Coup under way? Anchorage Assembly creates pathway to remove the mayor the people elected


An ordinance offered by Anchorage Assembly Vice Chairman Chris Constant has a new section of the city code that gives it broad authority and a legal path to remove the mayor from office.

The ordinance, AO 2022-60 will be introduced at the May 10 meeting of the Anchorage Assembly. It has a list of offenses that, if the mayor breaches, can lead to removal by a vote of two-thirds of the Assembly. Those include acceptance of cash gifts from one doing business with the municipality, perjury, falsification of records, filing false reports, nepotism, making personal use of municipal or school district property, destruction of public property, official oppression, actual or attempted official misconduct, ordering a municipal employee or contractor employed by the supervisory board to undertake an unlawful act, or substantial breach of a statutory, code, or charter-imposed duty.

The draft ordinance appears to have been written by a former official of the Ethan Berkowitz Administration, Bill Falsey, who is now contracted with the Anchorage Assembly to provide additional legal services not being provided by the city’s Department of Law or the Assembly’s attorney Dean Gates.

Removal procedures would begin with an accusation that would be delivered to the Municipal Clerk, who works exclusively for the Assembly. The accusation would need only a majority of the Assembly and must have specific actions listed that breach the public trust. The accusation would then go to the Municipal Attorney or a special counsel hired by the Assembly, aka Bill Falsey, and, if found sufficient, the Assembly would employ a hearing officer to conduct an inquisition. Upon the recommendation of the hearing officer to remove or not remove the mayor, the Assembly could vote to remove the mayor.

The mayor would then have the ability to challenge the ruling in Superior Court, but in the meantime, the Assembly could install its own mayor seven days after the Assembly decision, unless the judge issues a stay. The Assembly says this action will not constitute “irreparable harm” and says the mayor’s seat may still be temporarily filled pending the outcome of the court case, even if the judge issues a stay.

The Assembly already had in place methods to remove members of the Assembly for cause. The new section allows it broad authority over the mayor and his staff. The mayor was sworn in less a year ago after winning a race against Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar.

For example, last year when the mayor had the fluoride temporarily shut off because of employee complaints about burning sensations, the Assembly claimed it was against city code. They could have initiated the removal of the mayor, even though the fluoride was turned back on within hours. The Assembly is also saying that if the mayor doesn’t spend all the money the Assembly appropriates, that could be grounds for removal. This makes the mayor a puppet of the Assembly, rather than the executive of the city.

The new section of city code is in Section 3 of this draft ordinance:


  1. When will they learn an ordinance is not a law? So, this ordinance they are proposing is as useless as they are. It just goes to show if they cannot get the public behind them, they will abuse their “authority” to do whatever they want. Why doesn’t Anchorage get rid of them?

    • Anchorage tried. They just had an election that the conservative candidates did not win. There were some violations of elections codes and other suspicious activity that is being looked into, such as voters not receiving their ballots.

    • The April election confirmed support for the Assembly and disapproval of the Mayor’s agenda. The majority of the public is behind the Assembly.

      • I don’t think an election with 30% turnout constitutes a mandate, regardless of who wins. Some people don’t vote because they approve of the status quo, others don’t because they are so disillusioned that they don’t believe their vote will make any difference, but it is hardly proper to use this election as evidence that the public supports the Assembly, particularly since the balance of power has shifted (ever so slightly) to the right.

        • So the same thing could be said about when Mayor Bronson was elected.

          About 40% voted then and he only won by a few percent.

      • That is a false narrative. The mayor was elected by a majority and he is the elected head of the administration. These invaders on the assembly are nothing more than a pox on the taxpayers in Anchorage and are attempting to circumvent the charter at every turn. They spend all their time attempting to misappropriate money and increase their power.

      • Frank, once again, your views are merely an inversion of reality.
        The April (s)election most likely proved only that the un-transparent and easily corruptible (and corrupted) mail-in voting process was once again manipulated by a wildly corrupt municipal clerk to guarantee the installation of the hyper-partisan, hyper-leftist extremists of her own choosing. It is simply not possible a majority of Anchorage residents support the extreme and insane political agenda of the ass-embly’s power-hungry and sociopathic Marxist Nine.

      • Based on mail in voting. Do we know what happened to those ballots after we dropped them in the mail? I sure as hell don’t.

        Don’t you find it curious that the city all of a sudden turned radically to the left coincidentally when mail in voting was adopted?

        • Dan, that is a very salient point that cannot be made loudly and frequently enough!
          Indeed, it is not just a coincidence that Anchorage’s ass-embly turned almost completely Marxist after mail-in voting was put in place. As I predicted would happen at the time.

