorrhoids would have a more cogent retort than you would on most days. Your right wing, conspiracy theory loving, I’m
        a contrarian so I think that makes me an independent thinker hemorrhoids that is.

        • Is this gibberish another reflection of your supposedly “libertarian” views, cman?
          And for the record, I am NOT ‘right wing’. I, and not you, are the actual, honest, and principled libertarian here. You would not recognize the concept of liberty even if it held a rainbow flag in one hand, a can of Transheuser beer in the other, and addressed you by your proper pronouns (whatever those might be).

          • The only proper pronoun you should use when addressing me is “Sir, yes Sir”. But don’t worry, I’ll continue to try and educate you despite your rudeness.

            And no, you’re not right wing, you’re too far to the right to be right wing. There needs to be a new adjective to describe radicle fanatics like yourself.

          • Cman, in your disingenuousness and dissembling diatribes, you routinely condemn yourself as a blatant liar, by refusing to recognize, and to mischaracterize, the principled and logically consistent nature of true libertarianism. Your disparagement and hatred of liberty are on display in every single one of your posts here, as is your raging dishonesty.

    • Last time I saw a hemorrhoid I used a hand held mirror looking with one eye because I was so hungover.

  9. “…….all the new members are hardcore leftists endorsed by a group that is trying to shut down natural gas in Anchorage…….”
    I wish them success. Nothing will send all these people packing faster than no heat and no electricity.

  10. Look Masked! I did not vote for this!!!!! I did not vote for this the last time either, or the time before that! I get what you are saying and you say it A lot! Sami has a valid point. Is this the government you deserve? Are you having fun? Did you vote for this? Many of us on this forum in particular did and do vote! And trust me! We did not vote for this!

    • Since you didn’t vote, you gave your approval for status quo. In essence you proxy voted for the incumbents.

      I’m loving life in Juneau. I bailed on Anchorage years ago in part due to the apathy of its voters. I saw this coming and voted with my feet.

      I’ll ask you if you are having fun living in a community overrun by street people, crime, and rising taxes?

      The voter turnout speaks for itself. Even if Anchorage is 80% red, if the 20% blue turn out in bigger numbers because people like you didn’t bother to vote…there you go. And this is exactly the government you deserve.

      Apathy has a price. A big one.

      John Adams said it best. Facts are stubborn things.

  11. Well, I voted my district!
    Snd it’s very liberal! And I’m not!
    So I guess! It’s just has too get worse! Before it gets better!

  12. There’s a big election coming up for the Chugach Electric Association Board seats and everyone needs to be on the lookout for what the other side wants to accomplish on the board. Watch the video below:


  13. The denial of reality in this thread is staggering.

    The biggest tragedy of the last two POTUS elections is the near complete erosion of trust in the electoral system.

    All to substitute a partisan reality to suit individual worldviews.

    It doesn’t matter if Anchorage is the most conservative community in Alaska (it’s not), when the only people who vote are committed leftists, you get what you got. A hard left government.

  14. Voting is not enough when your a minority. I left Anch 30 plus years ago. If you want to reclaim it, voting, activism, boycotts, immigration reform (yes Anch too) and patience. Anch did not fall to liberal ideology in a day, it wont recover in one either. To me, its not worth it. If your a conservative, move to the Mat Su. If your a liberal, dont.

  15. So what has been done for election integrity since it was identified as a problem? A media campaign calling anyone with questions an “election denier”. But nothing to instill confidence that our election process is above reproach. Many, many people have chosen to opt out and many have just moved out. But until we can cure the problem, it will follow us eventually. We need to ignore the name calling and labeling and continue to insist on election reform. It starts at local level. In order to ensure participation first we must ensure that every voice is heard, otherwise people won’t bother. We are like the parakeet in the mine, choking while the miners work a strong vein. Dum bird.

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