Fail: Vote to make Permanent Fund dividend a 50-50 split with government and get it into Alaska constitution fails 10-9 in Senate; Sen. Revak casts pivotal vote


An amendment on a bill that would make a 50-50 split of the available earnings from the Permanent Fund, giving half of those earnings to the people of Alaska in their dividends, failed today in the Senate.

The amendment, offered by Sen. Roger Holland, was an attempt to block wording in a bill by Sen. Bert Stedman that would give the 50-50 split just this year and then step it down in subsequent years.

The amendment was voted against by Sen. Josh Revak, who is running for Congress and who cast the deciding vote to prevent Alaskans from being able to vote on the matter and end the ping-pong over the dividend that occurs every year in the Legislature. Also voting against the amendment were Democrats Tom Begich, Elvi Gray-Jackson, Lyman Hoffman, Scott Kawasaki, Jesse Kiehl, and Bill Wielechowski. Republicans Bert Stedman and Gary Stevens joined Revak in stopping the amendment.

Revak headed out of the Senate chambers immediately after the vote and walked down the hill from the Capitol to the Crystal Saloon, where he is holding a fundraiser for his congressional bid.


  1. I think Josh for his service. But as a politician I think he’s a complete fraud. There I said it.

  2. I am going to take this to GOD when I die all Alaska oath breakers the off to Juneau party it up and sell the citizens out. Alaskans want there full dividend checks. Alaskans deserve and need there full dividend checks. Why don’t the citizens vote they have been sold out by oath breakers so so long time after time look at what you oath breakers have accomplished. You destroyed the integrity of the game your hand on our Bible so help you GOD. Now we the citizens know why GOD says vengeance is mine oath breakers. Full dividend checks your all so exposed to the citizens by GOD exposed.

  3. Revak is without morals and shameless. This is the guy who signed a pledge to support a 50/50 PFD and didn’t for a second time. The first time me mumbled around saying he made a mistake. Yeh, nobody believed him then or now. Then he tried to give the state’s fiscal future to the firefighters Union in exchange for their political support in his congressional bid to nowhere.

    Hey Revak, do you think the fact that you are a liar and aren’t attracting voters because it’s all about you? I’m ABR – – that’s “Anyone But Revak.”

    Revak don’t have a chance at Congress and I hope James Kaufman runs against Revak for state senate. Kaufman’s smart, Revak isn’t. Kaufman’s honest, Revak isn’t.

    It’s time for Revak to go back to wherever he came from.

    • James Kaufman is not pro-PFD either. He has disappointed me and will not be voting for him again.

  4. Josh Revak should not get one Republican vote for him. He lied to the people when he signed a pledge to uphold the people’s right to “their” dividend. He has more than once broken that promise. The best predictor of future behavior is past precedent. Anyone who votes for him would do best to know he will not honor his word. Self before us – “running for you?” really? NOT!

  5. I see that a Stutes is sponsoring the fundraiser. He must be angling for the Murkowski Democrat faction.

    • Stutes is really the one that needs to go. The Alaska Senate approved the full statutory PFD amount of $4,200 yesterday in their budget bill, not the 50/50 figure or the chintzy $1,200 that Stutes et al in the House deign to allow Alaskans. The Senate also passed a separate $1,300 energy relief payment as well.

      That’s the right move. Full statutory PFD.

      And it’s only fair because the legislature felt entitled to take that money from all Alaskans when times were tough. When our coffers are full, the full statutory PFD should be paid.

  6. Reminder: this is the type of liberals that Alaskans would elect to a constitutional convention. The outcome would NOT be what you think!

  7. Revak just withdrew from the race. He doesn’t know it yet but he will. Of course he’ll have to learn it the hard way.

  8. This should be on the front page of every newspaper in the state while people are preparing their ballots. And then again every time Revak decides to run for something else.

  9. I don’t know which country Revak fought for during his service, but I can tell you that I would never jump into a foxhole with this guy during an enemy attack. Men who tout their military service as their only credential for political office are usually the first to betray their own country and put their fellow soldiers into harms way. Keep this guy away from all friendly advancing units. He’s a traitor amongst us.

    • Did you serve? That’s a very keyboard commando comment typical of people who don’t know a DD-14 from WD40.