      • Frank, whether the ” public” is truly behind the Assembly or not isn’t the question here. The issue is separation of power. You may not be aware of this but we live in a Constitutional Republic. I’m pretty certain that this move by the Assembly will be tossed out by a Judge immediately, despite that Judges political stripe.

      • The majority of the public does not support the Assembly, you know it and I know it. You liberal clowns are destroying what was once a great city in Alaska. The Anchorage Assembly is an embarrassment to this city and state as are all liberal Democrats.

  2. See, someday Anchorage will go back to the right. At that time, the Assembly will be conservative and dish this garbage right back on the far leftists laps. Don’t they realize that this could one day be used against them?

    • I hate to say this, but 60-70% of Anchorage residents don’t vote and don’t care. They haven’t for years. COVID just accelerated the decay process by ten years. Worse yet, those loud little Leftists want to create a Socialist State in Alaska kept alive by the PFD and the Federal Government. Anchorage will not be conservative again this side of the apocalypse.

    • That’s the problem, Republicans never fight back. It’s like the people we elect don’t want to get down and dirty like the ‘rats do. This is why this city, state and our country at the point that they are. Most of the republicans are useless.

  3. I am sick to my stomach after reading this! How has it all happened? Has there been no legal mechanism to stop the evil assembly members from stealing the rights of the taxpayers, who voted for this mayor? Since when does an assembly get its own special lawyer? We need to find ways to stop this insurrection!

    • I feel exactly the same way ! The left has zero moral compass and know no other way than to cheat and steal their way ! They have done nothing but hamper Bronson every inch of the wsy so far ! Something has got to be done about this !

      • How did this happen? Anchorage didn’t bother to vote.

        Sitting out an election has consequences. Anchorage brought this on themselves.

      • Republicans are the party of cheat and steal and lie. Trump, Cawthorn, Taylor-Greene, Guliani, Meadows, Stone, Mike Lee, Kevin McCarthy etc.

    • If they can do it to a President, they can do it to a mayor. Like Kerry said above, an ordinance is NOT a law. A lot of trickery entered in during the covid “emergency powers” debacle. Those “powers” were awfully loose and exceeded the intent. Instead, it turned mayors into dictators who thought they could override the constitution. So, we’ll have to wait and see what these guys will ‘try’.

  4. Well well well ! Hasn’t been too long ago that Bronson said something about wanting to get answers about the Dominion machine rep. doing something with the machines that seems suspicious !

  5. One almost hopes that Constant wins Don Young’s old seat so we can get him out of town.

  6. This smells like a Pelosi wrap up smear tactic. Anything the Assembly is accusing the Mayor of doing must be based on their own actions. Maybe they should be reminded, when you point fingers more are pointing back at you. Voters it is time to start a full out recall effort and get rid of these corrupt narcissistic buggers. Fire the corrupt Clerk. Get rid of dominion voting machines and mail in ballots. Time to do forensic audits of COVID stimulus funds. If it looks like a rat and smells like a rat it is probably a rat. Rat pack needs to go! No more going along to get along.

    • They’ve had TWO recalls…where were you???? A small group of folks worked their butts off to collect the needed signatures for a recall, but when it came time to vote, not enough people showed up. There was a 3rd recall, but it didn’t get enough signatures by the allotted time. Palmer, on the other hand just ousted 3. An unprecedented number of people came out to vote. I believe Anchorage is still largely conservative, but when people don’t get involved in local elections, that’s what you get. And of course there may have been some cheating as well. Mail in and ranked choice are both ripe for fraud.

      • The fact is that people need to vote – they can only cheat so much. I think it’s pretty sad that the “unprecedented” turnout in Palmer amounted to a little over 20%. Anchorage isn’t much better; I think we were in the 30s this time.

        Remember: If 70% of people don’t vote, 70% of the votes can easily be stolen.

      • TRUE!!! Are “conservatives” ok with what anchorage has turned into? I read all these posts by disgruntled people but nothing gets done!! Another election by MAIL coming up. People, get out and vote!!

