Dark money watch: Alaska Center questionnaire pressures candidates to commit to ‘100% clean energy’ by 2050


The Alaska Center (for the Environment) has issued its list of endorsed candidates, and there’s something Alaska voters need to know about them. They answered affirmatively a question about whether they will work to end Alaska’s oil economy in 27 years.

Earlier this year, the center sent a questionnaire to all candidates for State House, State Senate, U.S. House, U.S. Senate and Governor.

The candidates were asked:

  • Do you acknowledge that human actions are a significant contributor to climate
    change? Will your actions to stop climate change match the urgency of its effects
    in Alaska?
  • Do you support transitioning to 100 percent clean energy no later than 2050 to help build pollution-free communities?

Many Republican candidates did not bother to answer the questionnaire, they told Must Read Alaska. Why? They already know they will not be endorsed by the group that has become a major arm of leftist dark money influence from Outside the state.

The Alaska Center is funded by groups such as the Sixteen Thirty Fund, League of Conservation Voters, and Tides Advocacy Fund, the Alaska Conservation Foundation, the Brainerd Foundation, and the Harder Foundation.

The Sixteen Thirty Fund is a dark money arm of Arabella Advisors and was active in other Alaska campaigns this year, such as Forrest Dunbar for Anchorage mayor, and in recent years in Alaska.

Arabella Advisors, founded by a former appointee of President Bill Clinton, is a Washington, D.C.-based, for-profit business that works with left-leaning donors and progressive nonprofits and has become known as the hub of the liberal “dark money” network. It’s part of what might be called a vast left-wing conspiracy, to turn a phrase from Hillary Clinton.

The Alaska Center, which is now dependent on Arabella Advisors through its dark money donors, advocates for things like ranked choice voting, automatic voter registration, carbon taxes, and a mandate of reaching 50 percent “renewable” energy statewide by 2025, with 100 percent clean energy by 2050.

The group also supports higher taxes on oil and natural gas. At least until oil and gas can be destroyed as an industry in Alaska.

Arabella Advisors also supports the nonprofit States Newsroom, which operates the Alaska Beacon, a new online news organization, making Arabella one of the biggest media influencers in the state. All mainstream media outlets now routinely run stories from the Alaska Beacon.

This year, Arabella-Sixteen Thirty Fund is also attempting to defeat Alaska’s Ballot Measure 1, which is the call for a constitutional convention.

The Alaska Center has endorsed 100 percent Democratic ticket except for candidates such as former Gov. Bill Walker, who in his fourth run for governor, declines to associate with a party. With Walker, the Center advises voters to mark him second, after Democrat Les Gara. The group has endorsed Calvin Schrage, also another pretend-independent, who actually caucuses with the Democrats for Anchorage House District 12.

The Alaska Center has endorsed Pat Chesbro, the Democrat, for U.S. Senate, and Democrat Congresswoman Mary Peltola for U.S. House.

The list of the group’s endorsed radical, far-left candidates is at this link.

ActivistFacts.com, which tracks radical organizations like Arabella, describes it this way:

Arabella Advisors is a consulting firm that oversees a major leftwing “dark money” network. Arabella manages the Sixteen Thirty Fund, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization that has been widely dubbed as a “dark money” political fund, and its sister project, the New Venture Fund. Other Arabella-managed entities include the Windward Fund and the Hopewell Fund.

Arabella, founded in 2005 by Eric Kessler, an alum of Bill Clinton’s White House, is known for using its four main funds to prop up paper-thin nonprofit groups that promote left-wing policies. These nonprofits have been dubbed “pop-ups” because most of them appear to be grassroots organizations but, in effect, are barely more than websites. The “pop-ups” drive millions in donations to promote liberal policy issues all while providing cover for whoever is making the donations. 

This layer of anonymity has helped Arabella rake in billions into the projects it manages. Between 2013 and 2018, four nonprofits under Arabella’s umbrella reported a combined revenue of roughly $2.3 billion. Those four funds financed hundreds of leftwing “pop-up” campaigns. 

While Arabella’s projects are often cloaked in secrecy, the organization is facing more scrutiny from corporate media. The Daily Beast reported Arabella got caught scrubbing its Wikipedia pages of mentions of “dark money.”

Some in the media, meanwhile, have condemned Arabella for its “dark money” operations that have pushed policy changes on everything from the supporting mail-in voting to opposing Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. In a 2018 report, Politico found that Arabella’s Sixteen Thirty Fund had spent $140 million on more than 100 left-wing causes during the midterm election season. More than one-third of that money came from one anonymous donor. 

The New York Times published a similar report after tracing several mundane-sounding nonprofits back to Arabella, including Keep Iowa Healthy, New Jersey for a Better Future, and North Carolinians for a Fair Economy — all of which were advocating for policies in areas with vulnerable Republican House members. 

