Big reveal: Left-leaning ‘Alaska Beacon’ to launch next week with four seasoned news reporters


States Newsroom, a new approach billionaires on the Left have devised for controlling the media narrative, will launch its Alaska website next week. It’s called Alaska Beacon, similar to the names of the others in the nonprofit reporting network around the United States — Maine Beacon, New Hampshire Bulletin, Arizona Mirror, and others. The list is at this link.

The Alaska Beacon will serve up daily news on its website and a newsletter. Like its brethren fake-neutral news groups in several states, it is funded by philanthropic interests on a mission to reshape the political narrative for specific political agendas. Reporters for the Alaska Beacon are Andrew Kitchenman, who left Alaska Public Media to lead the newsroom, Yereth Rosen, who left Arctic Today, James Brooks, who comes from the Anchorage Daily News, and Lisa Phu, former public information officer for the City of Juneau. The four will make up the largest political reporting staff in the state, with traditional newspapers continuing their slow collapse.

The Anchorage Daily News, Alaska’s largest daily newspaper, is also being propped up by left-leaning philanthropic interests, with reporters salaries now being paid in part by ProPublica and Report for America.

For the Alaska Beacon, Rosen will cover political news from Anchorage, while Kitchenman, Brooks, and Phu are based in the capital city.

The States Newsroom characterizes itself as an unbiased news source but is ideologically driven and backed by some of the biggest names in dark money in politics, including the Arabella Advisors, the Hopewell Fund, and others who have given to the nonprofit.

One of the organization’s pillar projects is called “The Big Lie,” documenting a political belief that divides many Americans — whether or not Joe Biden legitimately won the 2022 election.

The mothership of the Alaska Beacon considers it a lie that Biden did not win the election and seeks to document questions about the election in the framework of “baseless conspiracy theories without evidence.”

Another key focus of the States Newsroom network is to push Critical Race Theory, under the banner of stopping the “sterilization of history.” The description of the project shows a perspective that conservatives are trying to distort history, chill free speech, and promote ignorance:

The news organization also takes a point-of-view news perspective on abortion, casting it as a fundamental human right:

States Newsroom is tax-exempt and was listed by the Nieman Foundation for Journalism as a collection of “hyper partisan sites … masquerading as local news.”

Although supported by extreme leftists, the Alaska Beacon promotes itself as a “trusted news source for state government and politics news.”

According to the site: “Experienced Beacon journalists will report on what state leaders are doing and how it affects the lives of Alaskans. The team will track policies on everything from climate change to criminal justice. We’ll shine a light on state government to make it more accessible to you.”

Top political reporters in Alaska join progressive news organization that’s a front for left-wing propaganda

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  1. Nothing stops right of center people from doing the same thing here. Except their own apathy.

  2. Another mainstream news site I won’t be consulting except to see what is the latest crap from the Leftists perspective.

  3. “We’ll shine a light on state government to make it more accessible to you.”
    Then perhaps they could “shine a light” on publishing how the People voted and passed to physically move Alaska State Legislature out of Juneau to where the state government elected officials can literally be “accessible” to their home district residents who put them in their seats and not just sweet journalism poetry that sounds good but fails to deliver. Maybe they have no idea about any of that because they are not of this state and instead have little whispering lip-flappers hiding in shadows with an agenda of reporting their slanted stance on the Peoples legal matters.

    • ‘

  4. Well its a sure thing that those four ‘seasoned reporters’ will not be reporting ‘news’….As if they ever did.

  5. I see Juneau is recruiting for a new Public Info Officer, now I know why. Maybe we have a budding Jen Psaki. At any rate these people should not be considered reporters, they are propagandists taking orders and being told what to write. Hopefully this has the same success as CNN Plus (failed in under 30 days).

  6. Suzanne ma’am please let us know if they get one viewer, no one wants it wants to here it we all want to see it just scat. For the people of the people by the people they just don’t get it.

  7. This is very interesting – for all Alaskans – but I do not expect that most Alaska media will report it with the thoroughness we read here! It will be interesting to see if this Alaska Beacon will be a 501C3 or some other Internal Revenue Code level of nonprofit, whether it will avoid local property taxes, etc. More and more issues are coming under the litmus test to determine who and what is conservative and what is liberal; abortion, CRT, special governmental benefits for specific sexual outliers, the Second Amendment, resource development, taxes and types of taxes, climate change, what media we follow, and how we vote. Some industries such as mining and manufacturing clearly fall on to the conservative side but other industries like tourism, banking and commercial fishing try to ride the fence to be on both sides. Government and its state employee unions are owned by the liberals even when top elected officials are Republican; for example even with a Republican governor we see ADF&G and DH&SS making noises to bring a statewide ban on lead bullets, and much of the pushback on mining projects comes from ADF&G even if through recent ADF&G retirees. Chambers of commerce and even interest groups like the Resource Development Council attempt to keep their head down as the dividing line becomes brighter. The National Education Association gets the first shot at Alaskans, and the growth in divorce rates (with the resultant single-parent households) and growing welfare rates (one-third of all Alaskans are on Medicaid, for example) gives the NEA more and more power. Even when the Alaska Democratic Party falters we see consolidation and perhaps growing resolve within the Alaska Left.

  8. What? Ultra-Lefty, biased Dermot Cole is not a Beaconite? The new site is a complete joke, and geared for Marxist libtards and their defenders. The rest of us (majority) understand the brainwashing technique of their’s all too well. Obviously, Suzanne got the upper hand on the Commies with MRAK, and they are trying to find their antidote. The ONLY antidote for their poison is the TRUTH. And MRAK is the only place in Alaska journalism that keeps a fresh supply.

  9. It sounds like the Left’s version of Must Read Alaska. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  10. Much of what is passed off as mainstream journalism is merely a projection of how-or-what they want the lemmings to believe. And guess what, the lemmings seem to fall for it hook, line, and sinker! It’s like watching a Hollywood movie play out. They keep telling us their next moves and we see it, we must believe it; and then we can’t grasp when we’ve been played-each and every time.

  11. About as unbiased as cnn cnbc or the other fake news media. May go there and drag a herring around, see who bites. Not my narrative not my news source.

  12. Calling them news reporters is a stretch of the term.
    Pravda North reporters?
    Xinhua Alaska reporters?
    People’s Daily Alaska reporters?
    Any combo would be accurate.

  13. Have they not seen Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary 2000 Mules? The movie just premiered but the trailer has been out for months. Did they not watch the Arizona audit or the Pennsylvania Senate Committee hearings on the election fraud in their state during the 2020 election? Did they not listen to the statisticians talk in the aftermath of the election of how the election results were a confluence of statistical improbabilities?

    Rasmussen Reports tweeted this today:

    Echo chambers are a dangerous thing.

  14. They claim conservatives are trying to distort history? Ever since the act of 1871 Americas history has been distorted by foreign overlords. The current corporation of the United States has been distorting America to it’s globalist agendas. Too many people are waking up to the fact that we have been lied to about American history since 1871 and they are digging in deeper to keep shoving their leftist/new world order propaganda down our throats.
    What are they going to do when we post on their board or will they not have a message board and just keep spewing their forced pseudo agendas the cabal is ramming down our throats?
    Let’s really show them what Alaskans think of their fake agendas.

  15. I’m starting a pool…pick the date of the publication’s demise….I’m betting it’ll last longer than CNN Streaming did but not a lot.

  16. I wonder if they will censor exposure of the thing – one world ? order? Or if they are a paid schilling servisssssss. Time will tell.

  17. These are serious journalists that are not influenced by political beliefs. Say what you will but it’s more miss information from the right and, read the headline and then tell me who’s the lemmings

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