    • Sounds good, but not going to happen.
      The Assembly, and the leftists that want them there have control of the legal avenues for removal. The Clerk, who has demonstrated she is a dedicated leftist by her actions, is the first step for recall, and that means the bar for even getting the petition approved is very high. The leftists remain just on the correct side of the law to avoid recall.
      The unions (for what reason, I will never figure out) fully support the left. There are too many judges who support the leftists ideals.
      The media is in the bag for everything these leftists propose, so good luck getting your message out during a campaign. Even if you want to pay for advertising, the billionaires (Soros, Zuckerberg, Bezos, Gates, etc… etc… etc…) can and will outspend you 10 to one. Social media and big tech is fully in support of the leftist agenda. (Good luck getting a video critical of the left to reside on any of the big three for more than a few minutes).
      Add to that, the average voter pays almost zero attention to local politics. It is not until the city does something that enrages them that they get involved. A ballot shows up, and they vote for the person already holding the seat because they have no idea who is running, and everything is just fine, so whatever…
      No, if you want to remove these people, or change their behavior, it is going to take a bit more than the conventional avenues of action. Get out and talk to your neighbors. Participate in community councils, and local events. Call and write your Assembly people. (Granted, LaFrance will ignore your messages, but you did at least try.) Show up at the Assembly meetings and express your opinion.
      Finally, force them to live by their own rules. If they think it is a great idea to change the law this way, make sure it applies equally to each and every member of the Assembly. See how much they like it when complaints of “official oppression, actual or attempted official misconduct” are lodged against them on a daily basis.

  7. Disgusting evil possessed entities on our assembly. Evil is abound in Anchorage. Makes me sick.

  8. Let’s add giving the stink eye, limp wristing, vetoing and anything Bronson might propose

  9. The liberal assembly cannot remove the mayor the people voted for. Look what lawyers do. Lawyers should not be aloud to be in politics just look at this rush to seize power because the mayor doesn’t agree with them and their direction.

    • Are you forgetting that Bill Falsey was on the ballot for mayor against Bronson…
      Now he’s the assembly nine’s lawyer, hmmmmmmm

  10. Have they not done enough damage to what used to be a wonderful city. It’s very sad what has happened to Anchorage. This is all due to corruption in the mail in voting. If Anchorage does not return to in person voting I doubt this will ever improve,

      • April election proves they cheated. Why are more ballots being “mailed” out than registered/legal residents in Anchorage, Alaska? Corrupt Clerk/Assembly fixed it so observers can’t observe the cheating. 2000 mules movie shows how ballot harvesting is done via drop boxes.

      • Actually, it doesn’t. They lost one of their members. They lost the two largest bond proposals (Muni capital and ASD). Had the general public been as happy at you appear to think, Weddleton would still be in office and the two bonds would have passed. Thanks for playing, though. Cheers –

      • Frank, 30% turn-out is not a mandate and many of the individual races were quite close. Winning by just a few votes isn’t a sounding endorsement. You democrats always talk about disenfranchising people, the questions and doubt of mail-in voting do exactly that. How many did not get a ballot? How many had their ballot rejected?
        Furthermore the separation of powers is a bedrock of our republic, designed to prevent just what we see here. A bunch of power hungry greedy people ruling without the residents having any recourse. Lastly to my knowledge such a radical change requires the charter to be amended and that requires a vote of the people, not just an assembly vote, but what is a little more rule breaking……

      • Sadly correct. Those who cared, voted. Most didn’t.

        The ones who bothered to vote got the representation they wanted. The rest got the representation they deserve.

      • Everyone is talking about voting numbers and Dominion machines and mail-in voting…has anyone besides me noticed the more subtle shenanigans they are pulling on the ballots themselves? A wonderful example is the special election for US Congress. The candidates were in alphabetical order, sort of. The A’s and B’s were cut from the top of the ballot and placed at the bottom, putting Nick Begich near the bottom of the list. Can you guess who was the very first name? I’ll give you a hint: it starts with “C” and ends with “onstant.” Quite the co-inky dink if you ask me. They pulled the same crap on the Muni ballots, putting incumbents at the top and burying the conservatives.

        • I noticed that as well, Karl…

          Wonder what possible other explanation there could be other than ‘gaming’ the order of choices….hmmmm

  11. Where in the budget do the funds to pay Falsey reside? Are property owners footing the bill?

    • They have appropriated money to their accounts to pay for Falsey, and the work he is doing is covered under attorney-client privilege, and yes, the taxpayers are paying for this. – sd

      • I honestly wonder if Tom Sconce had anything to do with this. Is this what “his” emails were all about? I’m thinking that if the assembly’s relationship with Falsey is covered under Attorney Client Privilege, then they are keep our business from us. I can smell it from here.

      • Respectfully disagree, Madam Editor…
        Searches of settled case law and law-school lectures on the subject indicate attorney-client privilege does not necessarily supercede public interest when the client is clearly defined as a government entity such as the Assembly or people acting on behalf of the Assembly, especially if criminal activity (i.e. election fraud) may be involved.
        We don’t know who the “client” is, whether it’s clearly the Assembly as a government entity, or one or more Assembly members acting under color of law to assume authority on behalf of the Assembly.
        This matters if Mayor Bronson’s information request reveals evidence of criminal election tampering; the Assembly as an entity is hardly prison bound… Assembly members acting under color of law, that may be another story.
        Bottom line: If productive Anchorage residents allow themselves to be persuaded that no information will be disclosed to them because attorney-client privilege supercedes public interest when the client is the Assembly or people acting on behalf of the Assembly
        …it seems reasonable to expect: (a) Assembly members just empowered themselves to do –anything– they wish, secretly if they wish, as long as they retain an attorney to create an attorney-client relationship which people feel powerless to pierce
        …and (b) angry, resourceful intelligent constituents with nothing left to lose will explore all sorts of alternatives to defy, defeat, disrupt, and ultimately dethrone these pretenders to municipal monarchy.