Its main funds cover the habit of the leftwing ideology. The Hopewell Fund promotes access to abortion and social justice, the Windward Fund promotes environmental issues, and the New Venture Fund acts as an incubator for scores of smaller left-wing campaigns through “fiscal sponsorship” programs.

Many of Arabella’s board members sit on boards for the various funds. Kessler, for example, was president of the New Venture Fund. 

For more information on Arabella projects, read the profile of Accountable.US and InfluenceWatch’s profile of the New Venture Fund.

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  1. Climate nut jobs are a suicide cult. Except they intend YOU comment suicide for their god.

    They are gonna be nice and warm while Alaska goes broke and freezes.

  2. It was global warming, then global cooling. Now it’s the catch all phrase global climate change.
    I call it, Mother Nature doing her thing.
    Pakistan, India, China and Russia are where the focus should be. Not North America.
    It’s all a con.

  3. The climate activists have no real clue what is going on. 45 years ago it was nuclear winter. Then it was acid rain. Today, it’s global warming.
    Such nonsense the Democrats have thrown around for 50 years. And the media perpetuates it so that everyone is brainwashed. And now we have a demented old man named Joe Biden in charge. He has advanced Parkensonian Alzheimer’s Disease, in which his condition worsens daily. This country is in a mess. And the Democrats still want to be in charge.

    • Acid rain has been reduced a lot, partly due to the Clean Air Act that Pres. Nixon signed.
      It was really hurting lake fishing in the Northeast US after spring snow melts dumped too much pollution into small lakes & streams all at once. It is a problem we have mostly solved through smarter engineering.

  4. The Alaska environmentalists I know want all arctic resource development and the Trans-Alaska Pipeline shut down long before 2050. In that group of environmentalists you would find state wildlife biologists, fish biologists in particular, many UA professors, many legislative staffers, and a few legislators. Last I checked Representative Josephson is a board member for a group working to shut down the Ambler mining district. Take a look at the list of supporters of the anti-mining ballot measures Alaskans voted down in 2018.

    Over the decades I have seen the Alaska Center sometimes depart from backing measures that are pro-environment in order to promote a socialist agenda. I have also seen Alaska Center employees get in trouble with the organization by choosing their greenie slant over the socialist agenda of the Alaska Center board. For a period of time when it was important to me I would receive reports and summaries of the annual retreat Alaska environmentalist organizations usually have in which they heatedly debate matters and positions. We can call these people nut jobs but they tend to be very motivated zealots who can be pragmatic at the same time, and as the Pebble fellows learned, environmentalists can be smarter than we are. Ranked choice voting and the election of Congresswoman Peltola are two hard lessons.

    • You are so right about Josephson!! I live in midtown, and in the past he was my only representative and Gray Jackson only senator!! Talk about left out!!

  5. Don’t look now, but these globalists that have their hand up Biden’s rear end just bombed the Nordstream 1&2 natural gas pipelines in the Baltic. They want war with Russia and are willing to do anything to get it. Its not about the climate. Its about control.

    Germans made their own bed – but our government is making sure they can’t back down on sanctions and resume importing Russian gas – no matter how cold it gets this winter. Who is the gangster state again?

  6. Gas is $1.84 a gallon in Canada today? That’s a reasonable six percent inflation. How do they rate tho…:*( ?

  7. I challenge anyone to define truly “clean energy” without provisions or equivocation.

      • I hope you enjoy your coal-powered “electric” vehicle, Lucinda.
        Like every other radical leftist extremist, you simply cannot see beyond the immediate and the superficial. As long as it “feels” good to you, it must be good, ipso facto! That is why I always, always shake my head, and laugh, at the glib and simplistic nostrums of radical leftists —- there is never any real analysis, or consideration for consequences, or for second and third-order impacts of all your mandates and coercive policies. NEVER!

      • I am good with better.
        What so-called “clean” energy is better? And, before you answer that question, makes sure you take into account the entire lifecycle of the “clean” energy you are going to name as better.
        Talking about the carbon emissions and energy use required to mine the materials required to make batteries and solar panels. The petroleum required to make the plastics/greases/lubricants. The energy/pollution costs to manufacture. Compare the lifespan of a gasoline vehicle, or a conventional power plant, versus that of an EV or a wind/solar farm.
        Then, how much does it cost to get rid of it at end of life? How much of a solar panel is recyclable and how much if it is toxic waste that requires a massive amount of energy to dispose of?
        The only way that someone can claim “green” energy is better is if the ignore the massive amount of conventional energy, and its subsequent carbon emissions/environmental impact required to create the “clean” vehicle or “clean” power plant.
        So, what is “better?”

