Hackers threaten Supreme Court over Roe


An international computer hacking collective that calls itself “Anonymous” threatened the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday, saying if the court strikes down the 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion ruling, it should be ready to “get burned.”

On Twitter, Anonymous said the Supreme Court and Republicans themselves should expect retaliation.

“Repealing Roe v Wade isn’t going to go the way SCOTUS or the GOP thinks it’s going to go. Play with fire, get burned. Don’t say we didn’t warn you,” the hacking group wrote. “Expect us.”

On Monday, a draft of the decision by the Supreme Court to roll back Roe v. Wade and send the authority back to the states to govern abortion was made public to Politico, a news website. Since then, abortion news has dominated the news cycle, with some people upset about the reversal, others elated, and many concerned that the lead of the document was intended to foment social unrest in advance of the midterm elections.


  1. You cannot tell me that with our technology that this cannot be taken care of. Alaska, stand up to the Biden administration and tell them to get their stuff together or move out of the Whitehouse!!!

  2. Gosh, maybe this is the moment that Chief Justice Roberts comes to the realization that all those fancy people on the Left he wants to please are not entirely genteel. Time to grow a pair, Mr. Chief Justice.

  3. Intimidation by threat of internet hacking. These abortionists are taking a salami sandwich break from Pornhub.

  4. Do the hackers work for the cabal? The deep state just keeps attacking our original Constitution. Ever since 1871 America has been under the corporation constitution and rule. What do the hackers think they can do to the scotus? This is just another scare to stir the embers.

  5. Surprised?

    The left is working to destroy the institutions which make America work. They can’t win the ballot box, so they are trying 3rd world intimidation tactics and threats of violence.

    It’s not going to be long before the Antifa style riots kick back off again.

  6. Right! Because being blackmailed into submission is a long tradition in American politics and damn the People. I am SICK to DEATH of Cyber Terrorists and I hope that after they get caught they get nailed to the wall WRECKED!

  7. Something these hackers, democrats will not acknowledge the prolife protestors are mainly twenty olds, if this is just a representation fraction of the nation then change is coming where the nation’s next ruling generation will be prolife, whether the middle age (late thirties and up) pro choice protestors recognize their own crowd is aging.

  8. Pleasure worshippers, hedonists, hate for pleasures to come with a cost. Life is real. Life is earnest. Growing up is a thing. To live life fully one must grow up. We all have limits evidently.

  9. Of course they did. That’s precisely why the Left’s operatives leaked it. They can only win by cheating, intimidation and riots. The silence of the Left on this breach of confidentiality coupled with their raging response to the content of the leaked opinion show how they have no respect for the Supreme Court or the rule of law. Whether you stand on the left or the right, the majority opinion in the draft is true and thoroughly researched: The Supreme Court made an egregious error in Roe. Abortion is not a Constitutional right and the Court only answers questions of constitutional rights. The only thing that’s shocking is that it took them nearly 50 years to see that.

    But, those millions of murdered pre-born Americans had a Constitutional right to life. If only the Court were asked that question.

    • Well, us men kill millions of babies every day when we decide to beat it so… what’s the point. It seems that they’re just trying to take away womens rights to their own body. Maybe a limit of like, 6 months in is about the limit. I just hate the fact you will be able to get death penalty bc it’s like:” we support life so much we’ll kill for it.” You dig?

  10. Before you blame the Left, better be sure it’s not your neighbors! ‘https://www.reuters.com/world/fbi-says-russian-hackers-scanning-us-energy-systems-pose-current-threat-2022-03-29/

  11. Rest assured…… all they need to do is put that Adam Schiff guy on this and HEADS WILL ROLL……. either that or I’m lying.

  12. Good luck hacking landlines, Smith Corona’s and mechanical calculators– SCOTUS is firmly stuck in 1977, as witnessed by their stellar recent opinions.

  13. Give me a break! If they can find an innocent couple in Homer Alaska that they misidentified as a terrorist, they can find whoever anonymous is! Period! This is how the disgusting left works. They actually think this is ok and they can be invisible. Not in this world anymore. Find them and nail them. Probably gonna be very surprised who is behind it all!

  14. The republic is under attack from the socialist democrat party, we don’t have to go down south to see it, it’s happening right here in Anchorage. Our state government in Juneau is being corrupted by the democrats with the help of a few Republicans. We all need to fight for our country, or lose it.

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