        • Conflicts of interest may arise when multiple clients are represented by the same attorney or law firm. This becomes an ethical question directed at the attorney or law firm. Without waivers from all Assembly members, such representation may result in discipline by the bar. Even with waivers, a reasonable attorney standard could still place the attorney into a conflict…..
          …….which would probably destroy the privilege of confidentiality.

    • The Assembly and Mayor both have slush funds, the Mayor is using his to raise questions on the last election

      • So you are ok with dominion technicians voiding the certification of the tabulation machine during vote counting??? I wonder if Forrest Dunbar were the mayor raising these questions, would you not be more interested in seeing that the process is all on the up and up? Frank this is NOT a partisan issue. Questions have been raised and need an answer regardless of who won.
        I am not a lawyer and do not play one on TV but……
        Assembly members are discussing assembly business with Bill Falsey, as this ordinance draft clearly proofs and therefore they violate the open meetings act. He may be there in an advisory capacity, but that does not make them “clients”

  12. Looks like a desperate distraction… anything to divert attention from Mayor B’s apparently potent information request about the inner mysteries of Anchorage’s easily corruptible mail-in ballot scheme.
    Boy Constant and the Amateur Lawyer forgot about separation of powers doctrine?
    What, irritated voters whose lives and livelihoods are already wrecked by the Assembly’s Covid Coup are gonna sit quietly while their Assembly disenfranchises them?
    Anchorage’s easily corruptible mail-in ballot scheme isn’t quite rotten enough, so the wrong mayoral candidate accidentally gets elected, Assembly members just throw him out, install a suitable substitute like Anchorage’s last fraudulent Hyphenated-Mayor?
    Might one respectfully suggest to Boy Constant and the Amateur Lawyer: Think consequences, intended and unintended; in what imaginary world are you certain productive, angry, resourceful Anchorage residents will adore you and what you did and won’t work overtime to tear down your putrescent House of Cards and you with it?
    Or… maybe this is the no-holds-barred cage match which needs to happen. Seems like it’s been brewing for a long time. Could be a good idea to get it done and over with… winners run the town, losers just run.

  13. Anchorage, where is your head? Obviously NOT square in your shoulders if you are willing to let this assembly run your city like this!!!

  14. The ordinance would add the mayor to a list of officials already subject to removal in certain circumstances. That seems like common sense. If they want to de-politicize this thing, they could rewrite the effective date. Instead of effective immediately, it could become effective after the next election and when the next mayoral term begins.

    • Scott, the mayor does NOT work FOR the assembly. The mayor’s office is a co-equal branch of government. He can’t fire an assembly person anymore than they can fire him. The only people who can fire the mayor are the residents in a recall. That’s it! In your scenario there would be no need for a mayor, since he would be simply another assembly employee like the municipal clerk.
      I strongly suggest you take a remedial constitution class.

      • I’m no expert but it looks like the changes would fit easily into the charter. I understand co-equal branches and even at the highest level, the U.S. of Reps can impeach a president or federal judge and the U.S. Senate can remove a judge or president form office.
        I don’t believe the strong-mayor system of government is right for Anchorage but that’s the charter you have. I also think the whole thing could work with five or seven assembly members.


          Constant trying to make it easy VIOLATES THE SEPARATION OF POWERS and the PEOPLE’S DEMOCRATIC CHOICE through voting!

          “…the Framers meant for the phrase “high crimes and misdemeanors” to signify only conduct that seriously harms the public and seriously compromises the officer’s ability to continue. If the phrase is given a less rigorous interpretation, it could allow Congress to influence and control the President and the courts.

          “Impeachment… must be closely limited to situations of conduct that inflicts serious harm on the public and that seriously compromises the officer’s ability to function in office. Otherwise, it could undermine our constitutional system of separation of powers and thwart our fundamental commitment to democracy [the people’s choice through election].

          “Three Presidents—Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump—have been impeached by the House of Representatives. None of them was convicted by the Senate.

          I just posted this article, written by Neil J. Kinkopf, Professor of Law, Georgia State University College of Law

          Kinkopf: The Scope of the Impeachment Power: What are “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”? — “No President has been removed from office through impeachment”

    • Not sure what you mean. I do see that I should have been clearer in my first sentence. I should have stuck with what professor Kinkopf said: “No President has been removed from office through impeachment.”