  8. Obama recently installed Hawaii’s largest residential propane tank at his seaside mansion. Obama knows what’s going on. The Liberal elite won’t abandon fossil fuels, only the common folk. The weaponized federal agencies will be the muscle behind the enforcement.

    • Yes, his mansion right on the ocean; built on the foundations of an old Royal Hawaiian Palace.
      A disgusting action for a greenie if you ask me, but the rich & the liberal are not really green are they?
      They are all talk & live no different then old time, Robber Barron, industrialists

      • A foundation of modern “liberalism” is the image of doing something that comes from spending other people time, money, and effort. The modern leftist, not liberal, leftist will pontificate about how everyone must give up their gasoline powered cars, and eat bugs, and turn the thermostat down, while flying around in private jets, dining at steakhouses, and living in massive mansions. But, they sponsored a bill requiring smart thermostats, or outlawing gasoline cars, therefore they are good.
        If they were ever required to take the actions they profess before requiring others to do so, the entire climate crisis would collapse like the house of cards it really is.

  9. WEF picking winners and losers, survivors and succumbers this year. I believe the globalists want this nation essentially dead. Congress appears pretty far along in their corrupt quisience with them evidently. Perhaps it is time to vote them all out. No one gets to serve the G7 for more than two years in Congress. Vote them all out.

  10. What is clean energy? Wind and solar? Electric cars?
    Only clean if you ignore the absolutely MASSIVE amount of energy required to produce the turbines and solar panels. Only clean if you ignore the gas/coal/diesel generators actively standing by at close to 100% production to ensure blackouts and brownouts are minimized.
    There is nothing clean about clean energy.
    The amount of carbon, or carbon equivalent, belched into the atmosphere just to mine the materials for the batteries and magnets required for “clean” energy far exceeds the amount of carbon you avoid emitting over the life of the turbine/panel.
    And, the electric car? Sounds all well and good, but without petroleum, they will literally grind to a halt. There is no plant based lubricant that comes close to a petroleum based one. Like your Tesla’s wheels turning instead of freezing because the bearings overheated? Better keep lifting that oil. Of course, if you are lifting the oil solely for the heavy lubricants, what do you do with the gas/diesel from the refining process? Dump it back into the ground?
    There is no such thing as “clean energy”
    There is no wind turbine which will operate for long enough to overcome the energy used and carbon emitted manufacturing it. Nor is there a solar panel that will last long enough to justify its construction.
    Finally, my nearly 30 year old car is still running strong. Replacing parts to keep it running well is a moderate cost compared to buying a replacement. Will you be able to say the same about your EV? Will it last three decades? Not a chance. And, if it does, how many times will you have replaced the batteries at a cost of 1/3rd of the original vehicle? Do not forget to account for the carbon and energy used to manufacture those batteries in your calcs.

      • Gawd, you’re pathetic. Give it a break already. Trump never was nor will he ever be as bad as you wish. Joe Biden sucks, he’s the representative of your party deal with it. President Trump has faults sure, but your obsession with him is despicable. Change the record already. Biden is the worst…..ever.

  11. Don’t buy the bullish push. America is still one of the cleanest countries. And we work on that every day. And we should. But you will not force a unreal agenda. Baby steps.

  12. Windmills kill birds of prey. Years ago, they threatened to bomb dams, because they said dams kill salmon. Now, they want to stop using proven resources with an established infrastructure, fossil fuels, to create holes in new ground (and displacing wildlife) to mine rare earth minerals for an unstable energy that requires fossil fuels for production and transportation. Is this sustainable? How can this make sense?

  13. No such thing as clean energy. Im starting my woodstove and loading some coal up just for good measure. Then releasing som fluorocarbons into the air from an ac unit from a 1970 Lincoln. When the earth warms, people are more prosperous and life expectancy increases……..just doing my part for humanity.

  14. If these global warmers were serious about clean energy, they would embrace nuclear power wholeheartedly.

    How can you acknowledge something that hasn’t been established?

  15. “Do you support transitioning to 100 percent clean energy no later than 2050 to help build pollution-free communities?”

    I’m not going to freeze for their game of “I can beat Mother Nature.”

  16. In 30 years will be on whatever the next form of energy will be be that solar nuclear or even antimatter. Petroleum-based fuel will be a thing of the past much like whale oil lanterns and candles were at one time. It doesn’t matter whether you want it or not it’s going to happen. It’s called progress.

  17. Hey what? Dark money is still influencing our politics? I thought we were supposed to get rid of it like we were told in support of Prop 2. Oh, wait. That was just a ruse to give us ranked choice voting and open primaries. Worked like a charm. And now we’ll get Lisa for 6 more years because of it, the plan all along.

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