Bikers for Trump endorse Sarah Palin for Congress


Sarah Palin announced the endorsement of Bikers for Trump Alaska on Wednesday.

“Bikers reflect the independent spirit of Alaska. They’re salt of the earth people, and I’m proud to have their endorsement,” Palin said. “I’ll take an endorsement like this one over the endorsement of establishment elitists any day.”

Palin, a former governor of Alaska and former mayor of Wasilla, has also been endorsed by Donald Trump.

“The Alaska Group of Bikers for Trump was thrilled at the announcement and endorsement,” Bikers for Trump said in its message. “We’ve seen your desire for our state and it is our great hope to see you Make Alaska Great Again!”

Last summer, the biker group endorsed Kelly Tshibaka for Senate against Sen. Lisa Murkowski.


  1. Sara’s the ticket and president Trump wants her. Sara Sara Sara she supported us please support Sara ALL.

    • Pelosi would have a stroke, seeing Sara holding court in those hallowed halls– win-win.

  2. Awesome!

    Now why are there “Alaskans for Lisa” ads on your articles? We don’t want Murkowski ads.

    • It’s not supposed to be for Lisa…but it definitely has a subliminal connotation to that affect!
      No ads should be inserted in the postings! Period! Thanks for all your information tho Suzanne!

    • Suzanne has bills to pay, and also needs compensation for the incredible amount of hours she puts into bringing us the best journalism in the state, so she has to accept paid ads.
      We readers who benefit need to be sending her donations to help her.
      If enough of us did, she might not have to take on ad revenue from even undesirable political candidates.
      I send her money when I can, and wish it was more.

    • Dear Ceak, you and Granny must have had a long, hard winter of heavy reading: The way you come bustin’ out of the alders hell bent on justice and salvation, why I bet that all your Zane Grey, Max Brand, and Louis L’Amour novels are all marked up with your personal annotations. Now, don’t get me wrong: I love your zeal and cowboy books, too. So, “we” don’t want Murkowski ads do we? Look, I know it’s hell to run out of sugar cubes and having to drink your Hills Bros. or Maxwell House coffee black, especially knowing that the commies are enjoying soy lattes. But, hell, there ain’t no need to burn yourself out opining about everything in a single week!

  3. Establishment elitists…unless of course their names are Newt Gingrich, former Ambassador to the Vatican, or Niki Haley, former Ambassador to the United Nations. Both of these heavy establishment politicians have endorsed Sarah. That told me everything I needed to know about her actual loyalties and friends.

  4. Funny–how is Sara going to work with “establishment elitists” in Washington DC? I predict she’ll throw a temper tantrum and resign and go back to Arizona!

  5. Are any of those bikers who lived in Alaska during Sara’s reign? Or live here now for that matter.

  6. What do we really know about Nick Begich III? If his last name was not Begich – absolutely nothing. 150 employees but none in Alaska? Voted for Dems previously but now regrets? Sorry but he can’t be trusted to do what’s right for AK. And a Republican Party endorsement? Just look what those have gotten us. So, my hat off to the bikers!!

  7. Sarah’s tempered steal, she s been through the fire ! million in dept defending herself from the commies because she dared stand up to the good old boy , big buisness oligarchs and the Lunatic Left .
    I can t wait to see her and MTG and the freedom Caucus, as she would say , and shake things up !
    She got more Guts then a sausage factory..God Bless u Sarah, it s gonna be a wild next 2 years.

  8. Unfortunately, about all Sarah makes for is an entertaining election from the national news perspective, which we know they would love to continue mocking her. As for Alaskans with conservative winds behind their back and Alaskan interests and perspectives, she won’t have much sway.

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