      50% is a low bar for impeachment in the House. Removal from office is is 2/3rds in the Senate. So impeachment has happened three times, but never removal.

      Also, it was very easy for our 8 Marxists on our Assembly to get elected by acting is if they were normal people, without anyone fully vetting them. And the three recently got reelected by lying by omission and commission in their ads, with ADN and KTUU having their back. Our candidates didn’t fight back with the truth, fully enough exposing them in their ads, so they’re getting away with their deceptions.

      Most people in Anchorage aren’t involved enough in local politics to know what’s really going on, and how evil the tyrannical eight’s agenda really is. Voter turnout is still low for local elections even with this too easy and open-for-fraud mail-in voting.

      These 8 locked us down, even unConstitutionally shutting down churches, which we now know didn’t work. The people should have been getting outside to get high enough vitamin D, which they refuse to talk about; though, I testified the truth about high enough vitamin D being the key for Covid 5 times at the meetings.

      The masks also didn’t work, but they did it again, bypassing Bronson, who ran on no more mandates.

      They completely ignored days of testimony of citizens stating the facts about masks, including one woman going blind during the first force mask mandate.

      They’re heartless, and are not fit to govern, especially to not have the power to remove Dave Bronson, who is doing his best to stop their tyranny, overspending, and ‘woke’ pushing agenda.

      They even passed an AO that makes it illegal for a parent to hire a counselor to help their child overcome same-sex tendencies after being same-sex molested. And MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW THAT, because our media won’t talk about it, except for maybe Must Read Alaska and for sure, the Alaska Watchman, thank God!

      The tyrannical 8 forced biological men to be allowed to sleep in the same room with battered women at a woman’s shelter!

      What percentage of Anchorage people know these things? Very few know.

      These radical leftist 8 aren’t fit to serve, but the mayor doesn’t have the power to fire them, which should also be true of the Assembly not being able to fire Dave.

      Constant, Dunbar and Zaletel want to be kings and queens, not just Assembly members. They’re serial liars who don’t deserve as much power as they have, let alone taking more, please.

  15. This is what happens when too many homosexuals infiltrate government. They go after the dominant heterosexual in an attempt to take over the pack. What we have here, folks, is a homosexual coup.

    • By way of the Rules of Nature, homosexuals weed themselves out through non-reproductivity.
      Biological science dictates this. But humans need to be concerned here because free will and the need for political domination through beligerancy will encourage and actually promote this sexual aberration, not through genetics, but through force. We are seeing this behavior now. It must be countered so that the majority not be fooled by a forceful minority and their foolish, accomplice protectors.

      • “By way of the Rules of Nature, homosexuals weed themselves out through non-reproductivity.”
        They get around that ‘inconvenience’ by grooming children into their lifestyle. There is a definite correlation between the number of LGBTQWERTYWHATEVER teachers and administrators in the grade school system and something like a 4000% increase in the number of teenagers who identify as anything other than straight.

        • It’s a proven fact:
          If given an opportunity, brainwashing at a young age works well. Look no further than the number of kids from the public school system wanting to identify as transgendered. Or, look no further than the number of young kids experimenting around with homosexuality. It may be too late to reverse this trend. HELP!!!!

          • @Lucinda.
            Go get a teaching job or counseling job at a junior or senior high school. You will see for yourself. The blue and pink hair, nose rings, tattoos, etc…..don’t tell the story. Many of these kids have STDs. Anal sex and oral sex are a huge part of their options, as a furtherance of encouraged sexploration. Abstinence is not taught. Transitioning from male to female, or vice versa, is no longer a point of ridicule or humiliation. It is an alternative to be considered,…..even championed.

    • A giant homosexual revolt is indeed happening, but the fall of America didn’t just now begin with this *homosexual revolution*. It started with the *sexual revolution* of the ’60s, which has now become so accepted that when many “conservatives” are now finding out that Sarah Palin gleefully rapped on national TV about mentally wanting to rape someone on The Masked Singer in 2020 they laugh about it, instead of cringing, and are eagerly voting for her: a person who repeatedly mentions God, but then celebrates what Jesus clearly said we should not do in Matthew 5.

      This is fall-of-America behavior here — continual heterosexual lusting without ever fully repenting. The homosexuals have just taken it one step further. Paul mentions these two revolutions in Romans 1:18-32, saying the end result is a *depraved mind*. America can’t survive like this.

      The solution is a spiritual revival in which light exposes the darkness, which should have happened decades ago before the depravity has gone so far that Fauci and Zink easily manipulated the people through lie after lie without ever stating that high enough vitamin D levels were the Covid solution all along.