      Say what you will about his politics, but unless you’ve made the sacrifices he made in uniform in another country, potentially under fire… stop acting like a whiny Chris Constant

      • @Masked,
        Uhhh …hey buddy, it’s a DD-214. Are you sure YOU served? I’m beginning to wonder. Maybe you are a Revak apologist? Enjoy your shared foxhole.

        • Shared foxholes. Lubricants. Constant. Revak. This is a family forum guys. Watch your mouths.

      • What hogwash. I served and have got one tour in the sand and more than ten years of service….NOT ONE sacrifice….I, like everyone else after the Vietnam thing was a volunteer and got paid pretty well for my time.

  10. Just remember this folks: When a Democrat says they’re “running for you” it means that they’re going to take more from those that can “afford it”, thereby adding to the government coffers for distribution as they see fit. I wish they’d just be honest and say “running for 0 personal PFD and income taxes”.

  11. The issue with so many of these people is that they have worked for government their entire lives. They have no connection to the rest of us. They worship government.

  12. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Looks like those Revak ads stating he was fighting for Alaskans were a bunch of political propaganda. Revak speaks with forked tongue, then runs to the Walker supporters like Cathy Giessel and Natasha Von Imhof. As for Louise Stutes, she takes her orders from another Walker supporter, Bryce Edgmon. Birds of a feather flock together. Just saying….

  13. I often wonder who’s funding this attack of the PFD. Too many people go to Juneau and suddenly “get religion” regarding it.

    Too many to be coincidence.

  14. What is the amount they’ve now stolen from every Alaskan now, around $15,000?
    You know, I do fine without a full PFD but I have 2 neighbors who these jerks tax (yes, it is a tax) 17% for one and 19% of their total yearly income. One has had MS for 35 years so she couldn’t work most of her life, is almost blind and can’t afford heating oil. Thankfully, many of our neighbors are fantastic and bring food, cord wood and even bought a little cabin for one, spending around $15,000 and many hours for his home.

    What’s most egregious and what few realize is that Alaska governments (State, local and borough) has always taken around 95% of all oil taxes. They get 100% of severance taxes, 100% of corporate taxes, 100% of infrastructure taxes, 100% of property taxes, 75% of royalty taxes and 100% of all fines and settlements. Now these pigs are stealing three-quarters of our tiny 5%!!!!!

  15. If He thinks he can win, he’s got a “shocker” coming..So close to the election(s) and he has just dug his grave..Both Demoncrats and Republics won’t vote for him, except for the “woke?” group.

  16. FJR, LOL!!! Seriously though, there goes his chance at congress, give it up! It’s over! If he can do this to the people of Alaska what is he capable of in congress? What a snake.

  17. So, this vote secured him a blue pill and assurance he will do as he is told….if elected.

  18. I’m looking forward to: the full, statutory, lawful portion of the PFD todate. Asap before we must absorb the huge Alaskan share of foreign population increase of recent arrivals of heretofore foreign young men. Ladies, you thought we had troubles before. They don’t want our input on this. Let’s demand our share to date. Be wise. Thanking you in advance.

  19. What’s the difference between foreign and Alaskan born men? 🤔 Eastern European “manners”? Respect and knowledge of the undefeated US Constitution? 🇺🇸

  20. What is our form of government? A republic form of government. I remember the lucid words of Democrat Jiden: “…can’t wait to get to work changing America.” Yes they are changing it. Mob rule I guess.

  21. PFD is not the Legislature’s money to dole out to us. It’s our money and appropriated according to a statutory formula. The Legislature has no business with the PFD payout. The judge who said the PFD is an appropriation is legislating from the bench and has no business being retained. Furthermore, whereas the Legislature does not comply with existing statute, why should we believe it will comply with anything else it writes into law?

  22. Really did you think they would pass this. They are all crooks. They keep getting voted in by the areas full of planted dems. I live in Mountain View and will never see a Conservative be elected because of the way my neighborhood was drawn and the refuges planted here.

  23. I know at least one name on Josh’s event poster that withdrew all support from his congressional campaign three days before the Juneau fundraiser, because it’s MY name!

  24. I blame Lyman Hoffman. Last year he was posing for pictures with Governor Dunleavy. Hoffman was on board with the 50/50 Constitutional PFD.



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