      Two quotes:
      “Perfect FREEDOM consists in OBEYING the dictates of RIGHT REASON … where licentiousness begins, LIBERTY ENDS.” – Samuel West

      “History fails to record a single precedent in which NATIONS SUBJECT TO MORAL DECAY have not passed into political and economic decline. There has been either a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING to overcome the moral lapse, OR a PROGRESSIVE DETERIORATION leading to ultimate national disaster.” – Douglas MacArthur

  16. Interesting. But which of those listed things would our Mayor do, and if he did them, should he still remain in office? You said there’s already a similar ordinance for assembly members? Our upstanding Mayor will be fine.

    • The ordinance suggests all that is needed is ‘a suspicion of guilt’. This may be a disgruntled city employee who didn’t enough of a raise or a citizen who is being cheeky.

  17. You can’t be surprised. They have been telegraphing this move for months.

    Don’t blame them, Anchorage. Blame yourselves. When you can’t be bothered to vote, these things happen. How many times have you had chances to change the makeup of the Assembly and didn’t bother?

    Anchorage is ruled, not governed. Most of you are happy with it.

    Don’t complain now.

  18. Alaskans are slowly figuring out that this is a nation wide effort by the left to undercut the rights of the people. The Anchorage Assembly is a rogue assembly as they do not answer to the taxpayers and are running their own government outside of what I believe is there legal authority. The Taxpayers and registered voters in Anchorage will need to do their homework and comb through the local and city statutes and hire an attorney to sue the assembly for violating the limits of their power and targeting the duly elected Mayor. On top of this you will need to cleanup your voter roles and audit your elections because the reason many of these folks get into elected positions is through voter fraud. Check out True the Votes findings as to how they used non-profit organizations to use “mules” to stuff fake ballots into mail-in voting boxes. They actually tracked specific cell phones to figure out who was involved. Watch Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules documentary which lays out how the dark money and corrupt people are stealing our elections. If you want your freedom back, you will have to fight for it!

  19. The thing about tyrannical rulers disrespecting him gets the people no where. Like daniel in bible, you have to find another way around still respecting the king without defiling yourself. Even then as good as daniel was to the king, he still got tossed into the lions den much at the king’s own
    regret cause daniel besides not praying to him, daniel was good to the king without defiling himself as a jewish man.

  20. What if the Assembly passes an ordinance that they can appoint the mayor and void the mayoral election? Hey, void their own election for “just cause”! Unconstitutional. But they might keep throwing this crap up against the judicial wall until it sticks. That is my concern! These structures are fit for a moral society. We must not rest until we can prove that these representatives are elected by the people. “Good enough for the winner” is not good enough!

  21. “official oppression, actual or attempted official misconduct”
    What are those? Who decides?
    What is “oppression?” Attempted? At what point is there an “attempt?
    This smacks of the “insurrection” claims we have been hearing since Jan 6th, 2021. Artificially exaggerating the magnitude of an “offense” to take action against a political foe is the purview of tin pot dictators and petty tyrants.

  22. Anchorage?
    Stick a fork in it.
    It’s done.
    Want to see our future?
    Check out any street-cam in San Francisco.
    Fortunately smells aren’t transmitted by street cameras so it’s safe.

    • I bailed for Juneau years ago. I was kidded by friends, saying Juneau was liberal dysfunction at its best.

      Nope. Anchorage has that hands down.

  23. The people of Anchorage “spoke” politically. Nine assembly stipend receivers choose to willfully abort the people’s will they swore an oath to “re -present”. The people’s police department will not arrest these mavericks; the state troopers will not arrest these mavericks, the judiciary will say they have no jurisdiction but they do, the governor will say he has no authority, the congressman has met his maker, the senators are unfortunately ineffective, Congress proceeds in support of foreign interests not the Constitution, the current President of the US seems to be controlled, his secret service not available to this loss of representational republic Anchorage is experiencing while isolated from the US 49 states, the neighbor regions are of possible communist control. Who is at risk here? What is left besides Armegeddon? Military 🪖 intervention? Save the US Constitution. Can good men can be found in this Anchorage jurisdiction. King Solomon said there is one good man in a thousand. Military, what have you found? Some similar ratio?

    • Are you actually trolling the military to get involved in US elections and internal politics?

      That’s not just stupid and irresponsible, it’s wildly ignorant of history and consequences. With a massive side of dangerous.

      History shows time and again how it plays out. Unless you’re pro Junta, not well.

      You also assume the military would go your way. The military will go ITs way.

      It’s a painfully simple thing. The majority of people voted for this mess. Stupidly, but they voted for it.

      Don’t like it? Back away from the keyboard, get some friends and start organizing. Voting is a good start. Getting like minded to the polls is good. Take them to court. Antifa can march in the streets-you can too.

      If you actually bother to do so.

        • A reminder, freedom of speech is freedom of political speech assembling public servants to inform of what the public freemen think is good. Freedom of speech is not useless placcarding. Placcarding is completely ineffective in stitching change to an end desired by THE PEOPLE of Anchorage. A written complaint written simply (WHO, WHEN, WHERE, WHAT AND WHY) one page written federal court Forman and served to the correct legislative jurisdiction is the process is due. The written protest in filling federal court motion practice is an attachment to the usurpers with a letter written notice to cure and any “statutes” to buttress your position. Deliver to the perplexed police department. If they refuse to put detectives to work that is a second violation.etc. Take it to the AGs. If no action take it Seattle regional federal court explaining the Alaska court system is not participating in constitutional due process and the republic is at risk. The placement of hundreds of written protests will be a catalyst for movement in direction of defense of Constitutional rights being applied equally as stated in Alaska’s agreement to behave as a republic not territory. OR placcard along instead. It will get you this.

  24. Who don’t want to wake up an say thank you lord then go on with the day being nice and kind and Hope us all get to go to heaven. And at the end of the day say thank you lord I get it I’m doing the best I can as a Christian. I think our assembly may need a hug and a Bible is all here something has happened to these people and a hug and Jesus heals best. Assembly you paid my house tax you helped me with hud please let your kind ways shine most for us all here please. Team Alaska please keep your oath duty for the citizens we need a team.

  25. This was clearly due to what happened with Berkowitz at the time. It’s to keep our elected officials accountable and legitimate.

  26. Some ideas: A good man is of sound mind, able bodied, husband of one wife, moderate in habits, husbands his own businesses in a Christian way, cares for the poor, honors God and country in fidelity. The requirements for candidates who may lawfully occupy the US Presidency should apply (attained age 35, not foreign born, not a secret foreign WEF or foreign royalty benefit receiver), comports himself as a gentleman socially and among his peers. The first responsibility is being a husband and leading his family not exposing them to danger etc. How is that man doing in this regard educating his children, training them? If the man rejects females how can he credibly re – present them? He can’t, won’t, doesn’t do it – fifty percent off right there. Also, you’ll know them by their fruits …his children. Are they whiskey swillers, routinely disrespectful of the opposite sex? Such a man makes a poor servant in or outside the home. A lot may have been given and consequently much is asked of you gentlemen.

  27. How interesting that the assembly members want to add this language. Reading the details, one should note that there is a preemptive legal move added in which, if enacted, removes the ability of a wronged official to legally pursue punitive action against the assembly. The statement “shall not constitute irreparable harm” creates a legal out for the assembly.
    Oddly though, when arguing with the assembly members last year when they were trying to force masking, multiple members who responded (not including LaFrance…) all stated they would not ever be a “rubber stamp” for the Mayor, yet this document would provide the exact reversal of that, ostensibly requiring the Mayor to “rubber stamp” the assembly.

  28. I do not believe for an instant that such a low number of voters turned out for such a highly publicized election. The system being used to suppress the votes is a very effective one, so our only hope is for someone in the know might suffer an attack of guilt and speak out. Every time someone gets close, a new distraction is created. Has the clerk offered any answers to the mayor’s inquiries? No, instead the guilty members of the assembly are trying to find a way to silence him. Where are the Charlie Cole types of attorneys? We could use a few of them now.

  29. Over time the Matsu Valley will overtake Anchorage economically and politically. The leftist buffoons and their dumbass skullduggery will accelerate that demographic shift.

    • Was it like 30% turnout by about 100 vote difference to recall palmer’s three democrats. I am sure through real estate and
      legislation then the no party affliated democrats will start growing palmer with opportunities that’ll appeal to more democrat minded professionals moving into the matsu area . Palmer’s foundation is american traditions
      and patriotism. But the bible says anything not anchored to the Rock is sinking sand and can’t hold up in the day when the foundation is tested. Palmer has a lot of work to do increase its voter turnout and add to its 490 conservative base, those residents who consistently vote to recall. I’d say the recalled candidates shouldn’t be discouraged by losing 100 votes. It wasn’t by300 out of 490. It means overall palmer doesnt read bible nor attend church enough.

  30. This past election has emboldened Constant and his accomplices. As my 6th grade teacher told us back in the 60’s “Poor officials are elected by people who don’t vote.” And that holds true to this day. Regardless, I see this as a not-so-veiled threat directed at Bronson yet I don’t see it happening or being enforced if it is. In the remote chance that it is, the Assembly would be escalating the growing community division exponentially and raise the heat in the chambers and on the street. Regardless of Frank Rast’s illogical opinion, even with low voter turnout, over 50% voted for Bronson and his manner of governance. As a result, Constant and Company are like children who can’t share what they feel is rightfully theirs: COMPLETE control.

  31. The mayoral position is supposed to be a check and a balance to the Assembly, and vice versa — as is the judicial. The Mayor can’t fire the Assembly, and the Assembly can’t fire the Mayor.

    • I believe this ordinance is their method to fix being able to fire the mayor.
      Then they pick our mayor…

  32. I accuse the Assembly of intimidation and retaliation against the Mayor for demanding answers for suspicious activities witnessed during the Anchorage Municipal election concerns brought up recently. Can these leftist people on the Assembly be held accountable for abuse of power without a vote of the people, like these Assembly members are trying to do to the Mayor, when he’s only guilty of shining light on a possible crime, and they’re acting like criminals trying to intimidate their accusers and cover their tracks?

  33. What is a nondelegateble authority? Like writing legislation? It is unconstitutional. WE CANNOT PAY FOR THIS UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACT. A licensed public accountant can lose his license I believe by marking such invoices payable by public funds. NOT PAYABLE. IT’S probably an illegal group act.

  34. You know what. I am actually kind of OK with this, as long as it goes both ways.
    If the assembly gets to remove the mayor for “official oppression, actual or attempted official misconduct”, the mayor gets the same ability/authority to remove any single or every assembly member. The process to remove an assembly member would go through the Mayor’s office, with no input from the Assembly. Complaints go to the Mayor’s chief of staff, and are adjudicated by an attorney hired by the Mayor. If found sufficient, a panel set up by the Mayor will decide to keep or remove the Assembly member.
    The Municipal government is set up on a separation of powers, and a checks/balances system. This ordinance removes one or more of those checks, and throws the system out of balance. The only way to restore that balance is to give the executive branch equal power and authority.

    • The US Constitution provides for this already. The due process is obstructed in Alaska by subverters. The “charter” is not elevated above the US Constitution except particularly in Anchorage Alaska. Due process is not in the jurisdiction of a municipal charter. Where the charter or any corporate bylaw in any jurisdiction the US Constitution wins. ALWAYS (except for instances of martial law). Are we in martial law? Judges are limited from making due process. in an uncaptured republic the process due is first legislative jurisdiction beneath the US Constitution is spelled out and if obstructed then federal criminal court procedures. Heretofore we have seen recalcitrance to enforce and protect the US equally applied Constitution.

  35. So, now the Leftist Assembly think the city does not need a Mayor….At least, one who doesn’t go along with Their Plan.
    Wake Up! Recalls have been manipulated and the last Municipal Election was Certified with questions still pending…..

  36. Hey, Leftists! You have real work to do for the citizens and this isn’t it! Staging a political coup is an invitation to a recall for each of you. Knock it off!

  37. So they propose a change in the Muni Charter without putting the change to a vote of the people? Nothing like ignoring separation of powers. Cheers –

  38. “I don’t need you to get elected!” – Joe Biden

    That’s why people don’t care anymore.

  39. This is why we need to change municipal elections to November aligned with the national elections.

  40. So the Socialists are at it again, wanting total control and all of us licking their boots. I don’t think that’s going to happen. It will go over like a lead balloon. They are bullies throwing sand in our faces because they didn’t get their way. I think large numbers of voters will turn out if they try to unseat the Mayor that we the people voted for in a fair election. The wishes of the people are no longer honored and they want to lord over us like the minions they think we are, we have no more voice because they think we are just too stupid to know what we want. 1984 was truly a book ahead of its time. I see the crap on a national and a local level. I know I will be in their gulag someday if I live long enough. Hey Assembly, #$^%[email protected] all.

  41. If you want to know how the Dominion Machines steal votes by altering the count process, you need to go here. ‘

    Mr. Jeff O’Donnell has already examined the abnormal behavior of these machines in Mesa County, Colorado and other states. The machines are pre-programmed to use a software algorithm that uses a predetermined outcome for a specific candidate. Once a threshold is surpassed and the preferred candidate is losing the machine goes through a copy files process that hides the original data from the clerks and creates new data that conveniently deletes the undesirable votes to complete the desired outcome. I

    f you haven’t seen his interview on, it is a must see. The machines are manipulating the vote counts and altering them for a desired outcome. Alaska needs to end mail in voting and the Dominion Machines! Ask Governor Dunleavy why the state is using these machines and were they properly certified by the state.

    Why during an election is a technician with no oversight plugging anything into that machine. How easy would it be for that so called technician to install a code at the right time to alter the machines behavior? Alaskans need answers now!

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